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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Rusty Fusty.

Errrr..... we went on a workywalkies, then a bus ride ..... to get on a train that didn't move!

Daddy wanted to go to a place called Kroo, to look at fusty rusty old trains. The one we went upsteps and into smelled all dusty fusty inside and I didn't have to do the usual 'Find a seat' for Mummy. All the seats were empty and some were missing. There were lots of rectangles on the walls with all sorts of squiggles and pictures on them. We went walking along some of the tracks that took us to right beside some other big beastie trains. They are hugenormous when we're not on the highfloor beside them like in a normal trainkennel place.

After guiding Mummy around all this dusty rusty fusty stuff, I got to guide her on the streets again and to the bestest place: Pets at Home!! Yippeeeee!! Hoovering time! This was followed by a few other shops before the 'Find the bus-stop' and then the journey home again.

2 photo:
Me 'hupped' at the front of the train that went nowhere. Maybe, when I re-tyre I could be a train driver?

Me sitting in front of the train that went nowhere. Daddy says it is called the APT and it was all wobbly when it went around bends.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Nan Twitch.

Four locks - over and over and over again...... Mummy must really like doing all that windy-upppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff! She did it all so many times for other floatyboats before it was our floatyboatyhome's turn. Even then, we got Daddy and floatyboatyhome into one lock, started him going down inside it, then walked on to the next one to do the windy-windy stuff, then back again to let Daddy out, then down again to let him into the next one....... and on it went. I didn't know if I was coming or going or on the way back again! It was probably all of them! It was fun though - and yummy! Mummy seemed to be pleased with me for doing all the 'find the beam', 'find the bollard' and 'find the paddle'. I got a yummy at each and every one of them! The fusses and admirations from other floatyboatypeople were good to have too!

After all that work, ti was just a nice easy towpath workywalkies to find our new home for tonight. We are back on familiar territory. Mummy says it is called Nan Twitch or something. She says we will be staying here for a couple of days so we can go shopping tomorrow and church on Sunday. I think this will mean I will get some downtime to do some more work on that bone!

Thursday, 16 August 2018


This is the only way to spend a chilly evening: Sofasnuggles with Mummy!

It has been another day of towpath workywalkies, liftyuppy bridges and locks. Then, after we moored up, a visitor arrived. It was our humanpal Chris. He spent most of the time he was with us, with his head down a hole in the pointy bit of floatyboatyhome. He was using a strange toy with a long spike on it to make all sorts of loud and scary zizzzzing noises. I stayed well hidden under the table! I didn't fancy getting zizzzzed!

2 photos:
Me snuggling on Mummy's legs on the sofa.

Waiting patiently by a lockbeam while Mummy was helping with all the windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff to make floatyboats go up and down and in and out until it was the turn of our floatyboatyhome.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Maximum Strength.

Ten locks today - some of them over and over and over again - and about five miles of workywalkies along the towpath. I think I have earned my bone-session today! I did need to take a bit of a nap before I attacked it though. Well.... I had to make sure I had maximum strength to do it justice!

2 photos:
Close up of me lying on the wooden floor with my paw on my bone and my jaws in action working on it.

Mummy and me in action on the towpath.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Bone O'Clock!

LUNCH!!!! Where do I start?

Meanie Mummy says I can't have it all at once though!

Photo shows me sitting on the bow deck of floatyboatyhome looking at the most enormous bone I have ever had! Mum says it is a beef pelvis section. I say it is seriously yummy!

Gnawing on that bone made my eyelids far too heavy. When they got lighter and I was able to lift them again, my bone was gone! A while later, Mummy opened that white chillycupboard and I caught a sniff. That was a mean trick Mummy! That bone is mine. The mouthdrippy shopman gived it to me!

This morning, Daddy abandoned us! Apparently he went off on a trip on a train to go point his one-eyed-clickybox at some old buses. So I had to take Mummy into town. I remembered the way. No problem! Most of it was a bit tedious; Mummy got me to do several 'Find the door' to shops with all sorts of old fusty stuff in. Apparently she was trying to find something called a T-pot. None of them had one. Then we went down the street with the mouth-drippyshop in it. I managed to direct Mum into there without even being asked! Heehee! It worked perfectly! The evidence is in that photo posted earlier. Yummmyscrummmy. Then, after a bit more wandering around, Mummy stopped me and said 'Hang on a moment Oaks. Let me get my bearings...... errrrr..... where are we?' Well, I soon sorted her out. I turned her slightly to the right and took her around the corner. There was the door of Boots! My bum bounced super triumphantly! Mummy laughed and told me what a clever boy I am. A quick nuzzle of her 'good boy pouch' got me my due edible proof! That got me the admirations of some onlooking ladyhumans whose mouths all turned way up at the corners!

