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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The Pie Snaffler

Freerun!!!!! Freerun!!!!!! Freerun!!!!!!

I got a FREERUN!!!! Yayyhayy!

Mummy's talkybone apparently told her where to find a park nearby. It was a really nice park too! A big one with lots of sniffings and weemailings and space for big zoomies! Not many doggypals - in fact only 2 and one of them was grumpy to me. The other wasn't allowed to play. I did manage to find a small morsel of edible consolation though - and I was able to snaffle it before Daddy got to me to interfere! He said it was something called a pie. (It seems that the flappy thing that got stuck to my mouth told him that!). It was yummy!

Now Mummy seems to be packing my bags ......

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Is it a Bus, is it a Train...?

I've been on a trainbus.....or was it a bustrain? I'm not sure.....it was kinda like both but neither.....it was on the road, but it was on those long shiny lines......inside it was sort of like a bus but long like a train.........the humanvoice-from-inside-the-box kept saying something about a tramp.......

I had to workywalkies to get us to this bustrain-trainbus thing, then we had quite a long ride on it. Next came a short workywalkies to find a proper train. That was a comfy carpet snooze, tucked in by Mum's back paws. When we got off the train, we were on old familiar territory - another great workywalkies along the canal in Banbury to Peter-and-Fran's home. Inside we found lots of humanpals. It was all very exciting....for a brief moment....then it was a looooooooong snooze while they all went on forever yacketying..........then noshing (they were far too unmessy with that - not an atom was dropped for hoovering!)......then more yacketying. I did get to take Daddy outside for a brief leg-stretch in the middle of it all.

Then it was the return journey. I got my dinner at the train station! A picnic on the platform! That gave me some strength to carry me through to get Mummy home. It was dark when we got off the train, so I had to strut my stuff extra well. We made it safely home and I got a chewystick! I must have did good!

Now.....I've just noticed that Mum and Dad's bed is all ready for use. Mum just told me to go bed.....she didn't specify WHICH bed.........shhhhhh! Don't tell.........
Snoozing on the train.

Snoozing on the BusTrain / Train/Bus

Picnic on the platform!

Monday, 29 January 2018

The World is all Good!

Snoozy morning (leakyskies and big huffyfuffy outside)
Nice long workywalkies, partly on new route (always much more interesting than boring done-it-before places!)
Found Asda - got carrots.
The world is all good!
Back to snoozing now!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Boneless Sunday!

Woohoo! My humanpal FloatyboatyLindsay came to church with us this morning! I showed her how I strut my stuff looking after Mummy. When I hupped to show Mummy where the button was on the bleepycrossing, Lindsay was really impressed! Heehee!

I spent most of the human howling time tucked away under Lindsay's seat. That included when Mummy went up to the lollipop stand to do some yacketying from the front. (It was only a couple of paces straight forward with no obstacles in the way so I wasn't really needed).

Afterwards, we came home via the long park. That was great! I got the chance to show my bestest freerunning skills: Snaffling all sorts of yummies and sploshing through the muddy puddles! I do like to show off my expertise!

The rest of the day has been snoozy whilst Mum and Dad have been yacketying with Lindsay and then doing a whole load of tippetytappetying on their toys.

Something is amiss though - it is Sunday. I should have a new bone on Sundays. I have NO new bone! HOOOOOOWWWWLLLLLL........ Mummy says it is because the butcher doesn't sell bones........ How will I survive?............

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Gobbling up my fur!

Leaky sky meant a snoozy morning. No complaints there! My cozy bed is near the glowing hotbox. Mmmmmm!

Then Mum launched a major attack on me with the furscraper! I don't think there is much of me left! There was a big pile of me beside me by the time she finished! I got piggylughole as a reward for being a good boy though! Nomnomnom!

Then Mum got out that noisy huffer-sucker-fuffer thing! I scarpered! That thing is scary! It was gobbling up all my fur off the floor. I certainly wasn't going to hang around for it to do the same to what was left attached to me!

Finally, the sky stopped leaking and so we ventured out for a workywalkies into town. Wilko's, Lidl's and Asda. No hoovering in any of them though! Huff! I had to wait til we got home again when I got a carrot to munch.

