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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Little Arthur Eye Tuss!

'Just a little rat' said Mum. 'Nothing to be scared of'...

IT WAS A HUGE NIGHT MONSTER and it was coming to get us!

I have spent the last three nights trying to protect Mummy and Daddy from this beastie that has been scrabbling about on the outside of floatyboatyhome. I have been jumping up onto their bed and keeping vigil. Last night though, it just got too scary and I was shaking too much to stay vigilant. I quivered my way to the floor in the corner, but that didn't feel any safer, so I wiggled my way in between Mummy and Daddy. It was a bit safer there. At least Mummy was cuddling me. Then she heard the monster and finally realised what I was so worried about. The rest of the night was slightly less scary with cuddles.

This morning, we seemed to find it a bit difficult to get up, but we set off for a workywalkies and a bus ride. This was all very exciting. It took us to all new territory! I strutted my stuff like a pro! Our destination was a Vet! She was a very nice vetlady. She did good ear rubs and even had some treats for me. That was all good and nice......but then.....she attacked me with those ear-tubes-with-a-shiny-blob on the end. She held that shinyblob against lots of bits of me. It seems it transmitted good news to her. It seems my heart and chest and tummy all pass the shinyblob sound test. I survived that bit of scary procedure!

Then she got Mummy holding my head so I couldn't move it, she conned me by fussing me and then she grabbed the scruff of my neck and stabbed me! I grumbled at her for that but Mummy told me not to be such a wuss! Hufffff!
Next, the vet lady not only got Mummy holding my head, but Daddy had to hold my middle so I couldn't escape. Then vetlady grabbed hold of my back legs, one at a time, and tugged and wiggled and poked and prodded! I was not impressed! I grumbled again and she threatened me with a muzzle! Thankfully, Mummy assured her that it was all just a noisy protest and nothing more sinister!

Apparently, the result of this tugging and wiggling and poking and prodding is that I now have to have extra treats every day! Apparently I have a little Arthur Eye Tuss and these treats will help to sort him out! I have no idea who this Arthur is but I am liking the idea of extra yummies!

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

5,000 Shiny Disks! Thank you.

Woohooo! Thank you Pawsome Peoples!

Today, we had a visitor; a very nice manhuman called Dan. He is a workyhuman for Guide Dogs and he came to tell us that we have raised 5000 shinydisks so we can name a puppy in memory of Granny. So, very soon, there will be a ickle pupster named Margaret (Maggie) being trained to become a hairy hero like me - to change the life of a blind/Vision Impaired person like Mummy.

Mummy and I celebrated with a lovely leisure walkies (well - it was leisurely for me but Mummy had to work hard with her Rollytwig!) all the way along the towpath and around the Soho Loop - that meant we had to go via the park around there! Oh! What a shame..... I managed to lead Mummy in there and persuade her to unclip my flexilead! Yayyyyy!!!

So now, the work begins - actually has already begun - on raising another 5000 shinydisks to sponsor pupster number 4. All proceeds from my calendars and mugs will go towards this.

I have sent my minion (Daddy) to the Post Office today to dispatch the latest set and more orders are coming in, so hurry! Huppupp.... get your orders in very soon.....just click on the link at the top of my page and I shall personally supervise Minion Daddy in receiving and dealing with your order. Fundraising for pupster number 4 is via BT's My Donate because even more of the shinydisks go straight to the funds, rather than on admin fees:


Handsome me outside our Floatyboatyhome.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Devoid of Crunchy Munchy Entertainment!

My paws know the way to the Post Office on their own now!

More calendars posted dispatched today and more orders received this evening. I shall make sure my minion prepares them for dispatch tomorrow.. There will be some rather well-decorated walls around the nation soon! Get your orders in very soon if you don't want to miss out. Every one of them will contribute precious shinydisks to our fund to sponsor another pupster in training.

