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Monday, 31 August 2015


Phhoooooeeeeeyyyy! The floor under my bum made a funny squeaky noise that made me jump! I turned around to investigate but just had to walk away! 
That was after a long day of sogginess outside and largely laziness aboard the boat. Oh....and a 4.5mile walk to do a bit of shopping!

Sunday, 30 August 2015


Huff! Took Dad for a lovely walk. Found a pal to enjoy a great time with swimming in the river. Come back all happy and Mum wraps me up in this!
Photo of me wrapped in my 'bathrobe' - a blue wraparound towel thing complete with hood!

Nice Try....

Hah! Daft Mum and Dad thought that a two and a half mile walk to church this morning, followed by a ride in a nice lady's car from church to a pub for human yummies, then a long walk back along the towpath would be enough to tire me out today! They are soooooo daft!

I am fully recharged, refuelled and ready for plenty more ...... Dad...... come on, you need a walk and Mum needs to stroke the floor with the whiskerstick - somebody covered it in black fur.......

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Broken Things....

Someone broke the lock gate. Then someone broke the dog!

I've walked a gazillion miles today, first of all guiding mum all along the towpath, working locks and swingbridges along the way., then taking Dad off to explore the area we've moored in. Apparently we should have cruised another couple of miles but the lock gate is badly broken, so we can't go any further. The lock gate is all decorated with red and white long stuff. Maybe it is a bandage to make it better?

I did work well today. Mum said so. She rewarded me with a bit of freedom at one of the locks. I don't think that freedom was supposed to extend into the boat that pulled up to come up the lock after we had gone down! She didn't seem too pleased that I had been kind to those boaters by removing some yummies from their bin! Oops! Ahem........ Well...... How could I leave good food to rot in a bin? Honestly! It is a crime to waste it.......and I helped them.......they don't have to carry it to the sanitary station now!

Photos: 1) of the broken lock gate - all adorned with red and white tape. A boat had smashed into the gate, breaking the huge structure.
2) of Oakley fast asleep on his bed with his head lollopping back against the adjacent storage box seat.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Locks and Swing Bridges.

Oooooooo.......we've moved, we've walked a long way on the towpath, we've worked locks and swingbridges..... None of that has happened for a fair while!
Mum says we are somewhere between Aldermaston and Reading. Kind of in the middle of nowhere. The nearest village is Ufton. Me? I don't care what it's called.... We are moored beside a big field and I've got a playmate called Woody on the boat nearby!

Thursday, 27 August 2015


Yippity-yippity-yippeeeeeee! My pals came to visit!
Tizzy and Shadow came! Oh! And they brought their humans Pete and Chrissie! We had a fabidabidoo time in Victoria Park (after we endured the torture of the inevitable human yummies time and ooooooooodles of yacketying of course!).
This was all after a day of working, guiding Mum around town, the market, and Lidl's. I think I approve of the end bit of the day! I also think I needed that de-stress session!
Photos of me wearing Pete's hat - the one I nicked off his head when we met at a lock a while ago!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Wet Walkies, Dry Walkies - Oh, and a Spot of Hoovering.....

More leaky skies this morning. I took Mum out for a walk around this Bournemouth place. We set off when it was dry but the sky started leaking before we went very far. We carried on anyway. It wasn't too pleasant (I don't like working in the wet - it messes up my fur!) but it was worth persevering. I have a suspicion that Mum intended going further than we did, but, I knew a better way - a shorter route to the free-run area! Heehee! Mum obediently followed my guidance and we went that way! Heehee!
We then returned to Granny's but not for very long - we all went out again in the car to a floor-hoovering place (oh.....errrr...I mean a human yummies place!). I got into a bit of trouble in the car on the way. I was getting a bit uptight again and thought I might be more comfortable on the back bit - behind the back seat. Mum got a bit stroppy with me saying that I am far too big to ride on the parcel shelf! Dad stopped the car and Mum made me get back down again to lie down on the back seat with her. Then she held firmly onto my lead to make sure I stayed there. Humph! She is muttering things about contacting Guide Dogs at Reading for advice on how to deal with me! Uh-oh! That sounds serious!
Anyway, after the yummies, we went off to do a whole load more of that shopping stuff. It is a slow process with Granny as she walks very slowly but that's OK. She is very senior and it gives me plenty of chance to sniff. Today, that meant that I could help to mop the floor where I found a puddle of that nice white water that comes in lots of plastic bottles. At one place by the cold shelves, a lady got a bit impatient waiting for Granny to choose which yogurt she wanted. Mum, first of all, politely asked her to wait a moment. Then, when she still was impatient and started trying to push through, Mum told her that she thinks that, at 93, Granny is entitled to a little patience and please would she wait for just a moment longer. The lady snorted and walked away saying 'What do they think? They own the bloody shop? Big dog and an old biddy with a trolley - shouldn't be allowed out!'. Another lady shouted after her telling not to bother getting old, then gave Mum a pat on the back saying 'Well done for sticking up for this lovely old lady'. Me? I just sniffed a friendly sniff at everyone! I think I like being called a 'big dog' though! Mum usually says I'm dinky!
Regardless of how slow she is, I love Granny - especially when she picks the biggest carrot out of the fridge for me! Slurp!
I took Dad out for a lovely long walk this evening to make up for all the staying in because of the leaky skies. It is all dry again tonight!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Higher Cars, & Slow Fast Roads!