Friday, 26 January 2018

Yummy Bollards!


I like bollards! They get me yummies!

Today has been a team towpath day. I have guided Mummy down 11 locks and lots of miles of towpath - around loads and loads of squishy muddy puddles, around barriers and towards snacks! She rumbled me each and every time though; I didn't manage to snaffle a single one of them! Huff!

Each time we came towards a lock, Mum asked me to 'find the beam', which I did and got a 'good boy' fuss for it. At some of the locks, there were bollards too. These bollards are a bit different to the ones we are used to on other canals. They are stubby square posts almost as tall as me. Mum asked me to 'find the bollard' each time and, when I did find it and do a 'sit' next to it, Mum looped my lead over it and then a yummy appeared on top for me! I Wish there were bollards like these at ALL locks!

Thursday, 25 January 2018

BIg Hefty Whump!

Brave manhuman!

A manhuman came to visit and he went into the growler's den under the back deck! He came out with very black front paws but seemed to be happy! The growler is clearly not slain because he is growling right now, but he is safely shut into his den. The nasty squealer that has been hurting my ears for the last few days seems to have disappeared though. That is much appreciated! Mummy and Daddy seem happy about that too.

Before that, I got to take Mummy workywalkies, with Daddy too. We went to the place right next to our mooring. Mum says it is called the Black Country Mewsium. There were some very nice ladyhumans at the desk. They gave some lovely ear rubs! This Mewsium seems to have all sorts of sniffables in a lovely huge area. It meant lots of walking with a good deal of challenge for me to look after Mum - especially as her eyes were naff today. I knew I had to strut my stuff for her and I even took care to guide her around the puddles and rough areas of ground. Silly two paws can't cope anywhere near as well as sensible fourpaws on such rough terrain!

As we were going up and over the steep bridge on the way there, Mum's silly twopaws demonstrated this: Mummy sat down with a big hefty WHUMP next to me. She says her paws just slipped out from under her. I gave her a big kiss. Well....I couldn't waste an opportunity like that with her down at my level! She is OK, but she does seem to be sitting down very carefully with some strange twists on her face!

It was a good day! I do like it when I get to really strut my stuff in completely new places and with good challenges to work through.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Getting our Kit Off!

Look what Mummy unpacked today! Apparently it is our 'kit' for doing this Brighton Tenkay thingy in April.

We are doing this to raise some more shinydisks for Guide Dogs. It will all go via my fund to sponsor another puppy to be trained to become a lifechanging Guide Dog like me. This will be a pup named in memory of my Granny.

If you would like to help us then please go to:

I guess this means it is official then; I need to get Mum into training!

Our Kit!

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Edible Emergency!

Zzzzz..... A gratefully received snoozy lazy day today! Good after yesterday's big workout.

We haven't been entirely idle though. I did take Mum and Dad to find Aldi's! Well ..... we had a critical emergency! We had run out of carrots! This was an absolutely essential shopping trip! There was a bonus too - a white puddle to lap up by those white bottles! Yummmm!

Monday, 22 January 2018

Have Stick, will Travel!

Eleven locks. Loads of towpath workywalkies. A back deck snooze cruise. All this after taking Daddy walkies this morning to a car-vet place.

It all started with Daddy disappearing down into the den of the big growler that lives under the back deck. He was using all sorts of shiny sticks with shaped ends and he filled up a big bottle thing with stinky black stuff. He then came in with a little tiny knob thing from the growler (maybe one of its teeth? or maybe a claw? Ooooh shudders!). He put it in his pocket and we set off to the car-vet place. When we were almost there though, we turned round and went all the way back again. Mummy appeared and passed something called a wollit to Daddy through the cage-bars (floatyboatyhome was in a caged off place). Then we set off again on exactly the same route. This time we actually went to the car vet place. It seems they didn't have whatever medicine thing the growler needed! Daddy was all disappointed. I walked him all the way home again. Mummy made him a hot brown drink and that seemed to make his mouth go up again at the ends, then he disappeared back into the growler's den, did some more shiny stick twiddling and finally emerged with black spodges on him!