In other news; What a disappointing and miffing afternoon! I workywalkiesded Mummy and Daddy across town, via the Post office, to the big dark noisy wall place. These places are usually super tasty with lots of those little crunchy white clouds to be hoovered up. Not only was the floor clean and devoid of my crunchy munchy entertainment, but Mummy and Daddy failed to get any of them to drop either! Not a morsel! Not an atom! Nothing! Aaaaand..... to make matters even worse, by the time we got out of there and back across town to home, it was PAST MY DINNERTIME! Hufffffffff!

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Barking Mummy!


That has been the order of today! Mummy is all barky and squeaky and has spent a lot of the day zzzing with me.

I did take Daddy for a couple of walkies, so I haven't been totally idle!

Now that we are back home we are ready and waiting to do trips to the Post Office again, so get your orders in for calendars and mugs. Mummy says there will also soon be some little mats to put the mugs on too. I will let you know when they arrive.

All shinydisks raised from sales will go to our fundraising to sponsor another pupster to be trained to become a lifechanger like me.


Rugby Mare.

It appears my technical minions didn't upload the photo of me with the Rugby Mare! So here it is.

Mum, me and the Rugby Mare.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Toasty Snug Again.

Home again!

What a day it has been! First of all, I had to take Mummy and Daddy into Rugby town indoor shoppyplace to get their breakfast. (I had already had mine of course! I'm sure I wouldn't have been functional without it!). On the way out, I had to do a sit-pose with some apparently important manhuman called The Mare, who had a big collar round his neck, with a medallion bigger than mine! Then we walked back through town to the church we were in last night. This time there were lots of humanpals there! It was much more fun! Lots of fusses from people we haven't seen in ages! My ears are now well polished!

It was largely a day of oooooooooodles of human yacketying, munching, humanhowling and more yacketying. All interspersed with some hoovering duties and some great games of tug using my blue teddydog which I presented to several humanpals and many of them got the right idea and joined in with the games! Blue teddydog is now delightfully soggy and smelly, but Daddy was not impressed when he picked him up!!! Huff!!!! Daddy has no taste.

We got a ride home in humanpal Richard's car, so we didn't have to plod through all the soggies to the train station. That did mean that my dinner was an hour late! I don't know how I survived the journey, but it was nice to enjoy my nosh back aboard floatyboatyhome again. It was a tad chilly when we arrived home, but the hotbox has been glowing for a while now and so we are all toasty snug again and I am in my rightful place - having sofasnuggles with Mummy!

Friday, 26 October 2018

Mega Workywalkies.

Tattybye Puppa.
Workywalkies to Shoreham Station.
Train ride to London Victor Ear.
Workywalkies to Hidey Park.
Freerun through Hidey Park (Yesssss!!!)
Workywalkies the rest of the way to Marley's Bone Station.
Train ride to Bumingham Moor Street Station.
Workywalkies to Bumingham New Street Station.
Sit and people watch while Daddy went walkabouts and came back with his long-whiskered noise box on his back.
Train ride to Rugby.
Workywalkies to 'Find the bus stop'
Bus ride to town centre.
Workywalkies across town to a human kennelblock.
Workywalkies through a maze of corridors to find our kennel.
Workywalkies across another bit of town.
Dinner in a church (that's a first!) while Mummy and Daddy were busy doing all sorts of strange things with long tails and noise boxes and lollipops. I just chilled and watched from a safe distance!
Workywalkies across town again to a human yummyery.
Workywalkies back to humankennelblock and again through the maze to find our kennel.
Now....if you will excuse me....I think I may need to test out my bed for tonight!

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Mini and Microhumanpuppies...

Three parks
Three freeruns
A trip into Pets at Home
Mini and microhumanpuppies
Human yummyery = Oakley yummyery.
A pretty good day methinks

Freerun number 1 was a lovely romp around Buckingham Park - a rather good start to the day!

