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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Weird Things

Forever on the bus! And for what? For a forever time lying under the table in a human yummyery. Then even forevererer on the bus back! Huh? What was the point of all that?
Humans! Honestly! Weird things!

Ok... Ok... Yes I did enjoy the free run along the tow path to the bus stop. And I suppose the tiny morsel of steak that Mummy dropped was tasty. (Shhhhh.... Don't tell.....) And it was nice to meet humanpals John and Jane.... but ..... there are loads of other much more exciting ways to spend a day!...... freeruns..... workywalkies..... snoozing..... oh! Wait! I did those today...

Monday, 19 November 2018


Back to work today! Yayy!

It was a snoozy morning after a good night's zzzzes for all of us. I think I rather like my new highbed arrangement!

Mummy's talkybone dingalinged and it seems that Vetlady Cat was inside it. Apparently she had checked out the redjuice that she stole from my neck and it is all OK. This means that my seas year wasn't caused by anything to do with my liver or kid knees (surely my knees are as old as I am???). Apparently this is good news but it doesn't explain why it happened. Mummy did lots of yacketying all about me - not only to Catvet, but also, afterwards, to a Guide Dogs manhuman too. She told them all about my darktime happenings of late, as well as about what we've been doing in the lighttimes. Apparently we are OK to go back to workywalkiesing, but perhaps on a gentle restart programme. The hope is that I never have another seas year. I hope to too. It wasn't nice!

So, after all that yacketying, Mummy and I left Daddy to get on with building a wagsite for someone. We went on a workywalkies to the Posty Office to dispatch some more calendars. Then we went on to Lidl's for a few bits for humandins. When we came out of there, it was dark. Mummy really struggles to navigate in the dark, especially when the cars' bright eyes hurt her eyes and dazzle out all hope of seeing anything. So, I had to step up and rescue her.
'Find the way home Oaks' she said.

'OK Mum, but I just need to sniff this corner first ..... and I really need to water this bush.....'.

'Oakie, come on. I need you. Find the way home'.

'Oh yeah... errr.... sorry.... ahem'.

It seems that she got all disorientaterated. She started hesitating. This was my chance to shine. I gave her a good tug forward. 'OK. Come on then Oaks. Show me what you're made of. Over to you.'

Up the road, over the crossing, left up the hill...... then a turn right. I don't think Mum was expecting that. She hesitated again. I gave her another firm tug forward. 'OK. I trust you. Find the way.'

Further up the road, off kerb to get around a big bush blocking the pawment. Then a sharp turn right and downslope. 'Are you sure Oaks?' Another tug forward and she felt the little sticky-up ridges on the ground, so she realised I was taking her down to the towpath, then left and back to home.

Of course I was sure! Superdog is back in action!

We still have some calendars, mugs, coasters and keyrings left and I like taking Mummy to the Posty Office so please get your orders in.
Calendar Front Cover.

Calendar Back Cover, showing all the photographs.




Sunday, 18 November 2018

Semi Re-Tyred?

Not sure if I've been promoted or evicted!

Daddy built me a new bed and it is right beside Mummy in bed. With my posh comfy squishy bed on top, I am higher up that Mummy. I think I rather like the arrangement. I did try a couple of times in the night to snuggle onto the bed with Mummy and Daddy but, after the second attempt, I think I got the message that it wasn't the plan. I snuggled back down on my own new high bed.

This morning, Mummy and Daddy seemed rather pleased that I had stayed there all night and slept well.

I am still off duty it seems. I even went to church in my offduty harness and flexilead, with Daddy looking after Mummy. It was great to get back to meet and greet so many humanpals that truly love me there. Pawstor Helen came running to greet us when we arrived! I do rather like this Tipton Christian Church place! It seems I am welcome regardless of whether or not I am actually in workywalkies mode! Another good reason to be fond of TCC is that it comes with a freerun on the way home! Heehee!

After human lunch back aboard floatyboatyhome, we went out again for another rather lovely freerun! I got to take Daddy to the big park I discovered the day before yesterday with Mummy. It started to get dark on the way back so Daddy had to work hard to look after Mummy for me. Sorry Dad!

Now, it is all nice and cosy warm with the hotbox glowing and, for some reason, Mummy's back leg seems to be dragging my head down onto it.....

2 photos:
Me asleep on my new highbed next to Mummy's bed.

In the park; me jumping up to catch the tiny yummy that Mummy made me work for.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Re-Tyre-Ring Thing.

Is this a bit of a taste of this re-tyre-ring thing? Not the being poorly bit of course. The day off bit! All I've had to do today is take Mummy for a freerun (to give her some rolly-twitstick practice of course!) and then to snooze away the afternoon, before taking Daddy for a leisurely wander this evening. I think I might be able to get used to it..... with some practice!