Once the den was sealed again, it was safe and so we set off. I workywalkiesded Mummy along the towpath and Daddy brought floatyboatyhome along behind us. It was a good job I was wearing my super scruffy super old harness because it was really squishymuddy in places. I had to work hard to keep Mum from slip-sliding. She forgot my noseband (heehee! Good job Mummy! Sniggers). It was OK though, I kept my mouth occupied with a lovely big stick. It was a wonderful stick! I decided I really like it. It was my pal for the journey! I carried it all the way to the first lock where it kept me company while Mummy did all her windy-uppy-pushy-pully-windy-downy stuff. By the time she had finished all that my stick was in shreds! I left him there to recover!

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Bestest Bellytickles!

White snufflefluff workywalkies going to church this morning. How exciting!
How disappointing though, that when we came out, it had turned to soggy leakyskies! Mumph!

Still, I got a lovely freerun through the park on the way back home. It was splendidly soggy and muddy! That meant a wonderful towel rub when we got home. Shame that was when I was imprisoned in the bow deck area. Mum only opened the doors after she got me drier and cleaner. I didn't get any opportunity to try out my internal decorating skills with the speckled look. Huff!

This afternoon we got a visitor; Lindsay! My humanfriend Lindsay! She likes to share my bed on the sofa and she does the bestest bellytickles! Heehee!
Mum & Me in the white snufflefluff!

Lindsay treating me like Royalty!

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Reverse Dalmation!

White snufflefluff! Much nicer than the normal wet leakysky stuff. I took Mummy workywalkies along the towpath and she said I turned into a reverse Dalmatian!

Shame there wasn't enough of it to get to play in it and it has all stopped now, but it did tickle my nose and made it explode a few times! I would have loved to get the chance to have a good snuffle through the white fluff that was beginning to cover the ground, but I had to do my job and keep Mummy safe from all the sloshy puddles and overhanging treebits and, of course, away from the edge of the canal!

It seems I did good. Good enough for a big carrot when I got us both home again!

I got some good fusses from a visitor manhuman too. Mum says he was a Floatyboat Safety Inspector. Apparently he has declared us all safe and good!

Photo shows me with lots of white dots of snow all over me.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Not a Happy Doggy!

Harrumph! Huff! and double Humph!
I thought Mummy loved me. I thought she had something nice for me. I got all excited when she opened that little parcel. She said it was for me.

Can I eat it?
Can I play with it?
Can I chase it?
Can I chew it?

NOOOOOOOO!!! I have to wear it!
It is a new blimmin noseband! Hooooowwwwwlllllll!!!!

Mum says she is hoping it is going to give her better control of my head to stop me hoovering as I guide her!

I am NOT a happy doggy!

2 photos showing me wearing a new purple headcollar. One looking straight forward, the other looking sideways.

Thursday, 18 January 2018


Ow. ow ow ow ow ow...... the sky threw ouchy little tiny balls at me! I took Mummy on a nice long leisurely workywalkies along the canal towpath. I was doing a good job of keeping her out of puddles and going around the twigs and other obstacles on the route. We were enjoying a pleasant walkies but then the sky started leaking. That wasn't too bad until it turned nasty on us! The air was big bad huffyfuffing and it was hurling tiny little white balls at us. Brrrrrr.....

We made it back home again though and a nice big juicy carrot helped me to warm up! Much nicer that's that hot brown stuff that Mum seems to think is the best thing to warm up with!

We've had visitors today; Richard the Waterways Chaplain humanfriend (nice ear-rubs manhuman!) and then, later, Lindsay came too. She sat on my bed with me so I got to give big kisses! Anyone who sits on my bed has to get kisses!

Photo shows me lying on my bed with my head resting on Mum's leg, looking very snoozy.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Oakley's Interior Design Service!

Breathing a tad fresher air today! Phew! No botty-tickling-squeaky-pheeper to interfere! Well.....less evidence anyway! Ahem!

Mummy is still a bit wobbly so Dad and I have left her to rest today while we have gone off on a couple of leisure walkieses. So, basically, a day off for me! No complaints! A leisurely wander along the towpath for Daddy to play with his one-eyed-clickybox is fine for a change. Then plenty of time to gnaw on my now many bits of bones (the really yummy bits are all gone - just the mega hard crunchy bits left now), and plenty of sofasnuggles with Mummy.

