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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Beast from the East!

Floatyboatyhome growls! It is a bit scary sometimes but I'm getting used to it now. Mum and Dad seem totally unbothered about it so I am following their example. Everytime anyone moves aboard, there is a growly crunching coming from right outside. When we go outside there is no obvious monster or beastie, but there is some very crunchy lumpy water!

We had a bit of a snooze-in this morning. Then Mummy and Daddy forgot about their breakfast. I had already reminded them about mine so I hadn't got forgotten, so that was alright! Instead of the usual sit at table to eat, they put on their pawcovers and many layers of fursubstitutes and we set off for workywalkies.

it was a new route to the now familiar Morrisons. Mum and Dad both complained and moaned about the cold huffyfuffy air hurting their faces and ears: yet another example of dog superiority! I had no such problem!

When we got to Morrisons, I had to 'find the lift'. We went inside that magic box and the doors closed. When they opened again, we were in a human yummyery! (Why can't I find a lift that opens its doors into a doggy yummyery?) A few moments later my humanpal LIndsay appeared! And do you know what? It was terrible! I had to wait until she had hugged and greeted both Mummy and Daddy before I got to greet her! I mean.....excuse me.....who is the most important member of this team???? Huff!

I got to sneak some ear rubs and chin scratches while they all munched and I was under the table. Then it was time to leave and say goodbye to Lindsay. I then had to guide Mummy all the way around the shop to get human yummies supplies. Daddy pushed the cage-on-wheels. Then it was 'Find the way home'.

It is super cozy aboard our home and it was nice to be back to snuggle in that warmth. After dinner, I got to take Daddy back out again into town to the talkybone shop. But it was closed so apparently we will have to go again tomorrow.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

That Showed Her!!!

Ditsy indeed! Nope! Not me! Not today anyway.....

We have had more skyfluff but it hasn't been the fun version. The fun version is the one that makes the whole world go white and totally essential to go play and do crazy zoomies and roll in it. Nope! Today, it has been fluffing in the sky but not really on the floor.

Mummy didn't get up very early this morning, but when she did, she was all ouchy! She says it is because of Mr ClunkerClicker humanvetman that ouched her yesterday. She says he has ouched her to make her better..... Huhh??? Oh well....It meant that I got to take Daddy for a nice leisurely walkies, then spent most of the day sofasnuggling with Mummy! No complaints there.

We had a visitor: a manhuman who sat next to Mummy on the sofa and pointed a black lollipop at her when she did yacketying. They were yacketying all about me! Mum says it was something to do with his you-knee-ver-city work all about human-animal communications. If only I could talk humanish I could have told him how dense Mummy is sometimes when it comes to getting the message that I am trying to show her!

After he left, I got to take Mummy workywalkies - just for the pleasure of it; no purpose, no destination, just a walkies. The sky was fluffing all over us so I think Mum was expecting me to be silly. I proved her very wrong! I put my sensible head on today and did a splendid job! I even sorted her out when she went the wrong way and got all lost and disorientated. She just asked me to 'find the way home'. I gave her my bestest 'OK. Thought you'd never ask' look and did as bid. We got home again paw-perfect!

Ditsy!! Huh! Well that showed her!

Monday, 26 February 2018

Being Eaten from the Inside!

Skyfluff! Not a lot, but enough for Mum to accuse me of being a bit ditsy! How very rude! That white fluffy stuff is just sooooooo exciting! I'm not ditsy - I'm just excited! Well, just maybe this skyfluff will keep coming and that means some fantabulous fun!

Today, we have been on that long workywalkies again; the one that took us to the clicky-clunky humanvet. This time he clicked and clunked Mummy first. Then, while I was covering her in kisses to make sure she was OK, Daddy got attacked too! it seems they are grateful to this manhuman for clicking and clunking them - even though, when he does it, it makes their faces go all screwed up and makes them yelp lots. Apparently, this brutality is making them better......I think if a vet did anything like that to me, he might get more than a yelp from me!! It was a good workywalkies though, and a bus ride home again.

The bus only gets us into the city centre though, so then I have to workywalkies again through the shoppyplace. Today, this meant that I had to starve! Instead of a straightforward 'Find the way home', I had to 'find the door, right'. It was a fursubstitutes shop. I got some lovely fusses and admirations from some people in there. That was nice, of course it was nice, but it didn't stop my tummy eating me from the inside! My dinner was a whole hour late by the time we got home! How did I survive?