Yep! Thought so. We're at Granny's!

I have a brand new bed here so I guess it means we're staying - hence the big black bag and all the packing.

It has been a very soggy day with oooooodles of leaky sky. We seem to have spent a lot of it in a car - another one of those that Dad says is higher. This one has a lid on the boot so I had to travel on the back seat as there wasn't room for me on the floor. Mum put a towel on the seat. I did my best to dig it out of the way but she told me off! Huff! Never mind - it was quite nice riding with a view! We spent most of the journey on those fast roads, but we didn't go very fast. In fact, we went very slowly for  a lot of the way. I could have got there waaaay faster by walking! I guess I would have got rather soggy by doing that though.

I've guided Mum around a huge Tesco's, including guiding her whilst she was helping Granny too, so I had to be verrrrry slow and careful. I tried to help Granny to select a few yummies in Tesco, but Mum told me off! She was a right grump! Huff! I was trying to point out the biggest juiciest carrots, the nicest meats and the tastiest bread. It's not my fautt that I don't have pawpointers like humans. I only have my nose/mouth to select such delicious items!

Sunday, 23 August 2015


Uh-oh! Something's going on methinks......
I went out for a long walk and got back to find the big black bag's being packed.......so much for 'relax' and 'normal'......oh well.....life is never dull. I guess tomorrow will reveal all.....


Sorry for the lack of report yesterday - I was pooped out and it was waaaaaay too late when we got home.

it was a wierd day! It started off perfectly normally (if there is any such thing as normal in this family!); I took Mum into town. First we went tot he shiny disks and floppy rectangles place, where I got some good fusses and due admiration. Then I guided Mum to the market and was thoroughly tortured again by the smells from the big white box with the man selling chicken....bacon....sausages....etc etc etc.... SOOOOO unfair! Humph! Then we went to the green stand opposite and there was a huge pile of carrots just out of reach........ On the way home, Mum told me to stop sulking.....well.....what does she expect? Huffffff!!

We didn't stay back home for long. We set off round the corner and found Ryan there with his car. So, after a long ride on the back seat with Mum (better than the floor of that horrid van the other day, but I was still a bit anxious), we arrived once again at Debbi and Ryan's new house. After the compulsory wander around to inspect the place and a good sniff around the garden, I spent most of the rest of the day lying around trying to get cool, but failing. It was soooooo hot! Dad and Ryan got very hot and soggy when they hefted a big sofa in through the door. I did take Ryan for a welcome walk after dinner, but it was too hot to really get much enthusiasm. Then we all got back into Ryan's car and rode home again. This time I rode in the boot. That was less nice than the back seat and I got a bit stressed.

Then, back at the boat, the wierdness continued: Debbi and Ryan nicked my sofa! They took it away! That meant I had to sleep on my own bed! Huuuuuffffffff! Apparently it is only a temporary measure until they get a bed to sleep on. Well, considering that I wasn't allowed on their sofa, I think it is very rude that they have nicked my sofabed! I shall plot my revenge......

After all this, Dad then scared me - big bad scared me! He got out a funny thing - a sort of stick with a loop on it. The loop is criss-crossed with lots of whiskers. He started waving this thing around at all the flying buzzy things by the lights, and it sparked and sizzled and there was a horrid smell. I was very unimpressed and rushed out onto the back deck - as far away from the nastiness as I could get. Mum took pity on me and let me take her out for a very late night walk. She brought a bright shiny thing that showed us where the path was and I led her, even though on lead and not harness, carefully around on the path. The only diversion I simply had to make was when I discovered a snuffling prickle ball in the grass - I had to go and investigate that!

This morning has been much more normal - a nice walk, church, friends, hoovering........ aaaaaahhhhh! Relax!

Friday, 21 August 2015


Kobi, the one-year-old boxer was my very welcome playmate this evening! We had a fantabulous time running, chasing, swimming, boxing, chasing, running, swimming, boxing, chasing, running...... You get the picture! Woohooooooo! That was soooooooo what I needed! We did quite well at soaking our humans too, as we raced past them - straight out of the river, and with some good shakes too! Heehee! I think my fur is way better than Kobi's though - much better spraying effect - more water goes further!
All this was after a very long lazy day! It was also after Mum gave me a massive grooming session! Heehee! That put paid to all that smartness malarchy!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

A whole day of new things!