The trip into Pets at Home was a bit of a swizz though - no yummies! No hoovering! Just a 'sit' on the shiny platform to get my numbers (OK apparently but not OK enough for bigger portions in my bowl!). All I got was a new collar! How mean is that? At least the nice ladyhuman and manhuman at the checkout took pity on me when I hupped my paws onto the counter; I got a little morsel from each of them!

Of course, the highlight of the day to Mummy and Daddy has been the time with microhumanpuppy Theo and minihumanpuppy Hallie; my humannephew and humanniece. To me it was largely a chance for a snooze, but with a lovely walkies to the park (freerun number 2) in the middle.

Freerun number 3 was in a park I haven't been to for a while but it was great to go back. I found a Beagle buddy called Woody to have a superb game of chase with. That set me up very nicely to enjoy my dinner in the human yummyery. Well....Mummy and Daddy were noshing..... I didn't want to pass out from sheer starvation!

3 photos:
Me with Mummy, Hallie and microhumanpuppy Theo.

Meeting Woody the beagle.

Dindins from my picnic bowl.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Good timing Mummy!

This morning I got to take Mummy down the road to the little park. It just happened that we were there at the same time as two great playmates: a cockerpoo and a rescued houndyboy. We had some super games of chase and run and roll and chase and steal-the-ball.

Mummy says that her talkybone told her that little minihuman Hallie is still a bit poorly so we haven't been to visit today, but we will do tomorrow.

We've taken it pretty easy for the rest of the day with a lovely workywalkies this afternoon to the shoppyplace called Southwick Square. Mummy was a very naughty mummy though; she refused to be guided into the mouth-watery-red-and-white-striped shop! Hufff!! On the way back though, I got to say hello to a couple of super-hairy hounds. A big fluffy labradoodle and a slightly less fluffy goldendoodle. It was only a meet & greet coz I was on duty and Mummy burbled something about Southwick Green not being a safe place to freerun because there is no fence around it - just roads. Maybe one day we will meet again and get to play properly.......

This evening, I persuaded Daddy that he needed a walkies. I didn't expect to walk half way around the world! I now seem to be having a little trouble keeping my head up.......zzzzzzzz....

Photo shows me and my playmates this morning all sitting in a row after our playtime.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018


I think we can safely call today rather much different from yesterday! It has been mostly about lying down and snoozing.

It all started with a bit of a lie in. I tried asking Puppa for my brekkie but he said he didn't know how much to give me, so I had to wait for Mummy to wake up! He could have just given me the whole boxful! I would have sorted out my right portion!

A bit later, I set out taking Mummy workywalkies. Now THAT was a great workywalkies; we went to Buckingham Park! That meant just one thing: FREERUNNNNN!!! YAAAYYYYY!!! I enjoyed a good mooch about for quite a while, then found a buddy to play with; a big fox-red Labrador boydog. He was fantabulous fun to play chase and biffy-boxing with! We had a great time, which left me all tongue-hangy-outy! Mummy then declared time to go, so we mooched off around the rest of the park. Then we found Daddy who took us to Puppa's car. Mummy said it was a good job there was a sheet on the seat for me coz I was a bit soggy from rolling on the grass with my playmate.

We went to a shop, then on to Rosie's house to meet my new human-nephew, Theo. He is really teeeny-weeny and very squeaky! He spent most of the time attached to Rosie's chestbump. I think he was eating her! He smells kinda interesting but he is a bit scary, especially when was loud-howling! I just laid down and kept my head low!

Daddy says no photos today because little minihuman Hallie was all poorly and so not good for his one-eyed-clickybox. Hallie was all grumpy and growly and very leaky-eyed. Mummy says we will go back again maybe tomorrow or the next day when Hallie is feeling better.

Monday, 22 October 2018


Wowweee! What a day!

Floatyboatyhome into a prison where a manhuman did a windywindy thing that brought a huge door down and down and down - into the water. Thankfully, we escaped, along with wheeliecase, before the water started to shrink and floatyboatyhome went down down down.

Next came a 2 mile workywalkies across Bumingham to the trainstation. Then a very pleasant snooze in the posh train.

