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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Huff! Humph! and Harrumph!

Huff! My loving was forbidden!

I took Mum on a lovely long workywalkies into town, all around Tesco's and back along the pawmenade. The beach was absolutely covered in humans all lying down. I'm sure they must have all been poorly or something. Why otherwise would they all be lying down? I squeaked and whined my bestest but Mum simply would not let me go check on any of them! I so could have raced around the whole beach giving every one of them a bit of my loving but I just had to keep going 'straight on'. Huff! Humph! and Harrumph!

It was a good workywalkies of course and we did enjoy it, but .... but...but.... I so would have loved to whizz around that sand......

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