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Tuesday, 18 December 2018


Soggy Doggy. Mini Humans. Mylo. Lots of snoozies. A bit of workywalkies and oh-so-close to a snack.

Yep! that about sums up today!

It all started with a snooze after breakfast - on Puppa's bed - by his invitation of course! Opposite the bottom of Puppa's bed is a cupboard with shiny doors. Inside there was another black labrador who was mimicking my every move. I watched him very closely!

Then, after the humans had been in warmrain room and then had breakfast, I got to take Mummy for a leisurely walkies to the park at the bottom of the road. We wandered around a couple of times (it is not a very big park) and I got chance to catch up on all the local weemail gossip. Then a buddy appeared: it was Mylo the golden doodle that I have met before! Yayy! chance for a brief game of chase! We had to do a sit together for a pose for talkybone-clicking. I don't think Mylo is very patient though. I know that if I sit nicely for long enough it gets me a yummy. Mylo didn't seem to get this idea though. Maybe he has a spring under his bum!

Playtime didn't last very long because the sky started to leak and then Daddy arrived in Puppa's car. We got in and went off to visit a humanpal we haven't seen for a very long time; Mr Richard. I was a bit miffed because I could smell hissing furball but wasn't allowed to go in search! I didn't even get chance to wash up the delectable-smelling little bowl on the floor! Huff!

Next stop was Rosie's home. When we arrived, Debbi was there but, after brief greetings, she left taking little minihuman Hallie with her. Tiny microhuman Theo was still there though - he was VERY much there! Tiny humanpuppies howl very loudly and Theo did a LOT of howling! Mummy and Daddy and Rosie and James did a huge lot of yacketying too. I snoozed, and had a brief wander around to inspect the garden, and snoozed a bit more!

Next came another car ride to go shopping. I soooooo nearly got to snaffle a big juicy lump of yumminess, but Mummy interfered just a fraction too soon saying 'Oi! Leave it! Beef joints are not for Oakleys!' Botherations!

We then met up again with Debbi and Hallie in a human yummyery. It was very tasty under that table! Hallie is a delightfully messy eater! Heehee! It was raining little green balls and few other tasty morsels too!

Soon, it was time to get back into Puppa's car again to return to him for my dinner, then Mummy did some choppy-sizzly stuff in the kitchen.

The day has been rounded off with a final workywalkies in the dark. It was soggy and huffety-fuffety too so I had to work hard to look after Mummy. Darktime is hard for her in itself because she really can't see anything at all, but the huffetyfuffety air makes it hard for her feeble human ears to hear what is going on around her. We made it though. I got her around the block and back again safe and sound - if a tad soggy! Mummy insisted on me doing a bigshake before going in the front door. How mean! I would have much preferred to decorate Puppa's walls!

2 Photos of me with Mylo. I tried to show him how do sit and stay but he couldn't keep his bum down for long enough!

Monday, 17 December 2018


Back to work today - big style!

Not just a bit of a workywalkies - one of my favourite sets of big workywalkies:

From floatyboatyhome to the bus-train thingy, a ride on the bus-train thingy, then another workywalkies to the proper train station. Next came a long ride on the train - a nice comfy one with good snooze=carpet and space!

That got us to Marley's Bone Station.

I totally knew where to go workywalkies from there! Mummy realised I knew and just said 'Find the way'. I gave her that look that tells her 'Leave it to me'. First stop was my favourite tree. Then I could properly concentrate on my job! So off we set through the streets of London. I may have kinda sped up a tad as we got near to Hidey Park! Thankfully, I managed to guide Mummy and Daddy to the nearest entrance so I got to freerun sooner and for a little bit longer! Heehee! Then it was back into harness mode again for the final leg of the London workywalkies to Victor Ear station and onto another train.

The final workywalkies was from the final station to Puppa's home.

Phew! It has been great to be back in action but I do seem to now have a huge need to inspect the inside of my eyelids!

Photo shows me making the most of the space and comfy carpet on the first train.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Rumbling Nose!

My Friar Pup patch seems to be fascinating! Lots of minihumans at church this morning gave me lots of fusses but they all poked and scratched at my back-of-head-window! It feels funny when they stroke it!

