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Sunday, 30 October 2016


I was totally wasting away! My tummy was eating me from the inside! I was so starved that I had to whimper my patheticness. Mum said I still had another hour to wait til my dinnertime! She said something about the clocks having gone back. Well, the tickydisk looked to me like it was still in the same place on the wall! I whimpered some more, I put my chin on Mum's knee, I dribbled a nice wet patch there. She got the message! At last! She said it was a compromise time tonight And I would have to wait the whole time tomorrow. Hooooooowwwwwwwl! Somebody please help me. I will not survive......

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Maybe Minihumans aren't so bad.....

Human howling, pawbanging, more howling, more pawbanging, more howling..... you get the pattern......

That was apparently the reason we went on a long car ride! Debbi was up on the highup floor doing her tickling black and white teeth thing, and there were loads of other humans up there with her all doing various stints of human howling. In between each howling session, all the people in the rows of seats banged their front paws together. Humans are soooo weird!

It was nice to have lots of my special people together though. Debbi, Ryan, Papa, Rosie and microhuman Hallie, as well as, of course Mum and Dad. I even got brave and gave Hallie a kiss!

When the howling show finished, we all went to a human yummyery. I got my dinner on the pavement outside first though. Most important meal first! Heehee! Little Hallie sat in a kind of cage-chair thing. I just happened to be next to her. I think there is a possibility that I could learn to like this microhuman after all. She threw all sorts of yummy morsels my way! Heehee! Yummmmmmm!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Boats, Trains and Buses.....

9 locks, 1 road-in-the-air bridge, 4 twirly-round bridges and a megalong towpath workywalkies. What a fabulous day! Back where we belong! Yayyyyyy! Working locks with Mum means a good supply of yummies! Well..... I do need to be assured that I'm doing a good job!

After mooring up at our floatyboaty marina home in Newbury, I still had work to do: I had to take Dad walkies (Mum apparently needed us out of the way so she could stroke the floor properly. I had to take Dad to the train station. This was a bit odd though - we got there just as a train was leaving and apparently that was the one we should have got on. So, I then had to take Dad to a bus station. We rode on a bus to where we lived last night in a place called Aldermaston. There, we found our car and rode in that back home to Newbury.

Now, if you will excuse me, I think I may need a bit of a snooze! My eyelids are very heavy and my head just will not stay up any longer. Mummy, please may I use you as a pillow? Thank you......zzzzzzz

Thursday, 27 October 2016


I don't know what a seal is but Mum said I was like one this afternoon. It would seem that seals slip headfirst into water!

Today all started off with a dingdong; something that always makes me squeak and my tail wag so hard it wops my sides! Mum opened the door and in came Kelvin, the nice humanman from upstairs. After initial happy greetings, it became apparent he hadn't come to fuss me. :( Instead, I just had to lie down through a whole forever of yackety-yacking! It was all about Granny and something to do with her Celebration of Life service.

After that, Mum and Dad went into bag-packing mode, all bags were piled up in the hallway and then Mum and I left Dad to deal with them. We set off for a very pleasant wander around the Clifftop Park. It was lovely! The fireball was all glowy in the sky and there were loads of featherballs and fluffy-tailed skitterjitters around to chase! I almost caught a skitterjitter but he got just a smidgen too high up his tree for me to reach - then he turned around and shouted at me before scampering up even higher! That made me shout back at him! I tried to tell him that I just wanted to play, but he clearly didn't understand woof. I did eventually find a buddy to play with: a terrier chap who was super fast! We enjoyed a great game of chase just before Dad arrived in the car with all the bags in it.

When we got to our floatyboatyhome, I got left to snooze in the car for a few minutes while Dad unloaded the bags and passed them to Mum inside the boat. When I got my release, I found humanmen to meet and greet aboard home. They were doing things with shiny-twistysticks and other toys. It seems these toys were all doing things to make the white boxes on the walls go warm.

After a while of being good and lying on my mat under the table, I decided to try the chin-on-knee technique on Mum. It worked! I got to take her walkies! Not only that, but it was a freerun walkies! Yayyyhayyy! Mum said that, as it was a nice bright day and we were on familiar towpath, she could see enough to let me relax. Well....thank you very much Mummy. I rather suspect that she only intended for us to go as far as the bridge where we turned around the other day. I persuaded her otherwise.... we carried on a bit further. And oh! Boy! Was that a good persuasion! A little way on, I found a pal; a white curly girlie Poodle x Golden Retriever called Dipsie. Woohooo!

We had a great time - first of all on the towpath, then in a big field beside it. We played and chased and chewed and kanoodled and chased and chased and rolled and chased more. After a while, we were joined by a pair of Airedale puppies and the fun just got better! It was the bestest freerun playtime I've had for ages. When our humans all declared it was time to stop playing (boo!) I headed straight to the canal for a much needed drink. I found a little dip in the bank, put front paws down, stretched my head down ......and the water just sucked me in! Ooopsie! The bigshake when I scrambled back out was spectacularly successful; three well splattered humans! Heehee!

Photo of Dipsie and me taking a brief pause in play to pose for photo taken by Dipsie's humanmum.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Ugh! The indignity! I thought that vet lady was nice. She gave me lots of yummies. She made lovely fusses of me. She gave me superb tummytickles, ear rubs, rib-scratches.....then more yummies. The yummies even made the attack of the ear-tube-lollipop thing that she pressed all over my chest tolerable.

Then came the first terrifying moment: she came at me with one of those evil little spikes. I did my very best to roll onto my back so she couldn't stab me. It worked. She stepped away from me so I stood up again. Mum had yummies in her front paw so my attention suddenly became very focused on that paw. I did a perfect 'sit' and fixed my bestest stare at that yummy. Then I felt the owwwieee in my neck! Humph! That was a mean trick Mummy! I think I should have got rather more than that tiny morsel!

Next, the vet lady sat down on the floor with me. Great I thought....more fusses......Nope! Instead, she asked me for my paw. I dutifully gave her my paw - usually this gets me a yummy or, at least, a towelrub (after a wet walkies). Not today though - she attacked my dew claw with a shiny-snippy weapon! How utterly terrifying that was! Again, all I got was a measly tiny morsel from Mum for that. Then I was daft enough to fall for it again when vet lady asked for my other paw! Harrumph!

More fusses got my tail wagging again - but then came the ultimate horrors: That 'nice' vet lady got Mum AND Dad holding my head end - complete with noseband so I really couldn't move - then .......Howwwwwlllll...... She stuck her pawpointers up my .....welll....you know....where pawpointers really should NOT be sticked! THAT was NOT nice! She squeezed and poked. I squirmed and wiggled. Afterwards, she had to stroke the wall, the door and the floor with squirtystuff and wipeysheets. Heehee! I think that was just reward!

