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Sunday, 23 September 2018


Sausages and fusses! The bestest bits of today!

It all started very slowly this morning. It seems that we all had need of extended eyelid inspections after yesterday! Then Mummy and Daddy seemed preoccupied with loads and loads of that 'stroke-everything-with-froth-and-cloth' stuff, plus they fed the frothymonster machine and set it chewing it all. Then there was a vroom vroom outside and a knock at the door. It was Rosie and minihuman Hallie! Hallie was all sad and was wrapped around Rosie. I just had to 'hup' and let her know that I love her and that all is OK. She got happier after that! I think I worked my waggymagic!

After a little while, Mummy and I set off on a workywalkies. It was really huffetyfuffety and cold and leakiesky-yucky, but we strutted our stuff and got to Tesco's. I remembered the way paw perfect (Well....of course I did!). There, after a few 'find left', 'find right', 'straight on', 'wait'..... around the browsy aisles, we found Daddy, Rosie and little Hallie. Hallie was pushing a tiny wheelieseat with a tiny microhuman in it. The tiny microhuman wasn't moving though and it didn't smell like a normal microhuman - and it had no fursubstitutes on! I gave it a good sniff but assessed it to be of no interest or concern. I got on with my job of guiding Mummy around the shop. I even found the carrots for her, but she said 'We don't need any today'. Hooooowwwwwllllll! What a daft thing to say Mummy! We ALWAYS need carrots! Huff! Its a good job I found a white puddle to hoover by all the white bottles. I did my best to clean up but Mummy told me to 'leave it. That is quite enough. You can't have it all'. Hufffff again!

Next came a car ride in Rosie's car, where I had to squish between Mummy's back paws next to Rosie. That gave me a chance to give her a couple of nice wet kisses when she put her paw on the wigglystick. She took us to a human yummyery. I was a good boy and laid down under the table. Under the table near a minihuman is a superb place to be! It seems that Hallie didn't want her sausages but she was very kind to me! Heeheeee! Shhhhhh..... don't tell! I am coming to be very fond of little Hallie!

After that, we went to the huge humanvets place again to find Puppa in his bed again. He seemed a bit more like himself today - I got to 'hup' to give him a proper kissy greeting. He didn't have a hissing muzzle on today so he sounded a bit more like himself too! I got lots of delectable fusses and loves from some of the workyhumans in blue fursubstitutes!

It seems we are staying at Puppa's home again tonight. While Mummy did some of her domesticals, I got to take Daddy out for a very pleasant and welcome leisurewalkies in the dark. Now, I think my eyelids need further scrutiny......

Saturday, 22 September 2018


Cor flippin eck! What a day!

It all started with Mummy and Daddy doing that packing thing - big wheeliecase, fursubstitutes going in, my grooming kit in, a box of my nosh in...... It always makes a bit nervous when that is going on. Thinking about it, I suspect this plan all started hatching yesterday when Mummy's talkybone was in overdrive.

Things got a bit better when I took Daddy for a brief walkies to the Post Office and back, then even bettererer when Aunty Lindsay arrived and I got to take her for a brief walkies! I think she was a bit chuffed at walking out with me! Heehee! When we got back, Daddy was showing Lindsay how to work our floatyboatyhome, then he gave her some of those funny little shinybones on a ring.

Very soon after that, we left floatyboatyhome, along with the stuffed to bursting wheeliecase and other bags too. We said tattybyes to Lindsay and then headed off on a workywalkies to the station. The first train took us into Bumingham where we then did another workywalkies to another station. The second train landed us in that beastly London place, and on to another big workywalkies half way across London. After a while though the leakyskies got a bit too soggy and we rode on a big red bus that got us to yet another station. The third train brought us to Shoreham and yet another workywalkies to Puppa's home.

I got all excited and rushed in (after Mum got me to do a bigshake outside the front door coz I was a soggy doggy). I did my usual zoom into the lounge to find Puppa but he wasn't there! I hunted everywhere, but still couldn't find him! This was all a bit unsettling. A good rubbadub with a towel helped me feel a bit better but I couldn't settle. Where was my Puppa?

Well, after a short rest and my dinner while Mummy and Daddy had a handle-bowl of that hot brown waterstuff, we set off out again for YET ANOTHER workywalkies, and another bus ride, and another workywalkies - into the huge humanvet place. We made a quick stop in the human spending room where Mummy tried to dry me off with little flappy squares from the box on the wall. Then we set off workywalkiesing again through the long corridors, then a 'find the door right, Oaks' brought us to a big room with lots of beds in it. In one of those beds I found my Puppa! That made my tail wag a bit and I got to give his front paw a nuzzle and a kiss. He didn't smell right though, and he had all sorts of long tails attached to all sorts of bits of him. I just laid down while Mummy and Daddy did a bit of yacketying with him.

I got some nice fusses from the ladyhumans in blue fursubstitutes on the way out. That was good. I think I made their mouths go up at the corners!

Then came the final workywalkies, bus ride and workywalkies back again. Part way back on the final bit, Daddy left us, so I had to look after Mummy in the dark and wet to get her back to Puppa's home. I did it! We made it! I got another lovely rubbadub with a towel, then Daddy arrived with a super yummy-smelling bag. I did hope for maybe just one of those little yellow sticks.... or a morsel of that flaky white yumminess in crunchyness...... Nope! They munched it all! Huff! All I got was a beefychewstick! Well..... OK..... that was a welcome treat! Thanks Mummy!

Now, if you will excuse me, I think my eyelids are demanding internal inspection......

Friday, 21 September 2018


A quiet and largely snoozy day today. I took Mummy for a workywalkies this morning but it was over in no time. We went into town. There was nothing there. We came back! Good timing - as soon as we got back aboard floatyboatyhome the windows got all sploshed! BIG bad leakyskies!

