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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Boaty Kennel time.

My last swim in the river today. Mum says we will be cruising back to the boatykennel soon. She won't let me back aboard the boat while I'm all drippy soggy so i just have to lie out on the grass with my big rawhide bonechew. Such a tough life!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Militant Action!

Sit down protest! That's what Mum called it. Blimmin well had enough. That's what I called it.
Mum started off doubting me! She said she thought I might be a bit of a tinker on harness, having had a couple of days of complete chilling out, playing and swimming. Well, she was wrong! I was a good boy. A very good boy! I knew I needed to. I knew Mum's eyesight was playing her sillywotsits. So, we stepped off the boat, I had a brief play on the field, including doing what a dog just has to do when there are trees around. Then, on went my harness and we strode off across the field, over the bridge, along the towpath, then onto a street route and to that Dunelm place.
On the way, I nearly got my nose bitten off by a stroppy little yappychappy who flew at me so fast and furious that he kind of swung himself on the end of his lead. I stuck my nose in the air and took Mum on past him.
It was in that Dullelm shop that I got a bit naffed off. Suuuuuuuch a loooooooong........slooooooowwww.........dreary walk ...... In and out.....up and down......there and back again........ A definite downside to my work on a Mummy-funny-eyes-day - it just takes her sooooooooooo long to scan the shelves for what she wants. And this Dullelm place always seems to hold her attention for way too long! Well....today was a funny-eyes-day IN Dullelm! Worst possible combination! I did my duty for quite a while.....I trudged around just about every inch of the place......but then....one step too far ........ She wanted to look for something smelly - not nice smelly like chicken or tripe or foxpoo - oh no! Stinky smelly to 'deal with smells in the bathroom'! Uggghhh! Well, I seized my opportunity! She stopped at the end of the aisle. I planted my bum firmly on the floor and noooooo amount of 'come on', 'this way', or even the lure of a treat was going to shift my butt! I won! Mum just left me there while she went on a sniffing mission. That bit of floor was quite cool for a lie-down!
I did enjoy the stop off at Pets at Home afterwards. Their checkout has yummies for good boys! I did my goodest waggy tailed sit. I got a yummy! That was after I'd done a good 'sit' on the shiny platform that gives Mum my numbers. Apparently my numbers have got smaller again, so that means I will get slightly bigger dinners! Well.....I think I need to go sit on that platform more often!
Next stop was Lidl's where I got fusses from my pal Jerry on the checkout. He is a nice humanman. He opened the checkout especially for us!
All ll that hard work was very hot work. I was glad of a big drink afterwards. Then even more glad of a good swimming session in the river when we got back home to the floatyboat.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Floating and Boating.....

This is such a tough life!

I spent the morning playing with my buddy Brodie, then had a big job sorting out Mum's daft insistence on throwing my ball into the river - I had to swim soooooooo many times to fetch it back!

Now I'm having to watch these peculiar humans that seem to be throwing themselves out of their strange pointed floating bowls, holding flat-ended sticks, then climbing back in and doing it all over again ... And again .... And again.... They seem to be finding it fun. I'm not too sure if I should be going to join in or to rescue them. Mum has tethered me though so the best I can actually do is watch and squeak at them!

Photo of me lying on grass just to the front of our floatyboaty home watching a group of humans with canoes and kayaks.
Photo of me lying on grass just to the front of our floatyboaty home watching a group of humans with canoes and kayaks.

Sunday, 28 August 2016


"It didn't touch the sides!" She said. Well.....why on earth would there be any need whatsoever for a chunk of cheese to touch my sides? It went in precisely the right place! And it was yummy!

This was a gift from a very nice lady at a mouth-drippingly wonderful flappy-walled shoppy-thing in the middle of the street after a long workywalkies to church and then to a human yummyery, then into town. So, I had worked hard......my tail did it's very bestest appealing wiggly-wagging and I got a little reward!

