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Sunday, 24 July 2016

I really Deserve my Bone Tonight!!!!

Bone O'clock! And about time too!

Well, actually, to be fully truthful, as I type this, I have munched my way through half of my Sunday bone. It was very late though when I got it. A very welcome unwind after a crazy weekend!

We are, of course, back at Granny's flat again after a day of workywalkies around a bit of Worthing, followed by workywalkies a place with lots of strange creatures. Mum says it was called Washbrooks Farm and that we went there because it was Rosie's 21st birthday. Well, there were some very scary beasties there that made me bark and growl at them. Mum told me off and made me 'sit' but I just couldn't stay sat there for long. Those growls and barks just wouldn't stay down! Mum got a bit miffed with me and told me 'About turn', 'Find the way out'. We waited outside while Dad, Debbi, Rosie and James stayed to check out all the oinks, moos, neighs, baas, clucks, quacks and gobbles. Oops! I kinda get the impression I wasn't supposed to get all gruff with them. But.....they were big and scary and I didn't want them attacking, so I defended! Ahem! Oopsie!

Next came a lie down in a human yummyery while Mum, Dad, Debbi, Rosie and James noshed and little Hallie howled for a bit, then started chewing on Rosie's chest bump! Then she stopped howling and went to sleep.

We went for a brief visit to Nanny and Papa before starting the journey back to Bournemouth - thankfully, this journey included a very welcome stop off at a park where I got a good runaround with a little bundle of fluffy fun - a 14 week old Border collie pup. That was a great release of energy and tension. Just what I needed! Thanks Mum and Dad.

Now, bone finished with for tonight, I think it is time to catch up on some serious zzzzzzzzz........

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