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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

White Flat Stuff!

Mummy says I'm a mug!

Daddy went out and collected a big box earlier. Of course, I had to inspect the contents. I am chief scrutinizer of all incoming items! It contained a whole load of those human drinking bowls with handles on. They all have ME on them!

Mummy says they will be on sale on my wagsite from tomorrow, raising more shinydisks towards sponsoring our next puppy to be trained to be awesome like me!

As for my day: It has been a largely leisurely day. I got to take Mummy for a very pleasant leisurewalkies along the towpath this morning. She gave me the day off, so I was wearing my towpath harness with flexilead attached and Mummy use her rolly stick. That meant I got to enjoy some good sniffing to catch up on all the local gossip. I also got to snaffle a snack from a huge pile on the towpath...... before meanie-Mummy tugged me away with a growly 'Leave it'! Humph! That pile of white flat stuff was nearly as big as me! I could have enjoyed that feast! Mummy says that pitta bread is not for pooches and she really wouldn't fancy breathing the air near me tomorrow if I had eaten it!

Photo shows three of my mugs - showing all sides. They have a picture of me in harness with floatyboatyhome in the background and my wagsite address on one side, near the handle and my Facebark and Twitty details on the other side by the handle.

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