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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Can't beat a Successful Plan!

Mum said that today didn't exactly go according to plan. Well, I have to admit that some bits were a tad boring but the rest was a great plan as far as I am concerned!

It all started with a visit from another nice state ajunt man. Then, when all that yackety-yacking finally finished, we set off towards town. When we arrived in the big area by the the platform-over-the-sea, we met up with two fellow Guide Dogs! Yippee! I may have just forgotten my manners and my job just a smidgen in my haste to drag Mum to meet my buddies! Oooooh! but it was so exciting - three of us together - all black beauties in our smart harnesses.... well, we just had to meet up as urgently as we could achieve didn't we? My buddies were Bess with her humanmum Jo, and Fable with her humanmum Mandy. Of course, we had to all pose for Dad to do his one-eyed-clickybox thing, but then we got to kanoodle a little bit to get to know each other. Then we all headed off into a human yummyery where we met up with another humanlady called Sal (a friend of Jo's). We found a huge table which gave us doggiepals plenty of room to lie underneath and to a bit of sneaky kanoodling while the humans did their inevitable yackety-yackety-yack-yack-yack stuff - and drink some of that peculiar wobblewater they seem to like. They also munched their way through some yummies and all failed dismally to drop any morsels our way!

Mum and Dad couldn't stay for as long as the others because we had to go off to do other things. This was all a bit boring for me - I didn't get to do much more than lie in the car, interspersed with a couple of short workywalkies. I was beginning to think that it was going to be a very sedate day indeed (apart from the nice bit earlier of course).

I thought up a plan: I gave Mum my bestest 'pity me' squeaks and whines. I put my chin on her knee. I wandered off and gave a mahoosive huff. I whumped down on the floor with another superb 'fed up' huff. It worked! Mum picked up my lead and we headed off to the beach! Yayyyyhaaayyyyy! I haven't got to do zoomies on the beach for ages! I think I made up for it this evening! Ooooooh! It was great fun! I found a few passing playmates along the way - including my two girlfriends Lucy and Lola the Whippet-pups. That was the bestest game of chase I've had for ages!

All that fun made me VERY late for my dinner, but, for once it was OK - even if I didn't get any extra rations to make up for it! Of course, inevitably, I have had to endure the attack of the warmrainspray and froth bottle, followed by an hour of having to wear my numptyrobe. A good gnawing session on my bone made that tolerable. Mum now says I smell gorgeous..... hmmmm.... I still prefer eau de whatever-I-find-to-roll-in!

Photo of our meet up this morning - from left to right Mandy Pike with Fable, Mum and me, then Jo Speer with Bess. We are all standing on the brick surface at the Pier Approach, with the beach Oceanarium and Hot Rocks yummyery behind us.

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