I managed to forgive her when she fussed me a bit more and then gave me more yummies. I'm sure I also heard her saying rather nice things about it being a good idea for me to have more bones! She said something about it helping me to do bigger poos to keep my bottyglands clear. Well, if that means no more pawpointers being stuck up my botty AND it means more bones then I think, on balance, I DO like that vet lady!

3 Photos of the vet lady sitting on the floor with me in various stages of attacking me with that lollipop thing attached to the tubes going to her ears. I am not enjoying this!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Woof, Walkies and more...

Too big to be a lapdog? Pah! Well....I suppose Mum has quite a big lap! Just right for an evening snuggle! I felt I had to make sure she is OK after a lady attacked her paws today. It seemed like Mum was actually enjoying it! Most peculiar! This lady got Mum to remove her pawcovers, then put them into a buzzing, bubbling bowl of froth, then attacked them with all sorts of shiny snippy sticks and blobs of gloop and rubbings and scrubbings. Then she stroked her claws with a tiny whiskerstick that made them go purple! Not satisfied with doing all this to her back paws, she then did much the same to her front paws and claws too! I kept my paws firmly tucked out of the way!

When she had finished with Mum, she got Dad to remove his upper fursubstitutes, lay on a bed with his nose through a hole, then she stroked him with gloop! I sidled up firmly against Mum's purple clawed paws. I felt that was safer than risking getting glooped!

All this came after the car ride back to Bournemouth. That car ride followed a brief workywalkies. That workywalkies was good to do though. It was a workywalkies in our world; along the towpath! Yesssss! It was good to guide Mum around all the muddy puddles, crumbling banks, overhanging trees and stickyuppy treeroots. It was only a shortish workywalkies, but not as short as Dad's cruise on our floatyboatyhome. He literally only went around a corner, then used the boat's lead to tie it up again.

Workywalkies started off with just a few paces to "Find the kerb." "Wait". "Forward" (across the busy road), and "Find the control box". Then I squeaked my protest at the long wait while Mum stuck a shinystick into the control box, then just stood there with her pawpointer pressed on a button. All the while she just stood there doing that, a bleepybar came down, all the cars and lorries stopped and the whole road went right up in the air! Dad then snuck underneath just in time before mum moved her pawpointer to another button and it all returned to normal. Finally, Mum removed her pawpointer and then her shinystick, picked up my harness handle and, as if nothing had happened, calmly said "Let's go"! Madness!

We walked on past Dad as he was tying the boat's leads to the rings on the ground. When we came back, I was tethered outside on what I'm sure Mum called the Woof. It was a big wide solid area beside the canal with a huuuuuge shed beside it. Inside that shed were some humanmen doing all sorts of bangbang, buzzbuzz, clankclank things to another boat that didn't have water round its bum. It was way up high on this 'woof' area. Anyway, Mum and Dad went inside our boat and Mum took the window out. That meant I could supervise all activity by sticking my head inside! I achieved a couple of big sloppy kisses for Mum when she came within reach from inside! Heehee! They were packing bags again. Then Dad came outside and Mum passed bags through the window to Dad who then loaded them into the car. I had to inspect each one as it passed through my inspection hatch! One in particular smelled exceptionally interesting. It was the one Mum had loaded with things from the white cupboard with the light inside. She was mean though; she handed that one firmly straight to Dad and told me to get my shnozzle out of it! Hufffff!

Apparently the bangbang buzzbuzz men will be doing something over the next couple of days to make our floatyboatyhome have working central eating. I think Ilike the sound of that!

Four photos

Me curled up on Mum's lap

Lying on beige carpet munching a rawhide chew

Taking a panting breather from the hard work if chewing

Close up of the most handsome dog on beige carpet!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Nasty Niff......

Pffffffffff....... very very quiet pffffffff......then I simply had to walk away. It really didn't smell nice. But then pffffffff must've followed me ......I had to walk away again from that nasty niff. Mum says it must be because of something I snaffled.......I have no idea what she could possibly mean! I do wish that pffffffff would stop following me though.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Back Where We Belong!

Locks. Beams. Bollards. Towpath..... Yayyyyy! A day back doing what we love to do!
It all started with Daddy leaving me squeaking at the door when he left without me this morning. Then I took Mum workywalkies along the towpath, then up through town and to church. My first duty was to hoover some very tasty mess off the floor - then I had to find Mum a seat. Dad was up the front tickling the thick whiskers on his deep-boomboom noise stick. He came and joined us when the human howling bit was done and the yackety-yacking into a black lollipop bit was going on. I got some nice fusses and a few more hooverings on the way out too.
Next was a return to our floatyboatyhome. It seems everyone got lunch except me! Mum and Dad sat and munched at the table and even the floatyboat got a feed from the squirtysnake! Mum said I had had more than enough from my floor hooverings at church! Huffff!
Mum then changed her pawcovers and picked up my lead, noseband an harness, plus her lock-winding-stick and off we set! Woohooo! It was great to be back where we belong; me guiding Mum along the towpath and then absorbing all the fusses and admiration from passersby while Mum does all the windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff with those huge lock gates.
Now, having finally had my starvation-alleviation ration, it seems I have to take Daddy for a walk to find a shop. So I shall do my duty in this task then I think I shall enjoy a cosy snuggle with Mum on the sofa, with the hotbox glowing nicely - and I believe I have a chew-ring to finish dealing with.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Mwah ha ha!

Silly,silly Mummy! She really is so very daft sometimes!
She really was stoopid enough to think that I would stay dry at the beach! Pahahahahahahaha! I humoured her for a fair while: I ran along the pawmenade and whizzed off for a few zoomies across the sand. I stayed dry until we were very very almost at the point where Dad was coming to pick us up in the car..... That was my chance to prove Mum's daftness! I spotted a pair of fellow black Labradors playing in the sploshyfroth. They were diving in and swimming out to retrieve the ball that their humanman kept throwing away. I rushed in to help them. Well.... I couldn't leave two girlypals to do all the work could I?
When Dad arrived in the car, I had to wait while Mum got my towel. I then had to 'hup' onto the grassy wall to 'endure' a good towelrub (such a hardship!) before making the car smell delightful for the hour long journey to Newbury. Heeeheeee!
Now we're back aboard our floatyboatyhome and the hotbox is glowing gently. Cozy home!

Friday, 21 October 2016

We Did It!!!! Now, We Start Again.....

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our Name a Puppy fund raising. We have now raised enough money to name a puppy after Mum's Mum!

Now, we are starting a new fund to name a puppy after Dad's Mum! Is there no end to it????


Me, Mum and Dad's Mum

Thursday, 20 October 2016

A Very Bigggg Weeeeeee Needed!