That got me ready for the 3 miles workywalkies across London from Marley's Bone Station to Victoria Station. This had the delectable interlude of a freerun in Hidy Park! I did play Hidy Hidy a couple of times. Mummy had no idea which tree I was hiding behind, so she blew her whistle and I came zooming for a yummy!

The next train wasn't so posh but at least it had carpet to snooze on. The bonus was that I had to hoover the yummies off the carpet to make it clean and comfy enough to lie down! Heehee! It's a tough life sometimes!

The final stop was at Shoreham where I had to workywalkies the final mile and a bit of the day to Puppa's home.

I think I was ready for the bone that Mummy gave me! It has all disappeared now though! Huff! But now my teddy seems to be pulling my head down down down....... zzzzzz

2 photos:
Me lying on Puppa's patterned carpet enjoying a good bone-munching session.

Me lying on the same carpet with my head on teddy's tummy.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Shiny Black Bottom.

Cor! All that humanhowling was loud this morning! And the boomboombowls and dingdingdisks must have been super naughty because the manhuman inside that see-through room was wallopping them mega hard with sticks! I just settled down for a snooze on the carpet under the seats. It was OK down there.

The workywalkies to and from church were both quite short but pleasant. The fireball was warming up my black fur rather nicely - and I got a little tiny freerun on the very last stretch along the towpath on the way home.

After lunch (theirs - not mine. Huff!), I took Daddy walkies across Bumingham to the train station. We found a manhuman behind a window and Daddy did some yacketying with him, then got some little rectangles.

Next came a short cruise. It was rather pleasant having a ride on the back deck and watching all the familiar bits of towpath glide by. We are now on a new mooring where floatyboatyhome is behind cage doors again. Mummy says it is ready to go into something called drydock tomorrow for something called bottom blacking. Well...you can't beat a nice shiny black bottom!

This evening I took Daddy out again so that I could do what a doggy simply must do. (It seems that a Daddy simply must do a load of yacketying too!). When we got back, Mummy was packing things into a wheeliecase again......Uh...oh.....

Photo of me lying down under the chairs at church.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Krarrrking Featherballs!

It was only a little parklet and only a little playlet. But Ooooooh!!! It was so good to play with a colleague!

Her name is Olive and she is a blondie Labrador x Retriever. Her humanmum is a ladyhuman called Raven. Raven had a very yummy-smelling bag but I didn't get to get my shnozzle into it to fully investigate! Huff!

We went for a workywalkies across a bit of Bumingham we haven't explored before and we found a sort-of parky area. Our harnesses were duly removed and we got the command 'Go play'! Yippeeeeee!

Actually, Olive doesn't seem to be much of a player but her toy was great! I got it delectably soggy for her! I tried and tried to get her to play tug or chase with me, but she seemed far more interested in getting fusses and back scratches from my Mummy! I did have a good game of chase though - with some big black krarrrking featherballs! There were loads of them and they were digging up all the grass! I ran and chased them off....several times! Heehee!

In other news; I took Mummy and Daddy into the Post Office again to supervise the sending of more mugs and calendars. They are going fast so, get your orders in! Just click on the link at the top of my page and I will personally supervise my minions to make sure they dispatch the goodies pronto!

Photos of me with Olive. The first shows me trying my bestest to check out Raven's bag, while Olive gets fusses from my Mummy. The second shows us both in a sit, in harnesses, by a human sittybench, with mud in the background where the featherballs have dug up all the grass.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Getting a Big Head!!!

We've been assessed!

Well.... that's what Mummy called it anyway. As far as I could work out it was just another workywalkies into town and back again and, when we arrived home, a nice ladyhuman called Emma from Guide Dogs was suddenly there with us. Apparently, she had been following us all the way from the station and had been watching us.

