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Saturday, 3 December 2016

I am Super Good!

Meanie meanie Mummy. Didn't share that bacon this morning! Left my mouth dripping and leaving her leg all soggy. I pleaded and pleaded with my bestest 'I'm starving down here' pleads. I nuzzled her to remind her of the serious error of omission. Nothing worked! I remained baconless! Harrrumph!

Then I had to take meaniebum workywalkies! We went into town to a shop that was being all wrapped up. Most peculiar! I just laid down while Dad and lots of ladyhumans did all sorts of strange things: sticking long sheets of paper on the walls, wrapping up boxes in different coloured flappysheets, using markysticks to squiggle in the walls.....and Mum spent the whole time using those funny crossover-snippy-sticks to make big flappysheets into smaller flappysheets! All most peculiar!

Next came workywalkies back to our cozy floatyboatyhome for a bit of snuggletime. Then Dad left us. I had to take Mum on another long workywalkies. This time, we went around the other side of town, firstly to a fursubstitutes shop, then to Tesco, before heading back home. I had to really strutt my stuff guiding Mum in the darkness, especially as we headed along the towpath. It was VERY dark there so Mum had to put every ounce of her trust in me. I think I must have done good - I got super fuss and a big juicy carrot when we got home again. Then I got my dinner. All yummy and worth being supergood-at-my-job for!

Now Dad is back and it is nice to be using Mum's lap as a snuggly pillow. I think I forgive the bacon issue!

Photo shows my head looking up from under the pale wood table. Chin on Mum's blue leg, looking very hopeful.

Photo of this morning's strange goings on in the shop.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Super Zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomies

Beeeeeeeaaaaaccccchhhhhh! Yayhayhayhay!

Wooohoohooo!! That was fun!

I took Mummy through the Clifftop Park, down the zigzag and along the pawmenade. Well.... Mum walked along the pawmenade but why would I want to do that and pass up the chance to do huuuuuge zoomies, play with lots of pals, get wet, roll in the sand and just generally have a fandabbydoozee great time? The best bit was a brilliant game of chase and tug with a Patterdale Terror puppy named Ben. He was awesome fun company.

When Dad came to pick us up in the car I was delightfully soggy and sandy. Mum says I've put half of Bournemouth beach all over my bed in the car! Well.....if only.....I could get to play chase and do zoomies everytime we go in the car!

Now we are back home on our floatyboatyhome. The hotbox is glowing, it's time for sofasnuggles and my eyes won't stay open! Mum, shove over a bit.....now, put that leg there......just there.....yep! That'll do.....my head is far too heavy to stay up any longer! Zzzzzzzzz.......

5 photos of today's fun on Bournemouth Beach. 2 playing with Ben the Patterdale and 3 of me racing back to Mum when she blew my recall whistle. That is good yummy practice and I do like to check on Mum from time to time!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Oops! May have slightly Forgotten myself!

Now THAT  is what I call a GOOD workywalkies!

Nearly 5 miles in total, two fellow Guide Dog colleagues meeted, greeted and kanoodled, a tree-scamperer-skitterjitter to chase and a lovely little freerun! Happy Oakley!

Dad disappeared without us this morning (apparently he had to go and swear at somebody about some legal paperwork stuff - whatever that means) so I had to look after Mum. I took her out for a glorious walkies. The hotball was in the blue sky but it was not very hot - in fact the ground was rather crunchy under my paws but it was really lovely nonetheless. We went around the streets of Westbourne, then into the peace of the Upper Gardens, all along the path by the babbling stream, then into town. There, after a couple of calls into shops, I firmly guided Mum to meet a colleague - a golden lab x retriever. We had a brief kanoodle but his manhuman was munching something much more interesting. We both kept vigil for any dropped morsels. We were both disappointed!

Next came another shop duty then a human yummyery. Now this was a great trip to a human yummyery - it came with a really good kanoodling session with Goldie - a little (even littler than me!) golden labrador Guide Dog who brought her mumhuman Beth. We doggies had a wonderful time under the table while the humans did the inevitable yackety-yacking and noshing.

We then took Goldie and Beth to the bus stop and said goodbyes (I'm sure I heard mention of another meet up for a freerun on the beach......Oooooh! I do hope so!). Then I guided Mum on the next bit of our lovely trip - on through the Lower Gardens. This is where I may have ..... errrrmmmm ..... errr..... made a slight mistake! Ahem! Well...... you see, I had been a very good boy - I guided Mum to the bin after she had bagged up my necessary download...... It was one of those bins where she needs both front paws because it has a pull-down-mouth thing ..... well...... errrr..... it was just at that moment that I spotted the skitterjitter - right in front of me! I think I may have just forgotten that I was on duty.....wearing my harness.....Oooops! Well.....I nearly got him! If he hadn't scampered up that tree, I would have had a new toy! Ahem..... I don't think Mum was exactly pleased with me! She actually didn't know why I had shot off - it was a manhuman sitting on the bench who grassed me up!

