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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Heavy Eyes....

Hmmm! It's a good job I burned off all my energy yesterday. Today has been largely spent in the car and lying around.

We set off this morning on the big fast zoomway to Bournemouth. I got a very quick chance to stretch my legs and empty my tanks in the park by the golfcourse before we went into the seniorhumansvetkennel place to visit Granny. She was in bed and I was worried about her. I squeaked until Mum let me hup my front paws onto the bedside to check her out. I gave her front paw a big kiss and then a nuzzle on her front leg kind of reassured me a bit and it made the corners of her mouth go up a tiny bit. Then I laid down for a snooze while Granny did a whole load of mumblygrumbling. Mum and Dad were leaning in close to her trying to hear and understand her yacketying but I don't think they succeeded with much of it.

After a while, Granny's eyelids got heavy and so we left her to snooze and I took Mum and Dad on a nice long workywalkies to find a human yummyery for them. Then, of course, I had to do more lying down under the table. Apparently I did a good job of staying nicely under the table - at the end, when Dad was doing his thing with that funny little plastic rectangle and the button-box that he feeds it into, the man who brought the buttonbox jumped when I nudged his knee! He didn't know I was there! I didn't mean to scare him. I was only having a stretch to get ready for Mum to harness me up again! It got me a nice eartickle though. Heehee!

We went back again to visit Granny again and so, more lying down for me. I was quite happy with that after the long workywalkies back.

After a while, Granny's eyes got heavy again, so it was time for us to leave. That gave me the opportunity to persuade Mum that I really needed a bit of a run around in the park again! Well.....I did need a download! I got to have a bit of a sniff around to catch up on all the latest weemails, and had a brief play with a chocolate lab called Max.

We then went to Granny's flat, where I got my dinner while Mum and Dad sorted out a few of the things that were lying on the floor inside the door when we arrived. Then it was back into the car for the ride back to Papa's again.

Dad dropped Mum and me off at the huge Tesco's though, so I had to guide Mum around in there before workywalkiesing her in the dark back across the megazoomybusy road at the crossing, then along the pavements to Papa's home. Now I have just completed the task of warming up Papa's bed for him (he told me to - I wasn't being naughty!). Now, having been evicted from there because Papa wants it all to himself now, so it is time to warm Mum's bed up! It's a tough life!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Most Fantabulous Day!

The bestest day! Today has been the bestestestestest day for aaaaaaaggggeeeesssss! I am one very happy boy!

I took Dad for a nice longish walkies this morning while Mum was helping Papa to sort out all of Nanny's fursubstitutes. Then, when we got back we almost immediately got into the car and went for a longish drive. I recognised where we were, but was a bit disappointed when we stopped and got out of the car too soon. We did a little bit of waiting around outside a human yummyery. This was rather boring so I just laid down on the ground and watched the cars go by. Then a car went by containing humans I recognised. This made me sit up and squeak a bit! I was sooooooo excited to see my PuppyMummy and PuppyDaddy!

They parked their car in front of ours then got out and I may have gone just a tad berserk - I couldn't wait to greet not only them but also Guide Dog Puppy Raymond too. Raymond is now as big as me, but he needs to do some more eating - he is a lot narrower than me!

We had to endure a time in the human yummyery while the humans all did some yacketyyacking and noshing. Raymond and I were supposed to be behaving but it was soooooo hard to do that when we had so much fun pent up inside us. I did do my bestest to set the example of the mature and sensible (ahem!) qualified Guide Dog. I did achieve it some of the time! Raymond was a bit noisy though. He has some learning to do about how to misbehave quietly so that the humans don't notice!

Then came the fantabulousest time: we completed the journey to the bestestest place in the world: West Wittering Beach! Yayhayhayhay! Ooooooh! Boy! Did we have some fun running and chasing and chewing and rolling and splashing on that most wonderfullest long walk all the way around the whole sandy loop!

I did have to endure the horrors of the squirtysnake and froth attack in Papa's garden when we got back, but I think it was worth it! A while of a good bone-gnawing and I am now super-shattered! Now.....Mum's not looking and the bed is very appealling.......zzzzzzzzz

Five photos of me and Raymond (both black labradors) enjoying a fantastic freerun together on sandy beach and in the shallows of the sea. Then the last picture is a portrait of Raymond.

Me (right) and Raymond chasing and chewing!