I think I rather like Mummy's Bad-Eyes-Days.

Not, of course, because she is suffering - although even that means extra cuddles are needed! It is because I get to enjoy strutting my stuff taking her on lovely long workywalkies! It means I have to really step up to the mark and do my bestest job of guiding and I love to do that! It is what I was born to do!

This morning, after Mum had swallowed white disks and then used her front paws to find her way around and put on her fursubstitutes, it was on with my harness and off out for a lovely long wander down Middle Chine, then a 'find left' and aaaaaaallllll the way along the pawmenade to that stickyout platform over the sploshywater and then further on to new territory up the hill in Boscombe. Then Dad arrived and picked us up in the car.

The rest of the day has been spent largely snoozing through non-stop yacketying and human yummying at a yummyery where we met our humanfriends Adrian and Chris. It was lovely to meet them again, but not a single morsel was dropped in that yummyery! All I got was a huge bowl of water, so I had to be satisfied with drinking aaaaaallllll of it. The yacketying went on for ages after I'd finished. When we finally went outside I just couldn't hold my leg up for long enough! I think I may have left a small lake under that bush! Phew!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Inappropriate Play.....

Clickety-clickety-clickety-click-click-click....... That's all that both Mum and Dad have been doing - all day...... So, I thought.....they're playing with their toys..... I shall play with mine. Apparently my kind of 'play' with my giant teddy bear is 'inappropriate'! Harrrrumph!

I suppose it wasn't quite ALL day - I did take Mum on a nice workywalkies this morning on a new route. The fireball was in the sky and it was a lovely walkies. We started off on the boring same old streets, but then Mum asked me to 'find left' onto a path that leads alongside the stream in Bournemouth. We walked quite a long way - actually as far as we could go - the path ran out! There were lots of featherballs about and quite a few little grey jerky-tailed-skitter-jitter-tree-scamperers too. I would have liked to chase some of them but I have learned now that Mum won't let me so I just watch but leave. Maybe one day I will get to chase them on a freerun......

There were a few doggy pals along the way too. Some of them were lucky enough to be freerunning and came to greet me. Of course, I wasn't allowed to play because I was on harness, but it was nice to sniff n greet. One of them was a grumpy little Scottie - he tried to bite my nose off, so I told him off. One big deep woof from me and he scurried off and hid behind his very senior human! This senior human was very wobbly and apparently thought it was all hilarious. His laughter turned to growly words though when he dropped his bottle of wobblejuice and it smashed on the ground. He then kind of rolled onto a bench-seat and pulled another bottle out of his bag. We could still smell his wobblejuice quite a long way off!

We ended our walk by doubling back on ourselves. Mum had missed the giant puddle that we were apparently aiming for and walked straight past it. A nice spaniel puppy and his human showed the way to where we should have gone. Mum then sat down on the wall (she asked me to 'find the seat' - I assumed she meant the wall as it was the right height), and I laid down by her paws. She yipped into her talkybone and then, after a little wait - watching the quacking featherballs, Dad arrived in the car to pick us up.

We called into a couple of places where we used to take Granny. One of them was the granny-daycare centre that she used to go to. Apparently we went to tell them that she went to forever sleep. I just enjoyed meeting and greeting a couple of humanpals!

Now....if I'm not allowed to do my kind of play with my teddy - I'm off for a good sulk!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

They LEFT Me!!!!!.......

Mummy's paws are ouchy! She says it is because of the insults that the man made for her yesterday. She says they are making her paws work differently and that is why they are clunking and making her walk all hoppity.

I got an ouchy paw too - but only for a moment until I shook away the spiky ball that was stuck to it. There are gazillions of these spiky green ball things all over the ground. I don't like them; they bite!

It has been a somewhat odd day - I took Daddy walkies this morning into town. We visited two of those shinydisks shops - the first one was that Aychessbeesee place we went to yesterday. We didn't stay so long today though. We went on to the one Dad called Napwest. I did have a little nap while Dad did a load of yacketying in there.

After enduring the torture of not getting any lunch (I want to be a human or a puppy again!) we then all went out. First stop was Granny's seniorhumanskennelblock. It was nice to meet the workypeople there again, but it was strange going into Granny's room and not finding her there. Mum and Dad packed things into bags and then loaded the bags and Granny's wheelieseat and anti-wobble walking frame into the car. I did rather hope to divert them to the golfcourse opposite but that was apparently not an option today. Huff! Instead, we went to Sainsbury's. Not as much fun but I almost managed to snaffle a huge carrot. Only almost though. Huff again!

When we got back to Granny's flat, I got abandoned! I was left in the car! Waaaaaaa..... Well, OK, it was only for a few minutes while Mum and Dad took the shopping upstairs, but it felt like forever! When Mum came back and opened the car I registered my protest by staying curled up. She had to make a fuss of me before I was recovered from the trauma well enough to have my harness on and then set out on workywalkies.

This was a short workywalkies just up the road to the humankennelblock where we used to take Granny for hot brown drinks. I got some nice fusses from the humanlady who then did loads of yacketying with Mum and Dad. It seems they were arranging something called Granny's Celebration of Life. The big room we checked out has a lovely big garden so I'm hoping I will be able to celebrate appropriately out there!

Now, I've just got back from evening walkies and Dad seems to have left his half of the sofa empty..... Mum needs cuddles.....welllllll.....i will just warm up the seat for Dad.......

Monday, 17 October 2016

Freerun, Yeah. Freerun, Yeah!!!!!

Sandy paws. Yayyyyyy! And that was from an unplanned freerun! No complaints from me of course. I think Mum is beginning to understand my squeakspeak - and today she actually heeded my plea. You see, I had worked my paws off guiding Mum on two workywalkieses. The first one was from Granny's flat all the way into town and around town too. The second one was all on brand new territory. This meant I had to work extra hard keeping Mum on the right track. It was really exciting and great to be strutting my stuff on a new challenge.

The first workywalkes into Bournemouth town was a mission to a long snooze. I guided Mum to a big grand building that she called something like 'Aychessbeesee'. We met Dad there and went inside and then into a little room with a nice humanman. I settled down on the carpet under the desk for a snooze while the humans did ooodles of yacketyyacking and talkyboning and clicketyfingersing. I think it is very unfair that Mum and Dad so often get given some of that hot black or brown water they like in these kinds of circumstances and all I get is any measly crumb I might be lucky enough to find on the floor. I assure you I wouldn't want that hot stuff - that is nasty, but a little snack would never be unwelcome..... Ho Hummmmm...... I guess a carpet is nice to snooze on.....