First, a ride in a new friend's car.
Second, a ride in another big car-ish. It had a huge big back bit with no windows and no seats - just a big room-thing. I had to ride on the floor between Mum's paws. It was a bit of a squish and I wasn't impressed!
Third, arrival in a new place. Mum says it is called Hounslow.
Fourth, exploring a new house: Debbi and Ryan's new house. They were just back from something called honeymoon.
Fifth, exploring a new garden. I approve! It is lovely and big!
Sixth, guiding Mum on a walk, with Debbi, to a little shop nearby. At first, the man in there said 'No dogs allowed', but, then, when Mum explained that I am her Guide Dog, and what that means, he was really nice!
Seventh, guiding Mum on another, much longer walk, again with Debbi, to a bigger shop called Aldi, then back again. I showed Debbi how clever I am at finding the way. She wasn't sure we were going the right way, but Mum said to trust me! Mum was right!
Eighth, lots and lots of new things for Debbi and Ryan - all wrapped in noisy stuff that they ripped off!
Then the journey home again. I was even less impressed with riding in the front floor bit between Mum's paws and I got a bit hot and bothered and flustered and panty. I was very glad to leap out at journey's end!
Oh! And I was very good when Mum, Dad, Debbi and Ryan were eating human yummies on the floor. Tempting as it was, I stayed lying down in the corner out of the way! I didn't get a single morsel - and it was that pizza stuff that I rather enjoyed the other day. This time, though, it didn't get chance to leap into my mouth. The meany humans devoured it all! Huff!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Loose Screws.....

Haahaahaahaa! That was a superb big shake! Heeeheeeheee! I got Mum good and proper! She wasn't quick enough getting a towel when Dad and I came back soaked after a long walk. Then, when she did get the towel, she called me a crazy nutter! I was just very ready for a good rubadub and game of towel tug! 
That was all a good fun end to a fairly quiet day. We did have visitors but, of course that just meant oooooodles of human yacketying and yummies, and nothing much for me to do except snooze. 
I took Dad into town this morning (Mum's paws have been really badly ouchy today so she hasn't been out), I had to take him into a shop with his clicketyfingers toy. Something to do with him having a screw loose.....

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Told you I was Bored....

Not a particuarly eventful day today. Mum and Dad have both been playing endlessly with their clicketyfingers toys. I have largely snoozed. I did take Mum for a walk into town this morning where I managed to gain a few admirers, mainly while Mum was occupied trying to find things on the shelves! We then went on to Lidl's where I tried and failed again to help choose a sample or two from that 'Don't even think about it' section. Huff! Finally, I took Mum into Pets at Home. We had a nosey around but somehow we managed to miss out the yummy floor aisle so I didn't get to hoover! Huff again!

I do need to tell you all about this event on Friday 4 September in Newbury. Mum says we will hopefully be there and it is raising shiny disks and floppy rectangles for Guide Dogs.

Photo of poster promoting a show called 'Oh What the Dickens' at the Village Hall in Newbury. Friday 4 September 7pm. It says "Prepare to be enthralled and entertained as we take you on an informative, humerous and musical journey through the life, times and works of one of England's most beloved storytellers".

£12 admission includes welcome drinks and refreshments.

For more info message me.

Anyone in Newbury?

If you're in the Newbury area on 4 September, please come along!

Bored, Bored, Bored

Mum took me shopping this morning - she even took me into Pets at Home. But she didn't get me anything! Hufff.

Now they've spent the rest of the day clicketyfingersing.

Bored, Bored, Bored and even MORE bored.......

Monday, 17 August 2015

Yacketying, Yummies and Walkies....

"Don't even think about it"! This seems to be my new command from Mum. I was only trying to be helpful! I guided Mum to Lidl's this morning.....there were some delectable yummies at nose height in the first aisle. I tried to help choose...... Mum said she doesn't even want bread! Humph!
The rest of the day has been a bit boring really. We had visitors; Jenny, who sat with Mum doing the inevitable yacketying, and Tony, who disappeared down the hole in the back deck. He was working with Dad, using all sorts of funny shaped shiny sticks to do things to the big rumbly monster that lives in that hole! I stayed under the table out of the way!
The boredom was alleviated by taking Dad out for a nice long walk this evening though! I shall now settle down to dream of nose-level yummies.......lots of them......which shall I choose.....first?......then which?.......oooooo.....decisions, decisions........

Man in the Rumbler Hole.

Well, I don't know what's happening today. Dad took down the covers, so I thought we were going for a cruise! But then, a strange man turned up, and went down into the rumbler hole. Then he took a bit out, and he and Dad went away, leaving me, Mum and a strange lady behind. Maybe I'll find out later.....

Sunday, 16 August 2015


We went to church this morning. We found lots of familiar humans there but in the wrong building! Apparently, this is a temporary home for Bridge Church. I got to snooze on a squidgy mat thing. I approve of that! Mum says it is a school gym mat. When we settled into our place, Mum removed my bra so I could lie down comfortably, but I had a big itch! So, I had a good old scratch ......and scratch......and scratch......and then a funny little squishy slithery thing plopped onto the floor! Dad said it was a slug! Well, I was not impressed with it! It was seriously itchy so I kind of wiggled away from it! I didn't want that back on me again! Ugh!
After the service we went off through the town and to a pub. Mum and Dad had yummies and stinky drinks, and Mum talked with a lady about the possibility of a Guide Dogs fundraising event there. Then we went off further through town and on to the big freerun area where I've been before. Yippee! That was great fun! A huuuuuuuuge field, loads of trees, a few doggy pals to meet n greet, a doggy pal to play with called Boycee, and the river for a swim....or several! Got in a couple of good 'big shake human soakers' too! Bonus!

