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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Back Where We Belong!

Locks. Beams. Bollards. Towpath..... Yayyyyy! A day back doing what we love to do!
It all started with Daddy leaving me squeaking at the door when he left without me this morning. Then I took Mum workywalkies along the towpath, then up through town and to church. My first duty was to hoover some very tasty mess off the floor - then I had to find Mum a seat. Dad was up the front tickling the thick whiskers on his deep-boomboom noise stick. He came and joined us when the human howling bit was done and the yackety-yacking into a black lollipop bit was going on. I got some nice fusses and a few more hooverings on the way out too.
Next was a return to our floatyboatyhome. It seems everyone got lunch except me! Mum and Dad sat and munched at the table and even the floatyboat got a feed from the squirtysnake! Mum said I had had more than enough from my floor hooverings at church! Huffff!
Mum then changed her pawcovers and picked up my lead, noseband an harness, plus her lock-winding-stick and off we set! Woohooo! It was great to be back where we belong; me guiding Mum along the towpath and then absorbing all the fusses and admiration from passersby while Mum does all the windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff with those huge lock gates.
Now, having finally had my starvation-alleviation ration, it seems I have to take Daddy for a walk to find a shop. So I shall do my duty in this task then I think I shall enjoy a cosy snuggle with Mum on the sofa, with the hotbox glowing nicely - and I believe I have a chew-ring to finish dealing with.

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