Next, Mummy was asking 'Ooh....which way is home from here?' I sorted her out again! No problem! No hesitation! Of course, that gave me the perfect opportunity to gude her home via the nicer route; the one that just happens to go through the park and the woody track! Heehee!

i think I earned that megabone....... I had better get it back again tomorrow!

Monday, 13 August 2018

No Soggydoggy!

Yayhayy! We are on the move again! Ellesmere was very nice but I was geting a tad bored with the little place! Nothing personal - just not many streets to explore!

So, today has been all about towpath walkies with Mummy and cruisin-and-a-snoozin on the back deck. Oh - and a couple of lifty-uppy bridges too. That was after a final workywalkies taking Mummy to Tesco's first. She was a good Mummy - she got some huge carrots!

The towpath walkies was a lovely leisurely wander. It was all on territory we have walked before, so Mummy knew it was all good surface, the light was good and Mummy's eyes were behaving quite well today, so I got ot enjoy exercising my new bright yellow flexilead. I tried my bestest to stretch it far enough to go for a swim as we walked by the giant puddle, but Mummy seems to be able to shrink it and stifle my efforts! She said 'Not today. No soggydoggy today'. Huffff!

As we were walking along, there was a humanyip from a floatyboat that was coming towards us. It was a nice ladyhuman, Angela; one of my fans! Her manhuman drove to the bank, so she could come fuss me (Always welcome of course!) He then pulled the floatyboat in by its long lead. Off hopped a poochpal too, but she didn't want to play. I tried very hard to get aboard to check out this floatyboat, but that lead-shrinking act of Mummy's stymied my attempts to carry out my inspection work! Harrumph!

This evening, we are moored in a place Mummy says is called Whitchurch. After my dindins, I took Daddy for a walkies to refresh my memory of the route into town. I suspect I have work to do tomorrow......

Photo shows me and Mummy on the lifty-uppy bridge, just after Mummy had done her windy-uppy-windy-downy thing to lift it up and put it back down again.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Mutual Sniff!

Mummy says today is our last day in this Ellesmere place. Well, it has been a good last day! A walkies with Daddy this morning (Mummy was still in bed feeling a bit sorry for herself), then a relaxing snoozy time. The bestest bit came next; a FREERUN!!!! Yippeeeeee! I even found a paddling pool in the field! Heehee! It was only a little field but it was great to enjoy a romp around. We then went on the round town route that took us to the giant puddle (no chance to swim though - boo!) and back along the towpath.

After my dinner, we set off out again - this time to a church service. There, I found some familiar humanfriends to meet and greet. We came back home via a different towpathy route and, just as we got back to floatyboatyhome, I found a little buddy; a basset puppy called Axle. He was all growly and scared of me! Scared of ME!!!! I don't think I am scary really. I just stayed really calm and gave him my bestest waggy tail patient greetings and, after a long while, he got brave enough to join in a mutual sniff. I would love to get to know him better and teach him how to have fun with a doggypal, but that was not to be. He is on hollibobs on a floatyboat, so it seems we are unlikely to meet again. He had lots of very nice humans with him though and they clearly love him very much. They certainly gave me some very nice fusses and ear rubs!

Saturday, 11 August 2018


Well! That was a nice surprise today!

I took Mummy out for a workywalkies and we discovered a Guide Dogs flappyroof thingy in amongst lots of other flappyroof thingies at the end of the canal, on the wharf. Under that flappyroof was a colleague I have met before; Declan the yellow lab x retriever, plus another yellow lab girlie colleague whose name I can't remember (Oops! Sorreeee!). Well, actually, names really don't matter to us doggies. We just sniff butts and get on with playing and kanoodling! We don't need each other's names to do that! We all three had a great time chewing ears and biffing each other while our humans did all their yacketying.

I did have to tear myself away eventually to take Mummy on this wander around town, then, after a wrong turning and therefore an about turn, onward to the round trip past the giant puddle and back along the towpath. I was a bit miffed that Mum refused to allow me to guide her to the beach bit of the giant puddle where I could have enjoyed another swim, but it was a nice longish workywalkies anyway.

A bit later, I had to take her back out again. This time it was to Tesco's via the canal where lots of floatyboatyhomes were with all sorts of delectables outside. I didn't get to sample anything but I did manage to get myself some lovely fusses. We are getting to know some of the humans on these shoppyboats and many of them are at my shnozzle-height when they pop their heads through the little doors on the sides of the boats! Heehee! I do like to be at shnozzle level with humans who appreciate kisses!

