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Sunday, 3 July 2016


Workywalkies. Church plus yummies 'donated' to me by a minihuman. More workywalkies. Huge suffering of serious case of Wrong Mouth Syndrome when Mum and Dad ate cheese for lunch. Then - Ding Dong! .........Rosie and James came to see me! Woooohooooo! Well, they did say hello to Mum n Dad too! They also had that squeaky little microhuman niece Hallie too. I think I have concluded that she is a safe microhuman. She stays in one place and doesn't pull my ears or tail. She is acceptable!

We we all went to visit Granny and that made her mouth go up at the ends! For once though, I wasn't centre of attention in the huge human vets. Apparently a tiny microhuman is more appealing than a handsome gleaming black Labrador. And that was even after I had endured a serious attack from Mum with the shiny teeth stick that she uses to scrape my fur! She says it is important that I don't shed fur all over the floor at the huge human vets. I think that is very rude! I think my black donations make beautiful decorations!

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