Raymond and Me (right again) coming out of the sea.

Me on the left this time with Raymond splashing in the sea!

I'm back on the right, running with Raymond.


Guide Dog Puppy Raymond.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Squeaky Wriggly Humanpuppy....

Cor! Carpet for face massage. Garden for freedom to wee without a lead! Yayyhayyy! We are at Papa's!

When we arrived, Rosie was here too, along with little microhuman neice Hallie. I got brave..... I got close enough for a sniff. She smells OK but that was enough risk for now......I'm not sure what else to do with such a squeaky wriggly little humanpuppy. She seems to make human mouths go up at the corners though.

Bang, Crash, Wallop!

Bang. Bang, bangbangbang. I nearly jumped out of my fur! And Mum let out a kind of squeakpip and jerked off the ground too.

We had been enjoying a lovely long workywalkies around Newbury. It was going great. Mum was saying lots of 'Good boy' and 'Good working'. We were heading along the pavement next to a busy main road and, all of a sudden a car vroomed past and went bang bang bangbangbang. It was scary. The humans in it were laughing lots and yelling out "Yeaheeey! Jump blind dog. Jump!" Then, the car did a sudden screechy turnaround that made other cars bark loudly at it, then it came back and did it again but on the other side. Then from behind us again. These times, we didn't jump so much, but I was still a bit scared. The next moment, there was a loud crunch and some naughty shouty words from the humans inside the bangbangcar. Mum was holding her paw over her mouth and making strange snorting noises, then this developed into laughing. She asked me to go 'forward' to the car that was sort of joined to the blue and yellow car in front of it. Then blue flashers started on the lid of the blue and yellow car and two men got out of it and put flat hats on. They were both wearing black padded fursubstitutes with all sorts of danglings on them.

One of them asked Mum if she would mind waiting just a moment, then they got the humanboys out of the bangbangcar. They put shiny tugtoy things around their front paws and then put one of them inside the blue and yellow car. The other one stayed with one of the black padded men. The other black padded man came to yacketyyack with Mum. He asked Mum's permission, then gave me a lovely ear-rub. I like him! He did some squiggles with a markystick in a little markybook, then said we could go, but he might talkybone Mum later if he needed to.

We finished our walk to that blimmin Dullelm place but, it seems they didn't have what Mum wanted so we escaped quickly and finished our walk home via the nice quiet towpath route.

The rest of the day has been mainly snoozy for me while Mum and Dad did ooooooooodles of yacketyyacking with a nice manvisitor called Graham. This snoozing was partly under the table in our floatyboatyhome, and partly in a human yummyery. This, of course, brought an extra and welcome workywalkies there and back.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Lots of workywalkies....

Two days to catch up on.

Yesterday - Bags packed. Car packed. Back home to floatyboatyhome. Car unpacked. Bags unpacked. Workywalkies to Lidl's where I found my favourite checkout - the one with Jerry doing the bleep-bleeps! Fusses and happy greetings. Workywalkies back to floatyboatyhome. A brief play with Bella the Staffie from another floatyboatyhome in the boat-kennel. Then.......a car arrived......my tail wagged me off my paws! It was Debbi and Ryan! Yipppeeeeee! That meant more workywalkies to a human yummyery and back. Then they left again.....boooooo! Nice sofa snuggles with Mummy in the evening.

Today - Daddy abandoned us! He left early taking his big black box that has his long-necked-noisebox with four thick whiskers along it. Mum and I left a bit later to workywalkies to church. It was a good walkies. Mum was pleased with me (only pleased enough for one tiny bit of edible proof though! Huff! I'm sure I worked gooder than that!) and I found Daddy again, so it was all ok! I had to look after Mum through all the human howling bit of the service, because Dad was up front tickling the thick whiskers on his long-necked noisebox.

After that, we went back to floatyboatyhome, then off for a long car ride, followed by some nice workywalkies along an old-familiar canal. We went to a tiny and very old building at a place Mum says is called Stoke Bruerne, where we met a nice humanman called Martin. Apparently, if we had gone yesterday, we would have met Martha, Martin's ladyhuman's Canine Partner. Huff! Miffed I missed her! Mum says we will go another time to meet up! I hope so. I did meet a few doggypals along the way but wasn't allowed to play coz I was working. It was nice to sniffgreet though!