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Ear Flapping Fun!

From chill-out-church, through doggy (minor) disappointment to POOCH PARADISE!

WOOOHOOOO! What a fantabulous Sunday afternoon!

Church was a bit crowded and loud this morning so I just chilled on the carpet under the seat. I did get to meet and greet some new humanfriends. That made it OK. Then workywalkies took us back home for human lunch.

Then we set off into town to a bus stop. A short bus ride dropped us beside a park. I got all excited. We went into the park......and my harness and lead stayed on! Harrumph! It seems that Mum and Dad were worried because there was no fence around this park and a busy wizzy road beside it. We workywalkiesded through to the other end and found a small area which was deemed safe, so I did get to do some crazy zoomies for a few minutes. That felt good! I needed that loonytime! It seems that my crazy-zoomies make human mouths go up at the corners too! I do like it when I cause that!

All too soon though, it was back on with harness and lead and workywalkies again. I may have had a little bit of a sulk.....I thought we were heading straight back to the bus. I was wrong! And, oh boy am I happy to be wrong!

We went up a hill and through a gate, then we were in pooch paradise! A woods area that led into a hugenormous mahoosive open green space with oooooodles of pooch pals to meet and greet and chase and play with!

I am absolutely compooperated now! But a very happy compooperated!

Some photos of the fun:

Mummy, your pawpointer smells yummy! This was in the little bit of the first park where I was allowed to zoomie but the bit shown is about the extent of the 'safe' area. Very shortly after this photo, my harness was back on again.

Crazy zoomies!!

Please play with me! This lurcher was good for a very brief game of chase but his human didn''t seem to want him to play.

Mummy! I came back! Feed me!

If I smile nicely, please may I go play some more?

Three onto one! Puppy Ralph was great fun to play chase with. He is an 8 month old Cockapoo and he just wanted every dog to chase him. Two black labs and collie cross gave him a good game!

Ear-flapping chase.

Charlie - please share that ball - I'm gonna get it! Give it Give it Give it! Ralph wants to play too!

The bus ride home made my eyelids very heavy!

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Alleviation of Starvation.

Mmmm.... I think I've earned my bone today! I have worked my paws off! Mum says we have done nearly 7 miles trogging around town. That's seven miles of weaving Mum through the crowds, in and out of gazillions of shops, avoiding twerps on wheeliewizzers, 'find the door', 'Find upsteps', 'Find downsteps', find left', 'find right', 'find the kerb', 'Find Costa' (that was yummy - I did some serious floor cleaning in there! - well.....I had to keep myself occupied while I was being a good boy and obeying Mum's 'Lie down' command!). ......

We seemed to spend a while in a talkybone shop where Dad was yacketying for ages with the nice workyladyhuman. Mum laughed at me coz my head was too heavy! Huff! Not funny! On a Mummy-bad-eyes-day like to day I have to work super extra hard. It really does make my head heavy!

I did manage to find the energy to hold it up to munch that yummy bone though! That might just about alleviate the starvation until dinnertime.....just about.....as long as that is very very soon........

Friday, 23 February 2018

Gory Squawkybox.

A little 5 mile round trip for some shopping in Morrisons (Found the way paw-perfect!), then another trip to Sainsbury's with Daddy to get the most important item that Mummy forgot (some little square things that apparently make that all important hot brown water they seem to think is vital for life!), then a relaxing bone and snoozy evening. Daddy went out and left me to look after Mummy. I just enjoyed the sofasnuggles while she was watching that funny squawkybox thing - it had all sorts of gory humanvets stuff going on. Apparently Daddy didn't want to watch that but Mummy seemed totally engrossed!

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Crunchy Clouds to Hoover!

Training! I think I like this training! I'm not quite sure who is training who though; It seems that I am training Mum on the walking thing. Today, in total, we have walked more than the tenkay we will be doing in Brighton. Mum says we simply have to get the time down. She says this should be achievable if she can train me to stop faffing! How rude! I don't faff! I simply need to twirl many times and sniff and twirl and sniff an twirl ...... before finding exactly the right spot for a doggy download. It seems that she also considers essential sniffs and weemails to be faffing too!

