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Monday, 11 July 2016

Mum is O L D ! ! ! !

Mum is now old! Apparently she has had 50 birthdays. Now..... If I could have a Bonio for each of those birthdays ........ Mmmmmm...... Well, it might take a few minutes to count as I munch .......
The last couple of days have been rather good! Yesterday, after a nice lazy lie in at that posh humankennelblock, I endured the torture of the smell of bacon and sausages and......oooooh all those causes of serious jowl-drip. I survived it though and, a short while later, I recovered when we arrived at a fandabbydoozee freerun place! I had the most superb game if chase and roll and swim and chase and run and chase and swim and.......ooooh! It was great! There was a little river and mud and grass and super stinky brown patches - and an 11 month old boxer pup called Hugo to enjoy it all with! Then, when we had tired each other out with all that fun together, Mum and Dad declared me too soggy to go straight back in the car, so I just had to go run and play some more on the fields to dry off. Mum says it was called the New Forest. It didn't have many trees, but it had loads and loads of delectable brown dollops all over the place. Well, it would have been rude not to make use of some of them for a good roll to dry off wouldn't it?
Me and Hugo playing crazy chase

Me and Hugo playing crazy chase

A rather splendid mess!
Me all nicely covered in the dust and dirt I'd rolled in to dry my coat after swimming.

Next, we went to a place that was a bit boring but smelled kind of interesting In places. Mum says it was called Bucklers Hard. Hard what? I don't know! There were some strange humans in there that looked like they were doing various things, but they weren't moving at all. They weren't even breathing. They smelled all kind of dust and old. Some bits were really dark, which meant that I really had to do my stuff to guide Mum around. Dad had to use his one-eyed-clickybox to make a bright flash, then he showed Mum the little window on his clickybox. That was the only way she could see the funny not-moving people and the stuff around them. There were lots of outside bits here too. They were nice. For a while, Dad went off on a clickybox mission while I looked after Mum who enjoyed a sit-awhile on a bench.
The next bit kind of reminded us of home: We went on a boat trip. It was a lot bigger than our boaty home and there were quite a lot of people on it. I spent most of the time enjoying delectable ear tickles from the man next to Mum. I soon discovered that his knee made a good chin rest and that made his paw come to my ears! Mmmmmmmm......that whiled away the time just lovely!
Eventually, we had to head back to reality - aka Granny's flat in Bournemouth. At least that meant I got my dinner! We didn't stay long though before I was back on workywalkies duty to guide Mum and Dad to a nearby human yummyery. There we met Uncle John and Aunty Judy. (Dad's sister). Of course, that meant hours of snoozing for me while they yacketyyacked and munched. I did manage to snaffle a little morsel from under a chair. It seems I like strawberries!
Phew! I was ready for my bed after all that!
Today has has been a little more sedate, but still packed with variety:
Workywalkies, then church, followed by a bit of hoovering duty (minihumans are so messy when they munch!). Then more workywalkies to a foodyshop, and of course around inside the shop. I almost managed to take Mum to the carrots but she said we didn't need any! Humph! After that it was a short car ride to a place called Poole. I have workywalkied some bits of this place before but not all if it and not with sooooo many people around as today. I really had to strut my stuff! There were loads of buses around too. Apparently that is why we were there. According to Dad they were all very interesting (??????) because they were very old. Yeah.....OK...... Well, I enjoyed sitting with Mum watching the world go by while Dad went berserk with his clickybox. We did go for a ride in one of these old buses. We went upstairs and it was very wobbly and bumpy and rumbly. It made Dad happy though!
After enduring all that, I got to 'uncoil my springs' with a brief but very energetic game of ball fetch in a park. I am soooooo not used to sprinting so much! I was right puffed out! I had to refuse to give the ball back so that daft Dad couldn't launch it again! It was fun though, and I did get some treats when I fetched the ball back to Mum a few times. It seems that pleases her!
This is evening Aunty Judy and Uncle John came to help munch up all the yummies test Mum had been busy choppy-sizzly-stirring. I was glad of my Sunday bone to relax with.
Actually, if I am really honest, I am too pooped to even bother to attack that. I think I will save it for later......zzzzzzzzzz....

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