Bit of a Day so Far!

My word, what a day so far! Mum's walked me off my paws, but she let me have a freerun. Had some friends to play with too. More later.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Pizza, Play and Kanoodling!

I gather it was called pizza. It jumped out of the box on the park bench - straight into my mouth! Honest it did! It was yummy too! The humans sitting there clearly weren't appreciating it - otherwise why would they have put it down on the bench?
I don't think Mum was too impressed with me though. She is muttering something about less dinner tonight! Humph!
This all happened after taking Mum into town, where I met some of my new humans friends in Wilko. The lady on the checkout said something about contacting Mum to arrange a playdate with her dog! I'm liking the sound of that! We then continued on around town and started to head off around the big block back towards the boat. Then we bumped into another Guide Dog. Her name is Dory. She is a 3 year old yellow lab x retriever and she was guiding her human, Craig. Craig's Mum and Dad were there too and, of course, loads of yacketying ensued! That gave Dory and me chance for a bit of kanoodling!
We then parted company and continued on our way home. I had to stop to do a doggy download, which Mum picked up in one of the little black bags that I carry in the pouch on my harness. I then led Mum straight to a bin so she could put my offering in it! She was very impressed with me for that!
Our route back to the boat took us via Victoria Park, which was nice and clear so Mum removed my harness and lead and told me to 'go play', while she followed the pathway. Very soon after that I noticed a doggy pal way off in the distance, so I headed off to greet. It turned out to be Dory! We wasted no time in having a good game of chase! It was during this game that the pizza dragged me by the nostrils straight towards it. I swear I didn't hear the whistle that Mum says she was blowing to call me back! The pizza must have blocked my ears!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Friends and Visitors!

It seems I am better known than Mum! Heehee!

After a shopping trip we walked back along the towpath (Mum was mean and kept me on harness - that meant no swimming! Huff!). As we came to a lock side, there was a lady human there with two minihumans and a minidog. She called out "Is that Oakley?" Of course I had to greet her to tell her 'Yes. This is me. Love me!' She did! She made yummy fuss of me, as did the minihumans too. The minidog was less enthusiastic though, but we did have a greeting sniff. The lady did talk to Mum and Dad too, but couldn't remember their names! My fame is just so awesome!

I won a few new fans while we were shopping too. Well, Mum left me with Dad while she went into a little box to try on some fur substitutes. I had nothing better to do than look adorable! It worked! Heehee! Then, when we went to the checkout, the man behind the bench wanted my love so I had to stand up and put my paws up on the bench in order to oblige. I liked that man; he had yummy ears and he wanted me to clean them for him! These were just two of several admirers that I have wooed today!

Back aboard the boat, I had a bit of a chance for some beauty snoozing while Mum and Dad were clicketyfingersing. Then I took Dad for another brief walk and we found Uncle John and Aunty Judy! They came to visit! Of course that meant loads of yacketying and human yummies, but that does explain why I got extra portions of carrot trimmings in my dinner! Yummmm!

So, it has been a pretty good day reaally! Enjoying Mummy snuggles now! Night night!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Just Giving

Yay! We've got our first donation on our new Just Giving page.

We reached our original target just after Grandpa died, and we are naming a puppy "Raymond" in his memory. As we haven't finished the walk yet, we have started a new page to raise another £5,000 to name another puppy. Mum says we hope to do lots more events along the way!

Please spread the word: Click here for new page


Today seems to have been a soggy day - in more ways that one:
I took Dad for a walk to get human breakfast yummies first thing. That made the floor soggy below where I sat while they ate it all!
I then took Mum for a walk to the market and we got soggy on the way back.
The sky has been leaking for most of the day -so everything outside is now soggy.
Mum's eyes have been leaking while she has been clicketyfingersing. (something to do with typing a transcription of the talkystuff from the day we said goodbye to Grandpa)
Dad has been using a shiny twistyspike thing to fix the warm-rain-box - that involves sogginess
Now my mouth is making the floor soggy again - I blame Mum entirely for making yummy smells in the kitchen - she is doing that choppy-slicy-stirry-sizzly stuff!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

New Just Giving Page

Mum says we now have a new Just Giving page in readiness for the restart of our walk!


Heeheee...haahaaa....heeee.heeee..... Gotcha Mum! Good and proper!

I took Mum for a freerun in Victoria Park. I made sure I played daft so I got lots of treats when she used my ball launcher. (Learning to 'fetch it back' takes a lot of treats to learn!) I wonder how long I can keep up this pretence??? I don't know how to 'drop the ball' unless I need to empty my mouth of it in order to receive the treat on offer......

On the way back, I took a deliciously cooling swim in the river nearby the boat. Apparently that wasn't popular on the way back! Something about soggy doggy inside boat......well....note taken....it meant that I got extra freerun time - allegedly to dry off before returning to the boat.

