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Monday, 1 August 2016

Mum Hasn't Got a Clue......

Heehee! Boundaries well and truly pushed! Errrrrmmmmm.....well....maybe just a smidgen too far! I didn't get away with it!
I needed a wee.....there just happened to be a passing pooch pal....the door was open.....I took advantage! I didn't need to disturb Mum's obviously massively important work of stroking everything with whiskersticks and sloshyfrothycloths. I selected a bush that needed a good watering and did my duty. Then I thought I would just go saunter along the towpath a bit to find more dry bushes. Well, I did stop and look back to acknowledge her phweep-phweep-phweep on the recall whistle, but decided that she didn't really actually need me back. She was surely just checking that I could hear it..... I continued my saunter. I didn't get very far before meanie old Dad came stomping after me and spoilt my game! Next thing; I'm being ordered back on the boat and then Mum is putting a barrier thing across the door! Hufffffffff!
I did get to check out the weemail gossip in Victoria Park though. That was nice. As was the fuss and hoovering at church. It was great to meet n greet everyone again. Mind you, Mum and Dad got to do more of it than I did: it was a day of oooooooooodles of human yackety-yackety-yackety-yackety-yack-yacking!
Today the the sky is doing a lot of leaking so, what better way to while away the time than by chilling out chomping on a nice big rawhide chewring? Mum seems to think this will keep me occupied for quite some time........
HeHee! Fun time with my Rawhide Chew

Now to get on with the serious business of chewing....

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