Next came a longish car ride, a bit of a wait in the car while Dad disappeared somewhere with a load of flappysheets to deliver, then another car ride. We finally stopped in a place Dad said is called Weymouth. I got a smidgen excited and squeaky as soon as we stopped because I spied beach. That set of squeaks didn't work though. It seemed I had work to do: I had to guide Mum on a brand new, unknown route that even Dad didn't know. He gives rubbish directions sometimes. I actually bumped into him when he failed to tell us that he was turning a corner. Duh!

Despite all this, we found the building we needed, but it was all locked up. Off we toddled again - this time we headed the right way - towards the big sploshy puddle with floatyboats all over it. Alas though, we only sat beside it for a little while. It seems it was the best place to wait. It made me squeak! A certain approaching passerby made me squeak all the more: A hugenormous puppy! He was twice my size and his humanmum said he is only 3 months old! A Newfoundland, apparently. A fourlegged bouncy carpet more like! I would soooooo have loved to play and he would too, but I was wearing my harness so it was not to be. We had to be satisfied with a sniff and a brief pawing session.

Then the sitting bit was over and we were off again back to that building. This time the door was open and so we went inside. It seems we were there for Mum to go way up high on a big chair with her pawcovers off. A humanman did a little bit of poking and prodding on Mum's back paws, did a huge load of yacketying and then got out some funny pink squidgy stuff and a shiny kind of double spike thing. He stuck his pawpointers through loops on the ends of this double spike and then moved his pawpointers in and out. This seemed to result in it biting through the pink squidgy stuff. He was very close to Mum's back paws so I watched very carefully - I was ready to sort him out if he hurt my Mummy! He didn't and she seemed to be happy so I laid down again. He did a set of these things then stuck the pink squidgy stuff onto flat things and then put them inside Mum's pawcovers. Apparently this is hopefully going to help Mum with her ouchy paws. I hope so, coz that will mean more walkies!

Back into action again, I guided Mum once more through these unknown streets. This time it was to a human yummyery, then on to the pawmenade. This is where the serious squeaking had to be brought into action. Well....I had worked very hard for Mum.....and there were many doggypals down there on the big sandy beach......and I needed a wee......and wellllll.....the beach just makes me squeak with hope anyway! It worked! Heeeeeheeeeee! And it was fabtabulous! Mum removed my harness, noseband and lead and I just couldn't help but do zoomies! Freedom! Then, finding a superb buddy to play with was a super bonus. Jackson the Beagle x Collie was great fun to play chase with. We raced all over the sand and had a wonderful time while our humans did the inevitable yacketying. I was actually quite glad to snuggle down on my bed in the car to recover!

The journey back took like forever though - and it meant that I was in serious danger of wasting away when we got back to Granny's flat. It was waaaaaay past my starvation-alleviation time! And I still had to wait while Mum put stuff down and took off her pawcovers etc..... I really don't know how I found the strength to stagger into the kitchen!  I'm sure I should have had an extra big meal to make up for it.....

Two photos of me strutting my stuff guiding Mum along the pawmenade in Weymouth.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Soggy Doggy, Soggy Daddy!

No rocking bed tonight. Back at Granny's again.

First thing this morning, the sky sprung a mahoosive leak. I really needed a wee so, as soon as Dad had put that whistling thing onto the hot-hisser-ring, I did my squeak-by-the-door routine. It worked. I got him delightfully soggy and he was wearing his numptyrobe; the one he puts on when he gets out of bed. Heeheehee..... I led him on a good and proper sniffing mission around the marina! Well.....when the sky leaks it makes everything smell different so I had to carry out a thorough investigation before deciding on the most appropriate spot to post my weemail! Dad was delightfully dripping when I brought him back aboard floatyboatyhome! Snigger! I was quite nicely soggy too - just right for Mummysnuggles on the bed!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

I am Just Amazing.... :)

Mummy, I wuv you!

Sofa snuggles aboard our floatyboatyhome! Just for tonight apparently, but nice to relax.

This morning, i took Mum workywalkies to the headfur-snippers. I was a very good boy; I just curled up in a tight ball on the floor near Mum's back paws where she sat in the chair, while the lady squirted and snipped and stroked and hufferfuffed her headfur. I got a lovely fuss from another lady on the way out. Then I guided Mum to Tesco's and surprised her when she said 'Where are the mushrooms?' I led her straight to the cold shelf and plonked my nose right on a pack of mushrooms! Another lady who had watched us came up and fussed and kissed me (with Mum's permission). She made my head soggy from her leaky eyes! She kept on saying to Mum 'that was just incredible! These dogs are soooooo clever!' Well, of course we are clever! That's why we do what we do! You humans just have no idea.......

Two photos of me on the sofa snuggled with Mum, lying on my side between her back legs. Her fursubstitute is jeans. 1) she has her right front paw by my ear giving me fuss and i am kissing her left front paw. the tip of my tongue is visible, bright pink against my gleaming black fur. 2) Mum's view of me, lying with my head on her leg, nose to the left hand side of the pic, right ear flapping backwards onto Mum's leg

Friday, 14 October 2016

Self Help Programme.....

Oooooooohhhhhh HarrrrruMPH! Didn't get away with it! Huff and Humph and HarrrrruMPH again!
Mum now seems to be saying I am in two places. Well, I know I am pretty amazing, but I cannot work out how I can possibly achieve that. She says I am in The Doghouse and I am in Disgrace.
Well..... you see..... I have worked well today. I took Mummy on a long workywalkies this morning into lots of different shops. I did a good job. I've been good aaaaalllll day. Then Dad gave himself and Mum a plate of yumminess, but he left mine on the worktop. It seems that I was not supposed to help myself though. It seems that the other half of that lemon cheesecake was meant to be for tomorrow. Well, I didn't want it to go off. So I preserved it!
Oh dear...... head down. Tail down.....slink away.....

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Can't beat a Successful Plan!

Mum said that today didn't exactly go according to plan. Well, I have to admit that some bits were a tad boring but the rest was a great plan as far as I am concerned!

It all started with a visit from another nice state ajunt man. Then, when all that yackety-yacking finally finished, we set off towards town. When we arrived in the big area by the the platform-over-the-sea, we met up with two fellow Guide Dogs! Yippee! I may have just forgotten my manners and my job just a smidgen in my haste to drag Mum to meet my buddies! Oooooh! but it was so exciting - three of us together - all black beauties in our smart harnesses.... well, we just had to meet up as urgently as we could achieve didn't we? My buddies were Bess with her humanmum Jo, and Fable with her humanmum Mandy. Of course, we had to all pose for Dad to do his one-eyed-clickybox thing, but then we got to kanoodle a little bit to get to know each other. Then we all headed off into a human yummyery where we met up with another humanlady called Sal (a friend of Jo's). We found a huge table which gave us doggiepals plenty of room to lie underneath and to a bit of sneaky kanoodling while the humans did their inevitable yackety-yackety-yack-yack-yack stuff - and drink some of that peculiar wobblewater they seem to like. They also munched their way through some yummies and all failed dismally to drop any morsels our way!

