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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Find the Co-Op!

7 locks - boring but yummy! 
Actually, I'm sure Mummy did windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff on about 20 locks - we kept on going up and down and back again as lots of other floatyboaties came through before Daddy arrived with ours. All of it involved a lot of 'find the beam' etc and a LOT LOT LOT of 'Down. Stay'. It was a bit boring because I only got away with sniffing the grass within the range of my head-movement, but Mummy was pleased with me for doing a good 'Stay' and the 'Good boy!' was accompanied with a yummy each time! I can live with that!

We are now in another long-ago-familiar place. Mummy says it is called Crick. We have moored in a slightly different place to last time, but I still worked out how to find 'Up-slope' to the road, then along the pawment, through the bit of track behind trees, then 'Find the Co-op'. Mummy was impressed! She says it was three years ago that we were last here. Heehee! I do like to impress!

We wandered across the canal (well....over the bridge really!) to the giganticenormous field. There we found loads and loads of white flappy-walls buildings being put together and a few floatyboatyhomes arrived while we were there too. They weren't floating on water though; they were on the back of huge growly lorries. Most odd!

This evening, I have had to bring Mummy and Daddy to a pub across the way from our mooring. Apparently this is the only place we can get interweb (whatever that is). Mummy says this means that I might not be able to dogblog very regularly for the next few days. I will do my bestest but can't promise.

Two photos
1 showing me in a 'Good Boy Down Stay' beside a lock
the other is of me sitting at the spot where I got my first boater's baptism 4 years ago. Mummy says the bridge behind me in this photo is the M1 at Watford Gap. I have learned so much since then! Lesson one was not to try to jump aboard when the boat is moving!

Monday, 21 May 2018

Swallowed in a Tube!

I am not alone! I met another floatyboaty Guide Dog! Well, a retired girlie actually, but she has been a floatyboatyguidedog! Her name was Inez and she is a black beauty like me! Her humanmummy is a blinkie like my humanmummy and she was also carrying one of those strange bent bonethings in her front paw - the ones the humans use to do the windy-uppy-windy-downy stuff at the locks. We met at a lock and got to have a bit of a sniffygreet while our Mummies did some yacketying.

Inez doesn't live permanently on her floatyboatyhome like I do, but she does spend quite a lot of the warm days on it, then goes home to a house on the cold days time.

The rest of the day has been all about cruising and snoozing. There was one scary bit when floatyboatyhome got swallowed up into a big long dark tube. That didn't last too long though and I stayed inside with Mummy so it wasn't too bad.

2 photos:
Me meeting with Inez at the lock.

Me waiting by a white fence while Mummy was doing all her windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Sniffer Dog Oakley at Your Service!

I LIKE today! I've only workywalkiesded a tiny bit and that was this evening when it was a bit cooler and we went to a church (we normally do that in the morning but today was different).

The rest of the day has been taken up with TWO freeruns. This included TWO dips in the same lovely stream. Perfect cooling - and good bigshake splattering too! Heehee! The first freerun was through a big huge enormous field with a track for humans to plod along, I found myself a great toy! It was a wonderful stick! Mummy says it was half a tree and I am not supposed to play with sticks, so she wouldn't throw it for me. She says that would be dangerous and really not a good idea. I did my best to drag it along but it was a bit too big. I nearly succeeded in a good hefty thwack on her back legs but she heard it coming and managed to dodge out of the way! Humph!

After that, we went to the human yummyery opposite our mooring. There, we found Debbi and Ryan! Yayyyyy! The only minor disappointment was that I wasn't allowed to give Ryan my usual enthusiastic greeting. Apparently having a soggy belly makes for unwelcome cuddles! Oh well.... It was nice to snooze on the grass under the table while the humans did loads and loads of yacketying and noshing. The nice ladyworkyhuman there brought me a lovely big bowl of water and she had doggy biccies to offer too! She asked Mummy's permission to feed me and I had to sit like a good boy first but I got a lovely big crunchy biccie!

After that, it seemed that Mummy, Daddy, Debbi and Ryan needed to go walkies to 'work their meals down'. Well..... I couldn't complain about that opportunity could I? Another freerun through that same field! Yayy!

In the old pointy church this evening, I got to be a sniffer dog! There was a really interesting smell. The humans all thought it was disgusting. I would have simply loved to have been able to get to it for a good roll, but I couldn't! Apparently some little squeaky furry thing has started to rot under the floorboards somewhere and they can't find where. Mummy asked me 'where is it, Oaks? Show me. Find it'. Well, I had a good sniff around. There was one particular spot that I really wanted to get to. That delectable eau-du-dead-beastie was really enticing. Mummy led me to a slightly different place and said 'Is it here?' 'Find it'. I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed but my nose led me right back to 'that' spot again. It was great fun doing that and apparently it meant I was a really good and clever boy for helping them to know which floorboards they might need to lift up. I do like to be helpful!

