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Saturday, 2 July 2016


Ralph! That is his name. A six month old mini me! I met him tonight and we have had a paaaaarty!

We are back aboard our boaty home. Mum says it is only for tonight. We went to visit Granny twice in the huge human vets, plus I took Mum workywalkies in Bournemouth too. Then we did the longish car ride to home. We didn't stay on the boat for very long before we set off again on another workywalkies that ended at one of those places where humans drink all sorts of strange coloured water from see through bowls of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Lots of humans also seem to talk all blurry in these places too!

But tonight, we met up with some humanfriends we haven't seen for a while. That was nice, as were the various yummies I had to hoover from the floor too! But bestest of all was kanoodling with Ralph, and then a good crazy freerun riot in the garden for a while! It was great fun running and chasing and chewing and chasing loads more all in and around the tables in the dark! We had a fantabulous time!

It's nice to be home - even if only for a very brief while.

Three photos of me relaxing cuddled on boat sofa with Mum. Mum's thigh making a lovely pillow!

Enjoying my pillow! 
Do not disturb.

Snoozing away.

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