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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Goodbye Uncle Terry.

Ooooh! I luuuuuuuuuvvvvveeee Debbi and Ryan's mahhhooooosive garden! And the giant round deep puddle they have in it was fun too!

Well.....Debbi and Mum stood with their paws in that lovely cool water in that round blue puddle thing. I just had to check they were OK...... I put my front paws on the side and it kind of squished down and got my back paws all wet! Mum called me a bumbling oaf for the way she said I lumbered myself in. I'm not sure how to take that! Well.... I suppose I don't really care.....it was great fun!

Debbi used a little net-on-a-stick to swish around in the water. It seems she was collecting all sorts of things that were floating about in the water. I thought that maybe she was finding toys for me - just like when Dad uses one of those net things to scoop up my wayward toys that 'fall' off the boat sometimes. I may have got just a smidgen carried away.......I may just have snatched the net off her and run off with it...... Oops! Heeeeheeee! (it was only very slightly redesigned when I gave it back!)

It has been a great day - a couple of workywalkieses, but mainly chilling out (well......sort of .....it was a bit toasty really!) in that big garden. There were some leaky eyes at the end as we left Uncle Terry and got into the car to come back to the boat. Apparently we won't see him again for a long time. He will be staying with Debbi and Ryan until Saturday, then will be going inside one of the huge noisy shiny bird-with-wings-that-don't-flap things like the ones that went over the top of us every few seconds in the garden, to go home to his Tie-Land. I shall miss him. He plays good tug games!

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