Of course, I made sure I steered Mummy and Daddy onto the correct route home - via that park for a freerun! Well.... it has to be done on a Sunday!

When we got back into the cage where floatyboatyhome is, my buddies Isaac the huskyish and Jess the terrier mess came to play! We had a fantabulous time playing chase and ball fetch and just hooning about together. I like this mooring. It is safe and has lots of grassy bits as well as hardfloor areas - perfect for sniffing and playing and chasing. Aunty Lindsay, Uncle Tim and Aunty Wendy (Jess's Mummy) came too. Of course, it was lovely to meet and greet them but it was much more important to get on with doggy play!

I seem to have found a certain heaviness in the eyelids this afternoon. Mummy says my nose has been rumbling too. I don't believe her. I didn't hear it! 
Photo shows me having belly rubs from Aunty Lindsay - with her new golden Labrador head fur.

Saturday, 15 December 2018



Nothing much better to do today than snooze.

Well, OK, I did take Daddy walkies this morning to supervise dispatch of some more goodies and to get some strange blue drink for the growlermonster under the back deck.

Aunty Lindsay came for cuddles too. Her headfur is growing back (she had it all buzzyboned off a while ago to raise shinydisks), but it is now Yellow Labrador coloured! I hope my Friar Pup patch doesn't do that!

I managed to fit in a brief meet n greet and play with little Jess the fluffy terrier mess, but the sky was big bad leaking so Daddy hoicked me back in again. I ..... errrr..... may..... perhaps..... ahem have wandered off for a bit of a catch up on the neighbourhood gossip! Oops!

Going out when the sky is so leaky has got me two lovely rubbadubs from Mummy upon return. There's only one other thing to do when it is yucky outside though - SNUGGLE SNOOZE!

Just a quick reminder - today and tomorrow = last chance to order my calendars, mugs, coasters and keyrings for assured delivery before Christmas. I will personally supervise dispatch on Monday morning to make sure they get on their way.

Friday, 14 December 2018

Return of the Towpath Team!

I is back!

Mr Michael, the Guide Dogs manhuman is very nice but he took me on a long ride in his car to a vetplace where I got all sorts of things done to me. He did bring me back home to find Mummy and Daddy though, so I think I like him......

At the vetplace, I got poked and prodded and stabbed and wiggled and watched and all sorts. They've used a buzzybone to give me some funky fur patches too. Mummy is calling me Friar Pup and says I need to go into a monsterary or something. It seems this has something to do with the chilly patch on the back of my head. Apparently, the chillypatches are all where they stabbed me with sharp shiny spikes. There is one on the back of my head, one on my front leg and one on my back leg too. I do seem to remember a shiny spike ouching, but then I feel asleep and woke up in a cage! Mummy says that while I was asleep they looked inside my head with an Emmar Eyes Can. It seems that all they found was a big brain. Well, of course they did! Duh! What did they expect to find? There's no room for anything else is there?

Anyway, it seems that all this was to try to find out what has been causing my darktime funnies and that seas year. They didn't find the answer though. So, after oooodles of yacketying between Mummy & Daddy and Mr Michael, the plan is apparently for me to go back to work, but on lighter duties, and for Mummy and Daddy to do something called 'monitor' me. I'm not sure if this includes going to this monsterary place. This is all aiming towards this retyrement thingy, but not yet - just gradually. I think I am liking this concept.

Back home aboard floatyboatyhome started with a flight of locks. Mummy started to practice my 'light duties' thing by letting me freerun some of the way. Yep! I AM liking the concept!

Now, if you will excuse me, I am rather glad to be back to my own bed, so I think it is time to make the most of it!

4 photos:
My Friar Pup shaved patch on the back of my head.

My designer patch on my back leg.

Staying close to Mummy while she heaves the big heavy lock beam.

Back in my bed! The one next to Mummy's bed. Comfy and cozy!

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Mummy Update 2:

Mummy here again
Oaks' has a brain! And nothing else in his head! So MRI confirmed no tumours or anything else to explain symptoms. That is good news of course but still doesn't solve the mystery of his happenings. Vet did take Spinal fluid. Hopefully results tomorrow. Michael is picking him up and bringing him back around lunchtime.