There then followed a loooooooong session of yacketyyacketyyackyackyackyack..... I sloped off for a snooze! I heard things about re-tyring again. She did check my paws but seemed satisfied with them, so, hopefully I won't be re-tyred! There were mentions of things like 'slowing down' and 'reduced workload' and 'more downtime'. I thiiiiiink I like the sound of that..... but ...... hmmm..... I'll let you know.

It seems it is Mummy who will be going through lots of assessments - not me! I can carry on looking after her for now, but will get to put my paws up a bit more. There was mention of Mummy going on a list..... something about a new dog...... but that will take a long time to find another dog as awesome as me! Well.... I could have told them that!

Emma was very nice though. She gave me some lovely chin rubs and ear rubs and back scratches. She also proclaimed me 'Gorgeous' and 'Handsome' and 'Gleaming' and 'In very good shape'. Mummy says my head will soon be far too big for me!

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Kanoodling Day!

Me and Paris doing doggy conversations on the floor of Costa in Bumingham.

That's better! Today was a bone day! Yummy scrummy!

Today was also a kanoodling day!

Both made for good reason for workywalkies!

The kanoodling was with a colleague; Guide Doggy girlie Paris. We went to meet up with a ladyhuman called Denise in Costa so, while the humans got on with their inevitable yacektyyacking, we furries got on with the much more serious business of mutual ear-and-jowl chewing! Mummy called me 'elephant seal'. She says that is what I sound like when I am kanoodling with a colleague! She has just no idea about doggyspeak does she?

In other news - calendars and mugs are selling well, so get your orders in before they all have to go under my supervision at the Post Office. Just click on this link and I will personally make sure they get safely on their way to you.


Video is of me and Paris kanoodling on the floor of Costa. The vocals are all mine!

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Silvery Swimmysnack

Wot? No bones? Hoooooowwwwwllllll!

I took Mummy workywalkies all the way across Bumingham (we left Daddy behind to do his tippetytappetying stuff). We went all the way to the seeeriously mouth-drippy place Mum says is called the meat market. It was full of endless rows of meat counters and swimmynosh counters. Mummy asked me to 'find the counter' at every single one of them. Then she asked the manhumans behind each counter if they had any beef bones but they ALL said 'No'!!

She also asked me to 'find the counter' at one of the swimmynosh stands too. That was just as much torture! There was a huge shiny silvery swimmysnack right at nose height! I soooooo could have carried that home for Mummy but all she got was a blue bag with 2 little bits of white chunky stuff in it. Meanie!

When she was doing her choppy sizzly stuff she used a shiny pointy stick to take the white chunk off of a kind of shiny silver layer. I got that silver scrummy stuff! Nom-nommy-nom-nom!!! I think I forgave her - almost completely....... well.... she did then take a little yellow pointy ball and squeeze all its juice all over the white chunk. That yellow ball juice was nasty! It ruined the white chunky yum!

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Big Truck and Big Bag!

Double workywalkies and supervision duties. Is there no end to my responsibilities?

The first workywalkies was to Morrisons. A now familiar route so a bit boring except for the challenge on the way home. A car and a big box-on-wheels were parked on the pawment - right across it! So I had to guide Mummy out into the road to get around it. That is always a challenge and a bit nerve-wracking, but this was extra tricky because the truck was a big beastie and it was difficult for Mummy and me to work out if there was any traffic coming from around it. We did it though. We made it! I got some lovely fusses from Mummy for that. I also got the biggest carrot in the bag from the shopping when we got home! Heehee!

The next workywalkies was into Bumingham city centre. First stop was the Post Office. Getting there was an interesting exercise too. There is a lot of noisy diggy-buildy stuff going on and the route keeps changing because the big walls keep moving. We made it though and I got to make a workymanhuman happy. His back leg made a great nose-rubbing point! He gave me some lovely ear-rubs in return! The main purpose of the visit though was to send the first consignment of calendars and mugs out. I supervised very closely to make sure my minions did a good job.