I just took Daddy out for our evening wander and the sky leaked all over us. When we got back, Mum had done her usual stroking the floor thing. A good bigshake soon sorted out that silly mistake for her! White hot-panel, sofa-front, cupboard doors - all nicely freckled now, and the floor is much better with pawprints design!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Smartypants Strikes Again!

Phooowaaarrr! It's a bit niffy around here! And there is something squeaky that keeps tickling my botty too! I haven't found the little beastie yet; It pongs too much. I simply have to move to the other end of floatyboatyhome. But then the little stinky oik follows me and repeats the procedure! This has been going on all day. I've had no peace!

Mum says it needs to be bottled and sold to the police as a riot dispersing gas. She says it is something to do with bone-bum and scavenging. She does burble some weird ideas sometimes!

I'm very glad Mum is feeling better enough today that we were able to escape the air pollution for a while to go shopping. I did have to strut my stuff as, although she is feeling lots better, her eyes are doing her a dafty today. I did manage to impress her: The first part of the route we took was where I have been with Dad before, but then we went onto new territory. Apparently Dad's talkybone was telling us where to go. Mum and I were walking ahead of him and he was giving us instructions from behind like 'cross over then go next right'. That was fine. It was working well. As we crossed over the road, Mum just told me 'Let's go find Lidl's'. I looked up at her to acknowledge receipt of the instruction then guided her around a puddle and on up the road. Then, as we approached the corner, I recognized that we were approaching Lidl's. I may have gained a slightly triumphant extra bit of speed and Mum had to remind me to 'Steady'. When she realised what I was heading for though, she called me smartypants and gave me a big fuss! I just took her to the kerb, across the road in into the shop!

Inside, I did my usual job of making sure she didn't bump into things as we went around the aisles. I found her the carrots too - well, of course I did! The most important item to get! When we came to the big see-through cupboard things with lots of white bottles in it, I thought I had the most perfect reward for my hard work. There was a huge puddle of that yummy white stuff all over the floor! I started to do my duty by lapping it up, but Mum was a meanie! She said that I couldn't have all four pints of it! Harrrumph!

I did get a nice big juicy carrot on arrival back home. I think I can forgive her!

Monday, 15 January 2018

Wobbly Mummy...

A day with a poorly Mummy means a quiet snoozy day for me - but with the bonus of a lovely big bone to chomp! I don't like having a poorly Mummy but I DO rather love the bone bit!

Mummy seems to be on the mend now but she seems to go all wobbly when she stands up and it is not because floatyboatyhome is wobbling! Hopefully all will be well again tomorrow, but for now, I shall enjoy continuing to work on my bone - well actually now it is 6 bones! Heehee! Yummmmmm.....

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Disused Canals & Disused Railways...

I've had a Freerun, I've had a Freerun!!!

Not just any old Freerun. I met a friend. Actually, I met several friends. So many ear rubs. We have been back to Bridge Church. And Dory was there with her manhuman Craig. Well, I just had to get Mummy to take us for a Freerun afterwards.

Then it was back in the boring old car to go back to our Floatyboatyhome. And there was Lindsay waiting for me! She had got the hotbox glowing, so our Floatyboatyhome was nice and warm. I may of, ahem... got a tad carried away.

Something strange happened next. Mummy lay on MY bed! Daddy had to get everything out of the car and unpack. He didn't feed me until he had finished. It was over half-an-hour late! Did I get any extra to alleviate my starvation? No I did not! Huff! Daddy made himself something to eat, but not Mummy. She was catching zzzzzzz on MY BED!

Daddy took me out for a nice walkies, though. Although I am a little bit worried. He was muttering something about disused canals and disused railways. I have a feeling my next walkies could be rather boring. Or worse, Daddy might go without me!

By the way, did I say I've had a Freerun today?

Picture of me and Mummy, and Dory with Craig and my friend Phoebe trying to look like a banana.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Successful Surgery!

Another humankennelblock! Another human yummyery! Another freerun! aaaaaand....lots of car riding. That about sums up today. Oh...and a couple of workywalkieses too.