We walked quite a way along the towpath - I was still freerunning because it is a very good path and the light is nice and bright for Mum to see where she is going on familiar territory (apart from bumping into the odd overhanging tree stick etc!) So, I trotted along nicely enjoying the opportunity for plenty of sniffing and exploring. Then it was time to turn back. I dutifully followed Mum - for a while......then I found a bit of canal bank where I could wade into the water! Well, I thought.....I can't decline such an opportunity can I? Another nice swim (or three!) followed by an especially good 'big shake' all over Mum! Heehee!

This soaking didn't quite have the desired effect though - no further 'drying off' freerun this time! Huff! We did go back to the boat and my lead seems to have got caught on a bracket on the bow deck! Oh well....I have a lovely towel to snooze on in the sun!

Photo of me asleep on a pale blue towel in the sun on the bowdeck.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Beauty Sleep and Early Nights

Yaaawwwwny yaaaawwny yaaaaawn! We've had a very sleepy day. Not a murmur of a complaint there! I had to wake myself up enough to squeak to Mum and Dad that I needed a wee. That was when the tickydisk said 9am. Then my rumblytum demanded my breakfast. That was quite enough exertion for another couple of hours!
I took Dad for a walk to get some human yummies, then, back aboard, I snoozed while he filled the boat with delectable smells. Hmmm.... A tad unfair that I didn't get to taste what I helped to buy!
Mum and Dad then did a whole load of clicketyfingersing and talkyboning while I caught up on some more beauty sleep. A pleasant walk on harness took Mum and Dad into town to take some stuff to a shop. Strange idea! I thought shops were for getting stuff from! Mum says this was a charity shop and we were donating some fur substitutes. Hmm.... oK.....well, it was a nice walk anyway! We continued on around town to another shop where things went the normal way round! We bought a few things, including a pack of chewy chews for me! Yay!
Mum said something about an early night tonight......yep! I think I can handle that...zzzz......

Monday, 10 August 2015

I need a Weeeeeeeee

It seems we are back home aboard the boat! Phew!

However, when we arrived, there was a different Mummy doing choppy-stirry-sizzly things in the kitchen! I was most confused! I looked at Mum (behind me) and then at the other mummy (in front of me) and didn't know which way to turn! It seems the other mummy was a friend called Catherine who, together with her hubbyman, Mark, were looking after our boat for us while we were away.

It is nice to be home again - I love staying with friends like Mik and Sue because it means I get to share the bedroom with Mum and Dad but I like to know where home really is and be back in my own bedspace etc.

Mum got on with unpacking all the stuff while I took Dad for a nice walk this afternoon. Now, Dad is in the warm rain box and I am about to take Mum for a short walk - well actually, I need a doggy download so, I suppose the walk is for my benefit really! Come on Mum - I really need a weeeeeeee.........

Busy Days, and Lots of Friends!

Finally! A few moments to update you on the last couple of insane days in the life of Me!

Friday. After a nice walk around the big block with Mum, I kept myself largely out of the way while loads of strange things were going on here in Mik and Sue's house. Lots of people arrived, lots of stuff went on in the kitchen and elsewhere. Lots of to-ing and fro-ing......

Mid-afternoon, we all got into various cars and went to a reeeeeaalllly old building with stone floors and high celings and long wooden seats. We found Ryan there, and some new humans that I've never met before. There was lots of talkystuff going on, as well as a big noise box - one with two rows of black and white teeth! I just had a bit of a sniff around as best I could with Mum holding the other end of my lead. There wasn't much of interest to sniff at though. Mum and Debbi put some colourful things on the ends of some of the wooden seats and then we left. We went back to Mik and Sue's house for a while. I had my dinner and Mum disappeared into the kitchen again to squish a big blob of white stuff to make it into a big sheet of white stuff, which she then used to cover a big round thing she called a cake. I watched closely in the hope that she might be her usual messy self in the kitchen and so give me some hoovering duty. She failed! I think Debbi and Rosie were doing too well at helping her and thus preventing my potential feast.

Next came another trip out - this time to a human yummies place where loads of humans ate at a long table. Debbi was in the middle of this but Ryan wasn't there. I got a bowl of water which I successfully sloshed very well across the floor! I was quite proud of my little lake! Heehee! Then it was back again to Mik and Sue's with everybody coming too. It's a good job Mik and Sue's house is quite big! There was loads going on: Mum and Debbi were in the kitchen again doing more of the white-blob-into-white-sheet-and-onto-cake thing, followed by stacking up the now white cakes, and then sticking loads of coloured things into it. Meanwhile, Rosie was in the lounge stroking everybody's claws with smelly coloured stuff. I got out of the way of that and went to bed! I really didn't fancy pink or purple claws! Eventually, most of the people left and Mum and Dad came to join me in bed. Debbi and Rosie were in the other bedroom.

