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Friday, 14 October 2016

Self Help Programme.....

Oooooooohhhhhh HarrrrruMPH! Didn't get away with it! Huff and Humph and HarrrrruMPH again!
Mum now seems to be saying I am in two places. Well, I know I am pretty amazing, but I cannot work out how I can possibly achieve that. She says I am in The Doghouse and I am in Disgrace.
Well..... you see..... I have worked well today. I took Mummy on a long workywalkies this morning into lots of different shops. I did a good job. I've been good aaaaalllll day. Then Dad gave himself and Mum a plate of yumminess, but he left mine on the worktop. It seems that I was not supposed to help myself though. It seems that the other half of that lemon cheesecake was meant to be for tomorrow. Well, I didn't want it to go off. So I preserved it!
Oh dear...... head down. Tail down.....slink away.....

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