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Sunday, 16 August 2015


We went to church this morning. We found lots of familiar humans there but in the wrong building! Apparently, this is a temporary home for Bridge Church. I got to snooze on a squidgy mat thing. I approve of that! Mum says it is a school gym mat. When we settled into our place, Mum removed my bra so I could lie down comfortably, but I had a big itch! So, I had a good old scratch ......and scratch......and scratch......and then a funny little squishy slithery thing plopped onto the floor! Dad said it was a slug! Well, I was not impressed with it! It was seriously itchy so I kind of wiggled away from it! I didn't want that back on me again! Ugh!
After the service we went off through the town and to a pub. Mum and Dad had yummies and stinky drinks, and Mum talked with a lady about the possibility of a Guide Dogs fundraising event there. Then we went off further through town and on to the big freerun area where I've been before. Yippee! That was great fun! A huuuuuuuuge field, loads of trees, a few doggy pals to meet n greet, a doggy pal to play with called Boycee, and the river for a swim....or several! Got in a couple of good 'big shake human soakers' too! Bonus!

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