Friday, 10 August 2018

Washed Away Weemails!

Soggy Doggy!

Big leakyskies today. Mummy and I got very drippy working the locks, and Daddy was a tad damp driving floatyboatyhome too.

It was all OK though - it all started with a great game of chase and romp with Jasper, the black lab that I met a couple of days ago. Waiting in the queue to work the locks has never been such fun!

We are now back in that Ellesmere place, so back to the same streets again, but this leakysky stuff has washed away all the weemails! I have some replacement work to do!

Photo of me (on the left) and Jasper checking out the long tufty grass beside the towpath while waiting to go work the locks.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Fantabulous Playmate!

Towpath workywalkies, 8 locks and a lifty-uppy bridge. All on brand new territory. Yesssss!!! Team Towpath back where we belong doing what we do best! The rest of the day has been all about snoozin-while-cruisin on the back deck.

Oh! I nearly missed a bit out! We moored up for Mummy and Daddy to have lunch (none for me of course. Huff!). There was another floatyboat there with a fantabulous playmate; a fellow black labrador called Jasper. A good game of chase-romp-and-roll with him was just what a hardworking guide dog needed on a cruisy day!

Photo of me in harness at the end of a lock beam, waiting while Mummy did all her windy-uppy-windy-downy stuff.

Me helping Mummy to push the big heavy lock beam.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Eternal Freerun.

Lying under the table at a human yummyery is always better when it comes after a nice long wander! Even when Mummy fails to yield to my bestest efforts to guide her to the lake for a swim. Instead, she insisted most insistently on 'Not today. Straight on'. Huff!

A good bone-munching session on the towpath this afternoon was fair compensation and a nice leisurely walkies this evening to take Daddy away so Mummy could stroke the floor has been a nice round off to a pretty relaxed day.

Mummy has had an email (she doesn't have a clue about weemails!) to tell us that Chrissie pup, (the pup we raised all the shinydisks for to sponsor her in memory of Nanny) has gone off to Guide Dogs Big School today. This made Mummy's eyes all leaky because today is the anniversary of the day that Nanny left us to go for her eternal freerun.

Chrissie pup in her crate in the back of the Guide Dogs School bus.

When we got to meet and play when she was diddy. She isn't the ickle ear-chewer that we first met any more!

Monday, 6 August 2018

Catching Up!

Coooeeeeee! I is back!

Well, actually, I haven't been away but phweeeessshh! What a week!!!!
We have been doing something called the Boats of Hope mission in this here Ellesmere place. It seems that this 'Mission' thingy involves lots of humanhowling in all sorts of guises, lots and lots and lots of yacketying in all sorts of places, and megamegamegalots of noshing! Human noshing! Not woofy noshing! How mean is that? They have had noshes in human yummyeries, noshes on the towpath, noshes inside floatyboats, noshes with lots of other humans. On most of the days they were even giving away nosh! Hundreds of sausages and burgers - big, mouthdrippy meaty disks......... and cheese n biccies and pupcakes and creamteases and biccies and brownies and and and...... oh it was torture! They didn't give any of it in the right direction! All those meanie humans - and two starving Labradors left with drippy jowls!

Lilly and I had to resort to hoovering the grass in the evenings - just to get a hint of the yumminess that we had been deprived of!

Even, on the occasion that I tried to rescue a pupcake from the binbag, Mummy was mean enough to force my mouth open and confiscate it! She said it was not good for me! She said it was full of sugar and with added sugar on top too. She said she didn't want to face the consequences the next day.


Starvation aside, it seems that mission for me has been simply to be handsome and gleaming and adored! Well, I think I can manage that! Mind you, I even got corrected on my interpretation of 'handsome and gleaming'. I had taken Mummy for a lovely long walkies along the towpath, through a dark tube of doom and out the other end to find a glorious giant puddle to swim in. It was fantabulous!! Just perfect on a hot afternoon! When I sploshed out again onto the towpath, I did a rather spectacular job of drying myself off by rolling on the dusty gravel towpath! I think the golden tones rather suited me! I think Mummy disagreed though: when we got back to flaotyboatyhome, I got frothed! Huff! Then, when I was dry, I got puffed and buffed and polished.

It has been a great week really! It is lovely to be with all our floatyboatyhumanpals, plus my girliefriend Lilly too. There has been oodles of hard work to do, plus lots of fun too. One evening, I got a bit miffed though. We went to a big building where there were lots of humanpups. Some of our floatyboatyhumans were playing football with them and Lilly got to join in but Mummy wouldn't let me. She said I would pop the ball! Well.... surely that is the idea of the game isn't it? I simply didn't get the chance to demonstrate my ball skills! I squeaked and woofed and cried but to no avail. Mum had me firmly clamped to her chair! Huff!

