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Saturday, 15 December 2018



Nothing much better to do today than snooze.

Well, OK, I did take Daddy walkies this morning to supervise dispatch of some more goodies and to get some strange blue drink for the growlermonster under the back deck.

Aunty Lindsay came for cuddles too. Her headfur is growing back (she had it all buzzyboned off a while ago to raise shinydisks), but it is now Yellow Labrador coloured! I hope my Friar Pup patch doesn't do that!

I managed to fit in a brief meet n greet and play with little Jess the fluffy terrier mess, but the sky was big bad leaking so Daddy hoicked me back in again. I ..... errrr..... may..... perhaps..... ahem have wandered off for a bit of a catch up on the neighbourhood gossip! Oops!

Going out when the sky is so leaky has got me two lovely rubbadubs from Mummy upon return. There's only one other thing to do when it is yucky outside though - SNUGGLE SNOOZE!

Just a quick reminder - today and tomorrow = last chance to order my calendars, mugs, coasters and keyrings for assured delivery before Christmas. I will personally supervise dispatch on Monday morning to make sure they get on their way.

Friday, 14 December 2018

Return of the Towpath Team!

I is back!

Mr Michael, the Guide Dogs manhuman is very nice but he took me on a long ride in his car to a vetplace where I got all sorts of things done to me. He did bring me back home to find Mummy and Daddy though, so I think I like him......

At the vetplace, I got poked and prodded and stabbed and wiggled and watched and all sorts. They've used a buzzybone to give me some funky fur patches too. Mummy is calling me Friar Pup and says I need to go into a monsterary or something. It seems this has something to do with the chilly patch on the back of my head. Apparently, the chillypatches are all where they stabbed me with sharp shiny spikes. There is one on the back of my head, one on my front leg and one on my back leg too. I do seem to remember a shiny spike ouching, but then I feel asleep and woke up in a cage! Mummy says that while I was asleep they looked inside my head with an Emmar Eyes Can. It seems that all they found was a big brain. Well, of course they did! Duh! What did they expect to find? There's no room for anything else is there?

Anyway, it seems that all this was to try to find out what has been causing my darktime funnies and that seas year. They didn't find the answer though. So, after oooodles of yacketying between Mummy & Daddy and Mr Michael, the plan is apparently for me to go back to work, but on lighter duties, and for Mummy and Daddy to do something called 'monitor' me. I'm not sure if this includes going to this monsterary place. This is all aiming towards this retyrement thingy, but not yet - just gradually. I think I am liking this concept.

Back home aboard floatyboatyhome started with a flight of locks. Mummy started to practice my 'light duties' thing by letting me freerun some of the way. Yep! I AM liking the concept!

Now, if you will excuse me, I am rather glad to be back to my own bed, so I think it is time to make the most of it!

4 photos:
My Friar Pup shaved patch on the back of my head.

My designer patch on my back leg.

Staying close to Mummy while she heaves the big heavy lock beam.

Back in my bed! The one next to Mummy's bed. Comfy and cozy!

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Mummy Update 2:

Mummy here again
Oaks' has a brain! And nothing else in his head! So MRI confirmed no tumours or anything else to explain symptoms. That is good news of course but still doesn't solve the mystery of his happenings. Vet did take Spinal fluid. Hopefully results tomorrow. Michael is picking him up and bringing him back around lunchtime.

Mummy Update 1:

This is 'Mummy' borrowing Oakley's login to post an update.

Michael, the Guide Dogs Care and Welfare chap came at 7.30 this morning to take Oaks to the specialist vet in Hereford. Oaks went off perfectly happily - just perhaps a bit miffed and bewildered at not getting his breakfast!!

I got a call a few minutes ago from Michael to say that the vet has given my lad a very thorough examination. He picked up on a few very minor things that add together to suggest something neurological going on:
1. His eyes were slightly slower than they should be in reacting to tests
2. Evidence of him scuffing the top/front surfaces of his nails on back paws indicating dragging
3. Sitting upright but almost nodding off.
4. Staring blankly into space for a few moments, then coming back to full attention again

So, the plan is for him to go under anaesthetic this afternoon for an MRI scan. If this reveals any obvious clues (brain tumour being perhps the most likely), then that will be conclusive enough and a plan can be formulated from that. If the scan doesn't show anything helpful, then, whilst under anaesthetic, he will have spinal fluid taken for analysis for possible infection or other abnormalities.

