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Friday, 18 August 2017

Squished! Several Times!

HOME! We made it! What a day!

We were forever and ever and ever on buses and trains. It started with a bus ride from almost outside our kennelblock in that HeadinBurger place, then a short workywalkies weaving through the oceans of human back legs again. Next came a brief ride in one of those magic boxes (the ones that change the outside while the doors are closed, so, when they open again we are somewhere different). Then came the forever train ride. It was a mega squishy train ride. Not a comfy train ride. Mum and Dad were a bit stressed because several manhumans were rather unfriendly and unhelpful at the station and getting onto the train. instead of getting to sit in the disabled people's seats, where I get space to lie down properly, we were squished into a tiny place. There were just the two seats for Mum and Dad and I had to squidge myself into the tiny space underneath the seats as best I could. There wasn't really room for a labrador under there though, so I had to spill out into the space where Mum and Dad's back paws belonged. This meant that we were all very uncomfortable for the whole 4 and a half hours. Mummy and Daddy were not very happy and that makes me sad too! We were all very glad to get off when we reached that crazy busy London place.

It was great to get out and do a little workywalkies to find the bus stop (and a tree! Phew!). The bus journey was a bit squashy. I had to squeeze right up onto Mum's back paws to allow a minihuman's wheeliesieat to fit in the space with our wheeliecases too. It was OK though. At least I could sit upright, which is more than i had been able to do on the train!

When we got off the bus, we were at another train station. This one is apparently called Pawdington. I took Daddy for a brief walkies while Mummy stayed to look after all the bags. He made me sit beside this strange hard teddybear with a hat on. Then by a bench seat with the same teddy on it. This teddy was eating but it didn't smell very interesting. Apparently this Pawdington Bear is very famous!

The final train journey was a lot nicer. There was a nice manhuman at the station who helped us to get into the posh seats. I had space to stretch out in comfort under the table! Yippee! Mummy and Daddy were happier too. When their mouths go up at the corners it makes me happier too!

At the end of aaaaaaallllll this journeying, I got to workywalkies Mummy all the way from the station to our floatyboatyhome in its floatyboatykennel. Daddy came with aaaaallll the baggage in a taxi. We arrived at the same time!

It is good to be home! We have had a huge adventure and it has been fantabulous. But it is good to be home.

Sofasnuggles time! Most definitely! Mummy......legs please....pillow needed here.......

3 photos:
Mum and me in front of the big red train that had us all squished up. This in on the platform at Kings Cross Station.
Me beside the very hard Pawdinton Bear.

Me by the seat with Pawdington Bear on it.


Thursday, 17 August 2017

Well Chuffed, or Well Choo'd (Chewed).... ?

Steak! I got steak! YuuUUUuuummmmyyyy! It was only a tiny morsel. Mummy saved it for me from her dinner. She said it was a little treat for our last day of hollibobs. It was super yummylicious! I think I rather like steak!

It was at the end of another day of lots and lots of guDug..guDug on the trains and lots of bumpety bumping on buses too. We got a bus from our humankennel in Avoch (pronounced Ohch) to In The Mess, then I took Daddy walkies (well, a dog has to do what a dog has to do!) while Mummy looked after allll the luggage. Then it was workywalkies to the train station and onto the guDug...guDug. Apparently, it should have taken us all the way to this Headinburger (I think I would prefer a burger in tum!) place. It didn't though; it stopped in some place called Pawth and the grid on the ceiling told us that it wasn't going any further. Something to do with no driver. So we had to get off and go to the other side of the station, wait a bit (a welcome chance to take Mummy workywalkies to find a suitably dry tree that needed watering), and then get onto another guDug..guDug train for the rest of the journey.

We finally reached HeadinBurger and then it was more workywalkies to find a bus. There were humanlegs everywhere! It was waaaaaay crazy-busier than last time we walked that street. I had to work my paws off looking after Mum and guiding her through it all! It was a good challenge! When we got on the bus, I found Mummy a seat and we set off. A couple of stops later, a very wobbly manhuman got on. He was talking all burred and couldn't stand up properly but he made a super fuss of me in between all his wobbles! Mum says he was sozzled. I just thought he was nice....

