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Thursday, 20 October 2016

A Very Bigggg Weeeeeee Needed!

I think I rather like Mummy's Bad-Eyes-Days.

Not, of course, because she is suffering - although even that means extra cuddles are needed! It is because I get to enjoy strutting my stuff taking her on lovely long workywalkies! It means I have to really step up to the mark and do my bestest job of guiding and I love to do that! It is what I was born to do!

This morning, after Mum had swallowed white disks and then used her front paws to find her way around and put on her fursubstitutes, it was on with my harness and off out for a lovely long wander down Middle Chine, then a 'find left' and aaaaaaallllll the way along the pawmenade to that stickyout platform over the sploshywater and then further on to new territory up the hill in Boscombe. Then Dad arrived and picked us up in the car.

The rest of the day has been spent largely snoozing through non-stop yacketying and human yummying at a yummyery where we met our humanfriends Adrian and Chris. It was lovely to meet them again, but not a single morsel was dropped in that yummyery! All I got was a huge bowl of water, so I had to be satisfied with drinking aaaaaallllll of it. The yacketying went on for ages after I'd finished. When we finally went outside I just couldn't hold my leg up for long enough! I think I may have left a small lake under that bush! Phew!

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