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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Sore Paws....

Four paws better than two paws! Proven again!

I took Mum for an awesome long workywalkies this morning. It was fab! Just Mum and me walking just for the pleasure of walking. We covered seven miles in total. I could have quite happily carried on to do loads more but Mum's paws were hurting so we had to catch a bus. That is something I haven't guided Mum to do for quite some time. It was good to be strutting my stuff again - even though it did make my tongue drip with panting-juice! Pheeeeewwwww! It was hot! But it was good. Mum said she felt better for it too. Even though she complained that her paws were telling her off for it!

Then, this evening, I took Dad for another nice long leisure walkies.

All that combined with a juicy bone to devour has added up to rather a good day. Much happier than yesterday, although there is still a lot of sadness around too. I keep staring at Nanny's armchair. It doesn't look right without her in it!

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