The bus dropped us off in a place we've never been before and we had to find our new kennelblock for tonight. I was glad to get to our kennel - it was past my dinnertime! Mummy sorted that out for me and I wasted no time in dealing with my bit of the duty. Then it was off to the human yummyery downstairs. I enjoyed the snooze without the guDugging while Mum and Dad noshed. That bit of steak was just the perfect wake-up though!

Afterwards, I took Mummy and Daddy workywalkies a little way along a very busy road and then we found a parkyplace. Well....it would have been so wrong to ignore that wouldn't it? Ooooohhh! I did enjoy that little freerun! All along a path beside a stream - and I was nice to Mummy - I did manage to 'stay out of the water'.....just.....it almost dragged me in but I thought I would show Mum that I do know what the recall whistle means!

Now....If I get a little tiny bit of steak at the end of a big hollibobs like this one......would I get a big bit of steak at the end of a little hollibobs?

2 photos
1 me trying to snooze by Dad's back paws, squeezed in behind our big wheeliebag
2 Me sitting looking very hopefully at Mummy coz she opened the purple backpackbag that I know had my treats in it!


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Trapped and Frothed!

Furbal Essences Beautiful Ends! Alledgedly this is a much more acceptable aroma than FishRot Essences. I hugely disagree but do I get a choice in this matter? NOPE! I got frothed! Mum lured me into the warm rain box here in the humankennel. She got in with me then shut the door. I was trapped! She even kept the door shut when she told me to 'big shake' so I couldn't even reap my revenge by decorating the whole room!

Haarrrrruuummmpppphhh! My ends smelled peerfectly wonderful after that delightful discovery on the beach! That warm wet frothy assault was quite uncalled for!

Mum says she is trying to work out how to wrap me completely in something called Clingfilm when I go freerunning so that she can just peel off whatever I roll in. Heeeelllllppppp someone please!

Monday, 14 August 2017

Grott Bags!

Soggy Doggy Day.

We went workywalkies to the bus stop, then rode on a big bouncy bus for a long way (Dad says the buses are coaches around here - that's why they bounce extramuch). When we got off we were apparently at some place called John O Grotts. Well the leakysky was very grotty! I like water when I can get into it but when it tries to get into me it makes my head and tail hang down all sad. Then the water drips off the end of my nose.

We went inside as much as we could - into shops and yummyeries. Mum asked me to 'big shake' outside each time before we went in. I was a good boy and did do a big shake when asked to but I thought it was a bit mean. A big shake inside is much more satisfying when there is lots of stuff to decorate with spatters.

We were meant to be going on a big bobbyboat to check out the wildlife apparently. We didn't go though because the manhuman said the weather was too bad. So, we went into a final yummyery, where Mum and Dad both had pointy things with cold slurpystuff on top. I sat very patiently at Mum's paws and waited. I may just have left a little extra puddle on the floor in front of me coz that little pointy thing made my mouth drip rather seriously! Mum surrendered to my gaze of starvation and let me have a taste of the end of her pointy thing. Oooooooohhhhhh YYYUUUUUMMMMMM! Maybe she does love me......

The long bouncy bus ride back ended at a biggish Tescos - the most important bit of workywalkies of the day: We got me some more food! Well, thank Tescos for that! I don't want to run out of nosh!

Mum says I still have workywalkies to do this evening. Apparently we are going to one of those places where noisy moving pictures happen on the huge wall and there are little white crunchy clouds to hoover from the floor.......

Photo shows Mum, Dad and me beneath a sticky-up pole with lots of sticky-out sticks on top. Apparently it says John O Grotts on top. Mum wouldn't let me send any weemails at that post! 'Inappropriate' She said. But it is clearly a very strategic point for humans (loads of them were using one-eyed-clickyboxes at it). So, if it strategic for humanses then why can't it be strategic for pooches too? Huff!

Injun Buffy!

Positive guiding! That's what Mum says I'm doing super well at! Well! I can take that praise thank you very much. I'm just enjoying doing my job in new places. It is all much more exciting and interesting than plodding around the same old familiar streets. Everything smells so different here! Even Mum says so! She says the air is clean and fresh. To me it is carrying a million different stories and I want to read them all!