Mummy Update 1:

This is 'Mummy' borrowing Oakley's login to post an update.

Michael, the Guide Dogs Care and Welfare chap came at 7.30 this morning to take Oaks to the specialist vet in Hereford. Oaks went off perfectly happily - just perhaps a bit miffed and bewildered at not getting his breakfast!!

I got a call a few minutes ago from Michael to say that the vet has given my lad a very thorough examination. He picked up on a few very minor things that add together to suggest something neurological going on:
1. His eyes were slightly slower than they should be in reacting to tests
2. Evidence of him scuffing the top/front surfaces of his nails on back paws indicating dragging
3. Sitting upright but almost nodding off.
4. Staring blankly into space for a few moments, then coming back to full attention again

So, the plan is for him to go under anaesthetic this afternoon for an MRI scan. If this reveals any obvious clues (brain tumour being perhps the most likely), then that will be conclusive enough and a plan can be formulated from that. If the scan doesn't show anything helpful, then, whilst under anaesthetic, he will have spinal fluid taken for analysis for possible infection or other abnormalities.

So, Oaks will be staying in hospital overnight to recover from the anaesthetic.

My hope and prayer is that he doesn't have to undergo the spinal fluid test. From my own personal experience, I know this is a truly horrible procedure that leaves a VERY nasty headache and other unpleasant symptoms for several days/weeks afterwards.

Hopefully, we will get another call later this afternoon with further news.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Ball Fetch.

Wooferhampton 21 locks. Well... I think that is what Mummy called them.... They certainly made this woofer happy! I got to freerun most of the way, except for the bits where Mummy thought the road was too close. I also got to have a fantabulous playtime with a passing buddy: a choccy lab called Buster. We had a superb game of chase and boxing and errrr...... piggybacks!

All this came after a rather nice start to the day - as I had hoped yesterday, I got to take Mummy to the parky area near last night's mooring. Not only did we go there, but we had a game of ball fetch too..... and I found a few pooch pals to play with for a few moments too.

It seems that 8km of walkies with Mummy, plus all that playing makes for very heavy eyelids, and Mummy says I've got to get up early in the morning to go on a special trip with Michael, the nice Guide Dogs manhuman, to have an Emmar Eyes Can or something. I hope it tastes nice!

Photo 1 - Playtime in the lovely park this morning - come on Mummy put that talkybone away and throw my ball please.....
Photos 2 & 3 - Labrador games - me and Buster.


Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Towpath Toddles!

Happy Barkday Bailey. 11 Woofs old and still up for a bit of a game of chase. You were a wonderful start to the day.

We got up kinda early for us, and Mummy kitted me up in my towpath harness. She then grabbed hold of the bent clanky bone that she uses to do the lock windywindy stuff. We were supposed to be setting off to work the first lock, but there were more important issues to deal with first: Well..... when we hop off of floatyboatyhome to find a fellow Labrador going by, that is a serious issue that simply cannot be ignored! The issue of a good playtime was briefly interrupted by an urgent need to do what a dog simply has to do. So that got the second issue sorted so I could get back to the first one again. In the end, Bailey came part of the way with us to the lock, so work and play blended nicely!

The next five miles were all about towpath toddles interrupted by stopping to work six locks. Then came a cruise before a short leisurely walkies to inspect our new neighbourhood. Actually, this is rather a good neighbourhood; there is a freerun parky area right by floatyboatyhome. I hope I get to make full use of it tomorrow!

I think I am getting to quite like this semi-retyrement thingy!

3 photos;
Me and Bailey, Choccy Lab, playing on the towpath.

Lock supervision from on high.

Supervising Mummy from the back deck. That growly monster underneath the back deck makes a nice warm place to lie down!

Monday, 10 December 2018

Puppy Kibble!

I multitasked! I am so talented!

I was wiping my paws, like and good doggy should do after a doggydownload, and, in the same move, I decorated the side of floatyboatyhome! I think I added a good artistic splat of mud and grass to the window! Mummy didn't seem to appreciate my creativity. She burbled something about having only just cleaned the windows.....