When we got home, there was a bag waiting for us. It had some yummies in it for me! Thank you to whoever very kindly left them! Mummy says I might be able to sample them tomorrow! The bag also contained some teenyweeny fursubstitutes for a human boypuppy. Mummy says these will be perfect for my brand new human-nephew. She says that Rosie now has a smaller tummy and Hallie has a little brother named Theo.

4 photos:
Me standing up on hind legs with my front paws on the Post Office counter - closely supervising the sending of my mugs.

Uh-Oh - Trouble ahead!

The car and truck blocking the pawment.

My new human-nephew Theo in his car-seat ready to leave the big humanvets.

Monday, 15 October 2018

A Bit of Light Re-Leaf!

Apparently this is hilarious! Hufffff!

All I did was to enjoy a bit of a snifff about in the bushes. I came out with an attachment on my head. I looked to Mummy for help and what did she do? She just laughed and then pulled out her talkybone to click at me!

It was a super soggy walkies - quite a nice long walkies around a favourite towpath route. Mummy says it is called the Soho Loop. It has a park part way round but Mummy was a very disobedient human today. She refused to follow my attempts at guiding her into that park. I shall have to take her back again another day for more training.

In other news - we have calendars! Not only my calendars, but Daddy's calendars too! I have allowed him some space on my wagsite for them. They have a selection of his one-eyed-clickybox clickings in them. Of course, none of them are anywhere near as good as MY calendar - well..... they don't have ME in them do they?!!!

If anyone would like to order any of them, then just click on the link at the top of my page and it will take you to my 'Shop'.

Photo shows me standing on gravel towpath scattered with autumn leaves. I am looking toward the front, very soggy, with a big leaf stuck on top of my head.

Sunday, 14 October 2018


Rezzervwhaah. That's what Mummy called it.

Rezzervwayyhayyy! Is what I think it should be called. It was a FREEEERRRRUUUNNNN! It was delightfully soggy and mucky and with ooooodles of sniffings and zoomies all the way around a huge puddle with a beach!

That perfect Sunday afternoon came after a soggy workywalkies to church, with a rubbadub on arrival (Mummy produced a rubbadub cloth from her pocket!), then a carpet snooze through all the humanhowling. Then a slightly extended workywalkies back home again with slightly less sogginess, but still another rubbadub when we got home.

Next came a bone. It didn't take me long to deal with that though. It was only a little one. Mummy muttered something about it was supposed to keep me occupied for hours. Well that was a daft hope Mum!

Finally the leakyskies stopped and we headed off out again. I knew it was going to be a nice outing when my towpath harness went on with my flexilead attached. It all started off pretty good with a nice leisurely walkies along the towpath, then we turned left and I thought it was turning boring again as this took us onto a street, so Mummy reeled me it onto the shortest setting on the flexi lead. Then I recognised where we were going! We've been that way before! I could smell the fun! 'Find the crossing' was the best command! It meant we were heading straight to the rezzervwayhayyy!

Ooooohhh! it was good to be a loony for a while!
The rubbadub when we got home again was pretty good too! I had managed to get my belly delightfully soggy! Heehee!

5 photos:
Towpath toddles on full length flexilead.

The path around the rezzervwhayhay.

The path around the rezzervwhayhay.

Zoomies through all the fallen leaves.

Towel-tug beside floatyboatyhome.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Yummies upon Return

Daddy to the rescue! My wagsite is now fully functional. Mugs and calendars can now be ordered and all is well. Thank you MinionDaddy! I will post a pinned link at the top of my page.

MinionMummy is still waiting for her talkybone to tell her more about coasters, placemats, keyrings and possibly some other bits and bobs too.

In other news - We've had visitors!

A manhuman who attacked the big growly monster under the back deck. The monster had gone on strike and wouldn't wake up yesterday afternoon. This manhuman came and attacked it with some shinysticks. Then he added a big block thing with knobs on top, and took away the one that was there before. He attached some tails to it and then the monster started growling again - big and strong and scary! Thankfully, Daddy put the lid back down to keep it shut into its den!

