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Monday, 11 July 2016


"Find Boots", "Find Tesco's". "Find the car", "Find Granny", "Find Boots" (again), "Find Primark" (that's a new one on me, but I must have found it - I got a yummy!), "Find the crossing", ""Find the ...oh! clever boy! You already found it!" Well! Of course I did! I am just brilliant! And I do like to get yummies each time I find whatever I'm supposed to find. They are essential affirmation of my amazingness!

Apparently though, I wasn't supposed to find the yummy for myself on the street! Well, I don't need a command! I worked it out all by myself! I hit the timing just right to catch Mum off guard so she couldn't quite snatch on my lead to prevent my head-duck! She still has no idea what I snaffled and I'm not telling! I did my duty! I cleansed the street of that particular item of litter! in the process I made a few onlookers laugh! That can only be good - surely? Well, to be fair, I think the laughter was at a combination of my gleeful success and Mum's outrage and calling me 'Buggalugs'.

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