Then, the lady who commented about my sides broke off a bit of a treat she had bought for her dog, and she gave me that too (after asking Mum's permission first). That was a delicious crunchy tuna biccie. Perfect accompaniment to the cheese!

There are benefits to being a working dog in a smart harness - yummy benefits! Humans often seem to want to reward me for being so amazing! HeeHeee!

Saturday, 27 August 2016


Relaxing in my garden after a hard morning of playing and swimming
Pic of me lying down on the grass beside our boat, showing just a part of the huge open field area that is our garden while we are moored here.

Guide Dog Oakley relaxing in Northcroft Park
One chilled Oakley!

Friday, 26 August 2016


I remembered!

We have cruised! We did a lock! I remembered what I have to do to look after Mum, and I did it even without my harness! Mum decided that I could have that one lock off duty as it was very familiar territory and very good light. I still made sure she was on the straight and narrow though. I kept her safe!

My reward? The bestest mooring in Newbury! Right in the middle of my favourite freerun park AND alongside my doggypals Blue (white German Shepherd), Brodie (Pointer-ish) and Rusty (Briard) aboard Dawn Run. Yayyyyyyyy! I have had a fantabulous day running and chasing and swimming in the river.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Goodbye Uncle Terry.

Ooooh! I luuuuuuuuuvvvvveeee Debbi and Ryan's mahhhooooosive garden! And the giant round deep puddle they have in it was fun too!

Well.....Debbi and Mum stood with their paws in that lovely cool water in that round blue puddle thing. I just had to check they were OK...... I put my front paws on the side and it kind of squished down and got my back paws all wet! Mum called me a bumbling oaf for the way she said I lumbered myself in. I'm not sure how to take that! Well.... I suppose I don't really care.....it was great fun!

Debbi used a little net-on-a-stick to swish around in the water. It seems she was collecting all sorts of things that were floating about in the water. I thought that maybe she was finding toys for me - just like when Dad uses one of those net things to scoop up my wayward toys that 'fall' off the boat sometimes. I may have got just a smidgen carried away.......I may just have snatched the net off her and run off with it...... Oops! Heeeeheeee! (it was only very slightly redesigned when I gave it back!)

It has been a great day - a couple of workywalkieses, but mainly chilling out (well......sort of .....it was a bit toasty really!) in that big garden. There were some leaky eyes at the end as we left Uncle Terry and got into the car to come back to the boat. Apparently we won't see him again for a long time. He will be staying with Debbi and Ryan until Saturday, then will be going inside one of the huge noisy shiny bird-with-wings-that-don't-flap things like the ones that went over the top of us every few seconds in the garden, to go home to his Tie-Land. I shall miss him. He plays good tug games!

Nanny's Memory

As you may know, we are raising money to name another Guide Dog puppy. We are so nearly at our target now. Mum says this one is going to have to be named after Nanny. Guide Dog Nanny? Yeah, I like that!

If you would like to help us name a pup in Nanny's memory, then we would be very grateful. Could you add even just a few pounds to the Just Giving page? Please can you spread the word? I miss Nanny already.


Fund Raising for Guide Dogs in memory of Nanny
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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Home Again!!!

Yayy! Back in our floatyboatyhome! And I have a bed-mate for tonight! uncle Terry is sharing my sofa which seems to have grown into a full sized bed. I hope it stays this big!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Sore Paws....

Four paws better than two paws! Proven again!

I took Mum for an awesome long workywalkies this morning. It was fab! Just Mum and me walking just for the pleasure of walking. We covered seven miles in total. I could have quite happily carried on to do loads more but Mum's paws were hurting so we had to catch a bus. That is something I haven't guided Mum to do for quite some time. It was good to be strutting my stuff again - even though it did make my tongue drip with panting-juice! Pheeeeewwwww! It was hot! But it was good. Mum said she felt better for it too. Even though she complained that her paws were telling her off for it!

Then, this evening, I took Dad for another nice long leisure walkies.