Saturday - OH MY GOODNESS! It started at ridiculous-o'clock in the morning and continued aaaaaalllllll day! The house filled up with people again, and there seemed to be tons going on, including all the girlie humans getting their headfur stroked and twizzled and sprayed, and their faces stroked with various things that left them with different coloured eye areas. Once again, I decided that the best place for me was my bed upstairs!

After a while, and yet more arrivals, there was an upsurge in activity and Mum called me to go out. Everybody was dressed in very posh fur-substitutes. Mum, Rosie and the other girlie humans were all wearing long floaty-flowy things in various colours, the boy humans were wearing very smart things called suits, with strange strips of coloured fabric around their necks. Mum put a new colourful collar and a bandana on me. Then Debbi appeared wearing a very long, shiny, sparkly white fur-substitute. There was a bit of it trailing behind her on the floor. I wasn't allowed to sit on that! It did look rather inviting though.

We all went outside and got into various cars with long colourful shiny strips of flappy stuff tied on the front and loopy bits on the door handles. These cars took us all to the same stone building as yesterday. When I guided Mum inside, we found lots of people already there seated on the wooden benches and all dressed in smart fur-substitutes. I had to guide Mum right to the front to a chair. We discovered Granny there too - sitting in a wheelieseat! That was a lovely surprise!

After a few minutes, the two-rows-of-teeth-noise-box started howling and then all the pretty girlie humans and a smart boy human came in, followed soon after by Debbi and Dad. Ryan was at the front wearing an uber smart set of fur-substitutes: black legs, big black shiny pawcovers and a bright red coat with shiny disks on it and a white collar-type-thing around his middle. He also had a huge black furry thing which he later had on his head! My harness had coloured flowers on it too!

Debbi and Ryan stood together at the front, along with a lady wearing long flowing white fur-substitutes. There was a lot of talky stuff between them and a bit of human howling from everybody, with the big loud noise box yelling out too. I just laid down and enjoyed a snooze on the nice cold stone floor. After a while, everybody filed outside and there was loads of one-eyed-clickybox stuff going on, as well as funny fluttery little flakes being thrown at Debbi and Ryan.

We then all walked down the road, got on a really old bus with no lid and rode to another big building. Along the way, lots of people shouted and cheered and waggled their paws towards us. When we arrived, everybody stood outside on the greenstuff. Debbi and Ryan were in the middle of a line of all the smart and pretty people. There was a little basket on a table and I could smell something strange inside it. Mum did a little bit of talkystuff, then another lady and a man opened the basket and got out a pair of white featherballs, gave one each to Debbi and Ryan to hold for a few moments before throwing them up into the air. They flapped and circled and then flew away.

The big building had lots of tables and chairs and pretty things inside - and LOADS of yummies all laid out along a long long table.

Basically the rest of the day was spent watching all the humans eating all the yummies, going outside for lots of one-eyed-clickybox stuff, and just lying around in the hope of a bit of hoovering duty. I did manage to keep the floor quite clean! It was a chore but I did my best!

There was lots of that human howling and other noisebox stuff going on from the stage and lots of talkystuff all around. Outside, there was a big noisy cushion with walls that the humans got on to jump around. I jumped up too but didn't like the way it wobbled underneath me so I quickly jumped off again! There was also a selection of strange bent sticks stuck in the ground and some wonderful big hard balls to play with. The humans did it all wrong: They used some strange sticks with lumps on the ends to hit the balls through the bent sticks. I showed them a much easier way to transport the balls around! They were a bit big and heavy in my mouth but it was still much more efficient than hitting them!

After all the fun, food and noise, Debbi and Ryan left to go on someting they called a honeymoon. I thought they just went in a car! Then, after a little more fun and frivolity, it was time for some serious hoovering! Mum, along with some others, cleared everything away. That gave me good access to all the crumbs on the floor! I think I did a good job!

Eventually, we made it to bed. Mum says the tickydisk said 2am!

Today has been a blissfully quiet day in comparison. I have to admit that I was not keen on getting up this morning, but I'm glad I made the effort. We went to Jubilee church! That meant a reunion with lots of humans I haven't seen for ages! It was great - looooooaads of fusses! Yayy! The rest of the day has been deliciously lazy until this evening, when we went to visit Nanny and Papa. We didn't stay long but I did get to enjoy a lovely roll around in their garden.

The day was rounded off with a very welcome but perhaps slightly less exuberant than usual freerun in Buckingham Park. I am shattered! But perhaps not as shattered as Mum and Dad!

Friday, 7 August 2015

More Strange Goings On

I'm confused.  People have been coming and going, and they keep shutting the kitchen door on me.....

Beeping, Starving and Big Things.....

Toot Toot Toot Beep Beep Beeeeeeep! That was what I heard this morning. It was a bunch of miffed car drivers that had been held up for a few moments. It all happened after I had taken Mum for a long walk around a block that we haven't walked for a very long time.

We left Mik and Sue's house and Mum told me to 'find Tesco's'. Of course, I found it! Even though Mum told me a few times enroute to 'hang on a moment. Is this the right way?' Why does she doubt my amazingness? I prove her wrong to do that every time!

