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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Inappropriate Play.....

Clickety-clickety-clickety-click-click-click....... That's all that both Mum and Dad have been doing - all day...... So, I thought.....they're playing with their toys..... I shall play with mine. Apparently my kind of 'play' with my giant teddy bear is 'inappropriate'! Harrrrumph!

I suppose it wasn't quite ALL day - I did take Mum on a nice workywalkies this morning on a new route. The fireball was in the sky and it was a lovely walkies. We started off on the boring same old streets, but then Mum asked me to 'find left' onto a path that leads alongside the stream in Bournemouth. We walked quite a long way - actually as far as we could go - the path ran out! There were lots of featherballs about and quite a few little grey jerky-tailed-skitter-jitter-tree-scamperers too. I would have liked to chase some of them but I have learned now that Mum won't let me so I just watch but leave. Maybe one day I will get to chase them on a freerun......

There were a few doggy pals along the way too. Some of them were lucky enough to be freerunning and came to greet me. Of course, I wasn't allowed to play because I was on harness, but it was nice to sniff n greet. One of them was a grumpy little Scottie - he tried to bite my nose off, so I told him off. One big deep woof from me and he scurried off and hid behind his very senior human! This senior human was very wobbly and apparently thought it was all hilarious. His laughter turned to growly words though when he dropped his bottle of wobblejuice and it smashed on the ground. He then kind of rolled onto a bench-seat and pulled another bottle out of his bag. We could still smell his wobblejuice quite a long way off!

We ended our walk by doubling back on ourselves. Mum had missed the giant puddle that we were apparently aiming for and walked straight past it. A nice spaniel puppy and his human showed the way to where we should have gone. Mum then sat down on the wall (she asked me to 'find the seat' - I assumed she meant the wall as it was the right height), and I laid down by her paws. She yipped into her talkybone and then, after a little wait - watching the quacking featherballs, Dad arrived in the car to pick us up.

We called into a couple of places where we used to take Granny. One of them was the granny-daycare centre that she used to go to. Apparently we went to tell them that she went to forever sleep. I just enjoyed meeting and greeting a couple of humanpals!

Now....if I'm not allowed to do my kind of play with my teddy - I'm off for a good sulk!

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