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Thursday, 27 October 2016


I don't know what a seal is but Mum said I was like one this afternoon. It would seem that seals slip headfirst into water!

Today all started off with a dingdong; something that always makes me squeak and my tail wag so hard it wops my sides! Mum opened the door and in came Kelvin, the nice humanman from upstairs. After initial happy greetings, it became apparent he hadn't come to fuss me. :( Instead, I just had to lie down through a whole forever of yackety-yacking! It was all about Granny and something to do with her Celebration of Life service.

After that, Mum and Dad went into bag-packing mode, all bags were piled up in the hallway and then Mum and I left Dad to deal with them. We set off for a very pleasant wander around the Clifftop Park. It was lovely! The fireball was all glowy in the sky and there were loads of featherballs and fluffy-tailed skitterjitters around to chase! I almost caught a skitterjitter but he got just a smidgen too high up his tree for me to reach - then he turned around and shouted at me before scampering up even higher! That made me shout back at him! I tried to tell him that I just wanted to play, but he clearly didn't understand woof. I did eventually find a buddy to play with: a terrier chap who was super fast! We enjoyed a great game of chase just before Dad arrived in the car with all the bags in it.

When we got to our floatyboatyhome, I got left to snooze in the car for a few minutes while Dad unloaded the bags and passed them to Mum inside the boat. When I got my release, I found humanmen to meet and greet aboard home. They were doing things with shiny-twistysticks and other toys. It seems these toys were all doing things to make the white boxes on the walls go warm.

After a while of being good and lying on my mat under the table, I decided to try the chin-on-knee technique on Mum. It worked! I got to take her walkies! Not only that, but it was a freerun walkies! Yayyyhayyy! Mum said that, as it was a nice bright day and we were on familiar towpath, she could see enough to let me relax. Well....thank you very much Mummy. I rather suspect that she only intended for us to go as far as the bridge where we turned around the other day. I persuaded her otherwise.... we carried on a bit further. And oh! Boy! Was that a good persuasion! A little way on, I found a pal; a white curly girlie Poodle x Golden Retriever called Dipsie. Woohooo!

We had a great time - first of all on the towpath, then in a big field beside it. We played and chased and chewed and kanoodled and chased and chased and rolled and chased more. After a while, we were joined by a pair of Airedale puppies and the fun just got better! It was the bestest freerun playtime I've had for ages. When our humans all declared it was time to stop playing (boo!) I headed straight to the canal for a much needed drink. I found a little dip in the bank, put front paws down, stretched my head down ......and the water just sucked me in! Ooopsie! The bigshake when I scrambled back out was spectacularly successful; three well splattered humans! Heehee!

Photo of Dipsie and me taking a brief pause in play to pose for photo taken by Dipsie's humanmum.

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