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Thursday, 20 October 2016

A Very Bigggg Weeeeeee Needed!

I think I rather like Mummy's Bad-Eyes-Days.

Not, of course, because she is suffering - although even that means extra cuddles are needed! It is because I get to enjoy strutting my stuff taking her on lovely long workywalkies! It means I have to really step up to the mark and do my bestest job of guiding and I love to do that! It is what I was born to do!

This morning, after Mum had swallowed white disks and then used her front paws to find her way around and put on her fursubstitutes, it was on with my harness and off out for a lovely long wander down Middle Chine, then a 'find left' and aaaaaaallllll the way along the pawmenade to that stickyout platform over the sploshywater and then further on to new territory up the hill in Boscombe. Then Dad arrived and picked us up in the car.

The rest of the day has been spent largely snoozing through non-stop yacketying and human yummying at a yummyery where we met our humanfriends Adrian and Chris. It was lovely to meet them again, but not a single morsel was dropped in that yummyery! All I got was a huge bowl of water, so I had to be satisfied with drinking aaaaaallllll of it. The yacketying went on for ages after I'd finished. When we finally went outside I just couldn't hold my leg up for long enough! I think I may have left a small lake under that bush! Phew!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Inappropriate Play.....

Clickety-clickety-clickety-click-click-click....... That's all that both Mum and Dad have been doing - all day...... So, I thought.....they're playing with their toys..... I shall play with mine. Apparently my kind of 'play' with my giant teddy bear is 'inappropriate'! Harrrrumph!

I suppose it wasn't quite ALL day - I did take Mum on a nice workywalkies this morning on a new route. The fireball was in the sky and it was a lovely walkies. We started off on the boring same old streets, but then Mum asked me to 'find left' onto a path that leads alongside the stream in Bournemouth. We walked quite a long way - actually as far as we could go - the path ran out! There were lots of featherballs about and quite a few little grey jerky-tailed-skitter-jitter-tree-scamperers too. I would have liked to chase some of them but I have learned now that Mum won't let me so I just watch but leave. Maybe one day I will get to chase them on a freerun......

There were a few doggy pals along the way too. Some of them were lucky enough to be freerunning and came to greet me. Of course, I wasn't allowed to play because I was on harness, but it was nice to sniff n greet. One of them was a grumpy little Scottie - he tried to bite my nose off, so I told him off. One big deep woof from me and he scurried off and hid behind his very senior human! This senior human was very wobbly and apparently thought it was all hilarious. His laughter turned to growly words though when he dropped his bottle of wobblejuice and it smashed on the ground. He then kind of rolled onto a bench-seat and pulled another bottle out of his bag. We could still smell his wobblejuice quite a long way off!

We ended our walk by doubling back on ourselves. Mum had missed the giant puddle that we were apparently aiming for and walked straight past it. A nice spaniel puppy and his human showed the way to where we should have gone. Mum then sat down on the wall (she asked me to 'find the seat' - I assumed she meant the wall as it was the right height), and I laid down by her paws. She yipped into her talkybone and then, after a little wait - watching the quacking featherballs, Dad arrived in the car to pick us up.

We called into a couple of places where we used to take Granny. One of them was the granny-daycare centre that she used to go to. Apparently we went to tell them that she went to forever sleep. I just enjoyed meeting and greeting a couple of humanpals!

Now....if I'm not allowed to do my kind of play with my teddy - I'm off for a good sulk!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

They LEFT Me!!!!!.......

Mummy's paws are ouchy! She says it is because of the insults that the man made for her yesterday. She says they are making her paws work differently and that is why they are clunking and making her walk all hoppity.

I got an ouchy paw too - but only for a moment until I shook away the spiky ball that was stuck to it. There are gazillions of these spiky green ball things all over the ground. I don't like them; they bite!

It has been a somewhat odd day - I took Daddy walkies this morning into town. We visited two of those shinydisks shops - the first one was that Aychessbeesee place we went to yesterday. We didn't stay so long today though. We went on to the one Dad called Napwest. I did have a little nap while Dad did a load of yacketying in there.