We said bye byes to Puppa, then I took Mummy on a nice long workywalkies. She got it all wrong though. She insisted that we keep 'Straight on' past the bestest park in Shoreham! Huff! I am supposed to be the one who decides the best and proper route to take! I'm sure that park would have been much safer and more pleasant than the busy roadside!

Daddy came along a while later and picked us up in the car, which was all loaded up with bags and stuff. Then, a long drive later, we arrived on familiar territory; it was by a canal, where our floatyboatyhome was, on and off for quite some time. Mum says it is called Woolhampton. We were at a human yummyery called the Rowbarge. Inside we met lots of humanfriends - all floatyboatypeople! Before we had to 'find the table', I got to take Mummy for a brief workywalkies along the towpath. That was an exciting opportunity to have a good sniff and catch up on the old local gossip. I managed quite successfully to con Mummy into lots of sniffings before I actually did do my necessaries! Heehee! She somehow seems to know when I need to download, but, if I do enough indications but then twirl and sniff but hang on, then I get lots more opportunities! It is a technique that often works well! It certainly did today! Heehee!

It seemed like ages under the table and not a single crumb fell my way! I was a good boy though and just did what I am supposed to do; I laid down beside Mum and endured all the endless yacketying!

The best bit came soon after that: A brief pause outside to pose with the crowd for Dad's one-eyed-clickybox, then we set off for a lovely freerun along the towpath and then back around beside the huge puddle. It was lovely! A welcome energy release!

Now after a bit more car riding, we are in a new humankennel in Newbury. I got my dinner a bit early because, when we arrived I did my bestest pleading waggytailed pathetic 'I'm starving Mummy' act and it worked! Then Mum checked her tickydisk and discovered it was before my time! Heehee! I then took Daddy for a short leisure walkies to the nearby big Tesco's and we got MummyDaddytea.

Now, having performed successful surgery on my squeaky carrot toy, I think I am ready to settle down to a good snooze.
2 photos 
Posing with the crowd outside the Rowbarge.

Poorly squeaky carrot with his head in bits lying next to Bonkers Bunny with me ready to snooze.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Little Green Balls.

Have I shrunk? I'm sure I must have done...... last time I met up with Chrissie pup I was MUCH bigger than her! I had to just hold the tug toys for her to pull with all her might. Today she was almost as big as me and she was winning the games of tug! Oooh! It was fantabulous fun though!

It all started with taking Mummy workywalkies to the huge Tesco's near Puppa's home. There, we met Daddy and Puppa. Then we all got in the car and went on a bit of a journey. When we stopped my tail went berserk! We were in the driveway of the home of my Puppymummy and Puppydaddy Sue and Mike! Sooooo exciting! Mum accused me of erupting from the car when she opened the door! Well....I suppose I was a tad keen! Who cares that I was still half wearing my car-bra? !! Oops! Bra removed, some decorum restored....then we went into the huge garden.......Chrissie came out to meet us aaaaaannnnnddddd........WWAAAAYYYYHHHAYYHAAYYYYYY! It was riot time! Never mind greeting the humans, we doggies had soooo much fun to get on with! By the time we got a little bit tired, Chrissie had transformed from a pale creamy colour to a kind of speckled murky brown! Heeheee!

Of course, it was super lovely to meet and greet Puppymummy Sue and Puppydaddy Mike too! I always love to see them again.

After being dragged away from that fun, we got back into the car and rode to the same human yummyery as yesterday! There we met up with Rosie and minihuman Hallie again. That was time to snooze under the table - but with a vigilant nose towards Hallie's seat-on-sticks! My attempts to stay alert were rewarded! I got quite a nice feast of little green balls and a few long yellow sticks! Mmmmmm! It helped to restore some energy after the play exertion. This was followed by a visit to Rosie's house and a time of keeping out of the way while Hallie was to-ing and fro-ing with all sorts of toys. I did manage to wash up the hissing furball's food bowl. There wasn't much worth having in it but it was worth a lick!

Now, on the sofa with Mummy, I seem to be having a little trouble keeping my eyes open.......zzzzzz.......

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Snarly little NoseNipper.