All that combined with a juicy bone to devour has added up to rather a good day. Much happier than yesterday, although there is still a lot of sadness around too. I keep staring at Nanny's armchair. It doesn't look right without her in it!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Sad day today....

Sad day today. :(

It seems that the reason I was all groomed up and my harness cleaned up this morning was because of going to a room with lots of humans and lots of leaky eyes. It seems it was all to say farewell to Nanny.

There were lots of my favouritest humans there but it was clearly not an occasion for happy waggy tailed greetings. I simply did my job guiding Mum to her seat and then I laid down and kept a low profile while all the human yacking etc went on. At the end, I had to take Mum to a long wooden box with flowers on top. She added another flower, then everyone else added one too. I stood up on my hind legs to check them out. I gave the box a little nuzzle and then laid down on the floor again. There were clearly still a lot of leaky eyes and hugs to be done, so I just waited.

Afterwards, we all went to a pub where there was a bit of hoovering to do and ooooooooooodles of human yackety-yacking going on. I spent most ot the time just snoozing under the table. I did come out and do my waggiest possible bit to cheer people up. I think it helped a bit.

There was one yummy moment when Uncle Terry very kindly gave me a delicious little triangle of yumminess! Actually, I kind of get the impression that he didn't mean to give it to me...... He grassed me up to Mum...... he said he had only leant down to look at something and his sandwich disappeared from his paw! Ooops! Well, I swear he lowered it down there to offer it to me! It would have been so rude to decline such an offer wouldn't it?

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Dressing Room.....

Does my nose look big in this?
Took Mum workywalkies (with Dad and Uncle Terry too) in Worthing. Had to guide her into this teenytiny room with a flappy wall. Ended up somehow kind of draped!

Who's a pretty boy, then?

Friday, 19 August 2016

Still on the bone.......

Late dinner! Starvation! I don't know how I survived! Well......OK....I suppose the freerun was a reasonable reason for the delay...... I may have had a bit of fun playing with Alice the Collie x Labrador and with another little pocket rocket terrier.......
This was all after a big long workywalkies this morning in Worthing, finishing at Rosie's flat. When we arrived, we found Dad and Uncle Terry already there. I really am rather fond of Uncle Terry - especially when he keeps that little squawky microhumanniece quiet like he did this morning! I rather like the games of tug with him too! He is much stronger than Mum so I have to work harder to tug things off him.
Now ...... where is that bone? I must finish it off.........

Thursday, 18 August 2016


Ooooooh! Sore botty! Mum seems to think it is hilarious! She says I have pooped enough concrete conkers today to form foundations for a toilet block! That bone was just soooooo good though! Almost finished it. Mission will be fully accomplished tomorrow!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Tie Land

Yayy! I got my bone! And I got my Daddy back. And he brought my Uncle Terry too - the one that has been inside a huge shiny noisy bird-with-non-flapping-wings things - aaaaaaaalllll of a mega long way from some place called Tie-Land apparently. I .... errrr ..... may have got just a tad excited when Uncle Terry arrived ...... well ..... it has been a long time ..... I may have got just a slight telling off for jumping up! Oooops! Ahem!
I took Mum and Uncle Terry workywalkies to Lidl's - it was blimmin hot! It made my tongue hang out all the way - all three-and-a-half miles of it. But it was a good trip and a nice big drink and a couple of hours gnawing on my bone in the garden made it all worthwhile.
Now, in the cool of evening, it is time to take Daddy out for a nice leisure walkies.....ttfn...

Daddy left me!....

Daddy left me! He packed a bag, got into the car and disappeared yesterday morning and he hasn't come back!
I have had to work double extra hard looking after Mum and Papa!
Mum says Dad will be back today - he has been to visit Granny in Bournemouth, then our floatyboatyhome in Newbury, then he was going to stay with Ryan last night before collecting uncle Terry from one of those huge shiny noisy bird-with-non-flapping-wings things.
So, after aaaaaalllll my hard work yesterday - especially the six miles total workywalkies, I am sure I rather deserve the bone that I am sure Mum got from the butchershop that I took her to in the morning......it doesn't seem to be materialising though....I suspect she has fed it to that big white buzzing cupboard with a light inside.....