Anyway, we went to Tesco's, got the bits of shopping she wanted, and the started on the route back. Instead of returning back the same way we went, we continued on around the 'block' so to speak. This was fine, but not a route we have taken as such before. We have walked bits of it on many occasions, but not as a direct route from Tesco to Mik and Sue's house, so Mum got a bit kerfuffled. She stopped and used her talkybone to speak to Dad, who gave her reassurance that we were indeed heading the right way. So off we toddled to continue our way. This was great until we came to a very busy nasty road. One of those with sort of two roads - one with traffic whizzing one way then one with traffic whizzing the other way. There was no bleepy crossing there so Mum stopped for a moment to try to work out which way to go and what to do. Before she had chance to decide, a car stopped to our right hand side, in the middle of the two lines of roadway coming towards us. A man got out of the car. He had a very sticky uppy bright blue strip of head fur, lots of funny shiny rings and blobs stuck into his face, neck and ears, and lots of multicolourd pictures all over his skin. He stood in the middle of the road and waved to other cars coming towards him. They stopped too. He then came over to Mum and me and asked Mum if she would like him to help her across the road. She accepted and he led us both across not only his side of the road, but also the other side too, where the cars were whizzing the other way. While this was happening some of the cars were doing their noisy honking, tooting and beeping. It seems that the drivers were unimpressed with being made to wait.

When the nice man had made sure we were safely all the way across the road, he went back to his car and then we heard several people cheering and banging their paws together. The man stood in the middle of the road, put one paw behind his back and the other in front of his tummy and bent over fowards. Then he got back into his car and drove off again.

Mum was a bit soggy-eyed about all this and a passerby stopped and commented to Mum about him being a wonderful man! This lady had very leaky eyes! I gave her a special nuzzle to reassure her!

We made it back safely and then the rest of the day has been snoozy and a bit boring really, apart from a trip into town. We went to a house belonging to a lady called Clare. We met Debbi and Ryan there. I met two tiny hissing furballs there too, and a doggy pal. However, the hissing furballs weren't willing to play and the doggy pal didn't seem to welcome my presence! We didn't stay there all that long either - which was just as well because I was ravenous - ti was past my dinnertime! Then we went to Nanny and Papa's home. We didn't stay there very long though and came away with loads of boxes and bags. I really get the impression that something very big and important is happening........

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

All Change!

.....and it's all change again!

Started the day in the hotel, went to Granny's via a big shop called beeankew (boring! Nothing edible!), then to a human yummies place, then back to Granny's for Carrot time! Yumm! Then a long car journey, and we're now in Mik and Sue's house in Worthing.

It would seem we are staying here for a little while as Mum has unpacked the big bags. I like Mik and Sue's house. I seem to remember finding a great hole in the fence that got me into next door's garden.......

Hard Life

Wow. It's a hard life being a helpful, busy Guide Dog. After doing my duty yesterday, we seem to be having a much quieter day today. We've left the hotel, and have come to Granny's, but no-one else is here. Strange....

This is me snoozing on the floor in Granny's flat.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Big Cars and Hall Marks

Pheweee! What a day!

First of all I had to endure the torture of human breakfast in the hotel - bacon, sausages, eggs..... All I got was a puddle between my front paws as I dutifully laid down beside the table! Huff!

Next, I guided Mum on a walk from the hotel to Granny and Grandpa's flat, while Dad took the car. There was lots of waiting around once we got there, broken up with a harness walk around the block. (Well, a dog has to do what a dog has to do!). Mum did something very strange: she got a funny sort of pointed table out, laid fur-substitutes on it and then stroked them with a hissing pointed box. Most odd! I got out of the way!
Then, there was a bit of a flurry of activity when everybody changed their fur-substitutes. Mum put my tie around my neck and my harness. Then we all went downstairs and got into a very big black car. There was another black car there too, with a box and lots of flowers in it. I jumped into the back with Mum and got up to sit beside her. Well, I thought as I was wearing a tie, like the other men, then I should copy them! It seems I was wrong! I had to get down and squish on the floor between Mum's legs. That was OK though; I got to rest my chin on Mum's knee all the way!

When we stopped, we were at a big place with LOOOOOOAAAADS of flowers around, and LOOOOOOAAAADS of humans too. We got out of the big car and I found most of my favourite people: Debbi, Rosie, Ryan, Nanny, Papa....... But somehow, it didn't seem to be an entirely happy meeting. I just knew I had to be on my bestest behaviour.

After a little bit of waiting around, we all went into a big room, following some men carrying the big box on their shoulders. Everyone sat down on chairs and there was some talkystuff going on at the front, as well as some human howling. Debbi was in a kind of cage tickling the black and white teeth on a noise box called an organ. I had to give some very special wags, snuggles and licks to Mum and Rosie. They both had very leaky eyes! Lots of people had leaky eyes but I couldn't get to all of them!

The big car then took us to a big building called Hallmark Hotel, where we all went into a big room with big tables and chairs and some delicious hoovering duty! Well, I couldn't possibly leave all those crumbs for a poor person to have to clear up could I?!?!

