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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Yack Yack, Yackety Yak.....

Not much to report today except for oooooooooodles of human yackety-yackety-yack-yack-yack...... Do they ever stop?

Most of it seems to be about Granny. We went to a big kind of human kennelblock/vets sort of place where there were lots of senior humans and a very nice not-so-senior lady who had a bag of doggy-yummies! She asked Mum if she was allowed to give me a couple. My bum hit the floor with a bit of a bump! I like that lady! Mum wasn't so nice to me. She didn't share her yummy even with my bestest chin-on-knee pleading! I just had to lie down while that session of yacketying went on. Then we went to visit Granny in the huge human vets and, yet again, I had to lie down while Mum and Dad yackety-yacked with Granny about the first yacketying session.  It seems that Granny is going to move from the huge human vets to the human vets kennelblock place.

This evening, I took Mum on a lovely workywalkies. I had to work super well doing my job because she was a numpty. She left her dark eyeWindows behind and so couldn't see anything at all against the sky-fireball. Dad then picked us up in the car and we went to get another yackety-yacking session! This time it was a man at the front yacketying on about Facebark, Twits, and a load of other stuff to do with clicketyfingerstoys. Me? More snoozing under Mum's chair.

I was was glad of a nice walkies when we got back! Thanks Dad!

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