In other news, I took Mummy workywalkies this morning to the shop, then back via a new route that avoided the nasty noisy busy road. That route back just also happened to lead us nicely to a freerun route along the towpath! Heehee!
The rest of the day has been spent cruising and stopping to work locks; five of them. Daddy said the towpath was too muddy and grotty for us to walk it, so we cruised all the way and just hopped ashore to actually do the windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff. Well.... Mummy did all that. I got to enjoy a good sniff about at each one - and to exchange important weemails with the locals of course!

When we moored up at the squirtysnake place, I was trapped inside floatyboatyhome with Mummy who was doing some of her domesticals. I had to squeak and squeak and squeak to alert her to the most critical of needs to get out; there was a Guide Dog Puppy outside! I simply HAD to get out to meet and greet! Her name is Rosie and she is a four-month old yellow Labrador x Golden Retriever. We only had a brief meet and greet and kanoodle but it was worth all the squeaking! Well... it would be very rude not to pass on some trade secrets to the new generations wouldn't it? I rather liked Rosie's PuppyMummy - when I plonked my bum down, she gave me a yummy! Puppy kibble apparently .... well maybe it will make me into a puppy again!

3 photos:
My artwork: a big blob of mud with grass stuck in it - splatted firmly in the middle of the window.

Me watching Daddy on floatyboatyhome, while Mummy is hefting the big lock beam.

Me with little Rosie and her PuppyMummy.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Night Time Bone Bum,!

It must be Sunday!
Church (carpet snooze, good ear rubs....)
Workywalkies around town, human yummyery for lunch.
Workywalkies again.
FREERUUUNNNN the last bit! Yippeee!
OK, it wasn't a huge freerun.... but it was freedom to sniff and zigzag all the way and exchange unlimited weemail messages with all the locals.

My bone seems to have shrunk rather significantly! It now seems to be just a little tube with all they yumminess gone from in the middle. Mummy says this explains the urgent need to go outside in the middle of the darktime. Oops! I think that maybe bonebum is not welcome during zzzzztime! It was rather pleasant out there at that time though......

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Huff and Pant and Quiver and Whimper.

Huffety Fuffety Bumpety Wump. That was what went on all through the darktime. Mummy says it wasn't really that bad. She says we have encountered far worse in floatyboatyhome. Well, it was plenty bad enough for me thank you! It made me huff and pant and quiver and whimper. Not a nice night! I was very glad I was on my highbed right beside Mummy. It made things a tiny bit less scary when I could snuggle with her, or she came sort of part onto my bed with me, or at least gave me her front paw to rest on.

We seem to have had a quiet and lazy day today after that. I did take Daddy walkies to the Posty Office to supervise his dispatch of some more calendars, mugs, coasters and keyrings.

Now I'm just doing a bit of tooth-art on my bone then I am sure I heard Daddy say he needs a walkies in a little while......

Friday, 7 December 2018

Calendar dispatched.

Mmmmmm....Proper back home now!

Workywalkies with just me and Mummy this morning with the instruction 'Let's go find the butcher Oaks'. Well... now THAT is what i call a worthwhile workywalkies! We set off with Mummy's talkybone squawking instructions from inside her pocket. Then Mummy gave me instructions like 'Find left', 'Straight on', 'Find the kerb' etc. Oh and the occasional 'Oi!' or 'Leave it' or 'Get on Oaks. Do your job'.... I was doing my job! I was reading all the local headlines that Mummy was missing by trying to hurry on by! Huffff!

We found a fantabulous butcher. He had a scrummilicious big bone for me! I like him a lot!

We also had to 'Find the Posty Office'. Mission accomplished. Calendar dispatched. Then it was a simple 'Find the way home'. No problem! and I even got to enjoy a mini freerun when we got back to the towpath! That got us back to cosy warm floatyboatyhome and a good bone munching afternoon!

On the subject of calendars - and other Oakley goodies: Mummy says we are fast running out of time to get them dispatched in time for something called Christmas. She says that you need to get your orders in very very soon. So just click on
and I will personally supervise packaging and dispatch of your calendars, mugs, coasters and keyrings and I will make sure that every single shinydisk goes to sponsor another puppy in training to be a new me!