It seems to go something like this:
Workywalkies going smoothly
Sharp downward lunge in harness stops Mum very effectively
'Oi! Head up' 'Get on'
Grab a split-second last sniff then get on
'Good boy'

Now, I think I am getting the idea: I need to 'suggest' a sniff point is coming up, then Mum tells me 'Leave it'. I snatch a quick hint of a sniff but then I do leave it and 'head up' and 'get on'. Then I get a 'Good boy' yummy......

Now, I seem to remember from Puppyhood that, after a while, when they think I have learned the right thing to do and forgotten the wrong behaviour, the yummies supply starts to dry up and all I get is the 'good boy' for a while, before even that fizzles out into just normal, expected behaviour. Soooooo......I need to string this out for as long as possible.......Mum says she is determined to get wise to my sneeky sniffings and learn to anticipate them in order to prevent them......I simply have to find a way to stay at least one paw ahead of her in this strategy.......

This morning's workywalkies was great though - it included a brief but very welcome freerun! I took Mummy along the towpath to the little park we found last time we were in this area. It would have been so rude to walk past and not visit for a good zoomies session!

This afternoon's workywalkies was very different to that: Daddy came too and we went into town and then into one of those big noisy rooms with lots of seats, a wall with moving pictures on it and oodles of little crunchy clouds to hoover!

Photo is of me in the park, standing for a brief moment between zoomies, with a big expanse fo grass around and a big posh-looking building in the background.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

I Blimmin Well DO know, you know!

MUUuuUUUmmm! When will you learn? I am so much clevererer than you think!
I mean, when you ask me to 'Find the way home' I try to do just that, but then you keep saying 'Hang on Oaks, This isn't the way Daddy said...'. Well, I don't know what Daddy said coz it was you who did the talkybone thing. What I do know is that I blimmin well knew where we were going! Even when I gave you 'the look' when you said 'I'm sure we need to go up these steps', you insisted. I obeyed. I was hesitant and you knew it! I so wish I could have actually said 'Told you so' when we got to the top and said 'Oh. Maybe you were right Oaks. About turn!' Hufffffff!

It was a good workywalkies though. I took Mummy safely into town without Daddy. It was a very challenging job, apart from Mum's stupidity! There were big lorries and orange manhumans and bleepytrucks and barriers and obstacles and offkerbs all over the place. Mum was totally disorientated. She said that everything seemed massively different because of the building works and pavement closures and diversions everywhere. I had to take her offkerb several times to get around barriers and parked cars, vans and lorries on the pavements. We made it though! I did as Mum asked and managed to 'Find Boots' then 'Find Tesco', then 'Find the way home' (see above!). I think I deserved that big juicy carrot when we got home!

That was just this morning's workywalkies. This afternoon, we all set off on another long trek. This time, Daddy was being a satnav and I was taking care of Mum, weaving her through the crowds and around all the obstacles. It was a long long hike (Mum says it was good training for our Tenkay). It ended at a sort of humanvets place. I got my picnic dinner there in the waiting room. Then the manhumanvet did clicky, crunchy ouchy things to Mummy. I had to keep prodding her with my nose to make sure she was OK. She did have a strange screwed up face sometimes but she insisted 'It's OK Oaks'. It didn't look OK to me! She survived though and we caught a bus back into Bumingham town centre, then walked home from there.

I seem to be having a bit of trouble keeping my head up now and my eyelids seem very heavy.....very very hea..........zzzzzz

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Dusty Nose-tickling Stuff!

Another visitor! Another fan! Lots of ear rubs and fusses - and a yummy! I could get used to this! Thanks for coming Susan. It was delicious to meet you!

I had to work first though! I had to take Mummy to Sainsbury's while Daddy stayed behind. Mummy was clearly hesitant; as we were walking, she kept stopping and saying 'Err...hang on Oaks....is this the right way?....' Each time, I just tugged her on and, of course, we went precisely the right way and straight in the door of Sainsbury's! She really is much dafter than she looks sometimes!!

Having gone around the aisles and got the 3 items Mum wanted, she asked me to 'Find the checkout'. I did, but even then I got 'errr...hang on, this doesn't look right'. It blimmin well WAS perfectly right! It just was a bit confusing because the queues for the bleep-it-yourself checkout was altogether with the real person checkout, which Mum much prefers. I knew that! I took her to the right one!