Cor! We've moved again! Now we are with Papa in Shoreham. I like it here. I get to snuffle as much as I like around the garden, I have to sleep on the sofa (Papa's instructions and I'm not arguing!) and he always has yummies for me! Mum says I would get porky if we stayed for long! I think she is talking daft!

The day, leading up to getting here, was eventful.

It all started with having a lie-in while Daddy took Mummy to have breakfast. I'd already been out to do what a doggy has to do first thing in the morning, then I got my brekkie and went back to bed. When Mum and Dad got ready to go, I managed to huff well enough to convince them to leave me! Well....that bed was sooooo comfy!

When they came back, i got to take Daddy walkies and we left Mummy to pack the bags. When we got back it was everything into the car and set off. We didn't go all that far to begin with. Daddy dropped off Mummy and me to do workywalkies along the pawmenade. I got a bit excited and rather hoped Mum was going to remove my harness and lead and let me go zoomies on the beach, but no. I had to work! That was OK though. I settled down to the idea and we began to enjoy a nice stroll together. I was doing my job so that Mum could look out to the big blue sploshy stuff and enjoy what she could see. This was working well until I got 'greeted' by a little pink fluffy snarly yappy ball of fury. I stopped dead in my tracks to try to work out what it was. It took Mum by surprise too. She said it was a tiny terrier wrapped in pink fluff. It was nasty to me! Snarling, snapping and yapping in my face. I was a good boy for a few moments and just stood there, but I got a bit naffed off and returned the compliment with a little growl and a single woof. It did work for a moment; it startled the little nosenipper into silence and it backed off a bit from me. Apparently it was called Felicity. That was what a lady human called out from the other side of the pawmenade. This lady human called me a big bully beastie! Hufffff! I did nothing except to express my displeasure at the little in-my-face nosenipper's nastiness! After a few yips between Mum and this ladyhuman, Mum picked up my harness handle again and we walked on. The rest of the walk was great!

We met up again with Daddy and the car and set off on the long drive. First stop was a human yummyery where we found long-lost humanfriends; Mik and Sue, plus Clinton and Joanne, and another nice manhuman that we haven't met before (Joanne's Daddy apparently). I maaaayyyy have got a littlle bit dizzy-excited to meet and greet them all again! Oops! Under table, while they were all munching, I think I managed to lie on several sets of back paws and I did a good round of knee-wapping with my tail too! Heehee!

Next came a very nice time of freeerunning around a park near Rosie's house, followed by a bit of time in the house with Rosie and microhuman Hallie, plus her microfriend Bella and her humanmum Sian. I really am getting to quite like these microhumans now - they seem to rather enjoy feeding me with all sorts of yummies. It seems they were supposed to be eating those long crunchy things called cheese twists, but they both preferred to donate them to me! Yummmmmmm!

So that brings us to where we are now - and the nice comfy sofa! I am shattered just from recalling it all! Night night!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Tie Food!

Mmmmm... I got a sausage for breakfast! I'm not entirely convinced I was meant to have it but I couldn't leave it on the floor could I? Mummy blamed her eyesight for her messyness. She said she missed her aim with her shinystick thing that she uses to eat. That sent my yummy treat skidding off the plate and actually it was quite well aimed to me! Thanks Blinkie Mummy!

I then took Mum and Dad workywalkies into Poole shoppyplace. We wandered around a few shops and Mum got some new leg-cover fursubstitutes. Then, as we were walking back, we had to stop by the cage that comes down when a train goes by. I was a good boy and just sat to wait. At least for a few moments ..... but then I may have got a tad distracted when a featherball strutted across right in front of me. It was one of those funny craw-crawing headbobbing featherballs that steal yummies from pavements. It came really close to me and I thought maybe it could be a playmate, so my bum rather bounced up and misbehaved, powered by a waggy tail! I like playmates!

The manhuman and ladyhuman standing beside us were laughing at me. Mum had a little giggle too but then reminded me of my manners with "Oi! Where should your bum be?" I ducked my head in a quick 'oops' and my bum bounced back into its proper place and behaviour!

We've posted some more calendars off today but there is still a few left if anyone would like one - now half price. See my website www.guidedogoakley.org.uk/shop.html for ordering details.