On Saturday, the day of the hundreds of sausages and meatydisks, Mummy wasn't feeling too good. I knew this. I looked after her. It was a really bad, bad eyes days, so I took her for a lovely long walkies along the towpath. Then I spent the rest of the day lying right next to her on the rug on the towpath. She was sitting on the rug on the floor, doing something she called 'Rag-rugging' and getting minihumans to join in. This meant that, even though I was pressed right by her side, making sure she was safe, I got lots of fusses and admirations! It was a very nice way to spend the time doing my duty.

On Tuesday, we went to a humanboozery place for the evening, where humanpals James and Hazel, plus Roger and Miriana did all sorts of humanhowling into black lollipops and they had various noiseboxes too - some with a hole in the middle and a long stick on one side with whiskers along it, some really peculiar things that had little buttons on both ends and a ziggyzaggy squeezy-in-and-out middle bit. I just enjoyed the carpet and kept tucked into the corner out of the way.

On Wednesday evening, it was Mummy's turn to use a black lollipop. This was in a different building and there were people sitting on rows and rows of chairs. Mummy was telling them all about her sightloss and about me and about something called miracles that have got us to be living on a floatyboatyhome. Of course, I simply had to do my bestest job; I had to soak up all the fusses and admirations! It's a tough job sometimes!

Yesterday was a day of unwinding after all the busyness. For me that meant another fantabulous swimming opportunity. I took Mummy and Daddy for a leisurely walkies and that got us to a lake where I found pooch pals to swim and romp in the giant puddle with. This evening, Daddy wanted to go back there when it was almost dark, so he could play with his one-eyed-clickybox. I was happy to accompany him and to demonstrate my swimming in the dark skills! Now, I am nice and soggy and Mummy says she wants a shower.........
I shall leave you with a few photos of the week's adventures.
Swimming in the giant puddle. I got quite a long way out.......

......but I swam back again!

Meeting a colleague is always good. This fellow Guide Dog was on hollibobs with his blind ladyhuman mum and dad on his wheeliebuzzer.

Looking after Mummy at one of the humanhowling sessions on the towpath.

Lilly tried on my working harness. I think it rather suited her! She didn't do too badly at guiding her daddy but she went in a bit of a zigzag line across the hall!

Monday, 30 July 2018

Plain and undotty!

Oooooopsie! It seems that a yummy left on a little table at Oakley-nose-height is not meant for Oakley!

After a workywalkies to a room in a church across town, and back again, we got back to all the floatyboatyhomes and all the humans got scurrying around putting up flappyroofs with no walls and putting out lots of chairs and tables on the wide bit of towpath grassy area. Then all sorts of delectables went onto the bigger tables. Then lots of humans came along at various times throughout the morning. Uncle Peter had a hot whistly-snout pot thingy that he was using to make endless cups of hot black or brown slurpystuff. Aunty Sue, other Aunty Sue, Aunty Lin and several others at various times were giving out lots of the yummies from the big tables. I stayed out of the way for some of the time. It was less hectic aboard floatyboatyhome. When I did hop out I was greeted by that yummy just perfectly placed at nose height. It just called out to my mouth...... my mouth obediently answered! Some of the human mouths turned up at the corners but Mummy didn't seem to happy. Oh dear! At least I now know that something called 'cake' is delicious!

After a little while more, I got to take Daddy walkies - a long walkies around town. It was really confusing; we went to lots and lots of doors but didn't dingdong. Daddy just fed the oblong mouths in each door with flappy rectangles and we left again. Most peculiar, but it was a welcome walkies anyway.

On the way back the sky did a big bad leaky on us. When we arrived back home, Mummy was busy on her talkybone so she couldn't stop me at the door for a towelrub. That meant I got to go straight in and do a superb bigshake - I got a really good spray going all up the walls, cupboards, doors....... heeheeheee! Well..... it was boring all plain and undotty!

This evening, Daddy went out and left us so, after more talkyboning, Mummy let me take her out for some practice with her long cane-with-a-ball-on-the-end. It was a very pleasant wander along the towpath and back. That meant I got to enjoy a good old sniffing and weemailing session!

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Maximum Bellyrub!

Two church sessions of all the humanhowling and yacketying today.

The first one started with a towel rub, after a soggy workywalkies, and ended with some delectable belly rubs!

