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Saturday, 15 October 2016

I am Just Amazing.... :)

Mummy, I wuv you!

Sofa snuggles aboard our floatyboatyhome! Just for tonight apparently, but nice to relax.

This morning, i took Mum workywalkies to the headfur-snippers. I was a very good boy; I just curled up in a tight ball on the floor near Mum's back paws where she sat in the chair, while the lady squirted and snipped and stroked and hufferfuffed her headfur. I got a lovely fuss from another lady on the way out. Then I guided Mum to Tesco's and surprised her when she said 'Where are the mushrooms?' I led her straight to the cold shelf and plonked my nose right on a pack of mushrooms! Another lady who had watched us came up and fussed and kissed me (with Mum's permission). She made my head soggy from her leaky eyes! She kept on saying to Mum 'that was just incredible! These dogs are soooooo clever!' Well, of course we are clever! That's why we do what we do! You humans just have no idea.......

Two photos of me on the sofa snuggled with Mum, lying on my side between her back legs. Her fursubstitute is jeans. 1) she has her right front paw by my ear giving me fuss and i am kissing her left front paw. the tip of my tongue is visible, bright pink against my gleaming black fur. 2) Mum's view of me, lying with my head on her leg, nose to the left hand side of the pic, right ear flapping backwards onto Mum's leg

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