This afternoon, I got a nice little freerun around the clifftop park and enjoyed a good game of chasie-zoomies with a rescued mixpooch called Boulder. Then, I had to take Mum and Dad to the clickyclundy ladyhuman Terri that they used to go a lot. Terri got them each, in turn, lying on her magic bed that tips them over and lies them down, then she did all sorts of clicks and clunks on their necks and backs. I got a bit worried but Mum assured me it was all OK. It was great to greet Terri again. It has been ages since we last went there.

The day has finished in a human yummyery. It smelled delicious but none fell my way! Huffff! So I don't know if I really like Tie food ..... or is it Ty..... Oh I don't know but I may left a slighly damp patch where my mouth was on Mum's coat! Oops!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

A Quick Whine...

Beach again! Yayyhayy!

I've done a few little bits of workywalkies today but mostly I have had freerun funtime! A quick whizzy sniff around a park first, before lying under a table while Mum and Dad did a load of their yacketying at a 'meeting' (A doggy meeting is much more sensible - just a quick butt-sniff and then on with playing! Humans have no idea how to do a meeting!), then a bit of a car-ride, a while at Granny and Grandpa's old flat, including visitors. The next bit was the bestest though; we walked our old route from the flat - across the road to the clifftop park, then on down the long slope to the beach where the floor sticks out over the sloshy wet stuff, then back along the pawmenade, via a few zoomies across the sand, and up Middle Chine. It was soooooo good to sniff every leaf and post and catch up on all the local doggy-gossip!

I got some loves from a ladyhuman in the human yummyery bit of the humankennelblock this evening. This was because she thought I looked cute lying down beside Mummy at the table. I'm not sure what to think about being accused of being 'cute' but I am always happy to receive fuss and admiration!

Now, Daddy says he wants to go to get some whine. I am happy to whine for him but, going out to get it sounds even better.......Dad......out is this way.........

Monday, 8 January 2018

Squishy Donut!

Happy Barkday to me. Happy Barkday to me......

Please may I have a barkday every day?

I got a walkies with Daddy this morning, then a ride back in a posh car. Bags got packed into the posh car, then we set off for a long drive. I got to ride on the back seat again! I like it there. Of course, the seat was covered by a big towel so I don't decorate it with pawprints and fur, but that is fine! I was wearing my car-bra, clipped by its tail onto the human car-bra-strap, so I was all safe. So I just settled down for a comfy snooze.

We stopped after a while and, when I sat up and looked out the window, what I discovered made me squeak with delight: We were at Pets at Home! Woooohoooo! Daddy drove off and left me to take Mummy inside. She got me some barkday treats! I got a yummy gravybone from the nice lady at the checkout too!

Then, I got to guide Mummy through the familiar route of part on Newbury. It was good to explore old sniffing grounds again. We didn't go all that far - just into the market square and into the human yummyery. There we found Daddy again and I got to snooze on the carpet under the table. Mummy managed to shower me with yummy little green balls! I am pretty certain I successfully hoovered up her mess.

Next was more car ride, and this time it ended at Granny & Grandpa's old flat in Bournemouth. We went upstairs to visit but it was all empty and bare. Mum and Dad just checked around and collected a big pile of flappy rectangles.

The next bit was the bestestestest! We went for a lovely freerun along the pawmenade and beach! Yayyhayyhayyhayyyyyyy! It was fandabbydooozzyyy! Oh boy! Did I enjoy that energy explosion! BIG zooooomies on that huge expanse of sand! Just Bliss!

Now, we are in a human kennelblock room and I have had my dinner (a bit late but I survived the wait - just!), and Mummy gave me my barkday presents:

I got a cuddly skitter-jitter-tree-scamperer, a squishy donut, a giant sausage chewstick, seven biccies and seven baby carrots! Mum says that is one for each year. Now, I'm not complaining or anything but.......i am sure I've heard something about 7 in doggy years being something like 49....... now 49 biccies and 49 carrots........I shall dream about the rest!
10 photos in sequence!

Sunday, 7 January 2018


It must be Sunday: Workywalkies to a church service, workywalkies back with built-in freerun (Yesssssss!), quiet snoozy afternoon. That is all great but there is something missing, a serious problem.......N..O.......B..O..N..E!!!!! I am not sure I will survive this! This is very very wrong! Mum says it is because we haven't managed to find a red and white stripey shop to get any recently! HOOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLLL........

