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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Woof, Walkies and more...

Too big to be a lapdog? Pah! Well....I suppose Mum has quite a big lap! Just right for an evening snuggle! I felt I had to make sure she is OK after a lady attacked her paws today. It seemed like Mum was actually enjoying it! Most peculiar! This lady got Mum to remove her pawcovers, then put them into a buzzing, bubbling bowl of froth, then attacked them with all sorts of shiny snippy sticks and blobs of gloop and rubbings and scrubbings. Then she stroked her claws with a tiny whiskerstick that made them go purple! Not satisfied with doing all this to her back paws, she then did much the same to her front paws and claws too! I kept my paws firmly tucked out of the way!

When she had finished with Mum, she got Dad to remove his upper fursubstitutes, lay on a bed with his nose through a hole, then she stroked him with gloop! I sidled up firmly against Mum's purple clawed paws. I felt that was safer than risking getting glooped!

All this came after the car ride back to Bournemouth. That car ride followed a brief workywalkies. That workywalkies was good to do though. It was a workywalkies in our world; along the towpath! Yesssss! It was good to guide Mum around all the muddy puddles, crumbling banks, overhanging trees and stickyuppy treeroots. It was only a shortish workywalkies, but not as short as Dad's cruise on our floatyboatyhome. He literally only went around a corner, then used the boat's lead to tie it up again.

Workywalkies started off with just a few paces to "Find the kerb." "Wait". "Forward" (across the busy road), and "Find the control box". Then I squeaked my protest at the long wait while Mum stuck a shinystick into the control box, then just stood there with her pawpointer pressed on a button. All the while she just stood there doing that, a bleepybar came down, all the cars and lorries stopped and the whole road went right up in the air! Dad then snuck underneath just in time before mum moved her pawpointer to another button and it all returned to normal. Finally, Mum removed her pawpointer and then her shinystick, picked up my harness handle and, as if nothing had happened, calmly said "Let's go"! Madness!

We walked on past Dad as he was tying the boat's leads to the rings on the ground. When we came back, I was tethered outside on what I'm sure Mum called the Woof. It was a big wide solid area beside the canal with a huuuuuge shed beside it. Inside that shed were some humanmen doing all sorts of bangbang, buzzbuzz, clankclank things to another boat that didn't have water round its bum. It was way up high on this 'woof' area. Anyway, Mum and Dad went inside our boat and Mum took the window out. That meant I could supervise all activity by sticking my head inside! I achieved a couple of big sloppy kisses for Mum when she came within reach from inside! Heehee! They were packing bags again. Then Dad came outside and Mum passed bags through the window to Dad who then loaded them into the car. I had to inspect each one as it passed through my inspection hatch! One in particular smelled exceptionally interesting. It was the one Mum had loaded with things from the white cupboard with the light inside. She was mean though; she handed that one firmly straight to Dad and told me to get my shnozzle out of it! Hufffff!

Apparently the bangbang buzzbuzz men will be doing something over the next couple of days to make our floatyboatyhome have working central eating. I think Ilike the sound of that!

Four photos

Me curled up on Mum's lap

Lying on beige carpet munching a rawhide chew

Taking a panting breather from the hard work if chewing

Close up of the most handsome dog on beige carpet!

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