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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Mwah ha ha!

Silly,silly Mummy! She really is so very daft sometimes!
She really was stoopid enough to think that I would stay dry at the beach! Pahahahahahahaha! I humoured her for a fair while: I ran along the pawmenade and whizzed off for a few zoomies across the sand. I stayed dry until we were very very almost at the point where Dad was coming to pick us up in the car..... That was my chance to prove Mum's daftness! I spotted a pair of fellow black Labradors playing in the sploshyfroth. They were diving in and swimming out to retrieve the ball that their humanman kept throwing away. I rushed in to help them. Well.... I couldn't leave two girlypals to do all the work could I?
When Dad arrived in the car, I had to wait while Mum got my towel. I then had to 'hup' onto the grassy wall to 'endure' a good towelrub (such a hardship!) before making the car smell delightful for the hour long journey to Newbury. Heeeheeee!
Now we're back aboard our floatyboatyhome and the hotbox is glowing gently. Cozy home!

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