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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Maybe Minihumans aren't so bad.....

Human howling, pawbanging, more howling, more pawbanging, more howling..... you get the pattern......

That was apparently the reason we went on a long car ride! Debbi was up on the highup floor doing her tickling black and white teeth thing, and there were loads of other humans up there with her all doing various stints of human howling. In between each howling session, all the people in the rows of seats banged their front paws together. Humans are soooo weird!

It was nice to have lots of my special people together though. Debbi, Ryan, Papa, Rosie and microhuman Hallie, as well as, of course Mum and Dad. I even got brave and gave Hallie a kiss!

When the howling show finished, we all went to a human yummyery. I got my dinner on the pavement outside first though. Most important meal first! Heehee! Little Hallie sat in a kind of cage-chair thing. I just happened to be next to her. I think there is a possibility that I could learn to like this microhuman after all. She threw all sorts of yummy morsels my way! Heehee! Yummmmmmm!

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