As we were walking back via all the bridges and intertwisting towpaths around this Bumingham place, we spotted Daddy on floatyboatyhome. He was trying to escape! We chased him! He didn't get away! Actually, we were walking faster than he was chugging! We stopped and waited by a gate and then, after Dad had secured floatyboatyhome by its leads, a manhuman came along and fed it's bum-end with a big smelly growly squirtysnake thing, then loaded big bags of black rocks onto the pointy nose end. I had to stay 'out of the way'. How rude is that! How can I possibly be in the way when I try to help? Huffff!!!

After that, we went on around the corner to where the water squirtysnake place is. It took forever to feed the pointy nose end with water. So long that visitor Ryan arrived, they all had lunch, Dad and Ryan disappeared for a one-eyed-clickybox session, then came back again and had a mug of hot brown water! Finally though, it finished and we cruised off to the other side of the 'pond' where we have been moored. We are now in between other floatyboats and have to go through a gate to get out to go walkies.

Shortly after arriving here, my fan visitor, Susan arrived and it was super fusses time!! Just before she left, she gave Mummy a little jar of some dusty-nose tickling stuff she says is called 'mint', but more importantly, she gave me a yummy stuffed bone! MMmmmMMMMMmmmm.......

Monday, 19 February 2018

Wee Dogs Win Paws Down!

Lazy morning. Workywalkies into town to 'Find Morrisons'. A yummy bone to while away the afternoon. Then a visitor! A manhuman who is one of my fans via Blogspot, not Facebark. His name is Paul and he did good ear-rubs! He brought something for Mummy and Daddy that made them play with their tippetytappetytoys. Apparently it tells them where we are and what is around us. Weemails tell me all of that and so very much more! And I don't need an tippetytappetytoys or any other equipment to help! Dogs win again - paws down!

Photo shows me on my bed/sofa beside Paul, getting nice ear rubs.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

That'll do Nicely!

Sunday - a day of rest.
Yep! That about sums it up!
A bit of a workywalkies to church after Debbi and Ryan left us :(
A long snooze on the carpet through all the humanhowling and yacketying.
Workywalkies back.
Snooze through human lunch.
A leisurely wander into town with Daddy (Mummy stayed behind to do some of her tidying and sorting and stroking-the-floor things)
Now - cozy sofasnuggles with Mummy.
That'll do nicely!

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Too-ed and Fro-ed

Wow! 6 miles of workywalkies 24 locks and visitors all the way! And I've got bedroom invaders tonight! Yippee!

A car arrived beside floatyboatyhome and my tail went into waggy overdrive! It was Debbi and Ryan! They came to visit! Yayyyhayyy!

Then, after a while, another car arrived and a different Ryan got out of it! A Ryan that I haven't seen for aaaaaaaggeessss!

It was great! Even though I had to workywalkies all the way, Mum and I only had half the waiting at locks that we normally have to do. I took Mummy on to the next lock each time while the others all stayed to do the windy-downy bit and the pushy-pully bit to get Daddy and floatyboat out of the last lock.

The first one took forever though - we did our bit OK but Dad got the boat stuck. He too-ed and fro-ed loads of times but then he got a long sticky-hook off the roof and second Ryan helped him to pull a shopping cage on wheels out of the water. Finally, we managed to move on!

It has been a long time since I had to share my bedroom! I hope Debbi doesn't have nose rumbles!

PS - Mummy is OK but still has a nasty ouchie on her front paw and makes some funny faces sometimes when she moves.

Friday, 16 February 2018

How Great is That?

Oh Dear! Mummy went splat!

It all started off with a lovely lazy morning (well, I suppose I was lazy - snoozing while Mummy and Daddy were allegedly busy playing tippetytappety on their compooters and yacketying on their talkybones). Then we set off for a trip to find a Tesco. That completed, Mum asked me to 'Find the way home'. I did! No problem! I even took her to a better place to cross a busy road than the one we used on the way there! (I will happily accept the accolade of Smartybum!) That was all fine, but then, as we were nearly back to floatyboatyhome, Mum's back paws slipped on a muddy patch of pavement and she came crashing down to my level. It seems that she was worried about me because we were beside a very busy fast road, and I was worried about her because she just doesn't belong on the floor! She had red stuff coming out of her front paw too, but she wouldn't let me kiss that better. I did give her lots of loves and kisses though, and she squeezed and hugged me back.