Mum must have forgiven me though because, after a lovely wander along the pawmenade, we turned up into Middle Chine and she de-harnessed me and said those lovely words "Go Play". It was a wonderful chance to run and catch up on the weemails all the way up the chine! Yippeee!

Dad was back when arrived back at Granny's and I was quite happy to snooze off all the exertions while Mum and Dad did a whole load of clicketyfingersing and sorting stuff.

This evening I have taken Dad on another couple of miles walkies - apparently it was essential to go get one of those bottles of stinky red water. Now, the squawkybox is on and Mum and Dad are both on the sofa - now ...... chin on knee ....... little pathetic squeak ..... yep! That worked! Invitiation to 'hup' - Squeeze in between them back against Dad - paws against Mum and SHOVE! Heehee! Works every time!

Three photos of me and Goldie - two of us kanoodling and one when Mum so rudely interrupted to ask us to pose - looking up from under the table.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

That's what I call a Great Day!

4.46 miles workywalkies, a good catch up on weemails in the Clifftop Park, a long snooze under a table in a human yummyery, a good bone-munching session, a big juicy carrot and a leisure walkies to round it all off. It's tough being me! :D

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Calendars Awayyyyy!!!

Mission accomplished! Workywalkies into town, to Wilko then on to the Post Office. I was allowed to 'hup' my front paws onto the counter to supervise the nice manhuman who was tippetytapping his pawpointers on his little clickysquares, then sticking rectangles onto the pockets containing my calendars. When he had finished doing such important work, he came out from inside his cage and made a lovely fuss of me! Of course, I was happy to greet him and tell him he had done a good job!

The workywalkies continued on through to the other side of Newbury where I had to take Mum into a yummyery to get a big cup of hot brown stuff to warm her up. Then Daddy came and picked us up in the car.

We are now back at Granny's flat in Bournemouth and I have some serious work left to do on my bone.

Thank you to those who have ordered calendars. Here again, is the link for those who would like to click to order - and please do share this link among your friends too! ALL PROFITS GO TO GUIDE DOGS UK VIA MY FUNDRAISING TO SPONSOR A THIRD PUPPY IN TRAINING WHO WILL BE NAMED IN MEMORY OF MY GRANNY


Front of my 2017 Wall Calendar.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Butt Sniffing....

Bone bum! That's what Mum says I have had today! She says that is what she meant about a bone being good for both ends. She also muttered something about taking out shares in poobag manufacturing companies..... It seems that six bagsful of concrete conkers is a generous offering for one day. Well, I am happy to be generous! At least it gave her something to do! Better than aaaaaaalllll the waiting around in the human vet's kennelblock. That has taken up the biggest part of the day; waiting around for something called a follow-up check-up for Mum, after her stay in that bendybed last week. In the end, it turned out that none of all that waiting was necessary at all. Something about a communication breakdown. Oh well, it got me some fusses and admiration!

Next came some welcome workywalkies around Reading to find a shop full of those strange double bowls that ladyhumans have for their chesthumps. I kept Dad company while Mum went to do that 'trying on' thing. I think it was a good choice for both us boys to stay out if that bit! Mum seemed happy when she came out. Dad and I were happy with our little chill out time!

Another walkies this evening was nice before going to another snooze session through a human yackety-yacking time. They call it a meeting. It's not what I call a meeting. A proper meeting involves the civilised art of mutual butt-sniffing and hopefully a game of chase. Humans are so peculiar!

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Knobbly Knucklebone.

Pyoing! Pyoing...pyoing...pyoing! Mum says that was my springs uncoiling. It followed a bit of a squeak when I looked out of the car to see trees and doggypals all around. Then, when Mum opened to car's bumdoor and let me 'go play', I simply couldn't contain my joy! My legs just went beserk! Mum was laughing at my crazy zoomies and bendy, sideways bucking bronco barminess! Oooooohhhh! It was SUCH a fandabbydoozee freerun! I needed that!

I think I now declare Snelsmore Common Country Park to be my newest favourite place in the world! Trees, puddles, miles of paths (for humans to follow), acres of sniffing-grounds, space to run and jump and roll, and loads of doggypals to meet, greet & play with!

Now I have a superb knobbly knucklebone. Mum says it is good for cleaning my teeth and my bum. Well.....I get that it is scraping my gnashers as I do serious work on it .....but....my butt....???? Oh well, I shall enjoy humouring her. nom..nom..nom.......

Four photos of me amongst all the crunchy leaves on the gravel path, trees and bracken all around and various different doggy pals that I met to play with.