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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Happy Oakley!!!

Snoozy Saturday! Just the ticket after Frantic Friday!

It is good to be back in our floatyboaty home. We have actually cruised - all of about 5 minutes - out of the boatkennel and across to the other side of the rivercanal. That means we are moored against the towpath. That means passing pooch pals! That means happy Oakley. It also means I get to go out for a wee without having to be escorted on lead. That, in turn, means I can push slightly on the limits of Mum's supervision (ha ha! Funny word for a Blindie!); I can sniff just a tad further away to select the best place to tiddle! Now.....if I remember correctly.......just the other side of the hedges......there is a park and a stream......I wonder how far I can push these limits........

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