Several nice manhumans stopped to help and check that we were all OK. Daddy had also rushed in to sort us out and had dropped the wheeliebag of shopping in the road.

When we got back Mummy took off her fursubstitutes and put them in the frothmonster machine (they were all muddy!) and she spent a while cleaning the red stuff off her front paw. I kept a very close vigil! She seems to be OK now but she does have a very strange-smelling pale brown thing stuck on that ouchie on her paw. She also seems to have a slightly podgy and red-dotted knee too!

I got a bone to make Mummy feel better! I'm not quite sure how that works but I wasn't going to turn down the offer! Heehee....Yummmmm!

On a much brighter note: Mummy says that our fundraising sponsorship is going really well for our Brighton Marathon Tenkay thingy. She says we have already smashed our original target of £300 so this has now raised to £500. How great is that? I do like the idea of these super workywalkieses to raise important shinydisks to help to sponsor a puppy to be another Guide Dog like me! Thank you with big wags and woofs to all who have donated shinydisks so far.


Thursday, 15 February 2018

Water, Water Everywhere!

4 miles three times, 13 locks, a lot of water and some admirers. That about sums up today.

Team Towpath in action, doing what we do best: Me guiding Mummy to 'find the beam', then waiting while she does all that windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff, then on to 'find the next beam'.......

Actually, I did it with Daddy first (but I didn't have to guide him - it was just a leisurely wander). He didn't do the pushy-pully bit with the big lock gates. He just did a lot of windy-upping. The big puddles between the locks were empty at first, but it seems that Daddy's windy-upping filled them up - and up - and up! So much so that some of them overflowed and the towpath disappeared! I somehow think that wasn't supposed to happen! Oops!

Before setting off with Mummy I had to wait and watch while Mummy and Daddy both played with a long stick with a shiny claw on the end. They were using it to pull all sorts of things out of the water; big bits of trees, bags, bottles, cans, coconuts, human paw-covers, a load of other rubbish and, the best bits; two balls that I got to play with! One was a little mouth-sized one that I lost when it went back into the water and down a big hole under the wall, and a big squishy football that went pop when I sank my fangs into it. That was great fun to shake and kill!

At the very last lock, we met some minihumans and their big humans. They all gave me nice fusses and the minihumans went for a ride down the lock aboard our floatyboatyhome while I looked after Mummy doing the heavywork with the gates. They were nice minihumans (not very mini really) and they seemed to have very happy up-at-the-corners mouths after their ride!

I had my dinner while we were still cruising along aboard floatyboatyhome, but soon afterwards, Daddy moored us up and one of my fans came aboard to give me fusses. It was lovely to meet you Bobby Randall. Sorry I made your knee a bit wet and sorry I couldn't keep my head up for long. It was very heavy after all that working today!

2 photos:
Team Towpath in action - me guiding Mum along the towpath under a bridge.

Greeting admirers at our last lock.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Crunch crunch crunch....pyoing ping pyoing....slosh slosh slosh.

It is horribly noisy and a bit scary when floatyboatyhome is pushing through hard water! It was OK when I was workywalkiesing Mum along the towpath - except that we left Daddy way behind on the boat. It seems that lumpy water makes it slower! When we got back aboard though it was a bit scary! I didn't like it much. I tried to lie down next to Mummy but I couldn't relax. It was like a growling noise all around! We survived though and all is cozy and snug and happy again.

Workywalkies went something like:
'On you go. Leave it......Oi!....Get on.....' - a tug up on the lead and a grumpy Mummy!
'Oakie...Leave it....head up....leave it....' 'Good boy to leave it' ' a tiny morsel of yummy.
''Oakie..Leave it' 'What a good boy' - bigger yummy
'Leave it. Straight on' - yummy
'Do your job' 'Leave it' - 'Good boy' - yummy
'Oakley! Leave it! Oi! Leave it! Oh you little tinker!' - no yummy!
'Do your job. Get on' - 'That's better! Good boy!' - yummy......