The second one was this evening and it was outdoors, here beside all our floatyboatyhomes. That meant that I had pooch pals to share it with! Lilly (yellow labrador girliefriend) and Biggles (little beagle x terrier) were here all the time with me, plus there were lots of passing sniffs and greetings to be had too!

It all finished off with a good game of fetch to and fro along the towpath with Lilly and a whole load of balls and squeaky toys! Great fun!

Photo shows me lying on my back displaying my full glory to get maximum bellyrub from two humanpuppies at this morning's church.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Energy Expenditure...

Towpath toddles.
Towpath snoozes.
Towpath toddles.
Towpath snoozes.
Towpath toddles.
Towpath snoozes.........

Yep! That about sums up today. Quite enough energy expenditure with a hangy-outy-tongue day all day. 

I did find some energy for a bit of a kanoodle with Lilly though! Well... I couldn't ignore her could I?

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Fuzzy Inside!

I've had my girliefriend on my bed!

Lilly came to stay for the day. Just Lilly. No humans. They left her in my care! I did my bestest to look after her. I even donated my bed to her! <3 <3 <3
Mummy groomed us both and I ended up with pale yellow highlights! Very fetching I thought!

We went for a stroll together - I lent her one of my leads.

We shared a big bowl of water.

We snoozed together on the grass beside the towpath.

Oooh! I feel all fuzzy inside!

Wednesday, 25 July 2018


A delivery. A yummy delivery. For MEEEEEE! New din dins!

Mummy says it is super good for me. Better than the one I have been having. I just think it is yummy scrummy! I didn't get any bigger bowlful though.....

The package also had some treats in it. Teeny tiny morsels. Yummy teeny tiny morsels. Mummy says they are super good-for-me training treats / good boy rewards. I think I can cope with some of those! There were some bigger treats too - I hope to find out more about them soon......

This delivery came after a largely snoozy-tongue-hangy-out day. I did workywalkies Mummy along the towpath first though. Daddy fibbed. He said we were only going half a mile. Mummy's talkybone squawked two and a half miles! It was a nice workywalkies though, interspersed with stops for human yacketying sessions. First of all we found our humanfriends' floatyboatyhomes; Peter & Lin and Chris & Sally. That got me a lie down on the cool damp grass while they yipped away. Then we went onto familiar territory again. We are back in this Ellesmere place. We were heading to Tesco again, but found fans and admirers again on the way. Well, I'm never going to be so rude as to turn down a fuss from a fan!

I took Mummy around Tesco. I even sorted her out when she burbled 'Where's the milk Oaks? I think we must've gone past it'. I gave her 'the look', she said 'go on then smartybum. Find the milk'. About turn.....two aisles back where we had come from...... bum bounce! Yummy Thank you!

When we came out of Tesco Mum said 'Over the bridge Oaks'. Well - that wasn't the way we had come! I did as I was told though and then found our floatyboatyhome! Aboard was a manhuman sitting at the table. He had Mummy's tippetytappetytoy all in bits on the table. He did lots of fiddling and twiddling with a tiny shiny stick thing and lots of teensyweensy little nibs. Eventually Mummy's toy looked like itself again and it started yacketying again. Apparently he was a pootervet and he made it better for Mummy.

This evening, after getting to sample my new nosh, we went out for a short walkies along the towpath again. There we found lots of floatyboatyhumanpals. That was all nice and good but, much more importantly, I found my buddy Lilly the yellow floatyboatylabradorgirlie! Yaaaayhaaayyyyy! Happy waggy reunions! Apparently we are going to be here for nearly two weeks. I hope there will be plenty of playdates for us!

Tuesday, 24 July 2018


Three miles of workywalkies along the towpath. Then another mile to and fro and to and fro and to and fro...... at the two locks! There was a queueueue (sorry - didn't know when to stop ue-ing) of floatyboats at the first lock so Mummy and I set to work helping with all the windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff - over and over and over again. Well.... I suppose the truth is that Mummy did all that. I just had to keep her under supervision while I lay down and absorbed the fusses! It's a tough life sometimes!

