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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Mum's a Fraud!

Oi! Mum! That is well out of order! That is fraud! That is serious diddling!

All this time I have been happily accepting my Good Boy treats thinking I am being rewarded for being such a good boy, doing good works etc and today I discovered that I am only getting a bit of each treat.

I smelled the yummy dried chicken sticks and wandered into the kitchen in the hope that my goodness at being vigilant and observant might be rewarded. I caught Mum red pawed! She was using those shiny-cross-over-sticks-with-loopy-ends to CUT UP my treats! It turns out that each treat is really four times bigger than I've been getting. They are actually quite nice long sticks - enough for a good chew. All I've been getting is a morsel the length of one of my pawpads!

What a stingey meanie Mum!

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