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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Back Again!!!

We're back at Granny's again. That really was a very brief visit home, but it was nice while it lasted!
I took Mum for a bit of an inspection of Victoria Park, Newbury, this morning. Well....I did the inspecting. Mum just wandered. I had a lot of important weemail to catch up with. We've been away for a long while. After that, I guided Mum around town and up the main shoppystreeet. Dad then turned up in the car with stuff packed into it and so began the journey back to Bournemouth.
We we went straight to visit Granny. When we arrived, we had to wait for a few minutes because the blue flappy walls were all around her bed. I made use of this time by cheering up a few other ladies in other beds. They all seem to want to fuss me! I never know which way to go first! I did my duty for each of them in turn and it seemed to make their mouths go up at the ends! Then the flappy walls got folded back, a lady in blue wheeled away a chair thing with a lid on it, and we got to greet Granny. I soooooo want to jump up on the bed to check her out and give her my loves, but I'm not allowed so I have to just yup my front paws onto the bars at her side and just give her the best nuzzle I can manage through the bars. Then it seems my duty is to lie down on the floor while Mum and Dad do a bit of yacketying and paw-holding with Granny.
I've been back this evening into Westbourne to check out the local weemail gossip. Nothing much to report though!

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