The workywalkies was good though. Most of it was on good towpath, so easy for Mummy to walk on and therefore easy for me to guide her. Actually, there wasn't really much for me to do, so it was just a pleasant stroll really. It was quite yummy too on and off. It seems that Mummy was 'working on some discipline'. That appears to mean repeating the command 'Leave' whenever I attempted to veer for a sniff of a leaf or for a doggypal greeting. When I did manage to leave, I got a 'Good boy to leave' and a yummy to prove it! There were two leave-its that were utterly impossible to obey though! Sky the collie buddy that I met yesterday came to greet me. He was lucky - freerunning and way ahead of his humandad. He came running straight up to me so I simply couldn't 'leave' him! It was OK though; Mummy laid down my harness handle which means I can meet and greet but I'm not allowed to play - no matter how hard I try to get away with a little fun. So, we sniffed and circled each other and then had to go our separate ways. It was nice to meet up with him again though. The other irresistible was a Springer Spaniel that reminded me of my old buddy Pilot. I may just have forgotten my manners a smidge as I pulled Mummy to greet. Sadly though, it wasn't Pilot, so it was just another sniff-greet and then on our way again.

There were stretches of towpath that weren't so easy going. The towpath was nice and wide all the way today, but some bits were rather rough and rugged. I had to work quite hard steering Mummy around the dips and trips and onto the more level bits. She was a good Mummy though; she followed my guidance well!

Photo shows me sitting atop the first lock of today, supervising the workings.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Floatyboathome vet!

7 miles ..... just 7 miles ..... why have we stopped Mummy? Surely we could do another 7 mileszzzzzzzzzz.........

It all started with a very short cruise into a floatyboatyhome kennel with a floatyboatyhome vet in it. The floatyboatyhome vet fitted our floatyboatyhome with a new tail. This included a lot of loud banging which was a bit scary, but I got to take Mummy walkies while most of that was going on.

Then we cruised a bit more - until there was a loud grrrrrrrr from underneath and we stopped - in the middle of the canal. Some nice manhumans got hold of floatyboatyhome's front lead and pulled hard while the rumbler under the back deck growled super loudly. Eventually, we were free again and cruised on. This took us over the canal in the sky again too - not the mega high one - that was yesterday, but the slightly less scary one. It was OK. We survived and moored up quite soon afterwards.

Mummy and Daddy munched lunch, then waited for the froth monster to finish chewing the towels. Once they were hanging to flap on the lines on the front deck, we set off out.

This workywalkies took us back across the canal in the sky again - but walking on the towpath this time; much better! This workywalkies went on and on..... on roads with no pawments... up steep hils ..... up VERY steep hills...... and eventually to a hugegiganticenormous house. One of those houses with round bits at the corners and a huge cage door and giant bottom teeth on the roof. Ooooh! It was bliss inside there - not because of all the fusty old stuff that the humans seem to find so fascinating - but because the stone floor was delectably cool to lie down on! Apparently it was called Chirk Castle. I found some nice fusses from some nice humans there. I wouldn't mind going back again!

I would have sooooo loved to get to freerun in the garden - it was maaaaaahooooosive! Alas, it seems that pooches are not allowed to freerun when there are baaing clouds on legs around, and there were lots of them - and huge mooing beasties too.

The route back was different from the one that got us there; much less of the pawmentless road. Instead, we went through gates and across fields with loads of mooing beasties and clouds on legs in them. I wanted to go play with them but Mummy reminded me that I was on duty and so I had to 'Leave' them all. I tried very hard to do my duty to clean up the floor of all the little black nuggets and a few big brown splats, but I had to 'Leave' them too. Meanie Mummy!

Mummy stopped many times and got my squishy water bowl out of my bag, poured water into it and gave me a drink, then she poured some of the water onto my head and ears! I wasn't too sure what to make of that, but she said ti was to help cool me down a bit. Hmmmm!!

On the way back I got to have a bit of a play with a fellow floatyboatydog; Sky, a blue marl Welsh Collie with one blue eye and one brown eye. He was great fun and we had a bit of a game of chase on the towpath before it was time to walk across the towpath in the sky again - it was way past my dinnertime! I just about made it home in time before I died of starvation!!! The little bone for afters was welcome! Thanks Mummy.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Scary Thing.

Fans on wheeliewizzers!

I was doing my duty - workywalkiesing Mummy along the towpath. Mummy kept yipping to a little black block thing that sometimes yipped back sounding a bit like Daddy. Apparently, we were the advance patrol. We had to walk ahead of Daddy on floatyboatyhome to check if he could get through the really narrow bits. We had to see if there were other floatyboats coming towards him. While we were doing this duty, two humans came towards us on wheeliewizzers. They were Liesl and William; very nice humans who just happen to be fans of me and Guide Dog Puppy Walkers too! Mummy thinks Puppy Walkers are fantabulous people because they look after us when we are ickle puppies for our first year, and begin our training to become lifechangers. We stopped and chatted for a little while and so Daddy caught up with us.

