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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Huff! No Hoovering...

Good Mummy!

See....we DID need to go into Pets R Us!

Mummy seems to think that, because she is a human, that makes her always the boss in our partnership. I beg to differ! The other day, we walked past the door of the only shop worth going into. 'Not today' she said. Well, I tried to protest but did as I was told and we continued on to another shop further along. On the way back, before she got chance to realise where I was dutifully guiding her, I managed to get her in there! It was not to be though; she realised far too soon and we had to turn around and go back out again. I was not impressed! I registered my not-impressedness by putting on the ploddipaws.

Today, we took a slightly different route to get there but I soon recognised where we were and took over the directions as soon as Mum yielded. This was my chance.

Left, down steps, stop at kerb, across the carpark, up the kerb, past Costa (I did give her a quick glance to check that wasn't today's destination), past a few other shops and......IN THE DOOR! YESSSSS!

I had to do a 'sit' on the shiny platform thing that gives away my numbers. It gave away 28 of them kayjees today. Mummy seemed happy with that. I then got to guide her to the best aisle; the yummies boxes. I was seriously miffed though; NO HOOVERING! It was all clean! Not a crumb! Harrumph! I tried to nuzzle the lid up on one of the boxes but Mum told me off! Apparently there is a difference between hoovering the floor and stealing from the boxes.......Well, I wasn't planning on stealing. I was going to hoover...... Nope! It seems this would not be permissible. Humph! I did persuade Mummy to get me some of those nice big crunchy carrot biccies though. Small compensation I guess.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Thorough Cleansing Service.

All gone! All my efforts - disappeared! Hooowwwwlllll......

I took Daddy out for a walkies (too slippy underpaw for Mummy). It seems that, while we were out, Mummy went berserk with her domesticals. She has destroyed ALL of my nose-art on the windows, and all my super artistic stippling effect from just about everywhere! No dots on the white-warmer-walls, no spots on the cupboard doors, no spatters on the white chillycupboard..... I am going to have to start aaaallll over again!

It was good to share my bed-sofa with Aunty Lindsay though! She does the bestest tummytickles and ear rubs and she likes doggy-snogs too! She left with a much cleaner face and ears than she had when she arrived! Not every human seems to appreciate my thorough cleansing services, and I respect that, but oooooohhhhh it is good to greet an enthusiast!

Photo shows me on my bed-sofa, with Lindsay who is tickling my chest and has her front paw around me.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Shortest Blog Ever!


By our floatyboatyhome with snow on my nose!

Close-up of the snow on my nose.


Saturday, 17 March 2018

Airfuff and Skyfluff.

There's only one way to spend the afternoon after a long workywalkies with freezing cold airfuff and loads of white skyfluff, and that is asnoozin' with Mummy! (Well...I enjoyed the snooze....I think Mummy was doing tippetytappetystuff on her toy)

Mum says we walked 5.9 miles today and that is good training for our Tenkay that is coming soon. I hope it isn't so freezing cold fuffy when we do it!

If anyone wants to help us on our way then please go to www.virginmoneygiving.com/TraceyOakleyClarke

Every single shinydisk, no matter how big or small, goes towards sponsoring a puppy to become a life-changing Guide Dog like me.

Photo shows me asleep lying beside Mum's back legs, with my right front leg draped across her legs, and my head resting on her thigh.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Silly Lady!

You do all know that I'm jesting when I moan about my life, don't you? It's all tongue-in-jowl stuff. I love my life really.

When I took Mummy workywalkies today (a super good workywalkies it was too - just Mum and me on a mission to Pets R Us! Yessssss!!!!), a ladyhuman stopped us and got all stroppy with Mummy. It seemed to me like a human snappy-snarly kind of yipping. She was going on about how horrible Mummy is to make me work all the time. She said it is really cruel and mean to have slave animals like Guide Dogs all trapped into a life of non-stop work and no chance to be a real dog. Mummy was all upset and tried to tell her it is not true but she stomped off before listening. I gave Mummy my waggiest loves and made her feel happier again. I think she must have been OK because she got me some new toy things from Pets R Us. She also rescued me when my harness got me trapped under the shelf! Oops! Well....there was a yummy under there....I couldn't leave it to rot could I?

Please do share this post and spread the woof that we Guide Dogs really are a happy family. We are much happier than a lot of pet dogs. We don't get left outside shops and other places. We very rarely get left home alone, and, if we do, it is only for a very brief time. We get to go into all sorts of places that pet dogs are not allowed. Whenever we are working, we are going walkies; how good is that? Our job is all about doing a dog loves doing most; going walkies! Walkies with a purpose is even better! We are super intelligent and love to use our brains. That is exactly what we do every time our harness goes on. We get the best possible health care, good food in what the humans call just the right quantities to keep us at our optimum weight (I am a Labrador - I simply have to dispute this point! I could simply NEVER be fed enough!.....), we have a team of humans all looking out for our welfare, health, happiness and wellbeing. Above all, we get loads of 'downtime' to relax, have fun and just be dogs.

We are not slaves. We do it all willingly and happily. We love our job and our humans. If any of us ever have a problem, the team of humans come to our aid and, if/when we get to a point when we have had enough of our jobs, then we get to retire. Even then, they still care about us. We NEVER end up unloved, unwanted or suffering. We are looked after from our very beginning to our very end, from nose to tail.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Attacked with Wet Wipes!

Spoilsport Mummy!

I almost got to get a good coating of eau-de-dead-and-rotting-creature. I managed to get a little rub of one side of my neck and a shoulder. Then Mum yelled at me and hoicked me away! She said it was disgusting. I thought it was delectable! Alas, I was unable to get a full and proper smothering. Instead, I got thoroughly attacked with wet wipes when we got home, then with a wet frothy flannel too. It seems the wet wipes were not up to fully restoring her choice of 'nice' smell! Hufff!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Shiny bits under the Sloshbowl!

Lazy bones day today.

Lazy for Mummy. Bones for me! Yummy!

Mummy said a rest day from all the walking was a good plan today for her - to give her hurty back paws a break. She says she would like to point out that she most certainly hasn't been idle though, but has done lots of domesticals.

I took Daddy for a walkies to a big shop where he spent aaaaages yacketying to the workymanhuman and workyladyhuman. Eventually, after some fusses for me, we left complete with a few little bits of white tube and huge long (taller than Daddy) white tube. When we got back, he used a funny little to-and-fro zizzystick thing to cut a tiny bit off of the long tube. It was not even as big as my paw, but he says that is all he needs, but he had no choice but to buy the whole length! He then disappeared into the bathroom and used some strange toys to fix the bits of white tube and some shiny bits too under the sloshbowl. I watched him on and off, but I really have no idea what that was all about! Humans are so odd!