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I could walk 500 miles......

Three and a half miles.

That's how far I have workywalkiesded Mum this evening. All just for the pleasure of it! Well, that is absolutely fine by me. We could have ridden in the car with Dad, but we preferred to toddle together thank you very much. And a very good job I did of it - I know I did - Mum told me so - and she backed up her telling with treats when we got back! Yummmmmmmy carrot AND a chewstick! I REALLY must've done a good job!

Now, back in Papa's White wheeliebox, Dad has redesigned the bed which means that I have to sleep right beside Mum. I think I rather like this plan!

Monday, 15 August 2016


Jack greeted me at the end of Papa's driveway. I would have soooooooo loved to play with Jack. He is only 18 weeks old but he is twice my size! Mum says he is a Great Dane puppy. I think he is a potential fantabulous playmate! And he lives just around the corner......Muuuuuummmm..... Hint.....Pleeeeease? You have to make up for the fact that I was on harness this morning and so couldn't play......
Church was great. Lots of old humanfriends to meet and greet: we went to the one they call Jubilee Church where we used to go before we moved to our floatyboatyhome.
Lunchtime was a disappointment. Despite so many humans being there (Mum, Dad, Papa, Rosie, James and little Hallie), not an atom of that nosh fell to the floor, so not even a crumb to hoover! Huffff!
This afternoon made up for the starvation - Mum & Dad and Rosie &James, plus little squawkybox Hallie too, needed a walkies in Buckingham Park. This seemed to include a time of yacketying too. Well, of course, I was very glad to keep them entertained for the duration! James is super good at using a ball launcher! I had a LOT of running to do! Buckingham Park is BIG and I think we covered most of it! Phew! I found a few doggy pals to meet, greet and play with too. A good afternoon methinks!

Sunday, 14 August 2016


Mum and Dad got me to pose with this wonderful dog-loving person called Alfredo they got talking to outside his human yummyerie Capri Italian Restaurant in Lancing yesterday. Dad says we must have a meal here one day. Somehow, I guess I will only get any morsels they may drop on the floor......

Alfredo posing with Mum and Me!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Stubby Legs...

Workywalkies. Lie down. Workywalkies. Lie Down. Workywalkies........ You get the trend? That has been the order if most of today. The pattern was happily broken by a quick blast around a park with a ball and a pug! How do those stubby little legs go sooooo fast? !!! Heehee! It was a great, if brief, game of chase!
Mum says that on Monday 22 August I will have to be a smart and very special boy. She says it will be a very difficult day: the day we will be saying our final farewells to Nanny.
She says that, normally, on these very special days, humans usually do something with Flowers. However, on Nanny's day, we won't be doing flowers. We will instead, be inviting people to make donations to my Name a Puppy fund for Guide Dogs.
Mum and Me - Guide Dog Oakley
Mum and Me on our Sponsored Walk.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Flippin' Car.....

I'm very glad my car-bed is comfy. I've spent like forever on it today!

We've done lots of creepy-crawly drivey-slowly on the big-supposed-to-be-fast-whizzy roads. Aaaaaaall the way to Bournemouth and back. We visited a cocker spaniel. Well... I suppose really, Mum and Dad were there to visit the ladyhuman in that lots-of-desks place, but the doggypal was much more interesting!

Apparently he works there - keeping all the humans in order when they sit at their desks doing all their clicketyfingersing and talkyboning. That all still baffles me - mutual bum-sniffing is a much more civilised means of greeting and communicating!

Next, we visited Granny. That was nice, but far more importantly, that visit was followed by a blimmin good freerun in the park. OOoooh! I needed that!

