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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Really Depressed!

Just two locks today, but we did them over and over and over again..... to and fro.... windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully..... back again to the other end..... windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully..... back again.......................... and again.... and again... Finally, it was actually our floatyboatyhome that came into the deep rectangle and Mummy did all the workings for the last time..... until we got to the next lock. Then it started all over again, but thankfully less times as there were fewer floatyboaties waiting at this one.

It was a good workywalkies leading up to the locks though. Mummy didn't put my iconic white Guide Dogs harness on me for that; instead she put my swim-bra on and clicked my yellow lead onto that. It was great! It gave me the freedom to have a bit of a sniff about, but I still looked after Mummy; guiding her around the hazards on the towpath (there were quite a lot of spikysticks hanging from the hedges and many many tree toes sticking up through the floor). Mummy just asked me to 'go ahead' and she followed my best end!

Before all of this, I started the day by doing some normal workywalkies, wearing my proper Guide Dog harness. I took Mummy to Tesco again. On the way though, we stopped to visit a fan on another floatyboatyhome. It was nice to meet Jackie and Paul. Of course, there was the inevitable session of human yacketying, but I squeaked my protest and eventually, we said our tattybyes and I finished the job of going to get my big juicy carrots (and a few other things too).

The rest of the day has been spent cruising. I did get to have a bit of a play with Eric and Mollie - passing pooches when we moored up for the night. I did have to tell Eric off though when he took a bit of a fancy to my food box! Nobody gets my nosh!

Photo of me looking really depressed (I promise I wasn't!) standing waiting forever at the lock top, wearing my blue bra.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Funtime Exploits!

A great start to the day. A freerun is always a superb way to get going.
We didn't get up all that early. Eyelids didn't want to open after all of yesterday's happenings. Then Daddy started getting floatyboatyhome ready to rumble. Mummy was getting ready for workywalkies. Then Graham, our floatyboatyhome humanpal came and joined us for the walkies. That meant that Mummy realised that she could walk with Graham and let me off duty! So, after just a few moments, off came my harness and lead and off whizzed me! I didn't want to waste a moment of playing opportunity and there was a pooch pal passing by! Actually, there were several pooch pals to play with along the way. It was great!

That stretch of fun ran out when Graham left us and went back to his floatyboatyhome, but the very last bit was fantabulous! Mummy and Graham had gone 'over the bridge' and I had dutifully followed. Mummy was doing a whole load of windy-windy-windy stuff to a big round box thing. The bridge was going up and up and up. A poochpal appeared on the towpath the other side. I zoomed up the steep bridge and leapt across onto the towpath. I had a fab game of chase with that little chap. Mummy and Graham seemed to be standing with their jowls hanging open. It seems they were a bit amused and astounded that I did that big leap! Mummy started doing her windy-windy-windy stuff the other way and the bridge started coming back down again. Then she blew the 'get back here' whistle. I did as bid.....so did my little playbuddy. His human called him back to his side of the bridge. I got my good-boy-to-come-back yummy, then followed my buddy. Whistle again - whizz back for another yummy - back with little buddy again - whistle again - another yummy.......and clamped on lead! Harrrrrrumph! Little buddy walked on with his human. Game over. Windy-windy-windy........up-up-up bridge. Floatyboatyhome through, then windy-windy-windy down-down-down. Mummy and Graham finally stopped giggling and Graham said byebye.

So that was that bit of fun over. On went my harness and I was back into workywalkies mode. I was a bit tired out by my funtime exploits, so it was a bit of a slow workywalkies along the towpath. Mummy took pity on me after while and, when Mummy felt we were on a good stretch of towpath with good light, it was off again with my harness and lead. Suddenly I somehow found an extra burst of energy and managed a good roll and a few romps, but the best bit was the freedom to sniff all the weemails along the way! Of course, I had to leave some replies too.....

A bit of cruise brought us to tonight's mooring. Mummy says it is a place called Ellesmere. Here I got to take Mummy out again, leaving Daddy behind. We went to the nearby Tesco. That meant I had some serious work to do: Unknown territory and Mummy struggling a bit with her eyesight. So, I had to 'Find the door' then 'Find the way in' (it wasn't a straight-in entrance, then 'Find a basket'. All executed pawperfect of course! Then it was the usual 'find left' 'find right' 'hang on a moment', ' where's the cucumber? ..... Ooh! clever boy! Thank you!'.....

