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Friday, 29 July 2016

City Dawg - I strutted my Stuff!

Cor! Flipping Eck! I am kerzonkled!

We've been to that crazy London place today. The workywalkies this morning from the boat to the station was great, Then it was quite nice to chill out on the train. Then the hard work began! All I could see was a forest of human hind legs! I worked my paws off guiding Mum through all that lot! Twice I had to find a bus stop, then find a seat on the big red bus. Mum says we workywalkied places called Pawdington Station, Oxford Street, Soho, Lester Square and Pickledlilly Circus. I had to weave and wiggle all over the pavements to guide Mum around all that lot. The place was heaving with hurrying humans.

We met up with Debbi and went with her to a huge building where I had to guide Mum upsteps and then had a bit of a rest while Debbi went around tickling the black & white teeth of loads of different big noise boxes. Next, it was back downsteps and more workywalkies to the command from Mum of "Find Costa". In there, I got a lovely bowl if water and managed very successfully to create a small lake on the floor! Heehee!

The train back was mega hot. It made my tongue hang out and drip, and it was a little bit distressing but we survived. It was really nice to work guiding Mum around the chilly bits of Sainsbury's on the way back to the boat!

Mum was mega pleased with me and she said I was really impressive today guiding her around such busy places. I rather enjoyed the big juicy crunchy carrot I got for dessert after my dinner!
Now, Mum's lap is making a lovely pillow for a very tired head. Mummysofasnuggles again! Happy Oakley!

Photo shows me lying on the sofa between Mum's legs,
with my head across one leg, very contended snoozing.

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