8 photos
1&2 me and my bone
3 calendar front cover
4 calendar back cover
5 calendar inside layout example
6 mugs
7 keyrings
8 coasters


Thursday, 6 December 2018

Home Again!

Home again!

I'm not entirely sure whether to be waggy or huffy though. Of course, it is good to be home aboard floatyboatyhome, and Mummy's back legs make the bestest pillow - with built in chin rubs and ear-rubs too..... and it is good to be able to provide Mummy with carrot-trimmings disposal services..... but..... I love Aunty Brenda and Uncle Malcolm too - and of course my DaddyDixon. The bestest playmate ever!

It all started with a ride in Aunty Brenda's car. It was scary in the carbum area without my Daddy for company though, so I climbed over onto the back seat. It was safer and nicer there! We vroomed all the way to a train station where we found Mummy and Daddy! Yayyyyyy! That was definitely a waggy moment! We were only there for a few moments though before we all got back into Aunty Brenda's car for another ride. This time we vroomed to a big Guide Dogs School.

There were gazillions of colleagues there but also gazillions of Guide Dogs Boss Humans, so there was no kanoodling or even meeting and greeting allowed! I just had to squeak from a distance to them all.

We all (Mummy, Daddy, Aunty Brenda and me) waited around for ages, then went into a room with three other humans in it, and a vet-table. It seems that two of the other humans were Guide Dogs Boss Humans - one of them was Mr Michael who is in charge of the 'Health and Welfare' of me and my colleagues. There was also a very nice vetman. I had to hup onto the table, and Mr Vetman poked and prodded me all over, and dazzled me with a bright light-bone. He pulled my legs and tugged my paws and wiggled just about every bit of me. I really wasn't too sure whether to like him or not. A yummy persuaded me that perhaps he was worth liking though!

The humans all did ooooooooodles of yacketying about me. Mummy blabbed about my funny turns in the dark times and my seas year the other week. Aunty Brenda dobbed me in for dragging my back paws and for singing in the night. Even Daddy joined in by grassing me up for my choral contributions when I was working locks with Mummy! Mr Vetman listened to all this and said that I don't make sense! How rude is that? He said that my night-time funny turns and my seas year all point to something called eppy lep tricks, but I am too old for that to happen for no apparent reason. But then he said I am too young for some other possible cause to be typically likely.

Apparently next week I have to go to a vet hopsittle to have a special sleep and, while I am asleep, I will have an Emmar Eye Scan to find out if there is anything inside my head. If there's not, then I hope that means I get more food to fill it up!

It has been good to get back to work today - I guided Mummy all the way from the Guide Dogs School, to a human pawcovers shop (I got a bit of a snooze and some nice fusses in there), then into town and then to the train station. The train was really full up and there was nowhere for us to sit, so a nice ladyhuman took us to the posh bit, so I got to snooze on something called Furs Class carpet - with space to stretch out a bit by Mummy and Daddy's back paws!

Then it was into super-workywalkies mode to guide Mummy home to floatyboatyhome in the dark. This included some very dark and crumbly-rickety-broken downsteps. We made it though! I did my job good!

Now, if you will excuse me, I think I have some sofasnuggles to catch up with.

3 photos:
Reunion with Mummy at the trainstation.
Mr Vetman poking and prodding and tugging and wiggling me all over.

My bestest pillow: Mummy's back legs on the sofa!

Wednesday, 5 December 2018


Last night of hollibobs! Bags are packed, bone is eaten and I'm all ready to meet up with Mum and Dad at the Guide Dogs centre in Leamington tomorrow. I've got "an appointment" with the doggydoctor who is obviously going to tell me I'm fabulous then it's off home to get in some serious crooozing. Last free run today in lovely rain but when we got home meanyMalcolm had blocked the stairs so I couldn't wipe my paws on the bed. I don't like this hotel any more. Then Brenda grabbed me and nearly brushed me to death cos she said I couldn't go home looking a mess. No photos today cos meanyMalcolm forgot his camera. Roll on tomorrow!

