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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Peculiar goings on!

To start with, all was OK: a lazy-ish morning, then a nice long workywalkies with Mum down the ziggyzaggy, along the pawmenade and up through the lovely long, shady Alum Chine. Then Dad picked us up in the car and we went into Westbourne, where we met Sue and Rich, our humanfriends from Newbury. I snoozed under the table throughout all the inevitable yummymunching and yacketying. I did enjoy giving the floor a good sloshing with the bowl of water the nice lady brought for me. I created quite a good little lake - just right to lie in and get my fur good and soggy!

Next, we went to visit Granny in the huge human vets. When we arrived there were two other ladies with her. I recognised one of them; Erika from the senior people's vet-kennel place. Granny was all happy about their visit. We didn't stay very long today because Granny was all happy and wanted Mum and Dad to 'get her things ready'.

Next came the puzzling bit: we got back to Granny's flat and out came the hard bag on wheels. Usually that means that Mum and Dad's fur-substitutes and my bed get packed into it, along with the most important thing - my food! But today none of that happened. Instead, Mum took fur-substitutes out of Granny's cupboards and packed them into the wheeliebagbox, along with froth bottles, fang-ticklesticks, fang-scrub-yummystuff, some pictures from around the flat, and a whole load of the cuddlytoys I'm not allowed to play with. Then, after my dinner (at least that bit was normal!), we went to that Seniorpeoplevetkennelplace, where we went into a bedroom and Mum and Dad proceeded to unpack everything from the wheeliebagbox! Honestly, I really don't get it! They clearly just can't make up their minds! I just laid down for a snooze in the corner out of the way!

Finally though, the bestest end to the crazy day in Oakleyworld: a FREEEEEERUNNNNN! Yippeeeeee! A lovely romp around on that big place where strange humans use long sticks to thwack little white bobbly balls around.

Aaaaah! That's better!

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