We then carried on for another stretch and got way ahead of Daddy and floatyboatyhome again because he had to wait for some boats going the other way. This meant that we then had to wait aaaaaages for him after the narrow bits finished. Then it was cruising time and a much needed big slurp from my water bowl.

We had to do that canal in the sky scary thing again. This time the towpath and the long-way-down-open-bit were on the other sides to the way they were the other day. Mummy held on firmly to my lead, attached to my bra though. I think she though I might be daft enough to try to fly or something........Nope! No way! I stayed much more on the towpath side of the deck this time!

This evening, Liesl and William arrived again on their wheeliewizzers. They stayed yacketying with Mummy and Daddy almost until the light fell out of the sky. They brought a bottle of stinky slurp. I didn't fancy that......but..... I did rather enjoy the big juicy carrot they brought especially for me! Yummmmmmmy! Thank You! Come again........

Photo shows Mummy and me on the towpath when we met with Liesl and William on their wheeliewizzers. They both had funny bowls on top of their heads!


Sperlosh! Woohoo!

I swimmed! I swimmed! I swimmed! Yayyyhayyyy!

We moved mooring to the 'accessible' one - whatever that means. I think it is easier for Mummy because it has a solid edge rather than the wobbly floatyfloor that we were against before. That meant that I could enjoy a big area of grass (well..... sort of..... kinda dry crispy stuff anyway) and Mummy did a whole load of frothy-scrubby stuff, attacking the flappy wall thingy from the front of floatyboatyhome. I kept well out of the way. I did not want a frothing! I took Daddy for a walkies instead. Much safer!

This afternoon, Mummy sat outside on the crispy grassish and did some of that crowshaving thing. I settled down by her chair to look after her, but it was a bit tongue-hangy-outy. Mummy finished her crowshaving (well - that one bit anyway) and put it away. Then ..... Wayhay! She got a couple of my toys out. She led me to the grassy bank at the back of floatyboatyhome and I discovered a ledge that I could paddle on. Then Mummy threw my ball into the water! She kept telling me to 'go on - jump' and 'you can do it Oaks' and 'get your ball'. Well I tried very hard to whimper my ball back to me. I pawed the water and squeaked my bestest 'come here' messages to it, but it didn't come quite close enough. Then Mummy got her back paws down into the paddling ledge bit. That made me braver!

Sperlosh! In I dived! I got my ball back, climbed out and gave Mummy a lovely shower with my big shake! Then she threw my blue squeaky hippo in - this time further away. No problem! Sperlosh! Straight in! I got the hang of launching myself into the water.

It was great fun! Over and over again! There were some humans on the towpath opposite and they stopped to watch me and cheered every time I sploshed and every time I climbed out and showered Mummy! Heeheehee!

I got an early dinner (most welcome!) and then had workywalkies to do. I guided Mummy and Daddy up through town and to a church. It seems that humanhowling is not just for Sundays! There were some lovely fusses to be had there and a very nice carpet to sprawl out on! It was a very pleasant evening. I even got a lovely big bowl of water to slurp while all the humans were having those hot brown slurps of theirs!

4 photos:
1 Trying to persuade my ball to come to me - balanced on the edge of the paw-deep ledge, pawing at the water.
2 Big splosh! Action shot as I launch myself into the water.
3 Swimming to fetch my blue hippo.
4 A good roll on the dry grass is the perfect way to end a swim.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Clickybox Overdrive!

Clip-clop-clip-clop....... huffer-chuffer-choo-choo.

Both, apparently, supposedly relaxing! Hmmmm..... I don't think so!

It all started with a long lazy lie-in. Of course that meant that starvation alleviation was a long time coming this morning, but, well, at least it came eventually!

Then came a great playtime with a passing pooch pal called Scout, the red retriever. That finished when we reached a gate at the top of the zig-zag path up the parky area by our mooring. Then it was 'Head in' to harness and off on workywalkies, starting immediately with an offkerb bit - well, there was no kerb or pawment at all there! We did it though and I steered Mummy onto the pawment as soon as we reached it.

We didn't go very far to begin with - just to a bit of towpath we walked yesterday. Today, there was a floatyboat there with no walls, no front or back deck, and no rumbler. In a kind of house thing beside it, there were three very scary beasties. They were hugenormous and were munching on lots of long bits of brownie coloured grass stuff. I....I.....I..... couldn't help it......a bit rumble and big woof just escaped from me.......I thought I had to protect Mummy from these monsters. But Mummy told me to sit and shush! Huh! She said they are friends! Hmmm..... I'm not too sure about that!

Mummy made me stay sitted and kept telling me 'Be nice' 'it's OK' 'Good boy' 'Good to stay'...... I think I kind of got the message that my defenses were not wanted. I got braver. Mummy kept telling me I was being a good boy when I stayed calm. I needed edible reinforcements though!