Now, after the long car ride back, we are in Papa's White wheeliebox again and I have been evicted from Mum's bed! Hufffffff!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Leaky Eyes and Squawky MicroHumans

Lots of leaky eyes, lots of my special loving, lots of walkies and ooooooooodles of human yacketying. That was my day!
We went to visit a lady who did lots of clicketyfingersing and then gave Papa lots of floppy rectangles with squiggles all over. Then we went to another place where there was more yacketying and we went into a church-like room. At both of these places, they were talking about Nanny and there were leaky eyes again.
After this we picked up Rosie and a very squawky Halliemicrohuman. Dad drove to the big human vets where Mum and Rosie got out, taking Hallie. I stayed in the car and went with Dad and Papa to get my dinner and theirs. It seems that Hallie was not well but she has been checked by the human vets and is OK now.
Dad then left me to look after Papa, while he drove back to collect Mum. While Dad was away, some humanfriends, Mik and Sue turned up to yackety-yack with Papa. This yacketying, of course, continued when Mum and Dad came back.
It was all rounded off by a very pleasant walkies around a longish block. Now.....I think it's time to warm Mum's bed up for her.....

White Wheeliebox....

Another new bed! Waddyamean, Mum, I'm not spending the night up here? I'm comfy! pleeeeeeease.....
Well, if I don't look, then I shall remain ignorant of what you say is my bed...... Nope.... I can't see the floor from here.....
It seems that our home is the white-wheeliebox that Papa attaches to the back of his car. It is in the front garden. I guess that means we are staying here with Papa and that is why bags were packed and we left Granny's.
This evening, I took Mum for a lovely long workywalkies around the streets here in this Shoreham place. That was a nice unwind and Mum enjoyed it. She says it was a trip down memory lane. I have no idea what the street names are, I just enjoyed strutting my stuff to keep Mum safe! It was great to work new territory!
Before we left Granny's, life went really weird! Two nice manhumans turned up. One of them had yummy ears and liked having them cleaned! I was very happy to oblige! Pleasantries over, they then started attacking the bathroom! They smashed everything! Even the shiny flat squares on the walls! I didn't like the mega noisy toy they were using. I hid in the dining room!
A good freerun on the golf course helped me to forget all about that scary stuff though. Then we visited Granny before the journey to Shoreham. It is nice to be with Papa, but Nanny's armchair really doesn't look right without her in it!
Photo of me asleep on the bed inside the White-wheeliebox

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Awaiting Enlightenment.....

Having a sad Mummy has a certain kind of plus side; lots of cuddles and lots of looooooong walkies. Of course I want my happy Mum back but I am not complaining about this side of things.
Weird stuff is going on at Granny's though - not only bags being packed, but also everything cleared out of the bathroom and all sorts of other stuff getting moved about. I shall have to await enlightenment........

Mum Needed Me....

I got a wet head. Leaky sky? Nope. Leaky eyes again.
That was at the end of a lovely long workywalkies with Mum this evening. I worked hard for all four miles of it - I had to - Mum could see even less than usual. A couple of times people stopped to ask if she was OK. She said if was the wind making her eyes stream. I know she was fibbing!
When we got all the way to that posh Sandbanks place, Mum asked me to "Find a seat" (the glowball had disappeared from the sky so Mum really really couldn't see anything). I found a seat, Mum sat down on it, removed my harness, gave me a treat and then hugged me and made my head all soggy.
I think Mum needed that long walk. I think she needed me even more though. I dread to think how many things and people she would've bumped into if I hadn't been looking after her!

Monday, 8 August 2016

A Sad Day....

Long journeys and lots of leaky eyes. That about sums up today.
It all began when Mum's talkybone squawked this morning. That made her eyes leak. Then bags were hurriedly packed and we set off on the journey to Nanny and Papa's home in Shoreham. There we met Papa with more leaky eyes. I searched everywhere but couldn't find Nanny. It seems that is the reason for all the leaky eyes.
Rosie arrived with my humanmicrosister, Hallie: more leaky eyes - and squawky Hallie some of the time too! Mum removed a wrapper from her bum and put a new one on. I tried to help but it seems my kind of help was not appreciated, but the whole process stopped the squawking!
Now, after another journey, we are back in Granny's flat in Bournemouth and I rather think that Mum needs my loving......


