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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Guide Dog Oakley - Barging Around Britain!!!!

Wooohoooo! Proper back home today!
We've been cruising. I've been guiding Mum along the towpath, around the treeroots, up to the locks and swingbridges and on-and-off the boat. I ALMOST managed to guide her into the canal for a swim - there was one little bit where we could so easily have just waded in - it would have been lovely to cool off in the water - well....I thought so! Mum clearly didn't think so though - all I managed was to get one paw in. Meanie Mummy!
It has been great to get a taste of our proper life again though. We didn't go far but it was good to go. We are now back at the boatykennels place but we are moored in a different place. We no longer have to climb over another boat to get in and out of ours. This is much better for Mum! She's not too good at judging the stepping over thing!

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