Tuesday, 4 December 2018


Well, no post yesterday which was Day 4 of holibobs. We still got a freerun but Malcolm and Brenda were having something called new windows fitted. I think it didn't go very well and at one point Brenda told me not to listen 'cos Malcolm said some naughty words. Today has been better - we went to the canal!! Dixon and I had a great run at somewhere called Hatton - I think I've been there before and there were blimmin hundreds of locks. I thought we might see the floatyboat home and mum and dad but no sign of them. In fact, the canal was broke. In one bit there wasn't any water and lots of men in something called Hivisjackits doing stuff to the gates. At least the café was open and Malcolm err,,, dropped a bit of his sausage sandwich. We met a nice chap with a little Schnauzer who thought I was a pup in training! Must be my youthful good looks. When we got home I decided Malcolm and Brenda's bed was the best place to clean my paws and have a snooze.

First photo shows DaddyDixon and me by one of the locks at Hatton, second picture is us looking all innocent at the café and the third one shows the broken canal - I hope they fix it before Mum and Dad and the floatyboat home arrive.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Leap Frog!

Day 3 of my hollibobs and a different sort of Sunday. No church today. Malcolm went out this morning with some sticks and little balls in a bag - golf he said and something about a match. Maybe he was going to feed the sticks to a hotbox?
Brenda took Daddy Dixon and me in the car to the woods. Its was fantabulous. Lots of gooey mud and soggy puddles. I had to check them all out. We both did lots of zoomies. After the woods we carried on walking to somewhere called Ryton Pools. We met lots of doggy pals and I promise Mummy I didn't play leap frog with all of them!! I did find one of the pools though - well it really needed me to have a swim! I found a super dooper stick too, but I wasn't allowed to carry it home. Brenda said we were a pair of mucky, soggy doggies when we got back to the car. When we got home she wouldn't let us in. She got a bucket of water and made us have a wash. Humff! I got her though, when I shook off all the water. Heehee!
No mince pies today, but after all that walking and stick carrying I was feeling pretty sleepy, so I snuck upstairs to lie on the bed. Zzzzzz. Oops, I might have had wet paws. Oops there might be a few paw prints left behind. It was very cosy though. Now I think its time for some more Zzzzz's.

Daddy Dixon and Me in the woods.

Me and my stick.
Us being good in the boot of the car - I'm the good looking one on the left.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Mince Pies!

Well, it’s Day 2 of the holiday with Daddy Dixon. It was nice to get reacquainted in proper doggy fashion, although Malcolm said the game of errr “leapfrog” was rather unnecessary! I think it took me a day to settle in, I was missing Mum and Dad and the floaty boat home. Anyway, we’re having fun with some great free runs in muddy fields, lots of games in the garden and terrorising the chickens he he. The definite highlight today was when Malcolm left a mince pie unattended for - he said - 7 milliseconds, whatever a millisecond is. Apparently I moved quicker than someone called Yooosane Bolt. I’m a Labrador, we’re on this earth to clear up unwanted food! Malcolm and Brenda have a hot box just like at home so Dixon and I are snuggled up.

The photo shows Dixon and me chillin’ in front of the hotbox.

Thursday, 29 November 2018


Huffety Fuffety and leakyskies - not my favouritest way to start the day, but it was OK. It didn't last too long. After a short cruise, I got to help Mummy work a lock, then do towpath toddles, then another cruise, then another lock.

The towpath toddles was in our new working mode: with me wearing my neon bra and Mummy following on the end of my long lead. This way, Mummy gets to watch my best end and follows in my pawsteps. I may perhaps get to sniff about just a tad more than I get away with when in my full harness! Heehee! Well.... it would be just rude not to catch some weemail messages on the way wouldn't it?
I had to work quite hard along some stretches as the trees had been molting badly. Not just their treefurs, but also their sticks and twigs. I had to guide Mummy to and fro across the towpath to get around the bunches of sticks that she wouldn't see and would probably end up kissing the ground! She was a good Mummy; she followed my botty well!

