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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Stubby Legs...

Workywalkies. Lie down. Workywalkies. Lie Down. Workywalkies........ You get the trend? That has been the order if most of today. The pattern was happily broken by a quick blast around a park with a ball and a pug! How do those stubby little legs go sooooo fast? !!! Heehee! It was a great, if brief, game of chase!
Mum says that on Monday 22 August I will have to be a smart and very special boy. She says it will be a very difficult day: the day we will be saying our final farewells to Nanny.
She says that, normally, on these very special days, humans usually do something with Flowers. However, on Nanny's day, we won't be doing flowers. We will instead, be inviting people to make donations to my Name a Puppy fund for Guide Dogs.
Mum and Me - Guide Dog Oakley
Mum and Me on our Sponsored Walk.

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