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Friday, 12 January 2018

Little Green Balls.

Have I shrunk? I'm sure I must have done...... last time I met up with Chrissie pup I was MUCH bigger than her! I had to just hold the tug toys for her to pull with all her might. Today she was almost as big as me and she was winning the games of tug! Oooh! It was fantabulous fun though!

It all started with taking Mummy workywalkies to the huge Tesco's near Puppa's home. There, we met Daddy and Puppa. Then we all got in the car and went on a bit of a journey. When we stopped my tail went berserk! We were in the driveway of the home of my Puppymummy and Puppydaddy Sue and Mike! Sooooo exciting! Mum accused me of erupting from the car when she opened the door! Well....I suppose I was a tad keen! Who cares that I was still half wearing my car-bra? !! Oops! Bra removed, some decorum restored....then we went into the huge garden.......Chrissie came out to meet us aaaaaannnnnddddd........WWAAAAYYYYHHHAYYHAAYYYYYY! It was riot time! Never mind greeting the humans, we doggies had soooo much fun to get on with! By the time we got a little bit tired, Chrissie had transformed from a pale creamy colour to a kind of speckled murky brown! Heeheee!

Of course, it was super lovely to meet and greet Puppymummy Sue and Puppydaddy Mike too! I always love to see them again.

After being dragged away from that fun, we got back into the car and rode to the same human yummyery as yesterday! There we met up with Rosie and minihuman Hallie again. That was time to snooze under the table - but with a vigilant nose towards Hallie's seat-on-sticks! My attempts to stay alert were rewarded! I got quite a nice feast of little green balls and a few long yellow sticks! Mmmmmm! It helped to restore some energy after the play exertion. This was followed by a visit to Rosie's house and a time of keeping out of the way while Hallie was to-ing and fro-ing with all sorts of toys. I did manage to wash up the hissing furball's food bowl. There wasn't much worth having in it but it was worth a lick!

Now, on the sofa with Mummy, I seem to be having a little trouble keeping my eyes open.......zzzzzz.......

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