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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Goodbye Uncle Terry.

Ooooh! I luuuuuuuuuvvvvveeee Debbi and Ryan's mahhhooooosive garden! And the giant round deep puddle they have in it was fun too!

Well.....Debbi and Mum stood with their paws in that lovely cool water in that round blue puddle thing. I just had to check they were OK...... I put my front paws on the side and it kind of squished down and got my back paws all wet! Mum called me a bumbling oaf for the way she said I lumbered myself in. I'm not sure how to take that! Well.... I suppose I don't really care.....it was great fun!

Debbi used a little net-on-a-stick to swish around in the water. It seems she was collecting all sorts of things that were floating about in the water. I thought that maybe she was finding toys for me - just like when Dad uses one of those net things to scoop up my wayward toys that 'fall' off the boat sometimes. I may have got just a smidgen carried away.......I may just have snatched the net off her and run off with it...... Oops! Heeeeheeee! (it was only very slightly redesigned when I gave it back!)

It has been a great day - a couple of workywalkieses, but mainly chilling out (well......sort of .....it was a bit toasty really!) in that big garden. There were some leaky eyes at the end as we left Uncle Terry and got into the car to come back to the boat. Apparently we won't see him again for a long time. He will be staying with Debbi and Ryan until Saturday, then will be going inside one of the huge noisy shiny bird-with-wings-that-don't-flap things like the ones that went over the top of us every few seconds in the garden, to go home to his Tie-Land. I shall miss him. He plays good tug games!

Nanny's Memory

As you may know, we are raising money to name another Guide Dog puppy. We are so nearly at our target now. Mum says this one is going to have to be named after Nanny. Guide Dog Nanny? Yeah, I like that!

If you would like to help us name a pup in Nanny's memory, then we would be very grateful. Could you add even just a few pounds to the Just Giving page? Please can you spread the word? I miss Nanny already.


Fund Raising for Guide Dogs in memory of Nanny
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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Home Again!!!

Yayy! Back in our floatyboatyhome! And I have a bed-mate for tonight! uncle Terry is sharing my sofa which seems to have grown into a full sized bed. I hope it stays this big!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Sore Paws....

Four paws better than two paws! Proven again!

I took Mum for an awesome long workywalkies this morning. It was fab! Just Mum and me walking just for the pleasure of walking. We covered seven miles in total. I could have quite happily carried on to do loads more but Mum's paws were hurting so we had to catch a bus. That is something I haven't guided Mum to do for quite some time. It was good to be strutting my stuff again - even though it did make my tongue drip with panting-juice! Pheeeeewwwww! It was hot! But it was good. Mum said she felt better for it too. Even though she complained that her paws were telling her off for it!

Then, this evening, I took Dad for another nice long leisure walkies.

All that combined with a juicy bone to devour has added up to rather a good day. Much happier than yesterday, although there is still a lot of sadness around too. I keep staring at Nanny's armchair. It doesn't look right without her in it!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Sad day today....

Sad day today. :(

It seems that the reason I was all groomed up and my harness cleaned up this morning was because of going to a room with lots of humans and lots of leaky eyes. It seems it was all to say farewell to Nanny.

There were lots of my favouritest humans there but it was clearly not an occasion for happy waggy tailed greetings. I simply did my job guiding Mum to her seat and then I laid down and kept a low profile while all the human yacking etc went on. At the end, I had to take Mum to a long wooden box with flowers on top. She added another flower, then everyone else added one too. I stood up on my hind legs to check them out. I gave the box a little nuzzle and then laid down on the floor again. There were clearly still a lot of leaky eyes and hugs to be done, so I just waited.

Afterwards, we all went to a pub where there was a bit of hoovering to do and ooooooooooodles of human yackety-yacking going on. I spent most ot the time just snoozing under the table. I did come out and do my waggiest possible bit to cheer people up. I think it helped a bit.

There was one yummy moment when Uncle Terry very kindly gave me a delicious little triangle of yumminess! Actually, I kind of get the impression that he didn't mean to give it to me...... He grassed me up to Mum...... he said he had only leant down to look at something and his sandwich disappeared from his paw! Ooops! Well, I swear he lowered it down there to offer it to me! It would have been so rude to decline such an offer wouldn't it?

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Dressing Room.....

Does my nose look big in this?
Took Mum workywalkies (with Dad and Uncle Terry too) in Worthing. Had to guide her into this teenytiny room with a flappy wall. Ended up somehow kind of draped!

Who's a pretty boy, then?

Friday, 19 August 2016

Still on the bone.......

Late dinner! Starvation! I don't know how I survived! Well......OK....I suppose the freerun was a reasonable reason for the delay...... I may have had a bit of fun playing with Alice the Collie x Labrador and with another little pocket rocket terrier.......
This was all after a big long workywalkies this morning in Worthing, finishing at Rosie's flat. When we arrived, we found Dad and Uncle Terry already there. I really am rather fond of Uncle Terry - especially when he keeps that little squawky microhumanniece quiet like he did this morning! I rather like the games of tug with him too! He is much stronger than Mum so I have to work harder to tug things off him.
Now ...... where is that bone? I must finish it off.........