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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Mouth Corners Up!!!


It is such hard work being a smile-maker.

A huge lot of today has been spent lying around. Some of it in the car and some of it in Granny's room at the seniorhumanvetkennels. But before any of this, I started the day by making Papa smile. All I did was be myself, playing with my teddy bear and dripping on the floor when Mum didn't give me any of her breakfast to soak up the excess mouthjuice. Just being me seemed to turn up the corners of Papa's mouth.

Then, I set out workywalkies with Mum and several mouths of strangers turned up at the corners as we went along. Two of them stopped us to tell Mum how amazing they think I am! Well....of course they are quite right! I affirmed their opinions with a good nuzzle to provoke a fuss!

Dad picked us us up in the car and we whizzed along the big fast zoomway to Bournemouth again. Granny was in bed and didn't seem very responsive. She didn't open her eyes or move. I was all worried about her and that made me squeak until I got to put my front paws up on Mum's lap. She then got hold of Granny's front paw and moved it to where I could reach it. I gave it some good nuzzles and kisses. That made Granny's mouth-corners turn up. Then I knew it was ok to settle down for a snooze while Mum and Dad held paws with Granny for a while and yacked a few quiet things to her.

We left when it was evident that Granny was sound asleep again. That meant I was able to steer Mum and Dad the best way out of the car park: straight across the road to the golfcoursepark! Yippeee! Chance to stretch my legs and empty my tanks! That was welcome before then heading off to a big Tesco where we met Charlotte, a nice lady we first met last week at the GreenBlob meeting place. It was nice to meet and greet again. She said she had lots and lots of dog treats in her trolley. I wish I was going to her home!

The zoomway stuff wasn't yet finished - we still had to do more of it. Now we are back aboard our floatyboatyhome in Newbury, Mum's headfur has changed colour since she went into the warmrainbox, and now it is most definitely time for another lying down time. Shove up a bit Mum. Sofasnuggles time!

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