After we moored up, things went slightly suspicious: Mummy was packing my nosh into little parcels, then she packed some of my toys and other bits and bobs into a bag. She didn't seem to be packing any human things though. I was a little suspicious but didn't have time to get worried. All of a sudden there was a visitor to greet! Well, maybe I perhaps went a tad berserk! It was Aunty Brenda! Humanmummy to my Doggydaddy Dixon! Sadly, DaddyDixon wasn't with her, but OOOOOHHHH! That was a waggytail welcome time!

After a bit of yacketying, we all set off for a wander along the towpath again. I got to enjoy freerunning all the way while Daddy held frontpaws with Mummy to do my job. We then got to a human yummyery downsteps from the towpath. I had a brief bit of work to do to get Mummy safely down those steps and into the yummyery. Sadly, I didn't get much hoovering. the place was far too clean! Huff! Noshing done, it was then back upsteps and back freerunning to floatyboatyhome.

A brief snooze and my dinner then brought the explanation for the bag packing: I am off on hollibobs with Aunty Brenda! That means I am off to stay with Daddy Dixon too - and Uncle Malcolm! Yippeeeeee!

Mummy says this is to give me a complete rest from working and from everything that might possibly have triggered my horrible seas year and night frights. Mummy has been yacketying with a nice manhuman at GuideDogs to try to get me sorted out. This hollibobs is apparently part of that.

So, I left Mummy with leaky eyes, but she assures me it is for the best, so she will be brave and try to manage without me for a week. She tells me that we will meet up again next Thursday morning at GuideDogs kennels where we will meet a specialist vetman to get me even more checked out.

I have asked Mummy to tippetytappety a full human esplan.... expanla.... explanation........... tell you all about what has been happening. She says she will do that very soon. In the meantime, nobody is to worry. I am OK. I am happy and waggytailed most of the time. I just get a bit worked up about things that never used to bother me. Apparently that needs human investigation.

I will be asking Aunty Brenda if I can borrow her tippetytappety toy to keep you updated on my hollibobs fun with Daddy Dixon.

5 photos
1-3 The view that Mummy enjoys of me whilst I guide her along the towpath in our new towpath toddle mode.
4 me on the bridge across the lock, looking down to supervise Daddy chugging floatyboatyhome out through the gates.
5 Me with Aunty Brenda before we left floatyboatyhome.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Catch Up!

Two days to catch up on. I didn't manage to do a dogblog last night because Mummy had hidden her tippetytappetytoy and was occupied with oooooooodles of yacketying. We had guests. THEY all had lots of yummies. I didn't get any! Huff! Ooh... except for the little bit of cheese that Pawstor Helen snuck under the table to me! Heehee! I like Pawstor Helen! She brought me a pack of chicken chewies too! Yep! I do like Pawstor Helen. Pawstor Steve is nice too but he didn't love me enough to slip me any treats.

Yesterday, I had to take Mummy and Daddy workywalkies to Morrisons. That involved a bit of a hike along the towpath and then across a field. Well... there was only one proper way to deal with such a situation: FREERUNNNN! Yippee! A rather soggy freerun, and only a little one - each way - but still it was good to have a bit of a hoon about! I was almost tempted to go for a swim, but Mummy and Daddy persuaded me not to go all the way in. Something about not wanting a soggy doggy on harness at the shop.... but I was soggy anyway from the leakysky!

Inside Morrisons, we went to the big window with lots of yummies behind it. I tried my bestest to ask the ladyhuman behind it all to serve me. I wanted to order a very large slice of everything - like a slice of each that started at one end and ended at the other - but she ignored me! How rude is that?!!! Huffff! I think I left her some nose-art on her window to remind her to serve me next time!

Today, we have been cruising and lock-working all day. It has been a bit soggy on and off, and a bit huffety-fuffety, but I have found a few patches of delectable mud! I decorated the floor of floatyboatyhome spectacularly. I rather like the pawprint style! Mummy didn't seem so appreciative of my creative talents though - she has stroked the floor over and over, and has removed every trace of my genius! 
Photo shows me sitting by the window of the deli counter trying my bestest to persuade the ladyhuman behind to serve me my order!