After enduring the torture of not getting any lunch (I want to be a human or a puppy again!) we then all went out. First stop was Granny's seniorhumanskennelblock. It was nice to meet the workypeople there again, but it was strange going into Granny's room and not finding her there. Mum and Dad packed things into bags and then loaded the bags and Granny's wheelieseat and anti-wobble walking frame into the car. I did rather hope to divert them to the golfcourse opposite but that was apparently not an option today. Huff! Instead, we went to Sainsbury's. Not as much fun but I almost managed to snaffle a huge carrot. Only almost though. Huff again!

When we got back to Granny's flat, I got abandoned! I was left in the car! Waaaaaaa..... Well, OK, it was only for a few minutes while Mum and Dad took the shopping upstairs, but it felt like forever! When Mum came back and opened the car I registered my protest by staying curled up. She had to make a fuss of me before I was recovered from the trauma well enough to have my harness on and then set out on workywalkies.

This was a short workywalkies just up the road to the humankennelblock where we used to take Granny for hot brown drinks. I got some nice fusses from the humanlady who then did loads of yacketying with Mum and Dad. It seems they were arranging something called Granny's Celebration of Life. The big room we checked out has a lovely big garden so I'm hoping I will be able to celebrate appropriately out there!

Now, I've just got back from evening walkies and Dad seems to have left his half of the sofa empty..... Mum needs cuddles.....welllllll.....i will just warm up the seat for Dad.......

Monday, 17 October 2016

Freerun, Yeah. Freerun, Yeah!!!!!

Sandy paws. Yayyyyyy! And that was from an unplanned freerun! No complaints from me of course. I think Mum is beginning to understand my squeakspeak - and today she actually heeded my plea. You see, I had worked my paws off guiding Mum on two workywalkieses. The first one was from Granny's flat all the way into town and around town too. The second one was all on brand new territory. This meant I had to work extra hard keeping Mum on the right track. It was really exciting and great to be strutting my stuff on a new challenge.

The first workywalkes into Bournemouth town was a mission to a long snooze. I guided Mum to a big grand building that she called something like 'Aychessbeesee'. We met Dad there and went inside and then into a little room with a nice humanman. I settled down on the carpet under the desk for a snooze while the humans did ooodles of yacketyyacking and talkyboning and clicketyfingersing. I think it is very unfair that Mum and Dad so often get given some of that hot black or brown water they like in these kinds of circumstances and all I get is any measly crumb I might be lucky enough to find on the floor. I assure you I wouldn't want that hot stuff - that is nasty, but a little snack would never be unwelcome..... Ho Hummmmm...... I guess a carpet is nice to snooze on.....

Next came a longish car ride, a bit of a wait in the car while Dad disappeared somewhere with a load of flappysheets to deliver, then another car ride. We finally stopped in a place Dad said is called Weymouth. I got a smidgen excited and squeaky as soon as we stopped because I spied beach. That set of squeaks didn't work though. It seemed I had work to do: I had to guide Mum on a brand new, unknown route that even Dad didn't know. He gives rubbish directions sometimes. I actually bumped into him when he failed to tell us that he was turning a corner. Duh!

Despite all this, we found the building we needed, but it was all locked up. Off we toddled again - this time we headed the right way - towards the big sploshy puddle with floatyboats all over it. Alas though, we only sat beside it for a little while. It seems it was the best place to wait. It made me squeak! A certain approaching passerby made me squeak all the more: A hugenormous puppy! He was twice my size and his humanmum said he is only 3 months old! A Newfoundland, apparently. A fourlegged bouncy carpet more like! I would soooooo have loved to play and he would too, but I was wearing my harness so it was not to be. We had to be satisfied with a sniff and a brief pawing session.

Then the sitting bit was over and we were off again back to that building. This time the door was open and so we went inside. It seems we were there for Mum to go way up high on a big chair with her pawcovers off. A humanman did a little bit of poking and prodding on Mum's back paws, did a huge load of yacketying and then got out some funny pink squidgy stuff and a shiny kind of double spike thing. He stuck his pawpointers through loops on the ends of this double spike and then moved his pawpointers in and out. This seemed to result in it biting through the pink squidgy stuff. He was very close to Mum's back paws so I watched very carefully - I was ready to sort him out if he hurt my Mummy! He didn't and she seemed to be happy so I laid down again. He did a set of these things then stuck the pink squidgy stuff onto flat things and then put them inside Mum's pawcovers. Apparently this is hopefully going to help Mum with her ouchy paws. I hope so, coz that will mean more walkies!