I think I am getting the message - but but but.....There are soooooo many important sniffings to sniff along an exciting new route! I think I shall let Mummy carry on 'teaching' me for a while. Teaching means yummies! Heehee!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Tenkay Practice!

Holibobs definitely over! Training has begun!

Not me! I don't need training to do a tenkay route. No no no..... I am training Mummy!

I took her for a four mile workywalkies today. It was a bit muddy sloshy squishy squelchy but I managed to steer her around most of the puddles. It was a nice walkies. We managed to dodge the leakyskies and found the little bit of the day when the glowball was out of hiding in the sky!

Mum says that the tenkay distance shouldn't be too much of a challenge as long as her back paws don't cause her problems. She just wants us to get quicker. She says we should be able to achieve the tenkay in two and a half hours, but if we can do it in two hours then she will be super chuffed. She also says we would achieve it quicker if we didn't keep stopping for weemails! Huff!

If you would like to support us in doing this then please click on the link and go to our fundraising page. We are hoping to raise at least 300 shinydisks to go towards our fund to sponsor another puppy to be trained to change someone's life like I have changed Mummy's.


Monday, 12 February 2018

Boomerball fun!

Dribbling and 'Leave it' seem to have been today's theme. In some instances they were most definitely linked.

It all started with a minor lake on the floor around my paws at breakfast time. It was Mum's fault entirely; She failed to give or drop me even the tiniest morsel to absorb my mouthjuice, so it had nowhere to go except into a puddle around my paws!

I then took Daddy on a trip to return the car to its kennel, and then we enjoyed a walkies back. That was all good. When we got back, Mum had the contents of a cupboard out all over the table. This included MY shelf! My shelf is where she hides all my yummies. So, with all my yummies out - mouthjuices started flowing again. More dribbling! Mum was a meanie; She not only put everything away again, but she also dropped a few of my yummies and had the audacity to tell me to 'Leave it'!! That was MY yummy - on the floor - pleading to be hoovered....... Huff! Then she told me I was a good boy to leave it, and promptly picked them all up and gave me - just ONE! I sense a bit of diddling going on here!

A bit later, we set off on a workywalkies into town. Our destination promoted yet more dribbling, and included lots of 'Leave it' commands too! The destination was the seriously yummy shop! The one with a see-through wall with loads of meat and sausages and bacon behind it! I may have left a bit of a mouthjuice puddle just in front of that display! Oops!

Adding to the torment was Mum's ongoing insistence on 'Leave it' aaaaaaalllll the way! It seems she is on some kind of mission to prevent me sniffing and weemailing and snaffling. She says it is not professional behaviour! Harrrumph!

When we got back home again, the floor got a bit soggy again. Mum failed again. I supervised her ever so carefully while she was unpacking all the meat, then using a shiny pointystick to cut it up and take bits off it, then pack it all into little bags. She then put it all into the big white chillycupboard that seems to make everything go hard. Her failure to drop anything was yet again the cause of the minor flood.

My dinner was super extra yummy tonight though. It had lots of little juicy squishy bits in it. I think it was something to do with what she was doing with that shiny stick thing. I think I forgive her!

The other bit of dribbling was great fun! When we got back after our workywalkies, Mum removed my harness, lead and noseband and I got to have a great game of dribble with my Boomerball. This mooring is great because there is a lovely big area where I can hoon around with that ball.

Click here for the video.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Is Water Wet?

Heeeeelllllppppp! Aunty Brenda please save me! Mummy not only put me back to work today, but she also neglected me! I want to come back to my doggyDaddyDixon and have more fun!

Actually, it was nice to get back to work. It was a good workywalkies to church and back. I did try to persuade Mummy that she was going the wrong way back. After doing my 'find the button' at the bleepycrossing, we should have turned left to go into the park, but she insisted on 'Not today. Find right'. I tried......I really did.....but there was no persuading her! 'The park will be far to soggy and squelchy today' and 'You've had a whole 10 days of freeruns. You don't need one today!' Hhhooooowwwwwlllllll.......Waddyameand I don't NEED a freerun? I can ALWAYS manage to need a freerun! Huffety Huff Harrumpht! I put full ploddypaws mode into action - for a few paces....wellllll.....OK....it was good to be strutting my stuff again but don't tell Mummy that! I could still have happily needed a freerun......