Today we took a very short workywalkies to a pointy church where I got oodles of fusses. I think it was a bit of a happy novelty having a pooch in the pews!

After that, we went for a bit of a wander around town, then back to our kennel for a brief while. Then Mum stayed to rest her paws and to deal with some clicketyfingersing stuff while I took Dad for another exploring session.

After my dinner, we set off workywalkies again to find a human yummyery. It made my mouth do some serious dripping. It smelled soooooooo good. It must have been good - Mum failed to drop anything more than a couple of those tiny white long dots. I dutifully hoovered them but they were not what I was smelling! Mum said it was called an Injun Buffy or something. There were some big round crunchies called poppadogs. She even failed to drop crumbs from them! Huffffff!

I endured that torture just long enough to get me out for a much needed wee, then another workywalkies leading to a very welcome freerun beside some huge crumbling building beside the rocky beachplace, and with some delicious long grass all along the way. Mum says she hopes it will sort out my parpy problem! I don't know what she means! There is a bit of a nasty niff that keeps drifting around but it is fine if you just move away! Mum blames it on the beach-cleaning that i did yesterday when I went off on a mission across the rocks. It was tasty but I'm not telling what it was. That is my secret. Anyway - what has yesterday's snacking got to do with the niffypuffs today?

The freerun ended when I had to go back to work to guide Mum back to the kennel via a long road with no pavements. We stopped off for a bit of a rest on the pawmenade where we sat and watched the hotball fall down the sky. Well....Mum and Dad watched it rather more than I did. I was rather more interested in watching the pair of Samoyeds walking about across the way!

Photo shows Mum sitting on the pawmenade wall with me lying beside her with my front paws dangling over the edge. Mum is gazing out to the ocean, my head is turning hard to watch over my shoulder.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Bye Bye Bobby!

The adventure continues!

Bye bye bobbyboat. Hello long bus ride then long train ride. Worth it though...... we are now apparently in a place called Thurso, in another human kennelblock. After arriving and getting bags all into our kennel, we set off for a welcome workywalkies explore. It led us to a BEEEEEEAACH!! YAYAYAY! Big flat sand for big crazy zoomies! Ooooh! that was good to do!

6 photos of me on Thurso Beach:
1 There is beach to my right
2 There is beach to my left
3 I shall choose THIS pebble
4 I shall dig it and dig it and dig it
5 I shall dig it some more....
6 killed it!

Friday, 11 August 2017

Bibbly Bobbly Boat!

Loch Oich Oik! That's what Mum called me! Or, she said maybe it should be Oachley's Loch Oich.....Whatever....... It was a tad chilly but worth it! Just a few ball-fetches and then off for a nice leisurely freerun along a track through the trees. That meant loads of weemail exchange opportunities. I'm getting to grips with the lingo here now.

All that was after a very lazy snoozy morning in our very bibbly-bobbly bobbyboat. The sky was very leaky and the air was super huffy, so bobbyboat was bibblybobbling all night. We were OK inside though - it was just a bit jiggly and noisy.

We went for a bit of a cruise across this Loch Oich again today after the air stopped huffing so hard. It seems it was a journey for Dad to use his one-eyed-clickybox. That meant I got another leisure walkies! No complaints there!

We are now back at the bobbyboat kennel where we started and I took Daddy out again this evening and we came back to find Mummy had packed everything into bags and wheeliecase again. it seems this is our last night of bobbyboat holibobs.

I was super helpful to Mummy this evening. She was doing something she called making-a-packed-lunch. She opened little round things of tuna. The smell made me drip very seriously. Mum needed to drain the water out of it and the only place for it to go was my bowl! Well....it just had to be disposed of didn't it? Yummylicious! Then, when she had finished there was a round mixing bowl thingy that needed to be washed up. I did a very good and thorough job of it! Mum says I am seriously spoiled. I thing I was simply being super helpful! Sluuurrrppppp!

2 photos of me swimming in Loch Oich. In both, I have my new yellow big ball in my mouth. in one I am sideways on with reflections in the water beside me. In the other I am facing forward with sploshes of water droplets spraying up above my nose.