Back into action again, I guided Mum once more through these unknown streets. This time it was to a human yummyery, then on to the pawmenade. This is where the serious squeaking had to be brought into action. Well....I had worked very hard for Mum.....and there were many doggypals down there on the big sandy beach......and I needed a wee......and wellllll.....the beach just makes me squeak with hope anyway! It worked! Heeeeeheeeeee! And it was fabtabulous! Mum removed my harness, noseband and lead and I just couldn't help but do zoomies! Freedom! Then, finding a superb buddy to play with was a super bonus. Jackson the Beagle x Collie was great fun to play chase with. We raced all over the sand and had a wonderful time while our humans did the inevitable yacketying. I was actually quite glad to snuggle down on my bed in the car to recover!

The journey back took like forever though - and it meant that I was in serious danger of wasting away when we got back to Granny's flat. It was waaaaaay past my starvation-alleviation time! And I still had to wait while Mum put stuff down and took off her pawcovers etc..... I really don't know how I found the strength to stagger into the kitchen!  I'm sure I should have had an extra big meal to make up for it.....

Two photos of me strutting my stuff guiding Mum along the pawmenade in Weymouth.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Soggy Doggy, Soggy Daddy!

No rocking bed tonight. Back at Granny's again.

First thing this morning, the sky sprung a mahoosive leak. I really needed a wee so, as soon as Dad had put that whistling thing onto the hot-hisser-ring, I did my squeak-by-the-door routine. It worked. I got him delightfully soggy and he was wearing his numptyrobe; the one he puts on when he gets out of bed. Heeheehee..... I led him on a good and proper sniffing mission around the marina! Well.....when the sky leaks it makes everything smell different so I had to carry out a thorough investigation before deciding on the most appropriate spot to post my weemail! Dad was delightfully dripping when I brought him back aboard floatyboatyhome! Snigger! I was quite nicely soggy too - just right for Mummysnuggles on the bed!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

I am Just Amazing.... :)

Mummy, I wuv you!

Sofa snuggles aboard our floatyboatyhome! Just for tonight apparently, but nice to relax.

This morning, i took Mum workywalkies to the headfur-snippers. I was a very good boy; I just curled up in a tight ball on the floor near Mum's back paws where she sat in the chair, while the lady squirted and snipped and stroked and hufferfuffed her headfur. I got a lovely fuss from another lady on the way out. Then I guided Mum to Tesco's and surprised her when she said 'Where are the mushrooms?' I led her straight to the cold shelf and plonked my nose right on a pack of mushrooms! Another lady who had watched us came up and fussed and kissed me (with Mum's permission). She made my head soggy from her leaky eyes! She kept on saying to Mum 'that was just incredible! These dogs are soooooo clever!' Well, of course we are clever! That's why we do what we do! You humans just have no idea.......

Two photos of me on the sofa snuggled with Mum, lying on my side between her back legs. Her fursubstitute is jeans. 1) she has her right front paw by my ear giving me fuss and i am kissing her left front paw. the tip of my tongue is visible, bright pink against my gleaming black fur. 2) Mum's view of me, lying with my head on her leg, nose to the left hand side of the pic, right ear flapping backwards onto Mum's leg

Friday, 14 October 2016

Self Help Programme.....

Oooooooohhhhhh HarrrrruMPH! Didn't get away with it! Huff and Humph and HarrrrruMPH again!
Mum now seems to be saying I am in two places. Well, I know I am pretty amazing, but I cannot work out how I can possibly achieve that. She says I am in The Doghouse and I am in Disgrace.
Well..... you see..... I have worked well today. I took Mummy on a long workywalkies this morning into lots of different shops. I did a good job. I've been good aaaaalllll day. Then Dad gave himself and Mum a plate of yumminess, but he left mine on the worktop. It seems that I was not supposed to help myself though. It seems that the other half of that lemon cheesecake was meant to be for tomorrow. Well, I didn't want it to go off. So I preserved it!
Oh dear...... head down. Tail down.....slink away.....