The other visitors were floatyboatyfriends that we haven't seen for ages. Wayne, and Rachel and their two now-not-so-ittle humanpuppy girlies. They all gave good ear-rubs and fusses!

I got to take Daddy for a leisure walkies while Mummy did some choppy stuff. That meant I got some yummies upon return; carrot strips and knobbyends! That was my lunch while Mummy and Daddy ate theirs - they had yucky green leaves and other things too. I was happy with my carrot trimmings.

Then, this afternoon, I took Mummy for a towpath toddle. It was a towpath harness job - not fully on duty for me, but I still looked after Mummy, especially as it started to get dark on our way back. I made sure I stayed between Mummy and the waterside of the towpath. She is getting quite good at using her rollystick but she doesn't like it and she says it is blimmin hard work too! It was a pleasant wander though. A bit huffetyfuffety at times with lots of leaves racing and chasing about - one of them jumped up and got stuck to my nose at one point! I had to stop and swipe it off with my paw!

Friday, 12 October 2018

Mug Shots on Mugs

Dumbo! That's what Mummy called me today! She said my ears were flapping ready for take-off!

It has been a tad huffyfuffy! The canal has looked a bit like the ocean with frothy-topped moving humps on top. Floatyboatyhome has been biffety-bumpety-rocky-jiggling too. All a little unnerving, but we are cozy and safe. Mummy's lap is the bestest place to be at times like this!

The Dumbo bit came when I took her workywalkies into town. That was a big challenge; not only because we were going from a different place from ever before, but also because it has been a bad-eyes day for Mummy (she said the pawment seemed like ocean waves rolling toward her too) AND with the air all loud and huffyfuffy, she can't hear much to help navigate. I worked my little paws off! We did it though! I got her safely into the big shoppyplace then back home again. No problem!

Mummy says that my mugs are on my wagsite now and ready to order. The calendars will be arriving on Monday and so those that have already been ordered will be dispatched as soon as possible after they arrive. Apparently there was some goof-up over the deliverymanhuman's efforts to find the right place to bring them. It is all sorted now though, thanks to another nice manhuman in some place called Canal and RiverTrustOffice. I think I will have to be generous with my OakleyKisses when we get to collect the calendars!

Footnote from Dad: Unfortunately, a slight hiccup in getting the mugs on the website means they won't be available until tomorrow. Sorry.


Thursday, 11 October 2018

Pleeeeeeeease Mummy...

Well...It seems that things haven't gone quite according to plan today. At least - not according to Mummy & Daddy's plan anyway. A bit of my plan worked nicely!

Mummy and Daddy seem to have spent a lot of today on tippetytappetying and talkyboning. This has included some growling and huffetying. I get the impression that it all has something to do with my calendars and a deliverymanhuman who didn't deliver. It seems also that all of this has meant that Daddy hasn't had time to put my mugs onto my wagsite yet and that we can't yet take any calendars to the post office either because we haven't got them yet.

I have to admit that I don't really understand what any of this means but the most important thing is that I got to take Mummy and Daddy workywalkies to Morrisons this morning. That's where my bit of plan worked perfectly: I planned to sniff out the meat aisle. I not only managed to sniff it out, but I also successfully guided Mummy to it. Then I found the bit where they keep the bones! I turned on my bestest 'pleeeeeeeease Mummy' eyes. It worked!

That made for a pleasant afternoon's work for me, allowing my minions to deal with the issues to do with my mugs and calendars.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

White Flat Stuff!

Mummy says I'm a mug!

Daddy went out and collected a big box earlier. Of course, I had to inspect the contents. I am chief scrutinizer of all incoming items! It contained a whole load of those human drinking bowls with handles on. They all have ME on them!

Mummy says they will be on sale on my wagsite from tomorrow, raising more shinydisks towards sponsoring our next puppy to be trained to be awesome like me!