Now we are back in our floatyboatyhome and I have just noticed that the bed is made and vacant. So.....scuse me....I have a warming service to provide!

Mum and me with Martin Farrant at Ark Stained Glass Commissions Restorations Lamps and smaller items at Stoke Bruerne Old Stables.

Saturday, 24 September 2016


Oh my goodness! These humans never seem to run out of Yacketyyack! Two rooms full of it today!

We went to a big building where we had to pose in front of a big green blob thing. Then we went into one of those little rumbling rooms where the outside changes when the doors open. Next we went into a room full of people and tables full of yummies! Oooh! It did smell good but I didn't get a crumb! Huff! Once the door was closed, Mum removed my bra and my lead, and I got to go hoovering and greeting all around the room! There were lots of fusses to be got!

After these initial greetings, Dad stuck a tail onto his clicketyfingerstoy, pictures of our floatyboatyhome and of me appeared on two big black windows on the wall and Mum went into yackety-yack mode. I settled down for a snooze!

After a load of Mum's yacking, lots of the other people joined in too; asking questions that just made Mum do yet more yacketying! Then, when that was all finished, it was back into my bra again and off we set following another nice man, into the scene-changer-rumblebox, then outside and through a tunnel into another building......and then a repeat of the same whole yacketying thing with a different set of people. So, it was another snooze for me!

At the end of each of the two sessions, the nice people put shinydisks and floppy rectangles into a little model of a yellow me. Apparently this will all be counted and added to my fundraising total. This is to help train another furry lifechanger Guide Dog Puppy. So that means all the snoozing and fusses were very worthwhile today!

We also went to visit Granny again today and she was up and in her wheelieseat in a dining room. She sounded a bit blurred when she was yacking but it was better than yesterday when she was in bed and very fuzzy!

After that came a very very welcome freerun on the golf course. I found a few friends to play with, including a mega fun pal called Beagie the Beagle. This gave me chance to demonstrate the much simpler means of communication: sniff, pee and play chase! Dogs are so superior!

Photo of Mum and me standing in front of the big green heart shaped blob at LV office building.

Friday, 23 September 2016

All in a Day's work!

Mum went way up high! I got a bit worried and nearly got flattened when she came back down. Oops!

It was in a big indoor shoppyplace in a town Dad says is called Poole. I had workywalkied all through the town and, of course, when Mum asked me to 'Find Boots', I found it straightaway! I then had to 'find the stairs' and take Mum 'upsteps'. We then had to do a bit of waiting before going into a little room with a nice lady. It seems this lady was very interested in Mum's back paws. She got Mum to sit in a big black chair with her back legs up on stickyout bits on the front, then she pressed a button and Mum went up and up and up. She stopped going up when her back paws were sticking out towards the lady's face when she was sitting in a normal chair. Nice lady then poked and prodded lots at Mum's paws and some of the pokes and prods made Mum's face go all squiffy! I know that squiffy look means Mum is ouchy! That's why I got a bit worried. So, as Mum started to come back down again, I wanted to get to her to check she was OK. It seems that I couldn't get ot her from under the chair as it was coming down! I had to 'back back' and wait a moment but, as soon as they were within reach I went to Mum's hind paws and gave them lots of kisses to make sure they were OK.

I think I heard stuff about going back again sometime soon. Mum seemed pleased with all the yachety-yacking that went on in there anyway.

We also went to visit Granny today - twice! The first time, she was lying in bed doing lots of zzzzzing. Her nose was making some peculiar growling noises! We stayed for a little while and Dad tried to wake her up, but she was too well zonked so we left and went across the road. THAT was an excellent manoeuvre! It gave me a lovely chance to catch up on lots of weemails and to play with a few passing poochpals on that golfcourse place. There were a few humans doing that strange thing they do with long sticks. I really wanted to help them find their little white bobbly balls that they so carelessly thwacked a long way away, but spoilsport Mum wouldn't let me! She put my lead on me and told me to 'leave'. Humph!

After the trip into Poole, we went back again to visit Granny. This time, she was still in bed but was just about awake. Mum lifted Granny's front paw over the edge of the bed so I could give it a kiss to tell Granny I love her. She liked that!

So, all in all, it seems to have been a day all about paws and kisses! oh, and, of course, most importantly, a freerun! I think that means it counts as a good day's work!