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Thursday, 7 July 2016

New Humanvetkennelblock

I think I might get to rather like visiting Granny now she is in her new posh humanvetkennelblock. Well.....I suppose, if I have to be truly honest......it is the park opposite that is what I rather like! I am pretty sure I heard Mum say something about it can't do any harm for me to enjoy a few minutes freerun there after visiting each time, just to uncoil my springs! Well, I didn't know I had springs, but I would like to learn how to coil them tighter so that I need more of a freerun each time to uncoil them!

Granny seemed quite happy - her mouth turned up at the ends some of the time when we were there. I did have to endure the torture of starvation while Granny ate her yummies and then a lady brought flat food bowls for Mum and Dad too, so my starvation got even worse. I suffered the worst possible case of Wrong Mouth Syndrome while they were munching sausages and chicken and burglars from the sizzly-smokey thing outside. I may just have left a few mouth-drips on the carpet! I did manage to temporarily suppress the agony of such starvation for the duration of the little freerun afterwards, but, by the time we got back to Granny's flat I was just about dying of malnourishment - my dinner was nearly two hours late! I don't know HOW I survived! I also think I should have had double measures to make up for the delay - but I didn't even get a single nugget extra! Hoooooowwwwwllllll!

Aside from that wicked torture though, it has been a good day. I took Mum on a couple of good long workywalkies. One was into town and around the shoppybits. I was a bit miffed when my colleague Guide Dog Thomas went past. We didn't get to kanoodle at all because Mum was yipping on her talkybone at the time, and Pete seemed in a hurry so urged Thomas on past us! Huffffff!

I am sure I have heard Mum mention the idea of a freerun together sometime soon though. Thomas, you had better start nagging your Dad and I will work on Mum ..... we WILL get to romp together someplace nice!

Granny's new Kennel Block home

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