Mum and Dad couldn't stay for as long as the others because we had to go off to do other things. This was all a bit boring for me - I didn't get to do much more than lie in the car, interspersed with a couple of short workywalkies. I was beginning to think that it was going to be a very sedate day indeed (apart from the nice bit earlier of course).

I thought up a plan: I gave Mum my bestest 'pity me' squeaks and whines. I put my chin on her knee. I wandered off and gave a mahoosive huff. I whumped down on the floor with another superb 'fed up' huff. It worked! Mum picked up my lead and we headed off to the beach! Yayyyyhaaayyyyy! I haven't got to do zoomies on the beach for ages! I think I made up for it this evening! Ooooooh! It was great fun! I found a few passing playmates along the way - including my two girlfriends Lucy and Lola the Whippet-pups. That was the bestest game of chase I've had for ages!

All that fun made me VERY late for my dinner, but, for once it was OK - even if I didn't get any extra rations to make up for it! Of course, inevitably, I have had to endure the attack of the warmrainspray and froth bottle, followed by an hour of having to wear my numptyrobe. A good gnawing session on my bone made that tolerable. Mum now says I smell gorgeous..... hmmmm.... I still prefer eau de whatever-I-find-to-roll-in!

Photo of our meet up this morning - from left to right Mandy Pike with Fable, Mum and me, then Jo Speer with Bess. We are all standing on the brick surface at the Pier Approach, with the beach Oceanarium and Hot Rocks yummyery behind us.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Such a Hard Life!

Wooohoooo! What a day! Sooooo much admiration! So much fuss! So many humans to meet and greet! A long lost human from my puppyhood to reunite with! And, most importantly, two Guide Dog Puppies to kanoodle with!

Ooooh! It is such a hard life being me! Heehee!

It all started with workywalkies with Mum and Dad through town and up a steep hill (Mum was panting doing that - I have no idea what the problem is... I could have whizzed up there in moments!) We went to a big building that Mum says is called the BeeTee Talkybone Exchange, here in Bournemouth. We met a nice lady there who was wearing a blue Guide Dogs fursubstitute top. She took us into a huge room with lots and lots of clicketyfingerstoys in it - and lots of humans sitting playing with them. After a little while, a couple of Guide Dog Puppies, Bewley  the 11 month old Golden Retriever, and Doug the 11 week old Black Labrador. Oh....and, of course, they brought their humans with them too! Bewley was with his Puppymummy, Pat and Doug was with Myra, who was my short-term Puppymummy when I was poorly with kennelcough when I was a little lad.

Of course it was wonderful to meet up with Myra again after all these years, but I have to be honest and admit that the puppies were much more fun! There was some serious kanoodling to be got on with. Sorry Mummy Myra - I love you really!

Oh....I guess I should explain that we were all there to help to raise shinydisks and floppyrectangles for Guide Dogs UK. The lady, Elaine, who took us in there, works in this huge room and she had organised this big day. We canines had the important job of being admired and loved by all the clicketyfingers-worky-people there. I think that, between us, we did a good job of it.

I was glad of a little freerun on the way back to Granny's - a lovely unwind before warming up the sofa!

Ten photos of today's fun and stardom - captioned seperately.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some serious zzzzing to do - it is hard work being so admired!

Me in harness, sitting between Mum and Elaine Leach, who has purple headfur and is wearing blue Guide Dogs fursubstitute top. We are inside the huge room where we did our fundraising today.

Mum and me standing between two long desks all adorned with lots and lots of prizes and goodies for the raffle and for sale to raise shinydisks and floppyrectangles.

Me enjoying a lovely ear-rub from a humanman.

Three adoring admirers fussing me. Mum is sitting on a chair and three humanladies are around me stroking and loving me. I am still in my harness at this point - Mum hasn't had chance to take it off yet!

Pooch party! Me in the middle with little 11 week old Doug (black lab) and 11 month old Bewley (Goldie) meeting and greeting in proper doggy fashion!

Oooooooh! Don't stop! 
Me absolutely adoring a fuss from a lovely humanlady. I am lying on my back on the carpet, displaying all my glory, and with a blissful smile on my face while the humanlady kneels beside me giving me the most delectable chest scratch and all over wonderful fuss.

Kisses! This humanman crouched down and demanded that I give him big cuddles and kisses - allll over! He had delicious ears and head! In this photo, I have my front paws wrapped over his shoulders and am kissing his head liberally!

A quieter moment - me standing enjoying a bit of a bum-scratch (above the tail!) from a humanman, while Mum is yackety-yacking with him and two other humanmans who are sitting near their clicketyfingerstoys.

Guess who has treats in her paw!
from left to right; Elaine, Pat, Mum and Myra, standing in a row, then, below; Bewley, me and Doug - all with our gaze totally fixed on Myra's right front paw!

Me, in harness, lying down beside Mum while she yackety-yacks to lots of humans in the room nearly at the end of the day. She was telling them all how amazing I am! Ahem!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Lots of Workywalkies and Snoozes.

Big Teddy is much more comfy than the carpet I had to lie down on for aaaaaages this morning. I took Mum workywalkies first and then we went to a 'find the door' in Poole. There was a nice humanman in there and I enjoyed his ear-rubs, but the non-stop yackety-yacking went on forever! They were talking about Granny and her few nurul or something. I just snoozed under the table! At least it was a nice carpet to snooze on!

I've done various other little bits of workywalkies throughout the day - including one very short one up to the humankennelblock where we used to take Granny for hot brown waters. Again here, the yacking was about this few nurul thing. Food was in this yacketying though - much more interesting and hopeful-sounding!

We had two visitors - nice humanmans who went around all of Granny's flat and then talked about big numbers. Mum says they were a state ajunts and they were telling us how many shinydisks the flat has so that Granny's a state can be sorted out. I didn't know Granny had or was a state but it was nice to have visitors anyway.

After supervising Mum and Dad's dinnertime - just in case they dropped anything that needed to be hoovered (which they failed dismally to do!), I then took Mum for a lovely long workywalkies down the steep slope of Durley Chine and left along the pawmenade to Boscombe over-the-sploshystuff-platform, where Dad picked us up. It was a good walkies - I had to strut my stuff as it was really dark, with very few glowpoles working, so Mum could see absolutely nothing. I kept her on the right track though. I may perhaps have snuck in a couple of crafty 'drifts' to one side - just to check on some very important weemails in key places! Mum told me off for doing that and told me to 'get on. Do you job'. Huff!