At the back of the shop, there was a yummy smelling bit where Mummy asked me to 'find the counter'. I was a bit miffed that the counter had big Oakley-proof windows on the front! The stuff behind looked soooooo good! Mummy asked the ladyworkyhuman for some ham and some beef and some cheese. I offered to carry each of them but got told to get my schnozzle out of it! Huffff! Then the nice ladyworkyhuman came around to the front and lifted up one of the windows! I thought it was my chance to 'inspect' the display........my tail went berserk......but meanie meanie Mummy told me to 'leave it' and tugged me backwards! HARRRRUMMPH!

Monday, 16 July 2018

Loudy Scary Bangs!

Under the table. That is where I have spent a large proportion of today. Under the table in the human yummyery at the humankennelblock (NO bacon though! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh!). Then, after a leisurely walkies and a return to our kennel, it was workywalkies to a big humanworkyplace called the Canal and River Trust office in Bumingham. We went into a big room with a hugenormous table in the middle and lots of chairs around it. I was very glad there was a nice carpet under the table to snooze on through AAAAALLLL the yacketying. Humans take so very long to exchange information! Why can't they just do it the proper way? One quick sniff of the important parts of the body and all necessary knowledge is gained. There were some nice new humanfriends to greet though and I may have managed to sneak around under that huge table and gain myself a few ear rubs while Mummy wasn't paying attention! Heehee!

The leisure walkies before all of this was with just Daddy. Apparently Mummy had to pack everything again into the big wheeliecase. When Daddy and I got back Mummy's face was all screwed up! Apparently she did a 'Blinky Blunder' and picked up the wrong squirtytube. She got the buzzy thing that she uses to tickle her fangs with and managed to put the wrong stuff on it. It seems that headfur-detangler doesn't taste nice. Oops!

After all the yacketying in this meeting thingy, we set off across town to 'Find the station' and get on the first of two trains to get us back home.  The changeover was at a new station we've never visited before. I was glad to find a corner there that needed watering! So I've now left my contact details at a station called Crewe. The first train was a bit crowded but Mummy and I found just enough room for us between a wall and somebody's big wheelicase. Daddy had to squish in on the other side of the carriage. The second train was a bit less crowded, but we had to sit right by the smelly human-spending room, and it's door kept on opening all by itself. From time to time there were some really loud scary BANGs from the roof too. That made me go hide underneath Mummy's seat. Daddy said it was nothing to worry about - it was something to do with the electrickery pickup thingy. I was not convinced, and I think Mummy was a bit nervous about it too. I felt a tiny bit safer underneath her. I hope she felt safer with me beneath her......

Back home safely now and my bed is back on my end of the sofa. That means I have Mummy's back paws to use as a pillow! That'll do nicely!

Photo shows me with Mummy on the first train today - Mummy is putting my harness back on me ready to get off. The big suitcase is beside us lying on the floor and Mummy is sitting on one of the uncomfortable sideways seats.

Sunday, 15 July 2018


I rather like this humankennelblock! I've got my very own bed on a super comfy sofabed! It does seem to be making my head very heavy though..... and my eyelids seem to be weighted too......

Maybe that has something to do with all the workywalkies and train rides today.

It all started with a very pleasant workywalkies through town to a church with a nice cool floor to zzzzz away the humanhowling. Lots of fusses and admirations too. That is a nice church! Then we went further on through town to the train station. Our humanfriend Graham came with us on all of this. We said tattybye to him though when our train eventually arrived. We had waited ages for it and it was super crowded. Mummy sat next to a manhuman and Daddy squeezed onto a sideways seat. I squidged myself in under the seat to keep out of the way. It was really tongue-hangy-outy on there too, so I was really glad of the nice big bowl of water Daddy got for me when we arrived at our next station. I slurped up every drop! The next train was much more comfortable and I had a bit of room to stretch out. It brought us to very familiar territory: Bumingham!

Next came a workywalkies across town to find this humankennelblock. Daddy did some yacektying with the manhuman behind the big high desk, then we got into one of those magic boxes with the slidey door. It jiggled us and vvvvvvvvd for a long time before the door slid open again to the new outside. Then we had to go along a corridor to find our kennel. It is REALLY high up in the sky! When I hupped to look out of the window, I could see little tiny cars whizzing by. That magic box has shrunk the world outside!

My work wasn't finished though. After a bit of a rest and my dinner, we went back into the magic box and it changed everything back to normal. We went out to explore the streets and towpath and found a human yummyery. A chance for a snooze under the table outside while Mummy and Daddy munched. They failed dismally! Not a crumb fell my way! All I got was a bowl of water - brought to me by the nice workymanhuman BEFORE Mummy and Daddy's nosh! (Note; most important member of the family served first!). Then workywalkies all the way back again and that magic box did its shrinking thing again.

