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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Silly Mummy!

She launched a major attack on me with the grooming kit. When she had finished, she looked at the magnificent pile of black fur on the floor and said she could make a new dog out of it!

"Yayyyheyyy!" thought I. "I'm gonna get a playmate!" But no! Dopey Mum goes and gets that nasty noisy machine, sticks its long skinny tail into the square on the wall and proceeds to stroke the carpet with it. My playmate was all gobbled up! Huffffff!

Then, to make matters worse, she gets a bowl of froth and dips a square of cloth into it, squeezes it, then uses it to scrub me all over! Several times re-dipping and re-squeezing. She now seems to be convinced I smell nice and look super smart! Well, I was quite happy with my rugged look and my eau-de-horsewee! Harrrrrumph!

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