Photo of me using a huge ginger coloured teddy as a squishy pillow, lying on the beige patterned carpet of Granny's lounge floor.

Me. A Mouse Mat. How DARE She......

Today seems to have been largely about in-and-out, up-and-down, there-and-back-again...... I have had to work hard for Mum with lots of 'find the door' and 'upsteps' and 'downsteps' and 'find the way out', then 'in the car' ..... then a short drive and repeat it all over again. 

Mum says it has all been about Granny and sorting out what has to be sorted out now that she has gone on to a better place. For me, it was all about strutting my stuff and meeting and greeting lots of people in the process. Well, it would be rude to ignore the admirers wouldn't it?!!

It all started off with a visit to a huuuuuuuge and very grand building where we had to wait for someone to sort out the door before we could go in. It was one of those nasty doors that twirls around and around. I don't like them... they bite my tail! A nice lady came and kind of folded back a bit of it so it didn't need to twirl around to let us through. Then we went up some steps and through some very grand doors into a room where a lady did loads of clicketyfingersing. Mum says she was called a Registrar. She had a comfy carpet to snooze on!

After we had negotiated out way out again via the twirly door that had to be de-twirled again, I took Mum on a lovely long workywalkies through the Upper Gardens from Bournemouth town centre into the shoppy area in Westbourne. Here the streetwork began again with lots of door-finding and inning and outing of various different shoppy places.

There were several more car rides and several more bits of workywalkies to do in various places, some of which we've been to once or twice before and some that were completely new. We did good though! We achieved it all.

Now, after taking Daddy for a nice leisure walkies while Mum was occupied doing choppy stuff in the kitchen, I am happy to provide another useful service: It is a tough one: I have to lie still next to Mum on the sofa while she uses me as a 'mat' to wiggle a little clickytoy about on. Apparently it is called a mouse - it doesn't seem to have ears or legs or a tail......

Photo of me lying next to Mum on the cream leather sofa. She is holding a little red computer mouse on my back/side and using it to move a little pointer around on her clicketyfingerstoy.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Reunited with Teddy!

Back at Granny's flat now.
Last night in the humankennelblock was nice but familiar is better, even if it is not really where we truly belong.
Today has been a little more leisurely than yesterday but not entirely lazy. It got off to a good start - after taking Mum and Dad for humanyummies in the human yummeryery next door to the humankennelblock, I got to take them into the fieldy area behind the big buildings. As soon as we got to the field I plonked my bum down hard and pleaded for Mum to remove my harness. She did! And she told me to 'Go play'. Well, I wouldn't want to disobey that command! So off I ran for a good old romp around and sniffing session. I found a little buddy to play with too - a tiny 11 week old Daschund puppy called Bonny. She was weeeeeeny, but she chased me and even nipped my back leg - cheeky little imp!
Next came a bit of a drive ending at the hole in the ground that has swallowed our floatyboatyhome. I got left to snooze in the car while Mum and Dad went to yacketyyack with Yummy-ears Pete and Chrissie. I did get a few minutes to hop out of the car and meet and greet Shadow and Tizzy, before another short drive. This time, we parked somewhere that made me squeak! Northcroft Park in Newbury! Wooooohooooooo! That meant another freerun! Well, I couldn't possibly upset Mum by declining this offer could I? Heehee! It seems that Mum and Dad wanted to 'chill out a bit' too. I was glad to assist in this! We explored all the uphill bit of the park and then wandered off along a track and into some woods. Dad did my job of looking after Mum (bad eyes day today) so I was able to enjoy a superb time of running and sniffing and munching the long green strands (Mum calls me Daisy when I do that and she says it should be making me moo!).
All this fun got me nicely ready for a snooze on the carpet inside a church while 7 humans got dunked in a giant bath, plus of course there was human howling and yackety yacking to snooze through too. It was a nice comfy cosy carpet!
After a bit of hoovering duty (mini humans are delightfully messy when they eat that stuff they call cake!) we hopped back into the car yet again and zoomed off along the fast tracks to Bournemouth. Now, after a brief trip to a shop, I am reunited with my giant teddy. Time for some zzzzzs...

Sunday, 9 October 2016

What a Busy Day!

Woohoo! Huuuuge bed!

Oh but....Muuuuum..... Daaaaaad.......Surely it is big enough to share? OooooooOOOOooooohhh....meanies!
OK....I'll make do with MY new big bed then!
We seem to be in a humankennelblock. A very welcome touch of relaxation after an insane day!
It all started with a fantabulous time in the clifftop park, near Granny's. There, I met up with long missed buddies; Lucy and Lola the whippets, Doofus the Cockerpoo and Sid the Pug. We had a fabulous reunion with oodles of running and chasing and rolling and chasing. Oooh! I have missed them. I wasn't too happy about the Akita who came along and wasn't nice to me when I tried to play, but he was put on lead and led away by his human, so we buddies could all get on with our funtime again! It all came to an end though when Mum's talkybone squawked and we had to go to the other end of the park to meet up with Dad and get into the car.
A longish drive brought us to somewhere Mum says is called Thatcham Garden Centre. This was for another Guide Dogs gathering to collect shinydisks. This meant, of course, other Guide Dogs and Puppies in training to meet and greet - and we got away with a bit of kanoodling too! Heehee! It is hard work being good and glamorous and appealing all day though. I think I should have earned some kind of yummy reward.....well, I suppose I did get to hoover up a couple of crumbs that Mum dropped but that was all. Huff.
Next was another car ride - this time to a funny house with no walls and big hole in the floor. Inside that hole in the floor was our floatyboatyhome! It looked very tiny down there - especially as it wasn't floating - it was sitting on big sticks across the bottom of the hole! But......my humanbuddies were there - Pete and Chrissie! yayyyyyy! Yummy-ears Pete! It has been a loooooong time since I got to clean those ears out! It was fab to meet up again with doggybuddies Shadow and Tizzy too - albeit only for meeting and greeting coz we weren't allowed off lead to play. Oooooh! I have missed them all! Pete and Chrissie were kind of smeared with pongy black gloopy stuff - the stuff that they are apparently stroking all over the bottom of our floatyboatyhome for us. Chrissie had a blob of it on her nose and it made her look like a Jack Russell! Heehee!
After this brief reunion, we headed off once again in the car. This time we ended up at Debbi and Ryan's house in Hounslow. There were oooodles of humans inside the house - including Rosie and James and little minihumanpuppy Hallie. There was also oooodles of humanyummies but I only got my usual dinner. Well, and maybe some carrot bits that Ryan (ahem) dropped on the floor! At one point, the glowblob on the ceiling went off and Ryan brought in a huge yummy covered in lots of little bright flickersticks. This seemed to provoke some human howling. Something about Happy Burfday Debbi.......
A couple of chances to explore that wonderful huge garden were appreciated, even if I didn't get any appreciation for trying to help empty the bin! Then it was time for hugs and goodbyes and back into the car again! That was the final journey of the day and it brought us to this humankennelblock in Reading. A very pleasant wander around the outside areas was most welcome before checking out this huge bed. Now, if you will excuse me, I think I rather need to surrender to my very heavy eyelids.......zzzzzzz
Seven photos: six of various scenes form today's shinydisks collecting session, meeting and greeting guidedogcolleagues, one of them is soooooo embarrassing! It is of me, sitting in front of a funny little red carthing containing a non_moving little blue man and a black & white hissing furball. As if this isn't bad enough, i had to wear a band on my head with floppy yellow ears on it. My street cred is ruined! The final photo is of our floatyboatyhome in its hole in the ground.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Lots of Leaking Eyes.