A trip to Pets R Us made up for it.....a bit.... There was a bit of hoovering to do around the pic n mix area and we did get a nice big sack of my nosh!

The neglect bit was at dinnertime. Mum seems to think that the fact that I munched my way through a cow's rib bone is acceptable reason for 'not realising the time'. My dinnertime is supposed to be when the tickydisk tells Mum it is something called fivethirty. Well, it went way past that....it was telling her sixfifteen and she suddenly said 'Ooh...the time! Oakie do you want your dinner?' Well .... Derrrr! Is water wet?

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Home Again!

Mummy & Daddy came back!

I have mixed feelings about this: I love my Mummy and Daddy and I'm happywaggy to be back home again aboard floatyboatyhome, but I was having a fantabulous time with doggyDaddyDixon and Aunty Brenda and Uncle Malcolm.......

I did get a bit excited when Mummy and Daddy arrived at daddyDixon's home. The first photo shows me and daddyDixon greeting Mummy with megawaggies - we were a bit of a blur! I got my last few minutes of toy-destroying efforts in with daddyDixon while the humans did the inevitable yacketying and hot-brown-drink thing. Then it was time to say goodbyes and hup into the car. I got to ride on my bed on the high back seat because the car-bum was full of stuff. It was quite a long drive so we arrived past my dinner time. Starvation is not a good welcome home! I just about survived long enough to make it to my food bowl when it was filled.

While Mum did her unpacking thing, I took Daddy walkies to Lidl's and back. When I got back I got a lovely towelrub before tucking into a yummy little bone-treat! I think it helped a little to feed my forgiveness muscles.

Mummy wanted me to hup onto the sofa with her but I thought I would register my protest at being abandoned first. I got hold of my big Nookybear and buried my face in him in front of the hotbox; with my bum pointed firmly towards Mum! I managed to keep this up for a few minutes but that sofa and some snuggles dragged me up to join Mummy. Her leg makes such a comfy pillow!

Home sweet home! But I am already missing my partner in play - my doggydaddy Dixon. I hope we can get together again soon to get up to more father-son-mischief! It has been fabtabulous fun!

Thursday, 1 February 2018

DoggyDaddyDixon Holibobs!

Well now I know why Mummy packed my bags. I'm on my hollibobs!

I had to take Daddy walkies this morning to collect a car, so then rode back in it. Then my bags and my food box and my toy box all got packed into the car.
Next came a ride to a very exciting big parkyplace. When I got out of the car, it was even more exciting: My doggydaddy Dixon was there!

Wooooohooooohoooo! Oh....err.....sorry....I perhaps ought to mention the humans that came with him too.....Uncle Malcolm and Aunty Brenda! Well....now to the important bit; it was time for a FREERRUUUNNNN!!!!! Yayhayhayhay!!! DaddyDixon and I wasted not a moment. We zoomed off and had a fantabulous time! Huge green open space like that simply has to be enjoyed to its fullest!
Aunty Brenda seems to have two extra legs! She is very sensible - 4 legs is always better than 2. One of her 'normal' legs though was wrapped in a funny big pawcover thing and a plastic bag. She was using her front paws to work her 'extra legs'. Dixon and I had to be careful not to knock into her. It seems that human 4legs is less sturdy than doggy 4legs!

After zoomies and doggyplay, we went into a little human yummyery for a brief while, before I then got into DaddyDixon's car with him. At first, I thought this was fun but then I realised I was being clipped in and Mummy wasn't coming in with me! I tried to get out again but she came and gave me big hugs to let me know it was all OK. I gave her lots of loves and kisses too - just so she knows I love her! Then the car-bum-lid was closed and we were off. Me and DaddyDixon in the back together and Uncle Malcolm driving with Aunty Brenda in the other front seat. All my bags and stuff was on the back seat. Mummy and Daddy went off in the car we got this morning.

Apparently, I will be here for 9 sleeps while Mummy and Daddy go to do some boring stuff. I think I will have fun with my doggydaddy - much more fun than I would have watching Mummy and Daddy doing boring stuff!

So, I might not be reporting here until next weekend. I hope you all have fun in the meantime. I'm sure I will! DaddyDixon and I have a lot of toys and bones to share!