I couldn't sleep on my own last night. I had to go keep Mummy and Daddy company. As soon as the glowspots stopped glowing, I was scared and lonely. Mummy and Daddy's bed was the only place to be. I did my bestest to settle in as little as I could make myself at the bottom of the bed, but it was really difficult to settle any which way. Mummy says that, at one point in the darktime, I scared her. She thought I was going to have another seas year, but I didn't. She says I just sat upright all stiff and rigid, panting and trembling for a few moments. Then I curled up again and went to sleep. I don't think I remember any of that. I am glad I didn't fulfil Mummy's worries though.

On the freerun (which was along the now very familiar long straight towpath of the canal opposite the floatyboatyprison where we are moored), I stayed close to Mummy but I did enjoy the freedom to sniff and catch up on all the local weemail gossip. I found a few crackly bottles and had a bit of a hoon with them. That made Mummy's mouth turn up at the corners. I like it when it does that! I also led Mummy to a new discovery: down a steep slope at the side of the towpath, I found a huge park! Heehee! A great discovery! Mummy was brave enough to follow me down there, albeit very very slowly and cautiously! I then got to sniff around and found a couple of passing pooch pals to meet & greet. There were lots of funny white frames around on the park. I took a moment to sit and ponder in the middle of one of them. Mummy says that if I stayed there long enough I might get signed up for England. That would mean I would get to catch balls! I like the sound of that idea. I'm good at catching balls - and at popping them! Mummy says that popping balls isn't allowed in football. Well... I shall rename it pawball and change the rules - popping is part of the game! Sign me up!

2 photos:
Me sitting in goal.

Me running toward Mummy on the grass.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Cat the Vet!

Ugh! That was not nice!

I think I woke Mummy and Daddy up with a bit of an unwelcome start. I wasn't too keen on it either!

First my tummy turned inside out and made a mess on the floor. Then I felt really peculiar and ran to get to Mummy to tell her but I didn't make it onto the bed. I seemed to kind of crash on the floor. I don't remember anymuch else until I was trying to stand up but my legs didn't belong to me.

Mummy says I had a big seas year or something. I don't remember any sploshy beach water though.

I did manage to gather my legs back to me and slowly found myself in the right order again. Daddy took me outside for a very welcome wander around in the fresh air. That helped me to feel better.

When I went back inside again, Mummy had been stroking the floor and I had a sniff around. It all smelled of my wee and poo. I was so ashamed! I hung my head and my tail and didn't know what to do with myself. Mummy just gave me big hugs and kisses and said over and over 'It's OK baby boy. It wasn't your fault. It's OK....' I still felt bad about it. Then Mummy got a wet frothy cloth and gave my fur a rubbadub. I felt better then without the smell and wet of my mess all over me.

We all went to bed for huggles and snoozles. Well... I was very snoozy... I couldn't help it.... my head just wouldn't stay upright. Mummy seemed to be doing a lot of talkyboning.

Next thing I knew we were off out. A bit of a walkies (just on lead. Daddy did my job) to the bus stop, then two bus rides got us to the vet. The nice vetlady called Cat (thankfully she was nice and didn't hiss at me or spike my nose like the cats I used to try to chase!) made a big fuss of me. That was lovely but then she attacked me with one of those shiny things with tubes to her ears. Then she did all sorts of strange things to me - she shined a bright light in my eyes, she tapped my nose and muzzle, she tugged at my legs, lifted up various bits of me and made me move all weirdly and she poked her pawpointers in all sorts of personal places! Then she conned me! I thought we were leaving the room to go on some kind of adventure so I went with her all tail-waggy. She took me into another room where I was held down by other ladyhumans, then Catvet attacked my neck with a buzzybone that took off a square of my fur! Then she stabbed me! She stole some of my redjuice! Hooooooooowwwwwwwllllllll!!!!

I survived! Just! Then, FINALLY, I got my breakfast! It was lunchtime! Huhhhhh! Brunch in the vet waiting room! I think that is a first! But OH BOY! did I need that! I disappeared it in seconds!

After that, we went for a little wander and found a human yummyery for Mummy and Daddy. Mummy really loved me today - she shared a little bit of her yummy. Nom nom nom!

The next bit was nice: we wandered a little further and found the Guide Dogs Bumingham Team home. We went in so Mummy and Daddy could meet some of the workyhumans there. That meant I got to say hello to all the puppydogs in training in there! Playing is not allowed in Guide Dogs School, but it was great to meet and greet. I was allowed to have a relaxed wander around while the humans did some yacketying. I found a delicious bit of washing up to do! A tin of something called Chappie. It was a pleasure to perform that little task for the ladyhumans. I left it spotless for them!

