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Monday, 4 July 2016

R I O T T T T T !!!!!

It was a riot! Fab fun!

The daft humans all thought we were there for their benefit, but we dogs knew differently. We were there for a blimmin good kanoodle and some good old doggy fun together!

There was me (of course!), Thomas and Nick, the other two working Guide Dogs, plus Bonny the one year old Guide Dog pup in training, and Leonard the chocolate lab X springer Guide Dogs Supporter.

We all met at a big building called Nationwide (we've been there before). Apparently we were supposed to be there for a meet n greet session for all the humans who work there. Well......I suppose we did get meeted and greeted quite a bit.......and the ear-tickles, belly rubs and general admiration was rather nice ......but, the bit at the end where all five of us were allowed to have a good old romp about and rough and tumble - that was the bestest bit! Heehee!

Various us photos of us at the meet n greet.

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