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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Militant Action!

Sit down protest! That's what Mum called it. Blimmin well had enough. That's what I called it.
Mum started off doubting me! She said she thought I might be a bit of a tinker on harness, having had a couple of days of complete chilling out, playing and swimming. Well, she was wrong! I was a good boy. A very good boy! I knew I needed to. I knew Mum's eyesight was playing her sillywotsits. So, we stepped off the boat, I had a brief play on the field, including doing what a dog just has to do when there are trees around. Then, on went my harness and we strode off across the field, over the bridge, along the towpath, then onto a street route and to that Dunelm place.
On the way, I nearly got my nose bitten off by a stroppy little yappychappy who flew at me so fast and furious that he kind of swung himself on the end of his lead. I stuck my nose in the air and took Mum on past him.
It was in that Dullelm shop that I got a bit naffed off. Suuuuuuuch a loooooooong........slooooooowwww.........dreary walk ...... In and out.....up and down......there and back again........ A definite downside to my work on a Mummy-funny-eyes-day - it just takes her sooooooooooo long to scan the shelves for what she wants. And this Dullelm place always seems to hold her attention for way too long! Well....today was a funny-eyes-day IN Dullelm! Worst possible combination! I did my duty for quite a while.....I trudged around just about every inch of the place......but then....one step too far ........ She wanted to look for something smelly - not nice smelly like chicken or tripe or foxpoo - oh no! Stinky smelly to 'deal with smells in the bathroom'! Uggghhh! Well, I seized my opportunity! She stopped at the end of the aisle. I planted my bum firmly on the floor and noooooo amount of 'come on', 'this way', or even the lure of a treat was going to shift my butt! I won! Mum just left me there while she went on a sniffing mission. That bit of floor was quite cool for a lie-down!
I did enjoy the stop off at Pets at Home afterwards. Their checkout has yummies for good boys! I did my goodest waggy tailed sit. I got a yummy! That was after I'd done a good 'sit' on the shiny platform that gives Mum my numbers. Apparently my numbers have got smaller again, so that means I will get slightly bigger dinners! Well.....I think I need to go sit on that platform more often!
Next stop was Lidl's where I got fusses from my pal Jerry on the checkout. He is a nice humanman. He opened the checkout especially for us!
All ll that hard work was very hot work. I was glad of a big drink afterwards. Then even more glad of a good swimming session in the river when we got back home to the floatyboat.

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