The bus journey home was a little squishy but we made it OK. It was nice to be back to do some zzzzs on my bed again. Aunty Lindsay came for some doggy snoggies. That was nice!

Mummy and Daddy seem to be keeping a very close watch on me and they keep giving me lots of loves and hugs. Apparently they have to watch me carefully and hope and pray that I don't do it all again. I hope I don't. That wasn't nice!

2 photos of Cat the vet doing her scary things to me. In one, she is prodding me with her ear-tubes shiny blob thing, in the other, she is tugging at my front paw.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Squished in the Door

Wow! I'm all fusseded out! It is hard work being admired!

It all started with a game of ball with Mummy, then a grooming session. Then we set out workywalkies along the towpath, then to the trainbus-bustrain station. It was quite a long ride on that, then another workywalkies, some in parts of Bumingham that we've not been before, and some in more familiar streets. We went to a place Mummy says is called the office of Beeline. There I got to have a bit of a play with a pooch buddy - the office boss! There were some really nice workyhumans there too. They have made my coasters and keyrings and we were there to collect them. These are now on sale in my 'shop', along with my calendars and mugs. We hope you like them and they will be raising lots more shinydisks to sponsor another puppy to be trained to be a Guide Dog

So, after that very pleasant and important stop off, we set off again on another workywalkies to 'Find the bus stop'. The bus was super crowded but we managed to squish in and it took us to more workywalkies in more new territory. We had to go find a big building, which is apparently part of the You-Knee-Ver-City. We were there to meet up and kanoodle with three colleague Guide Dogs! Yes.... I'm sure that was the intended purpose! Waddyamean Mum, we were supposed to be ambassadors there to be fussed and admired by all the humans? Well..... OK.... yeah.... we did a lot of that too! There was Quita the fox-red Lab, Vince the German Shepherd, and Nixi the almost white yellow Lab, plus, of course, yours truly! We all ended up dozing off from all the fusses, ear-rubs, bellytickles and head-massages from all the human visitors. It was rather a pleasant relaxing time really!

The return journey was even more squishy on the bus, but being in such close contact with other humans means my ears get yet more strokes and loves! Heehee! When we went to get onto the trainbus-bustrain, I got squished in the door with Mummy as it closed on us! It was a bit scary, but a manhuman came to our rescue and pushed it open again, so we could get on. The walkywalkies back along the towpath was a welcome end to the journey, even though I did have to work hard looking after Mummy. It was dark, so she had to put her trust totally and utterly in me. I knew that! I did it! I got her home safely!

1&2 Meeting and greeting the Beeline office boss Spaniel.
3&4 At the You-Knee-Ver-City meet n greet - me with Quita and Nixi.
5 My new coasters and keyrings.
6,7&8 More of the meet n greet.
7 Shows Vince the GSD in the background.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018


It's always exciting when a visitor arrives and this morning's visitor was just that. Daddy went to open the big cage door that lets cars into where floatyboatyhome is moored. In came a car. Out hopped a me - to meet and greet. I recognised the ladyhuman and gave her my bestest greeting. It was Pauline, the Guide Dogs ladyhuman who came a while ago to teach Mummy how to use her rolly twitstick. This time though, she came to do ooooooooodles of yackety-yacking with Mummy.
I kept out of the way but I was listening. I'm not sure what to make of it all. I rather suspect this was all about finding Mummy a replacement me. All about my re-tyrement. All about Mummy being guided on workywalkies by another Guide Dog. All about no more workywalkies for me........ I think this will mean that I will get more snoozetime, more freeruntime, more leisure walkies...... well.... maybe that might be OK....... hmmmmmm......

Mummy says this was only the beginning of the process. Just the start of her assessments. She say it could take many many months to find another Guide Dog to be as awesome as me. She says I might well be white under the chin by then and really ready to put up my paws..... I'm still not sure what to make of it all.

After Pauline left, I got to take Mummy on a nice workywalkies - a walkies just for the pleasure of a walkies! I made sure I did a good job. I'm not sure I want to be re-tyred or replaced......

In other news though - my new bed is superduper comfy and I started the night all snuggled on it, but outside got all huffetyfuffety and I got a bit scared. When a boy is scared = there is only one place he needs to be - on Mummy and Daddy's bed! Mummy and Daddy didn't seem to impressed with that need though. I got 'persuaded' back onto my bed! Huffffffff!

This afternoon my little girliefriend came to call for me; Little Jess, the terrier-mess might be dinky, but she is great fun. I am a bit jealous though - she can fit under the bushes to chase the skitterjitters! I think I want to shrink! It looked like great fun under there!