I got to take Daddy for a nice long leisurewalkies later though. All is good.

In between times, though, I had to do quite a few posings! I had to get my kit on and do a 'sit' beside floatyboatyhome while Daddy did a whole load of one-eyed-clickyboxing at me. Mummy says it is because I am going to be a mug! Apparently a mug is a human waterbowl with a handle - one of those that they have their hot brown water in. Bleugh! I'm not sure I want to be a mug with that inside me!
Two of the photos of me sitting beside floatyboatyhome in full uniform.
Me at the pointy end.

Me at the blunt end.
Mum says that neither of these is the actual one that will go on my mug, but they are just examples.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Slidded off!

'Let's go walkies' said Mum.

'Yippee!' thought I.

Hmmmmmm....... I think we might have got less soggy if we had swum all the way! The towpath was rather like the canal anyway - a loooooooong puddle - all the way! Nearly 5 miles of puddle!

I was a good and dutiful boy though. I guided Mummy well and she was impressed! Because the sky leaked big and bad and nasty all over us all the way, Mummy had her lid on her head - the one that is attached to her crackly fursubstitute. She hates wearing that because she can't hear much from inside it, so I have to step up and look after her extra special much. I did it! Even though the drips were pouring off the end of my nose.

When we arrived and went inside the church building (one that we have been to before - with humanpal Helen there), Mummy took off her pawcovers and poured water out of them! Then she left a trail of pawprints all over the floor. I had to do a bigshake outside the door and then Mummy attacked me with a rubbadub! Heehee! I do like a good rubbadub!

I then got a little bit excited when I got let off-lead and got to give my super enthusiastic greetings to humanbestpals Lindsay and Tim. Mummy said I was making a bit of a twerp of myself. I was just happy to greet my buddies! Heehee!

It seems that the reason for the long soggy walkies was for a whole load of other humans to join us for oooooooodles of yacketying. I just snoozed through it. To begin with, I was on the floor but that wasn't very comfy - it was a hard floor with no carpet. Then I noticed Uncle Tim looking at me..... his eyes were telling me that he needed a hug from me...... I simply had to oblige...... at first just a little hup to give him my loves..... then..... well.... one back paw strayed up onto his lap..... then the other one just followed..... I don't know how that happened....... next thing I knew, I was waking up all comfy next to him! Heehee! Ahem...... Guide Dogs aren't allowed on furniture..... well.... I didn't get on the furniture..... I got onto Tim's lap! It's not my fault I must've slidded off!

Photo shows me snuggled on a brown leather sofa with Uncle Tim and Aunty Lindsay beside me. Shhhhh.... don't tell anyone.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018


Mummyyyyyyyyyy........ please put that blimmin tippety-tappety-toy down and feed me..... pleeeeeeeeaase......

Waddyamean its not time yet?

Look into my eyes...... I am telling you I am starved...... look..... so starved I can't even hold up the weight of my own head. I have to rest it on the sofa...... If I move closer will you get the message better?

3 photo:
Me peering over Mummy's tippety-tappety-toy with my bestest 'I'm ravenous' stare.

Standing with my chin resting on the sofa beside Mum, still staring at her.

Chin resting on sofa - right next to laptop - just in intensify the message - still staring longingly.....

Monday, 17 September 2018

Hairy Hoover.

Huff!! Mummy is a meanie! She won't let me help.

We have moved around the corner now that all the flappywalls things and the gazillions of people have gone. (Well... almost... there are still a couple of flappywalls things there but manhumans are taking them apart). That means we are now moored exactly where we were a few months ago when all my Guide Dogs pals came to play. That means we are right beside where all the yummywagons were at the weekend. There is a delectable array of yummies allllllll over the grass. I tried so hard to do my bit in the clean-up effort but Mummy told me to 'Leave it' every time!

I got harnessed up and had to leave my duty abandoned to take Mummy to Lidl's instead! Even in there I had to 'Leave it' when I tried to clean the floor of a yummy pile of hissing-furball munchies that had spilled!

She calls me a hairy hoover but then won't let me perform the duties to go with the title!

Sunday, 16 September 2018

I am SOOOOO handsome - It's almost official!

Three 4ths! That's what I got at the dog show today.
4th most handsome boy - out of 16
4th most appealing eyes - out of 12
4th waggiest tail - out of 10

What is far more important is that it was great fun doing it as I got to sniff the butts of a lot of other pooches as we all walked around the grassy patch with the flapping triangles all around it. I had to work though; there was a big hole in the floor in one corner that I had to make sure Mummy didn't go tumbling down. I guided her carefully around it each and every time we walked around. Even more important was that the prizes were edible! Well... some were anyway - a bag of doggybiccies for each one, plus a little green harness decorator circle with a tail, and another thing that seems much more appealing to Mum & Dad than to me; a big bin, a flask and a tunnel-thing.

All that came after church in a flappywalls place with grass floor, and before a long stint on the Guide Dogs stand again - getting ooooooodles more loves and fusses and admirations.

I did try to look the part by going behind the table with all the goodies for sale on it but the lure of a biccie was stronger so I emerged from there. I did get to kanoodle a bit with Ailsa the black Labrador x Retriever re-tyred guide dog girlie, and very briefly with a diddy puppy black Labrador whose name I didn't catch. Actually, names don't matter to us dogs - all we need is a good sniff! We know who we are and what matters!

14 photos of today's happening:

1 of me snoozing on the grass by the flappywall during the humanhowling.
1 of me peering from behind the table of Guide Dogs merchandise
12 of me in the dog show, including one with my first winnings - the big bucket and the bag of yummies, and one of my three green harness decorator rosettes