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Friday, 22 July 2016

Not Allowed to be a Dog.

"Not fair"
"No life"
"Never any fun"
"Always on duty"
"Not allowed to be a dog"

These are some of the comments often heard from passers by.

Oh how very wrong they are! Every one of them!

Yes, I am a WORKING dog. I am a very HAPPY dog. I LOVE my job. I have oooooooodles of FUN. I have a very PAMPERED life. I have the BEST care and treatment. I get to go into loads of places that pet pooches can't. I am NEVER left alone for hours like some pets.

My work is all about going walkies. What dog doesn't love going walkies? I just go walkies with a very special purpose and I am very clever so I love to use my brain to do this job. When I am off duty, I am just like any other pampered pooch; I get to be loved, groomed, tickled, fussed, played with, relaxed with, cuddled, stroked...... all the nice things about being adored by humans. I also get some awesome playtimes in parks, on beaches, in woods, along tracks.......and when I do this, I do it to the max! I HAVE FUNNNNNNN!

If ever you hear anyone saying anything negative about Guide Dogs then PLEASE point them to this page. I try very hard to spread the happiness and tell everyone about my wonderful life.

If anyone has any concerns or wants further information then they should contact The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (UK)​

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