A piggy lughole is yummy and kind of helps a tiny bit....but it isn't my BONE!

Saturday, 6 January 2018


Woohoo! What a great day!

Workywalkiesing, cruising, lock-working with built in freerun, crazy zoomies and humanfriends to help! All in one day!

First of all, Daddy cruised us all the way to the other side of the canal to the floatyboaty-squirtysnake-place. From there, I took Mummy workywalkies. We managed to end up (heehee) at the park! Well....that could only mean one thing.....freerunnnnnnn! Then it was back on harness again to continue workywalkies to find Daddy and floatyboatyhome. He picked us up a way further along the towpath and then we had a longish cruise.

We went down a little canal bit where the water was all black and stinky. We didn't get very far down there. Floatyboat kind of made a nasty growling noise and slowed down to a stop. Daddy had to get hold of its lead and jump onto the towpath to pull it backwards. Then a humanfriend appeared; the nice manhuman Tim that we met the other day in the yummyery. He grabbed another lead and pulled too. Eventually, we arrived backwards onto the main canal again and there we found Lindsay too! This made me a bit squeaky because I was trapped aboard and couldn't get to meet n greet my humanpals. Thankfully, this was soon rectified and I may perhaps have gone a bit zany in my greetings. Tim has such yummy ears! Lindsay is very tasty and loveable too!

The bestest bit was that Tim and Lindsay stayed with us and helped Mummy work the locks. This meant that I was off duty! This meant that I got to freerun almost all the way! OoOOOOOOhhhh!!! That was soooooo good to do! After a couple of locks, I kind of worked up to my full fun self and had a little session of crazy zooomies. It was soooo good to let out that energy and it made human mouths turn way up at the corners! Mum was bit of a spoilsport at a couple of places where there were some interesting piles of what she called rubbish that I could have had a good old rummage through. She recalled me and clamped my on my lead at those points! Huff! There were also a couple of places that were close to roads so I had to stay on lead there. The rest was great fun though!

We now have a new garden and I got to go explore a little of it while the humans all did some of their yacketying. Then we all went aboard our floatyboatyhome and I curled up on our guests' back paws while they all drank that weird hot brown water stuff.

Now, I am absolutely compooperated and Mum is on the sofa, so there is only one place I should be....... Mum.....leg here for my pillow please........zzzzzzzzz

Friday, 5 January 2018


More training! I think I am going to like this ongoing process. It simply seems to mean lots of nice long workywalkies.

Mum says we clocked up another 4.2 miles today. We went a new route. It was all very exciting, even though it was just a leisurely wander along towpaths. On the way back, I had to give Mum a nuzzle on the knee to point out that we had taken a wrong turn. She is so daft sometimes! I got her back on track again though and we made it safely back home.

If anyone would like to sponsor us for this Brighton Tenkay thingie then please go to:


Thursday, 4 January 2018

Weemails & Sniffings.

Training. Mum says we are in training. I like it!

This training seems to involve long workywalkies. Yessssss!

Mum says it is because we are going to be doing a tenkay in April. I have no idea what that is but I am very happy to help with this training thingy!

Today, I have taken her for another nice workywalkies with no shoppyplaces, no buses, no trains, no kerbs, no crossings...... just tail-wagging walkies! We went on a different towpath route to yesterday and it was great! All I have to do is to keep Mum out of mischief between the water and the trees/walls/grass the other side of the path.

Apparently we did 4.3miles of it today and Mum was happy with that. She says this tenkay will be 6.2miles (all these numbers.....) and we hope to do that in less than 2.5 hours. I'm sure I could do it in far less time and I would cover at least triple the distance along the way too (Labradors are not supposed to walk in straight lines! There are far too many weemails and other important sniffings to investigate either side!)

One thing that puzzles me is that training for me usually involves little morsels of yummies when I get it right. Mummy says she needs to be eating LESS yummies. She says she is trying to lose lots of stones! I don't understand this, but I do keep offering to help her with the yummies but she declines. She says that I don't need any of them! Hoooooowwwwwlllllll!