Leaky eyes day.

I took Mummy workywalkies to Tesco, then back along the pawmenade. Shortly after we got back to Granny's flat, Daddy came back. That was a very tailwaggy moment. I was very glad to get my Daddy back. Then we all went out to visit Granny. When we arrived at Granny's seniorhumanvetkennel, lots of the nice people there came to greet us. I knew something wasn't right. Then we went up to Granny's room and Mum and Dad shut the door and their eyes started very leaking. They clicked the bedside squidgy wallthing and it went down so I could check Granny out. She didn't move and she wasn't doing any rumblynose either. I gave her a big kiss on the paw and then turned my loves to Mummy and Daddy. They needed me to be a bit of a goof to make their mouths turn up a bit. It worked.....a bit.

After a while, we left a Granny's room and Mum and Dad did some yacketyyack-yacking with the nice workypeople there, then we left and I took them over the road for a freerun on the golf course. They enjoyed the walkies in the fresh air and, of course, I did my best to entertain them by finding pals to play with. There were plenty of them today so I did a good job!

The First Guide Dogs.

85 years ago the first Guide Dogs, who were German Shepherds, Flash, Folly, Judy and Meta, were handed over to their new owners, 3 were veterans blinded in World War I, on 6 October 1931.


Serious Job.

Booohooo! Daddy left us! He packed a bag, put on pawcovers, picked up bags and shinyjanglers and walked out! He left me squeaking at the door! Waaaaaa!

Mum says it is only until tomorrow though so I think we will survive.....

He has left me with the serious job of looking after Mum. I think I've done OK so far. I successfully wore her out with a good 3.6 miles workywalkies this evening. We went along the long uppy-downy-twisty-turny road from Granny's flat, then I did a "Find left" into another mega long road that took us to the pawmenade, where it was another "Find left", for a very pleasant stroll. The final "Find left" took us up Middle Chine, where I really had to step up to strut my stuff looking after Mum; it was really dark all the way up the slope! Of course, I could find the way, no problem, but, to .Mum, it was totally pitch black dark so she had to totally trust me. Of course, I did it pawperfect! No problem! I enjoyed my chewbar reward when we got back to Granny's flat!

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Hard Work Biccies....

Uhhh! Mum made me work hard for my bedtime biccies tonight! I worked hard guiding her today and making sure she was OK when we went to visit Granny. The thanks I got was to have my carrot chopped into little bits and hidden, interspersed with bits of bedtime biccies under little round upside-down bowl things that I had to lift off before I could get my yummies! It was fun though!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Jet Power!!!!

Another Black Lab Guide Dog called Oakley! Another me! Yes! there is another me! I met him this morning! I was workywalkiesing Mum through the gardenspark into town and I noticed a colleague coming up from behind us. I successfully steered Mum towards him. I was looking into one of those shiny copy-window things. Well, one that copies and makes you look a big bigger in this case. The other Oakley black lab was a bit bigger than me and his human was a manhuman. It was good to meet and greet - even if only very briefly! His manhuman was in a hurry so we couldn't get fully acquainted.

We continued our workywalkies into town and I found Wilko's for Mum. That was a mistake! We ended up wandering around and around back again and around again in that boring blimmin shop! I tried to show Mum the interesting aisle - the one with doggy-yummies in it but to no avail. We had to stick to the boring ones - the ones with little plastic whiskersticks for the kitchen sink and then one with shiny cages for those funny white rolls of stuff that go by the human spending bowl in the bathroom. (Apparently they have something to do with yellow puppies????)

Dad came and rescued me from that tedium by taking us all to visit Granny. She was still in bed and still making funny noserumbles. I wasn't allowed to hup onto her bed today because she was all curled up but I did peep over the top of her bedside to check on her. We stayed for quite a long time and Mum and Dad just sat there holding paws with Granny. Then we left - just in time to get back to her flat for me to have my starvation alleviation.

After a nice evening walkies, I was glad to be invited by Mum up onto the sofa for a snuggle. Then she called me 'Stinky Mutt' - must because I had a little puff of jetpower to assist my jump up beside her! How very rude!

Monday, 3 October 2016

Ready, Teddy, Snooze!

My new giant teddy makes a super snuggly pillow for a tired head.

This morning I took Mum for a nice workywalkies around the East Overcliff route then I found a seat for Mum to sit on while we waited for Dad to come pick us up in the car. Then we went off to visit Granny again. I was super worried about her and I wasn't satisfied with just a sniff of her front paw; I jumped right up onto her bed and laid down beside her. She didn't move. She just kept on doing nose-rumbles. After a little while, she did kind of wake up but she was not really very 'with it'. She was moaning until a man came and stuck a shiny spike into her. Then she went asnooze again, so we left her to zzzzz.

Mum and Dad were unpersuadable again when it came to the correct route out of Granny's seniorhumanvetkennels. Instead of the proper route - across the road and into the park, we went straight to the car! I gave my biggest snortiest huff I could muster! It didn't work though. We went to Sainsbury's! A workywalkies around Sainsbury's is OK, but it is no substitute for a good freerun on the golfcourse. I did steer Mum nicely to the carrots though. When we got back to Granny's I sat and supervised Mum putting the shopping away to make sure I got my carrot! That is a tiny compensation I suppose.

Next stop was the vet's where I had to sit on the shiny platform that gives Mum my numbers. Apparently I am a perfect 29kg. I hope that means I get more nosh! The nice lady behind the clicketyfingerstoy gave Mum two little boxes and we left and headed back to Granny's flat.

Mum opened one of the little vet boxes and got three little bone-shaped yummies and gave them to me. Except they weren't very yummy. I ate two of them but then decided the last one wasn't yummy enough to be worth eating. Mum then got a blob of cheese out of the cold white cupboard. She squidged the bone-shaped-not-so-yummy into this cheese. Now that made it VERY yummy! I wish I had not eaten the first two - I might have got more cheese! I shall make note for future reference!