I took Rosie and Ryan for a bit of a walk during the afternoon, and then, when it was all finished, and lots of goodbyes had been said, I walked Mum and Dad back to Granny and Grandpa's flat, where my starvation was alleviated with my dinner.

I sat for a while working things out. I stared at Grandpa's chair. He is missing! I think that is why eyes have been leaking! I just had to concentrate on giving my loves to Granny and everyone else! I think I managed it! Well, I gave Granny my bestest, gentlest, politest paws when she asked for them when she had a big juicy carrot for me!

Strange Goings On

Well, things are very different today! Mum & Dad said their bed was very uncomfortable. I was fine - I had plenty of room, and my own beds to curl up on. I don't understand why Mum & Dad don't bring theirs as well. They wouldn't have a problem then.

Anyway, Dad took me out for my morning wee, and Mum had my breakfast ready when we got back. They went down for their Yummies, then Mum took me for a walk to Granny's. Dad was already there!

Everyone seems to be busy, and a little sad, so I am doing my duty looking after them.

Ups, Downs and Yacketying

Oakley world never ceases to be different! Today, I have tried to keep out of the way (not easy for a big lad like me inside a narrowboat!) while Mum and Dad packed tons of stuff into big bags, I've spent ages in another one of those so-called higher cars (this one is normal height too!), been into a boring shop where I met new fans, rode some more in the car, and arrived in Bournemouth again.

I went into Granny and Grandpa's flat and discovered no Grandpa, but Granny was there, along with Aunty Judy and Uncle John. I had my dinner and then sat patiently by the fridge to make sure I got my carrot for afters! It was a nice big crunchy one! Yummmm!

After human yummies, I took Mum, Dad, Aunty Judy and Uncle John for a nice freerun around the cliff-top area. They, of course, did loads of yacketying but I enjoyed a good run around, including a bit of a play with a husky.

Now we are in a hotel room with wibbly-wobbly-uppy-downy floor! It keeps tripping Mum up!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Not Impressed

Hmmm. Something's going on. Mum & Dad are getting busy, and it doesn't look like we are cruising. We shall have to see. I wonder if this has anything to do with them taking me to Pets at Home yesterday? I still can't believe they tricked me like that. Neither of them will let me have a wash in the river and then roll in the grass to put things right, either. Harummmmphhh. Not impressed.....

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Gorgeous & Glorious!

Hmmmm! Not sure how much I can trust Mum anymore.

She told me I had a date with bubbles. I thought that meant I was going to meet a doggy pal named Bubbles. It turns out it was a trip to Pets at Home. 'Great!' I thought as we went in. Then we went into the room at the side. I went through a gate where Mum and Dad weren't allowed. 'How exciting!' I thought....... Then I discovered that Bubbles was not a doggy pal at all, but a serious attack of the frothy stuff, followed by an attack of a noisy fuffer, followed by another attack of a grooming weapon! And Mum and Dad had abandoned me to all of this! 

Actually, it was rather nice really - apart from the noisy fuffer. I really didn't like that, especially on my face. I went home with a slightly damp face instead.

When Mum and Dad came back for me, Mum said I smelled gorgeous! And Dad said I was gleaming gloriously! The lady remarked about me being a very happy dog! Well, hello! I am always gorgeous and glorious, and definitely happy!

Photo shows me in the Groom Room after my pampering session?


We've been to the Human Howling place this morning. I like this one - we've been before, and they remember me! I think Mum's planning to take me to Pets at Home this afternoon, but she is also saying things like "bath" and "clean". No idea what she means. That's where she is supposed to get my treats. We shall have to see.......

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Annie, Freeruns, Swimming and Yummies!

I've heard mention today of someone called Annie Versary. I haven't met this person, I'm sure we haven't had visitors, but yet Mum and Dad seem to see this person as special and important! I don't get it at all.
What I did get, though, after saying goodbyes to Debbi and Ryan, was some work guiding Mum into town again, some fuss and admiration from people in the shops, followed by a wonderful freerun, including a swim or several (heehee! Mum says she told me to stay out of the water - I didn't hear her......honest I didn't!)
After that, we went into one of those places with a big dark room, lots of seats and a big wall with moving pictures in it. The moving pictures had loads of little yellow poobag pods (like the one that used to be attached to my lead), that walked and talked and had funny eyes - some had one eye and some had two. Most peculiar! I enjoyed hoovering all the little white fluffy crunchy clouds from the floor though!
Then, after a brief detour to a big boring shop with no yummies, we headed back to the boat. Not for long though! I then walked Dad back into town to collect a bag full of human yummies. I had to endure the torture of that smell all the way home again. Mum very carelessly dropped a couple of funny white round crunchy disks. They were yummy but they got stuck to the roof of my mouth!

Visitor Upgrade

Huff. Debbi & Ryan have gone! However, Mum & Dad have said something about Annie Versary today. I have no idea who she is, but I am looking forward to meeting her soon. Dad also mentioned the Cinema. That means hoovering! Yay!!!! Think I might enjoy today after all......