As for my day: It has been a largely leisurely day. I got to take Mummy for a very pleasant leisurewalkies along the towpath this morning. She gave me the day off, so I was wearing my towpath harness with flexilead attached and Mummy use her rolly stick. That meant I got to enjoy some good sniffing to catch up on all the local gossip. I also got to snaffle a snack from a huge pile on the towpath...... before meanie-Mummy tugged me away with a growly 'Leave it'! Humph! That pile of white flat stuff was nearly as big as me! I could have enjoyed that feast! Mummy says that pitta bread is not for pooches and she really wouldn't fancy breathing the air near me tomorrow if I had eaten it!

Photo shows three of my mugs - showing all sides. They have a picture of me in harness with floatyboatyhome in the background and my wagsite address on one side, near the handle and my Facebark and Twitty details on the other side by the handle.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Biffety-bumpety-rocky-rolly snooze

Home on floatyboatyhome again!

Workywalkies from Puppa's home to Shoreham Station. Snoozies on the train.
Workywalkies across London, from Victoria Station to Marley's BoneStation, via a rather pleasant free-wander through Hidey Park.

Long but biffety-bumpety-rocky-rolly snooze on the train.

Workywalkies across Bumingham.

There was a super welcome waiting for me aboard the front deck - a huuuuuuge box full of 28kg my nosh! Mummy says I can't have it all at once though. How mean!

Monday, 8 October 2018

Little Bit Ditsy!

Now THAT's what I CALL a workywalkies! 6.33 miles apparently!

The day started with a great playtime with Milo the GoldieDoodle in the park at the bottom of the road. Then came a bit of a snoozytime while Daddy did tippetytappetying and Mummy did yet more crowshaving and Puppa zzizzed in his armchair. Then we went for a car-ride to a human yummyery in Worthing.

That under-the-table snooze was good preparation for what came next: I got to take Mummy to the shop opposite where she bought two more big blobs of wound-up long tails - the ones she unravels to crowshave. Then we set off down the road, and Mummy asked me to 'Find left' then 'Find the crossing'. That took us to a very exciting prospect; the beach! I got a little bit ditsy in anticipation but Mummy told me 'Not today. Find left'. Huff! I thought! I did try to persuade Mummy that she was making a mistake but she just insisted 'No. Not today. Straight on'. I got the message. We went straight on..... and on..... and on............. Alllllll the way from Worthing to Puppa's home in Shoreham, along the edge of the beach most of the way.

Part way along Mummy asked me to 'Find a seat'. I did and it was a good move; Mummy sat down on the bench and then removed my harness and lead and let me have a sniff about on the beach. I have to admit that I didn't have a huge amount of oomph for zoomies or anything too energetic but I did enjoy that bit of relaxation!

4 photos of me with Milo the white curly coated Golden Retriever x Poodle. He is wearing a K9 harness just like mine but his has squiggles on the sides that say 'Champion' on one side and 'Security' on the other.

Sunday, 7 October 2018


Playdate! Woohoo!

Church first (carpet snooze and lots of fusses - plus a little bit of white fluffystuff from a ladyhuman at the front when Mummy got a bit of it and a slurp from a human drinkbowl on a stalk). Then a trip to visit big round Rosie and James and Hallie again. Then came the bestest bit: A car-ride to my PuppyMummy and PuppyDaddy's home!

I may just have got a smidgen squeaky when we pulled in through the big gates. PuppyMummy Sue was there waiting for me! My tail wagged so hard it wopped me on the sides! Then we went into the garden and I didn't know which way to zoom first! There was PuppyDaddy Mike and Labradoodle pup Poppy! I got so excited I had to make a deposit on the grass! Ahem! Oops! Then came the crazy zoomies and chase and roll and chase and fusses and greetings and more zoomies and more chase and ... and... and... Ooooooohhhh!!! It was such fun!

3 photos:
Zoomies with Poppy the black(ish) Labradoodle.

Happy me waiting on the grass for the next game of chase.

Fusses with PuppyMummy Sue for me and with Mummy for Poppy.