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Monday, 15 August 2016


Jack greeted me at the end of Papa's driveway. I would have soooooooo loved to play with Jack. He is only 18 weeks old but he is twice my size! Mum says he is a Great Dane puppy. I think he is a potential fantabulous playmate! And he lives just around the corner......Muuuuuummmm..... Hint.....Pleeeeease? You have to make up for the fact that I was on harness this morning and so couldn't play......
Church was great. Lots of old humanfriends to meet and greet: we went to the one they call Jubilee Church where we used to go before we moved to our floatyboatyhome.
Lunchtime was a disappointment. Despite so many humans being there (Mum, Dad, Papa, Rosie, James and little Hallie), not an atom of that nosh fell to the floor, so not even a crumb to hoover! Huffff!
This afternoon made up for the starvation - Mum & Dad and Rosie &James, plus little squawkybox Hallie too, needed a walkies in Buckingham Park. This seemed to include a time of yacketying too. Well, of course, I was very glad to keep them entertained for the duration! James is super good at using a ball launcher! I had a LOT of running to do! Buckingham Park is BIG and I think we covered most of it! Phew! I found a few doggy pals to meet, greet and play with too. A good afternoon methinks!

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