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Monday, 8 August 2016

A Sad Day....

Long journeys and lots of leaky eyes. That about sums up today.
It all began when Mum's talkybone squawked this morning. That made her eyes leak. Then bags were hurriedly packed and we set off on the journey to Nanny and Papa's home in Shoreham. There we met Papa with more leaky eyes. I searched everywhere but couldn't find Nanny. It seems that is the reason for all the leaky eyes.
Rosie arrived with my humanmicrosister, Hallie: more leaky eyes - and squawky Hallie some of the time too! Mum removed a wrapper from her bum and put a new one on. I tried to help but it seems my kind of help was not appreciated, but the whole process stopped the squawking!
Now, after another journey, we are back in Granny's flat in Bournemouth and I rather think that Mum needs my loving......


1 comment:

  1. Our best wishes and condolences to you all. Yes Oakley - your Mum will need all the loving you can give her. Jennie, Chris and BC Monty, nb Tentatrice.