Sunday, 7 August 2016


They LEFT me! Abandoned I was. Left all alone while they went into a hugeenormous blue puddle!
Well, OK.... they left me to help on reception.....with a few admiring staff.....well....quite a lot of admiring staff......and maybe one or two fusses.....or perhaps a few more than that......and a big bowl of water to slop everywhere...... Yeah! OK... I admit it was quite nice really!
I got got my own back on the way home - well...... I might not have heard Mum say 'stay out of the water'.... I swear she yelled it AFTER I climbed back out of the river! Ahem......
Well...... THEY had been swimming!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Mooooore yackettying.....

Home again! Yayy!

but not before a whole load of workywalkies and other duties today! Cor! I have worked my paws off! Yep.... I am sure I am shorter tonight! Three long workywalkieses around different bits of Bournemouth, then a visit to Granny before going back to Granny's to get in the way while Mum was trying to pack bags again. Heehee! She says I am good at getting in the way. She says it is because I do a lot of practice!

The first workywalkies was to a place Mum says us called Elle Vee or something. We went there to meet two nice manhumans. I had to guide Mum on the command of "Oakie follow" through the huge building. We went into one of those magic boxes that have a different outside each time the doors open, then through a human yummyery, but, for once, we didn't stop for torture-me-time. We went to an outside bit where I just snoozed in the fresh air while all the inevitable yacketying went on.

Next, we went to a shoppy place called Poole. I didn't find any pool, lake, or even puddle there, but I did work hard steering Mum around all the people and other obstacles.

Our visit to see Granny made me a bit squeaky grumbly. Well....it was so unfair! We sat outside while Mum, Dad and Granny had their hot brown drinks and did their yipping. From where I was lying, I could see other doggy pals going in and out of the park opposite! I soooooo wanted to to play with them, but meanie Mummy had looped my lead around the chair she was sitting on! All I could do was to squeak and grumble my protests! Huff!

The the third workywalkies was just a leisure wander around one if the nice routes around Granny's flat. At the end of that, Dad picked us up in the car and we set off in the journey back to our floatyboaty home. When we arrived, I had to wait in the car while all the bags were transferred to the boat, then I had to take Dad walkies to Lidl's. Some chores are worth enduring! I have some good human friends at Lidl's and it is a good walk too. Just right before settling down for Mummysofasnuggles!

Photo of me with Mum and the two nice manhumans at Elvee,
in front of a big green heart-shaped blobthing.

Friday, 5 August 2016


Yackety-yackety-yack-yack-yack....... Why do humans do so yipping much of it?!!!!!

Workywalkies this morning was into Newbury town to a place called the Corn Exchange. There we met some humans (all lovely Guide Dogsy people) and the non-stop jabberjaw started. Much more importantly though, I met a fellow Guide Dog, Harley. We got on with the much more sensible means of communication - we kanoodled, chewed each other's ears and jowls, we whopped each other with our paws and had a good old roll around on the floor! Soooooooo much more fun than all that yipping!

Next came a further workywalkies through town, ending with a wonderful treat: a freerun and swim! Yippeeee! That was just perfect before returning to our boatyhome for a snooze while Mum and Dad packed bags.

Now, after a journey that included staying still for quite a while on the big road that is usually whizzy (all the other cars were still too), then a very slow bit, we visited Granny. She seemed very pleased to see us and gave me a nice little ear-rub. Then it was back into the car and back to Granny's flat.

After the bright skyfireball had fallen out of the sky, I managed to persuade Dad that he needed a walkies. He said I could take him just around the block. He says he misjudged the length of the walkies and went much further than intended. I am NOT complaining! Heehee!