Now, if you will excuse me, I think my eyelids need some close inner scrutiny......zzzzz.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Big Juicy Carrot!

MMMMM!....Thanks Mummy. A yummy big juicy carrot - just the job for a 'hairy hero' as you seem to want to call me. Actually I was just doing my job, but I'm happy to accept the accolade - and definitely happy to accept the yummy!

It was a a good workywalkies into this Whitchurch town near where we are moored. Daddy had given Mummy directions and off we set. Mum insisted on giving me a duff direction. I followed her instruction. She started to doubt herself and stopped. 'Hang on Oaks. Are we going the right way?' I just gave her a big sigh and turned her around to head back to the right route! Then we had to cross a road by one of those funny big white blobs on the floor - the ones with several roads going to it. I took Mummy to the dippy-down bit of kerb. We stopped. She listened and then told me to 'Forward'. I stayed firmly put! You see, Mummy says she has really good hearing. I suppose for a human it is pretty good, but she hadn't heard that car coming! It wasn't making normal vrooming noises. She told me I was a super clever boy and made a mega fuss of me! Then we went safely across the road.

We went into town, wandered around a few shoppy streets, went into a few shops. Then Mummy got all disorientated. 'Hang on Oaks. Where are we? Which way is Boots?' I knew exactly where to find Boots! It was just around the corner. I took her straight to the door! 'Oh my goodness Oakie! How did you know that? Clever boy!' Well....I'm not giving away my secrets - she can just accept that I am far smarter than she is! Heehee!

Then it seemed that the shopping was all done and it was time to 'Find the way home Oakie'. Yep! No problem.... This way Mum! Off we set. Another road to cross and another near-miss. This time it was a loonyvroomer that came around the corner so fast that he nearly hit us. I jumped and pulled Mummy backwards just in time!

Then, as we were heading towards home, I steered Mummy onto a much nicer route - away from the roads and along a lovely tree-tunnel path. She had no idea of the way but I had clearly proved to her that I knew what I was doing, so she let me take her. She even followed me to a couple of trees, slightly off track, that really needed watering! Heehee!

Photo close up of me with my big juicy carrot.

Friday, 13 July 2018


I met a fan and I became a fan today.

I took Daddy for a couple of leisure walkies and, on the first one, I met ladyhuman Joyce, one of my fans. Nice to meet you Joyce! Thanks for the fusses! On the second one, I became a bit of a fan of Hugo, labrador cross, and his manhuman who had yummies!

The rest of the day has been largely a lazy snoozy day with a bit of bone-destruction work. This evening, I stayed safely tucked away aboard floatyboatyhome while the humans (we have been joined by two other floatyboatyhomes humanpals; Peter & Lin and Chris & Sally, plus their grown-up humanpup Jacob) did that munching around a stinky huffyfuffyhotbox thing outside. I did go to join them a bit later though, once it was safe and that nasty stinky thing had finished huffing a sizzling and puffing!

2 photos;
Me with my fan, Joyce.

Me with Hugo and his manhuman with a very appealing and interesting front paw!


Towelrub! I haven't had one of those on return home from workywalkies for ages! I got one tonight though! Oooooooh! It was good!

It came after a late night out. A great night out. A night of long workywalkies and Guide Dog Colleagues to kanoodle with!

That late night came after a longish workywalkies this morning, working locks with Mummy, and then a chill out on the grassy towpath with a big new bone.

This evening was great! I got a slightly early dinner and then we set off out. It was a bit of a challenging workywalkies with lots of offkerbs where the greenery was overgrowing the pawment making it too narrow to walk along. It was also all completely new territory so all very exciting! The workywalkies took us to a huge parkyplace with a lot of running humans. Many of them were Guide Dogs humans running to raise shinydisks to sponsor a puppy to be trained. But much more important than the humans, there were buddies! The two that I got to kanoodle with the most were Hershey and Declan, both yellow lab x retrievers. We weren't able to go play (Humph!) but it was great to meet and greet and kanoodle. It is always great to meet colleagues!

The workywalkies home was even more challenging. I had to work supergood to look after Mummy coz it was dark and so she had to put her trust completely in me! We had to do even more offkerbs going this way because the green spikysticks were on Mummy's side and she can't fit underneath them like I could when they were on my side! We made it though! We are home safely and I do seem to be having a little difficulty holding my head up now.........

3 Photos:
Me with my big new bone, lying on the grassy towpath with the bone between my front paws.

Meeting and greeting Hershey (we tried to have a play but didn't get away with it. Huff!).

From left to right; Mummy, me, Lin and Declan.