2 photos:
One of me with my little twig I found to play with on my freerun.

Me workywalkiesing Mummy along the towpath on the way home after church this evening.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Daddy Barkday!


A lazy start to the day - just a cruisin and a snoozin on the back deck. No locks. No team towpath. We moored up after just a short while and then went workywalkies. A little way along the towpath and over a bridge, then up a steep slope narrow twitten. I recognised where we were going! We've been here before. Mummy says it is called Braunston. It is where floatyboatyhome came from.

When we got to the top of the twitten and onto the road, Mummy and Daddy were unsure which way to go. They couldn't remember. Mummy said 'OK, let's see if you remember, Oaks. Find the butcher'. Of course I remembered! Straight up the road and turn right. After a short while the pawment gets too narrow, so we have to cross over, then back again a little further on - and straight to the door of that mouth-watering array of yummies behind windows! I think Mummy was a tad impressed! She even asked for some marrowbones for me but they didn't have any! Harrumph!

Next came the challenge; 'OK then smartypants, find the Co-Op'. Well that was no challenge at all. It was just across the road! Easy Peasy!

A trip around the shop to get some other human noshies, and we were outside again. 'Find home, Oakie'. I was not impressed with that idea! We had only been out a short while! I registered my disappointment with a firm deployment of severe ploddypaws mode! It worked! Daddy got out his talkybone and apparently it told him a different route. That was much better! We turned around and headed off down another road, then through another twitten, then across a field. I didn't get to freerun. Mummy said she needed me. I didn't mind. It was good to be exploring.

When we did get back home, Mummy opened the big white chillycupboard and I got a chillylickycrunch treat! Mummy said she had hoped it would keep me occupied for a good hour or so. Well that was a daft hope wasn't it! How could I leave all those yummy bits trapped inside that cold crunchy stuff? They all needed urgent rescue!

'MuckyPup' was then my new name. It would seem that I wasn't supposed to leave chunks of that cold crunchy stuff all over the floor! But.... but.... but.... I was saving that for later! I could have had it after I took Daddy for another walkies to the shop with all the floatyboatyhome medicines and toys in it.

When we got back from there, Daddy disappeared into the big den of the growling monster that lives under the back deck. When he came out he had big splodges of me-colour all over him. Apparently that was his task for the day - and today is his waggy barkday too! It seems he is very very old today!

Photo shows me licking at my 'ice lolly' - a green tray with chunks of carrot, peas and doggy treats frozen into water.

Friday, 18 May 2018


'Find the beam', 'Find the bollard', 'Down. Stay', 'Up stand', 'Find the beam', 'Wait'.......'On we go. Next lock'......'Find the beam........Thirteen times! Oh, and some nice workywalkies along about 4 miles of towpath too!

This evening, I took Daddy for a leisurely stroll so Mummy could do her whiskerstick-floor-stroking thing and, when we came back, my bed had gone into hiding! It is now under the table. Mummy seems to think that me having three choices of sleeping places is a bit excessive, (Hufffff!) so she has put two into one. I'm not too sure what to think about this... I am currently registering my protest by sprawling across as much floor as I can manage to take up. I shall contemplate my thoughts here for as long as I can possibly manage to stay in the way!

Photo shows a sideview of me sitting waiting atop one of the locks, watching the world go by.....I'm sure there was a skitterjitter up that tree......

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Otter Poo!

Team Towpath with a vengeance today! Four miles of challenging towpath and ten mahooosive locks!

The towpath started off nice and easy, but then got narrower and all nose-tickling overgrown. Some of the grass and other ticklytwigs were taller than me! Some of them made my nose explode too! One of those explosions was so big I bumped my nose on the ground in the process! Humph!

I had to strut my stuff looking after Mummy. At one point I had to stop her and give her a nuzzle on the back leg to warn her about the sticky-uppy tree-toes across our path. She was super impressed with me for that and told me what a clever boy I am. I thought that deserved a quick snack to celebrate and there just happened to be a suitable snack right by us. Mummy seemed a little unimpressed with my choice of self-congratulations. She said otter poo is not nice! Well, I think it would have been delicious had I been allowed to sample it! Harrrumph! Humans are so very discerning!

Photo of me guiding Mummy along the better bit of towpath to follow. Poor internet connection is stopping the upload!

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


'Stay on the boat' was the command from Mummy, who was with me on the back deck, as Daddy was tying its leads to the ring things. 
Well I DID stay. 
I didn't jump off the back deck. 
She didn't say anything about the front deck! 
There was a tree there that sooooo needed a good watering....... 
Errrr.... I somehow don't think my initiative was quite appreciated..... Harrumph! 
Well... at least I got a moment's sniffing in before I got hoicked back aboard floatyboatyhome.