Then a manhuman gave a carrot to my Daddy. And...... and..... and...... Do You Know what he went and did? He .... he..... he...... went and gave that carrot to the clip-clop monster! HOOOOOOWWWWWWWLLLLLLLL! My Daddy! Traitor! How could you?

A manhuman opened the door on the house thing and brought one of the monsters out. It's paws made a big loud clip-clop noise and it had a mahoozive collar and other harnessy things on it. It had ears a bit like a German Shepherd Dog's ears - all big and sticky-uppy!

Anther manhuman opened a door thingy on the floatyboatyhome and I had to take Mummy and Daddy aboard. Then the clip-clop beast went past and got attached by a megalong lead to the floatyboat. Mummy told me I was a super good boy for staying calm when he went past so close. Then he started clip-clopping along the towpath and his lead was pulling us in the floatyboat. It was all super quiet with no rumbler. Actually it was quite relaxing..... I hupped my paws onto the side a few times to check what was gliding by, but then settled down for a snooze on the floor.

When we got back again, the clip-clop monsters didn't seem so scary anymore. No more woofs escaped me! I shall never forgive Daddy for giving away that carrot though!

After that, we had a little wander aroudn town, so that was a bit of workwalkies on brand new territory - most of it very narrow pawments so I had to work quite hard looking after Mummy. This led us to a train station. It was a bit scary there though. There was a hugenormous hissing huffing puffing monster machine that was snorting all sorts of noisy smelly huff out of many different oriffices! Daddy seemed to be in one-eyed-clickybox overdrive though! It was a good job I was there to look after Mummy because he disappeared off for a bit! We moved away from the hissy huffy beastie and found a door to get onto the train. That was nice! we got a whole room-thing to ourselves, so I could stretch out for a few zzzzs on the floor between the long seats.

When we got off the train, the sky was leaking lots so it was a soggy workywalkies back to floatyboatyhome. The last bit of it was another little freerun in the parkybit. A lovely towelrub from Mummy was great when we got home!

3 photos:
Me with red retriever Scout on the yellow grass.

Me inside our little compartment in the train.

Me and Mummy in front of the hissy huffer-chuffer-choo-choo.


Whoa! That was high!

Two bits of canal in the sky and two dark tubes today.

It all started as a civilized workywalkies along the towpath. Then we came to a huge high up bridge with the canal going over it beside the towpath. Mummy says this is called the Chirk Aqueduct. I think Mummy was a bit nervous about walking over it, but I looked after her. It was fine. The towpath was nice and wide and there was a cage beside it to keep us safe. We made it across and Daddy followed behind with floatyboatyhome.

Next, the towpath took us into a long dark tube of doom. This is the first time I have workywalkiesded Mummy through one of those! I think it was a bit better than chugging through on floatyboatyhome. I really don't like doing that! Workywalkiesing through was a challenge though. It was RRREEEAAAALLLYYY dark in there! Mummy got out her talkybone and it made a bright light, which helped a bit. It meant that I could see where to go, but Mummy was still totally clueless. She said 'Ouch' a few times because she donked her noddle on the curvy-over wall/ceiling. We made it though! I did good!

Then we got back aboard floatyboatyhome and enjoyed a bit of a chug along before we chugged into another tube of doom. This was only a short one though so it was survivable!

The next bit of the chugging was scary though: We chugged over a huganticginormous canal in the sky! Daddy says it is called the Ponty-something Aqueduct and it is 200 paws high over the River Dee. Mummy kept a tight hold on my lead, attached to my bra but I didn't dare go very near the edge of the back deck! It was a looooooooong way down and there was NO cage or wall or fence or anything - just the thin edge of the water-tube! I had a quick look down and then scurried to safety inside the warmrainbox!
Next time I dared to emerge onto backdeck it was all safe again! Phew!

A lovely long, steady plod along another stretch of towpath was very welcome after that!

6 Photos:
Me in a sit at the beginning of the Chirk Aqueduct, on a nice wide towpath with a railing on the side and the canal trough on the other. Below is green fields and trees in the background. There is a railway viaduct alongside the aqueduct.

Mummy and me after we made it across.

Me in a sit on the towpath before we started chugging across the mega high aqueduct. There is a railing along the towpath but the water side is open.

Mum with me at the same spot.

Me on back deck, wearing my bra and lead, looking very cautiously down at the green fields a VERY long way below.

Looking back over the Pontythingy Aqueduct after we reached the safety of the other side. Phewy!