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Friday, 5 August 2016


Yackety-yackety-yack-yack-yack....... Why do humans do so yipping much of it?!!!!!

Workywalkies this morning was into Newbury town to a place called the Corn Exchange. There we met some humans (all lovely Guide Dogsy people) and the non-stop jabberjaw started. Much more importantly though, I met a fellow Guide Dog, Harley. We got on with the much more sensible means of communication - we kanoodled, chewed each other's ears and jowls, we whopped each other with our paws and had a good old roll around on the floor! Soooooooo much more fun than all that yipping!

Next came a further workywalkies through town, ending with a wonderful treat: a freerun and swim! Yippeeee! That was just perfect before returning to our boatyhome for a snooze while Mum and Dad packed bags.

Now, after a journey that included staying still for quite a while on the big road that is usually whizzy (all the other cars were still too), then a very slow bit, we visited Granny. She seemed very pleased to see us and gave me a nice little ear-rub. Then it was back into the car and back to Granny's flat.

After the bright skyfireball had fallen out of the sky, I managed to persuade Dad that he needed a walkies. He said I could take him just around the block. He says he misjudged the length of the walkies and went much further than intended. I am NOT complaining! Heehee!

Photos of Harley and me showing the humans the proper way to meet and make friends.

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