After a while of Mum and Dad doing all sorts of their 'sorting' stuff, I got my dinner (I had to plead for it though - they were so blimmin preoccupied with their sorting that they forgot me! Huff!) Then came a very nice surprise though: A lovely long workywalkies down Middle Chine and aaaaallll the way along the pawmenade to that posh Sandbanks place! (It's not so posh now - I needed a wee outside one of those enormous houses!)

Now, after all that hard work, I think I shall snuggle down with my Big Teddy.

Photo of me lying on the floor asleep with my head on top of my huge (almost as big as me) brown teddybear which has a long pointed bobblehat on.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Out of it....

Nice long workywalkies iwth Mum through Newbury (no silly bangbang cars this time thankfully!) then a long car ride back again to Bournemouth.

First stop was to visit Granny. She was there in bed but she didn't know we visited. She was just lying there making all sorts of nose and throat rumble-noises. Mum sat on a chair-with-no-back beside Granny's bed. I was worried about Granny so I hupped up my front paws onto Mum's lap and gave Mum loads of loving kisses, then I tried to check on Granny but I couldn't get to her. All I could do was rest my chin on the bedside squidgy-wall thing and watch her.

We didn't stay long - Mum and Dad said there was no point because Granny was totally 'out of it'. I tried my bestest to persuade Mum and Dad to go the proper route away from Granny's seniorhumanvetkennel but it seems that the golfcoursepark was not on today's agenda! Huff! Instead, we headed off to Granny's flat where Mum and Dad have been moving things around and Mum has been stroking things with a yellow cloth and a squirtyhissycan. She says she has no idea how clean she has made anything because today is a bad eyes day, but she says it all feels much nicer!

This evening, Dad and I left her to do some choppy-sizzly stuff in the kitchen while we went walkies to get a bottle of that red water they seem to rather like. It seems we are staying at Granny's flat for a while!

Photo shows me and Mum at Granny's bedside today. I have my front paws up on Mum's lap and my chin resting on the padded bedside railcover. I am looking towards Granny and look very worried.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

You have to Mauve it, Mauve it....

Phwooooofffff! I'm all fussed out! It is exhausting being so admired, adored, fussed, patted, stroked, tickled, scratched, massaged, loved, rubbed and ruffled......

That was what I had to endure aaaaaaallll day, after a longish drive from floatyboatyhome to that place called Reading. There, it was a shortish workywalkies to find all the other Guide Dogs people in the busy shoppyplace. Then we spent the time standing outside a big shop doorway. I got all the fusses etc while Mum and Dad got lots of shinydisks and some floppy rectangles put into the giant water bowls they had hanging on their forelegs.

Mum had turned a most peculiar colour. Her headfur and her pawpointerclaws and her fursubstitutes were all purple. She says it is because her talkytiptaptoy had told her that the theme for Guide Dogs Week is Mauve it fir Money. Apparently mauve us the same as purple. Also apparently the theme is Move it, not Mauve it! Doh! Oh well, it meant that she got a very heavy lot of shinydisks! Lots more than Dad got! I'm sure this is much more because of my appealingness than because of her deftness but I guess it doesn't matter! It all means that we are almost there with our fundraising to name a Guide Dog Puppy after Nanny. VERY VERY VERY almost there........ www.justgiving.com/guidedogoakley. Please give a little bit if you can.It all helps!

After all that admiration, we set off on another workywalkies back across town to the car. This workywalkies was very rudely interrupted by a serious leak in the sky! We had to shelter in a bus shelter for a while because the sky was leaking so hard it hurt! We made it though, and then set off for another long drive.

This took us to Bournemouth again. We parked at Granny's seniorhumanvetkennel-home. Dad went inside while I took Mum across the road for a very welcome, if rather brief, freerun in the golf course park. Oh, boy! Did I need that! It was sooooooo good to let off steam by doing zoomies and having a good old sniff around! I felt much better after that!

We then went to visit Granny and found Aunty Judy and Uncle John there in Granny's room! I think my tail nearly wagged itself off! It was soooo good to see them again! Of course, it was nice to see Granny too and I did get to give her front paw some kisses again. We didn't stay very long because Granny was very sleepy.

Next, we went to Granny's flat where I got to relax while the inevitable hot-brown-water and loads of yacketyyacking happened between Mum, Dad, Judy and John.

Now, after yet another long drive, we are back aboard our floatyboatyhome. After a brief walkies around the marina, just to catch up on essential weemails, I am hearing bed calling me........

Mum and Me. What DOES she look like.....

Photo of me supervising Mum, in all her purpleness, eating a very yummy-looking brown gooey stick. She says that Marsbars are not for dogs! I think that is very unfair! I watched very carefully for the tiniest hope of a dropped morsel so I could form my own opinion! It was not to be! Hufffffff!

Mouth Corners Up!!!


It is such hard work being a smile-maker.

A huge lot of today has been spent lying around. Some of it in the car and some of it in Granny's room at the seniorhumanvetkennels. But before any of this, I started the day by making Papa smile. All I did was be myself, playing with my teddy bear and dripping on the floor when Mum didn't give me any of her breakfast to soak up the excess mouthjuice. Just being me seemed to turn up the corners of Papa's mouth.

Then, I set out workywalkies with Mum and several mouths of strangers turned up at the corners as we went along. Two of them stopped us to tell Mum how amazing they think I am! Well....of course they are quite right! I affirmed their opinions with a good nuzzle to provoke a fuss!

Dad picked us us up in the car and we whizzed along the big fast zoomway to Bournemouth again. Granny was in bed and didn't seem very responsive. She didn't open her eyes or move. I was all worried about her and that made me squeak until I got to put my front paws up on Mum's lap. She then got hold of Granny's front paw and moved it to where I could reach it. I gave it some good nuzzles and kisses. That made Granny's mouth-corners turn up. Then I knew it was ok to settle down for a snooze while Mum and Dad held paws with Granny for a while and yacked a few quiet things to her.

We left when it was evident that Granny was sound asleep again. That meant I was able to steer Mum and Dad the best way out of the car park: straight across the road to the golfcoursepark! Yippeee! Chance to stretch my legs and empty my tanks! That was welcome before then heading off to a big Tesco where we met Charlotte, a nice lady we first met last week at the GreenBlob meeting place. It was nice to meet and greet again. She said she had lots and lots of dog treats in her trolley. I wish I was going to her home!

The zoomway stuff wasn't yet finished - we still had to do more of it. Now we are back aboard our floatyboatyhome in Newbury, Mum's headfur has changed colour since she went into the warmrainbox, and now it is most definitely time for another lying down time. Shove up a bit Mum. Sofasnuggles time!