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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Tie Land

Yayy! I got my bone! And I got my Daddy back. And he brought my Uncle Terry too - the one that has been inside a huge shiny noisy bird-with-non-flapping-wings things - aaaaaaaalllll of a mega long way from some place called Tie-Land apparently. I .... errrr ..... may have got just a tad excited when Uncle Terry arrived ...... well ..... it has been a long time ..... I may have got just a slight telling off for jumping up! Oooops! Ahem!
I took Mum and Uncle Terry workywalkies to Lidl's - it was blimmin hot! It made my tongue hang out all the way - all three-and-a-half miles of it. But it was a good trip and a nice big drink and a couple of hours gnawing on my bone in the garden made it all worthwhile.
Now, in the cool of evening, it is time to take Daddy out for a nice leisure walkies.....ttfn...

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