Photos of Harley and me showing the humans the proper way to meet and make friends.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Guide Dog Oakley - Barging Around Britain!!!!

Wooohoooo! Proper back home today!
We've been cruising. I've been guiding Mum along the towpath, around the treeroots, up to the locks and swingbridges and on-and-off the boat. I ALMOST managed to guide her into the canal for a swim - there was one little bit where we could so easily have just waded in - it would have been lovely to cool off in the water - well....I thought so! Mum clearly didn't think so though - all I managed was to get one paw in. Meanie Mummy!
It has been great to get a taste of our proper life again though. We didn't go far but it was good to go. We are now back at the boatykennels place but we are moored in a different place. We no longer have to climb over another boat to get in and out of ours. This is much better for Mum! She's not too good at judging the stepping over thing!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


It is exhausting being so admired and loved and fussed and ear-tickled and bellyrubbed and stroked and admired yet more......

Apparently we went to university today - Reading University. There, we met a gazillion humans and several Guide Dogs and Puppies. I started off really well; I found a huge water bowl and had a wonderful long sloshy everywhere drinking session. I created a superb lake on the floor, then laid down in it! Well, I figured it was the nearest I would get to a swim today! It seems we were all there as ambassadors for Guide Dogs UK, and it was something called a National Citizen Scheme for maximinihumans. It seems that, if we did a good job if our ambassadorship today, then maybe they will do some things to raise some shinydisks For GuideDogs. I hope they appreciated my efforts at getting my fur nice and soggy for them!

All of today's admirers lined up with all us dogs in front,
in the grounds of Reading Uni, in front of clock tower

Me lying down on wooden floor surrounded by admiring humans talking with Mum.

Me and Casper, a fellow Guide Dog, black GSD X Retriever, with a rather peculiar and slightly outsized human holding our leads, in front of a Guide Dogs banner

Me on harness sitting, with Mum beside me, by the Guide Dogs banner

Waggy tail fusses with a nice admirer

What a handsome nose!

A rather splendid shot of my head sideways on looking at Mum.

Four month old golden retriever Guide Dog Puppy.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Poppy Botty.....

Eewwww! It's a bit niffy around here!

I have to keep moving away. Mum says it is because of all the bread. I have no idea what she is talking about. I cleansed the entire towpath of bread yestrerday. There is no bread now. I even demolished a carelessly abandoned bacon baguette. There really is NO bread that could be causing this awful smell!

Phweeep! Awww! Tickly botty! Ugh! There's that stink again!

Monday, 1 August 2016

Mum Hasn't Got a Clue......

Heehee! Boundaries well and truly pushed! Errrrrmmmmm.....well....maybe just a smidgen too far! I didn't get away with it!
I needed a wee.....there just happened to be a passing pooch pal....the door was open.....I took advantage! I didn't need to disturb Mum's obviously massively important work of stroking everything with whiskersticks and sloshyfrothycloths. I selected a bush that needed a good watering and did my duty. Then I thought I would just go saunter along the towpath a bit to find more dry bushes. Well, I did stop and look back to acknowledge her phweep-phweep-phweep on the recall whistle, but decided that she didn't really actually need me back. She was surely just checking that I could hear it..... I continued my saunter. I didn't get very far before meanie old Dad came stomping after me and spoilt my game! Next thing; I'm being ordered back on the boat and then Mum is putting a barrier thing across the door! Hufffffffff!
I did get to check out the weemail gossip in Victoria Park though. That was nice. As was the fuss and hoovering at church. It was great to meet n greet everyone again. Mind you, Mum and Dad got to do more of it than I did: it was a day of oooooooooodles of human yackety-yackety-yackety-yackety-yack-yacking!
Today the the sky is doing a lot of leaking so, what better way to while away the time than by chilling out chomping on a nice big rawhide chewring? Mum seems to think this will keep me occupied for quite some time........
HeHee! Fun time with my Rawhide Chew

Now to get on with the serious business of chewing....