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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Yacking and Yummeries

I don't get it! All the humans are moaning about the heat. Me? I just hang out my tongue and have a great day!

Mum mum said it was too hot for workywalkies, apart from one short wander that just had to be done. We stayed in the shady bits though so I didn't get toasted paws.

We visited Granny, then I persuaded Mum and Dad that it was essential to visit the park opposite Granny's human-vet-kennelblock. That turned out to be great timing! I found a good buddy to play with which meant that Mum and Dad got to sit on a bench and yackety-yack with Scampi's Dad while we got on with some serious chasing games. Mum said Scampi was a pocket rocket coz he was super speedy. Scampi's Dad said he is a Jack Russel X Whippet. I just think Scampi is an awesome playmate!

Next stop top was a human yummyery where we met Nanny and Papa. Yippee! I haven't seen them for ages! Of course, I had to be good and snooze under the table while they all munched and yacketyyacked, but I was quite tired after romping with Scampi, and tge nice lady brought me a big tub full of lovely cold water with crunchy lumps in it. I enjoyed sloshing that on the floor! Heehee! Of course, Nanny insisted on giving me a coupl of those little white crunchy minty rings she always has in her bag. Well....it would offend her if I declined wouldn't it?!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent snoozing on the little tiny garden that sticks out in the air from the lounge at Granny's flat. I figured that was a good place to get in some zzzzzs, soak up some heat from the skyfireball, and enjoy the little bit of cooling airfuff all in one!

After dinner came the bestest bit of all: I took Mum and Dad down Middle Chine and onto the doggybeach! There is one little bit where dogs are allowed in the summer and we went there! Yippeeeeeeee! I changed into my play collar and had a fandabbydoozee time! I met another new playpal; a seven month old pointer called Gunner, and a few other dogs who came and went too. Gunner and I had done superb chasing fun but he was a wuss when it came to the sploshy wet stuff. He wouldn't follow me in so, every time any of the silly humans threw a ball out into the splosh, I was the one who had to swim out to fetch it back! I think I did a good job of getting them all with some excellent big shakes though! Heehee! It was a fabulous time! Mum pointed her talkybone at me a few times so I will upload the pics and a video.

Once we returned to Granny's I had to put up with a froth attack but that wasn't too bad. I made sure I got edible help to get me through it. I also managed to decorate the bathroom pretty well with a good liberal scattering of water and fur with several big shakes! I got rewarded for that with the finale to the day; a rawhide chewring!

Yep! I think I can declare this a blimmin good day!

 me zonked out on the tiled floor of the balcony surrounded by flowers
digging in the sand

digging in the sand
with Dad in the sploshy waves
lying on the floor with my chew ring in my mouth

Video of swim in a seperate post

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