So, Oaks will be staying in hospital overnight to recover from the anaesthetic.

My hope and prayer is that he doesn't have to undergo the spinal fluid test. From my own personal experience, I know this is a truly horrible procedure that leaves a VERY nasty headache and other unpleasant symptoms for several days/weeks afterwards.

Hopefully, we will get another call later this afternoon with further news.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Ball Fetch.

Wooferhampton 21 locks. Well... I think that is what Mummy called them.... They certainly made this woofer happy! I got to freerun most of the way, except for the bits where Mummy thought the road was too close. I also got to have a fantabulous playtime with a passing buddy: a choccy lab called Buster. We had a superb game of chase and boxing and errrr...... piggybacks!

All this came after a rather nice start to the day - as I had hoped yesterday, I got to take Mummy to the parky area near last night's mooring. Not only did we go there, but we had a game of ball fetch too..... and I found a few pooch pals to play with for a few moments too.

It seems that 8km of walkies with Mummy, plus all that playing makes for very heavy eyelids, and Mummy says I've got to get up early in the morning to go on a special trip with Michael, the nice Guide Dogs manhuman, to have an Emmar Eyes Can or something. I hope it tastes nice!

Photo 1 - Playtime in the lovely park this morning - come on Mummy put that talkybone away and throw my ball please.....
Photos 2 & 3 - Labrador games - me and Buster.


Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Towpath Toddles!

Happy Barkday Bailey. 11 Woofs old and still up for a bit of a game of chase. You were a wonderful start to the day.

We got up kinda early for us, and Mummy kitted me up in my towpath harness. She then grabbed hold of the bent clanky bone that she uses to do the lock windywindy stuff. We were supposed to be setting off to work the first lock, but there were more important issues to deal with first: Well..... when we hop off of floatyboatyhome to find a fellow Labrador going by, that is a serious issue that simply cannot be ignored! The issue of a good playtime was briefly interrupted by an urgent need to do what a dog simply has to do. So that got the second issue sorted so I could get back to the first one again. In the end, Bailey came part of the way with us to the lock, so work and play blended nicely!

The next five miles were all about towpath toddles interrupted by stopping to work six locks. Then came a cruise before a short leisurely walkies to inspect our new neighbourhood. Actually, this is rather a good neighbourhood; there is a freerun parky area right by floatyboatyhome. I hope I get to make full use of it tomorrow!

I think I am getting to quite like this semi-retyrement thingy!

3 photos;
Me and Bailey, Choccy Lab, playing on the towpath.

Lock supervision from on high.

Supervising Mummy from the back deck. That growly monster underneath the back deck makes a nice warm place to lie down!

Monday, 10 December 2018

Puppy Kibble!

I multitasked! I am so talented!

I was wiping my paws, like and good doggy should do after a doggydownload, and, in the same move, I decorated the side of floatyboatyhome! I think I added a good artistic splat of mud and grass to the window! Mummy didn't seem to appreciate my creativity. She burbled something about having only just cleaned the windows.....

In other news, I took Mummy workywalkies this morning to the shop, then back via a new route that avoided the nasty noisy busy road. That route back just also happened to lead us nicely to a freerun route along the towpath! Heehee!
The rest of the day has been spent cruising and stopping to work locks; five of them. Daddy said the towpath was too muddy and grotty for us to walk it, so we cruised all the way and just hopped ashore to actually do the windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff. Well.... Mummy did all that. I got to enjoy a good sniff about at each one - and to exchange important weemails with the locals of course!

When we moored up at the squirtysnake place, I was trapped inside floatyboatyhome with Mummy who was doing some of her domesticals. I had to squeak and squeak and squeak to alert her to the most critical of needs to get out; there was a Guide Dog Puppy outside! I simply HAD to get out to meet and greet! Her name is Rosie and she is a four-month old yellow Labrador x Golden Retriever. We only had a brief meet and greet and kanoodle but it was worth all the squeaking! Well... it would be very rude not to pass on some trade secrets to the new generations wouldn't it? I rather liked Rosie's PuppyMummy - when I plonked my bum down, she gave me a yummy! Puppy kibble apparently .... well maybe it will make me into a puppy again!

3 photos:
My artwork: a big blob of mud with grass stuck in it - splatted firmly in the middle of the window.

Me watching Daddy on floatyboatyhome, while Mummy is hefting the big lock beam.

Me with little Rosie and her PuppyMummy.