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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Zoomies, Diggies and Swimmies. Fantabulous!

Photoshoot - that's what Mum called it.

Blimmin good fun - that's what I called it! Heeeeheeee! Well, a trip to the beach couldn't possibly be anything else could it? Certainly not when Mum swaps my harness and working collar for my play collar and says 'Go play'! Well, I couldn't possibly be disobedient could I?

We met a lady called Jules who had a one-eyed-clickybox much like Dad's. Apparently this was an arranged date for her to 'capture' me both in work mode and in play mode. The work mode bit didn't last long; just a short workywalkies along the road, across the road and back again. Then came the change of attire and ....... Yippppppeeeeeee! We set off over the sandygrassyhumps and down onto the beach! Jules kept pointing her clickybox at me while I got on with the very serious business of doing zoomies, digging, swimming, playing ball fetch and just generally having a fantabulous time playing with Mum. Mum says she hopes Jules will do something called 'upload' the photos soon so we can share some of them.

Jules said something about the light not being too good this evening so we might try again some other time. Well, I don't think that would be too much of a hardship..... Tomorrow????? Maybe????? Please?????....... Oh, Mum.....who cares that you've only just got me clean?.......

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